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A Time of War


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Hello, everyone. 


I'm looking to start a Battletech Role Playing Game based Game. It'll be in the System of A time of war. The campaign will be focused on a Combined Arms Mercenary Battalion. The Year will be 3057. It's a time of chaos. The Inner Sphere has been over run by the Clans. A technological renaissance has gripped the Inner Sphere, as has fear. Some worlds have declared themselves independent of the Major Inner Sphere powers. These worlds are under constant pressure to ally or return to the fold. Mercenary forces are the life blood of the defenses of the worlds, but they are spread thin. Help is desperately needed and new commands are forming every day. This is the story of one such command. 


This is the story of The Brotherhood of War.


Botherhood of War Logo



Battlecry - The god of death demands its pay!

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