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Welcome to the Solo Club


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The Solo Club


Okay since I don’t feel comfortable if I don’t have an overflow of things to do, let me invite you to The Solo Club.


This is going to be something different but hopefully fun for those who choose to participate.


What I propose here is any of you who wish to play in a one-on-one game with me let me know. Just post what Genre/Favorite show/Book/ whatever and I will run a one-on-one game just for you. If you don’t suggest an actual system, I will pick one and you can approve it.


Any thing you want to play, it is your Choice. (Keep in mind I do not know anything about Anime though so you might want to steer clear of that subject.)


No waiting on others to post, it will be just you and me.  Post when you feel like it, at your own pace, this is your fun time, and we will do it your way. Just like McDonalds.


So if your on board, drop a post below with what YOU want to do and I will do the rest.

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