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Absolute Power: The Guardians


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It is the year 2025.  Throughout mankind's history, there have always been those who were different.   They had powers the ordinary man did not, and they used them, both for good, or evil.   The powers were varied in nature, with it ranging from simple increases in basic attributes such as strength, or intelligence, to the amazing, suck as unassisted flight, and the power of the elements, to the truly fantastic, seeing through the veil of time, the boundary between worlds, and power enough to change the faces of continents.   

Many times, these people were elevated to godhood by the common people, giving us our legends and myths into the modern age.   

Now we don't call them Gods, but simply Superheroes.   Most heroes maintain a secret identity, and often, Superheros tend to work solo, though many have at least the tacit approval of their local law enforcement.   

Perhaps the Best known group of heroes are simply known as the Guardians.   They are definitely the largest collection of heroes, with some of the greatest and most powerful heroes in the world among their number.  With nearly a hundred members, they have been jokingly and not so jokingly called a super army.

At the head of the Guardians Stand the Big Three, The Patriot, a powerful superhuman gifted with greatly increased physical and sensory abilities, the ability to fly, and the ability to project energy blasts from his hands and eyes.    Equally as important stands Artemis.  With many of the same powers as The Patriot, the two are implacable foes on the battlefield and have been called one man or woman armies in the past.  Unique to  to Artemis is the fact that she doesn't seem to age, as she has been a fixture in Superhuman affairs for nearly a century.   It was she, along with a like minded group of heroes, that began the Guardians shortly after World War II, when the Superhuman Acknowledgement Act was signed.  The third member of the Big Three is Nightarrow.   A skilled archer, as well as martial artist, Nightarrow is a tactical genius and strategic master.   He is largely accepted to be the one who makes the calls as to who does what, and answers what call.

The Guardians have two primary bases of operation, One in Washington DC, a large complex with at least five members always on hand to answer any local needs, which also serves as a place where the public can come and see some of what goes on in a Hero's life.  The other is Sentinel Station, a massive space station with highly advanced technology, serving as the Strategic nerve center and logistical center for Guardian operations.  The station is rumored to have actual working teleportation pads, as well as landing craft capable of entry and exiting earth's atmosphere without issue.

The SAA essentially establishes that superhumans have the same rights, privelages and protections as any other citizen of their home country.  They cannot be unduly forced into service without compensation.   Further, those who register with a Sanctioned Group or agency are allowed to use their abilities in defense or support of government agencies with a certain amount of qualified immunity.  It defines Villains as superhumans using their abilities to harm or injure other entities for their own gain, defining their rights, but also their disposition when they are apprehended by law enforcement, or following battle with a Hero.   It extends these protections to those not of Earth, provided they duly register themselves.

Character creation

OK so I'm gonna say this here and now.  I'm looking for Superheroes in terms of character submissions.


Superman, Ironman, Spiderman, She-Hulk, Black Canary, Captain America, Thor,  Fire, Ice, Cyborg, Beastboy...  

What I'm not accepting

Anti-heroes, Punisher, Ghost Rider, basically anyone who's default is killing someone.  Heroes don't kill people, they find a better way.

While I'm not looking for Golden Age, I'm looking at Silver, maybe early bronze. I am not keen on allowing characters powered by "Magic" and I have my reasons for this.  You can be a mutant, an alien (1 of you), a human with incredible technology (make a good and compelling story for it, especially if you didn't make it yourself) the result of a lab experiment (probably best if it wasn't a government lab) or even get your powers through some freak accident, or destiny (looking at you, Flash)  

Talk to me, and we'll work it out.   As I mentioned, I really want y'all to be "Local" not a bunch of aliens masquerading as humans.  You will all be members of the Guardians, though that doesn't mean you're all buddy buddy teammates.  Certainly you may have worked with some of the other pcs before, maybe even one of the Big 3.  You will at least know the general abilities of each other, and be able to coordinate if called to work together.

Mechanics in play- 140 points to build your characters with the caps for attributes, stats and such at the Average level per the chart on page 27 of the ap book 1.  You guys are actually fairly powerful, right at the edge of become truly major superhuman powers in your own right.

I am giving each one of you a method of your choice to conceal your identity, at your discretion. You can come up with it yourself, but it must be approved of by me.

Each submission should be sent to me, with a background and pictures, both in your costume if any, and your secret identity.

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