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Welcome to the Party


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Welcome to the Party


Melody struggled to open her eyes they felt gummy and heavy like someone had plastered them over with mud. Her stomach turned and she fought back the urge to heave as a smell of rotten garbage filled her nostrils. She tried to sit up but couldn't. Then she tried to roll over to vomit but she couldn't do that either. She raised her hands to her face or rather tried too, that didn't work either. With even more effort she managed to open her eyes and the room spun the dark ceiling rafters acting like some weird airplane propeller as they spun around one of those old type skylights you find in building built in the last century.


She twisted her head and the vomit came suddenly and violently. Again she tried her hands and her mind clearing now registered that they were strapped or tied. The same with her feet. Panic gripped her heart as she realized she was bound, naked on a table of some sort in a large room in the middle of the night the only light from flickering candles and the occasional moonbeam from the skylight.


Melody screamed and coughed then screamed again as she tried in vain to free herself gasping and coughing trying not to choke on the vomit in her mouth she whip sawed her head back and forth until she couldn't anymore the strength seemed to just leak away she stopped, the only movement was her chest rising and falling with ragged breathes. She stared at the flickering candles noticing that they were black.

“You can scream some more, dahlin, if ya want. I kinda like the sound.” the voice came from behind and above she twisted to try and see who spoke, “An you an me tha only souls gonna hear it leas wise tha only souls on this side.”


He stepped around into his victims view, his eyes roaming over her body, but he was unconcerned and unaffected by her nakedness he only cared about the symbols and signs he had painted on her flesh, flesh he was about to offer up as a gift. A gift which...


His musing halted in mid thought, the girl hadn't screamed again and wasn't looking at him in fact her head had turned away and she was looking.... His eyes followed her line of sight and a cold hand gripped his heart for there beyond the circle of candle light were two eyes glowing yellow and full of menace.


The wolf stepped between the two candles and into the light it's black lips pulled back from wicked fangs slick with saliva, saliva which dripped from jaws which could crush a mans throat. It was the largest wolf the witch had ever seen and at once he knew that this was no natural animal, this was a werewolf!


The witch his spell of summoning all but forgotten fumbled in the pocket of the ceremonial robe he wore trying to extract the only talisman he had that could aid him against this demonic creature, a Dark object gifted to him by his grand mother, if by gifted you mean taken from her still warm corpse after he had strangle the old witch. But he wasn't fast enough the wolf with a growl leapt the full distance from the edge of the circle past a stunned Melody and onto the fledgling witch bearing him to the ground as it's teeth ripped at the mans throat his own screams dying in a gurggle of blood the wolf straddling the thrashing dyeing man raised it's head and gazed at the moon shinning through he window in the roof it's howl shattering the near silence of the night. As his howl echoed he opened his jaws unnaturally wide and was about to finish what had been started when a blur struck the wolf with such force that it was thrown back some ten feet dazed, before it could regain it's feet the blur was again there this time a fist materialized and hit the wolf bones cracked and fangs splintered and flew. Arms now gripped the writhing were wolf and hands supernaturally strong hand gripped its head andnad something was forced into his mouth.


The two vampires held the struggling wolf clamping it's mouth shut forcing the beast to swallow the wolves bane they had forced into its mouth. In seconds the magical herb took effect and the wolf's body began to transform into that of a young man of about twenty or so. He coughed the mystical herb burning in his system causing pain in his abdomen blurring his vision. He struggle meekly, but the bane had him he was at the blood suckers mercy.


As the two vampires hauled the transformed werewolf to his feet holding him in iron grips between the two, more undead rulers of the night entered the circle one a tall bearded gaunt man the other a ravishing raven haired beauty who gave off an aura of power seldom seen by mortals except before they died.


The female vampire was dressed in a provocative outfit that was very Gothic very sexual , very vintage and modern at the same time it was also very very expensive. She would have been at home on any burlesque stage or a Mardi Gra float or in a seedy brothels bedroom. She gazed unabashedly at the naked wolfman held between her men's arms her pink tongue flicking across her black painted lips. “Well?” she asked half turning her head toward the tall man at her side her gaze never leaving the werewolf.


As if jolted the man moved to the dying witch and crouched down to examine him. “He'd dying my queen, the wolf bit him the poisons taken hold already nothing we can do.”


Finally taking her eyes from the wolf man she stares at the man who is her chief adviser the look on her face is not pleasant. “And?” the word is long and drawn out and conveys the annoyance the Queen of New Orleans is feeling at this moment.


Jasper Todd knows that look and quickly stands and moves to the girl who is quietly whimpering he put his finger light against her trembling lips and whispers a low “shh” as he locks her eyes with his. Almost immediately she girl calms. Jasper studies her noticing how young and beautiful she is and how healthy his heart starts to race with desire which has nothing to do with sex.


“It looks real some form of summoning and binding spell I recognize a lot of the symbols. But I'm not familiar with the actual spell. My guess is that he was either summoning a demon or a spirit to take the girls body.”


The queen approaches the bound girl with a flick of her hand she parts the cords tying her down then she gently strokes the girls face.

“Can you talk yet wolf man?” She asks her New Orleans accent apparent but not over bearing.


Mark Gaspard Swallowed the pain and raised his head to look at the most feared creature in all of New Orleans hell in all of the South “Yes ma'am, I can talk” he spit out through broken and gritted teeth the wolfs bane burning through his blood keeping him from healing the damage done by the blows of the vampire thugs holding him.


“Clean her up and find her some clothes.” She ordered Jasper dismissively as she walked around the makeshift alter to stand in front of the werewolf. “You know who I am?”


“Yes ma'am, I do,” he forced out.


“Tsk Tsk tsk, Honey It's a full moon outside tonight, if you know me then you know you aint supposed to be in my city when the moon is full.” Her hand flashes out faster than the eye can follow finger tangling in his long hair pulling his head up as she lowers her face to within inches of his. “So why the fuck are you in my city?” Her voice is barely human and her face changes dark veins protrude around her eyes which turn red and her mouth seems to grow and gape a maw full of fangs every bit as menacing as the ones he has when he is a wolf. But the change is only for an instant as she lets go of his hair and takes a step back her hands smoothing her dress. She takes a deep breath regaining control. “Well?” She ask as if nothing had happened.


“Mark swallows his fear and looks the Vampire lord and opens his mouth when another voice cuts him off.


“Cause she's one of ours, Miss Lilith, and he's an idiot. Well meaning but an idiot nonetheless.” All of the vampire stiffened at being caught off guard as Lilith slowly turned to face the newcomer.


He was old, looked to be in his seventies, still fit though, tall and rangy. He had a classic air about him as if he could have been in a cigarette commercial from back when things such as that had existed. Not nearly good enough looking to have been an old time movie star but he still had that manner. Yes a classic movie star or maybe a cowboy.


“Why lordy me, is that Colby Walker standing before me in the flesh?” Lilith placed a hand upon her breast and gave a little fake gasp.

“Yes ma'am it would be me, in the flesh.” The rangy old timer drawled.


“Oh my lord, Colby Walker! My you have gotten old. I thought you had died.” she said with a coy smile as she walked closer to the man she obviously knew.


“Not yet.” he said with humor not taking his eyes off her or the other two vampires.


“So she is one of yours? I take it she has not awoken her curse then.?”


“Nope and hopefully won't Melody here was abducted two days ago we been searching for her since then.”


Lilith tilts her head and toward the girl and rest a hand on her leg. Colby continues.


“Mark there caught her scent this afternoon and the scent of the drug she'd been given. He tracked her to here.”


“And you know all this how?”


“Well surprising as it might be we do get cell service out on the bayou. He called us before the moon came out. And instead of waiting decided to try and rescue her before something happened. She's his cousin.”


“Haha,” Lilith laughed” “That does explain a lot except one thing. She hasn't awoken her curse and he is full of bane, That explains why they ain't on all fours,” She raises a hand forefinger pointing up at the skylight. “But why ain't you.”


Colby shifts a little uneasy, behind him Jasper enters the room carrying some folded clothes he stops when he sees Walker. “We all have our secrets Miss Lilith.”


“mmm.” she nudges the witches body at her feet. “Still seems your cub done gone and killed a witch on neutral ground. There gonna be hell to pay for that Colby I don't need that kind of headache.”


“You let me worry about that. I'll talk to Margaret and settle up with her. You let me and mine go on and we'll get out of the city.”

“Jasper take some picture of the paint on miss Melody here before you clean her up.


Colby That sounds wonderful but I need to know what this piece of meat was upto and I'm gonna have to chat with 'reet myself. So you can take your boy and I expect you to teach him about obligations and such. I think Melody will be staying with me for a few days after all I want to make sure their ain't no lingering affects of those drugs or the witchcraft

Hows that sound to you Colby?”


Colby Walker was and old werewolf and he knew better than to try anything, not with the queen herself so he nodded agreement. “That sounds fair as long as you promise not to hurt Melody.”


“Of course Colby, I won't let a single hair on this poor girls head come to any harm you have my word. And I'll make sure she has a pleasant stay after all it's festival season here in the city and you know that festivals in New Orleans means we gonna be having a hell of a party!”


The Shadows

A Game of Horror

Using Modified System Rules from





This is not the World of Darkness. This is my World. It is a world full of the Supernatural, of Good and Evil, Sacred and Profane. At it's heart is the City of New Orleans, which will be our setting.


The City and it's environs are controlled and fought over by three factions of supernatural beings Vampires, Werewolves, and Witches, as well as by the Mortal Humans, some who know of the supernatural, and some who don't.


The Players, you, will be Vampires and Werewolves, just not the same kind your used to playing. Even though we will be using the systems found in Vampire the Masquerade 5th Edition we will not be using the setting. None of it. Our Vampires have no clans, our werewolves do not have bonds with spirit and are not warriors of some spirit god called Gaia, our Witches are not mages who shape reality with spheres and are on a quest to awaken humanity. Our protagonist are different, their origins are not those of the ones found in the WoD games but are instead based on, or more properly, inspired by the Vampires, Witches, and Werewolves found in the television shows The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. But this is not a game about those shows and books either, while they have inspired me and I am copying some of the situations and some of the supernatural background, I will not be using the characters from that property. This is MY version of those worlds and y'all are invited to play in it.


This will be a soft reboot of this game from the old site. Don’t bother going over there to read up on it as I will be, over the following weeks, editing the story we wrote there and posting it on the current site. It will be mostly the same but I will make some editorial changes.

So far I have three players committed to returning in their former roles and one tentative. I wouldn’t mind and actually desire at least one more Vampire player but more would be welcome.


Unlike the original game only vampires and werewolves will be allowed as PCs.


If anyone has any questions feel free to ask any of the former player of me.

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