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Colby Walker 



Colby Walker is a very old and powerful Werewolf Patriarch. Was the Pack Alpha of the Crescent Wolves in the late 19th and early 20th century but departed the region in the late nineteen thirties, abandoning the pack. it was about this time that the full split of the Bayou Pack from the Crescent occurred.  Supposedly Colby founded a new pack in West Texas but those rumors are unsubstantiated. His surprising return to the New Orleans area and his status within the Crescent Pack is unknown as are the motives for his return.


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Jack Gaunt



Jack Gaunt, deceased father of Karen Gaunt, a werewolf with a mysterious past only a few know and none of them are talking. His death was suspicious as was his life. Has appeared in Karen's dream visions.

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Lilith Rambaux, The Vampire Queen of New Orleans. Supposedly, sired by one of the twins around the time of the American civil war. Left in control of the Twins estate and affairs after their departure in the early twentieth century, she proclaimed herself to be the queen of the city and managed to broker a fragile peace between vampires, werewolves, and witches. Upon gaining leadership of the community, Lilith created many rules that she strongly enforces within the borders of New Orleans, which includes the following: vampires can only feed on tourists (though feeding on consenting locals seems to be allowed as long as they're willing to keep the secret or can be compelled to do so); and all vampires are responsible for keeping the number of vampire-related killings of humans to a minimum so as to not negatively affect tourism rates, which thereby affects their food supply and the city's general prosperity. Lilith changes with the times and knows how to play a part. During the majority of her dominance over the city she has been a fair and good administrator and has been the author of the longest running peace between the three major supernatural factions in world history, however in recent times she has become somewhat paranoid and capricious.

The majority of the Vampires in the city are loyal to her because she is the strongest.

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The Twins




Kirstan (twin sister of Kristen) and Kristen (twin brother of Kirstan) – The Twins the youngest of the Magnusons, The were barely out of their adolescence when they were turned and were full of life looking forward to experiencing all that life had to give them. Their transition made them hedonists of the most decadent sort. Of the surviving Originals the twins are perhaps the most dangerous caring only for themselves (in a most unhealthy way at that) and their family they are as uncaring, cruel, and as horrifying as any tale of vampires written in fiction. But they are also the most giving and free. They have no cares and are equally as apt to give a club goer they become enamored with a fortune in diamonds as they are to eat him as the whim takes them. Capricious is a good word to describe them . They are the founders of New Orleans and were the decadent cities longest vampire residents. Their names, if not their true origins, are known to most of the long time NO supernaturals even though they have been absent from the city for eighty years. It was they who set up Lilith as they're heir to the cities rule.

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Birth Name: Marco Angelo
Aliases: Marko Cain
Birth Date: Unknown
Place of Origin: Unknown
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11”
Weight: 167lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Occupation: None. He's rich and pretty much does whatever suits his whims.

Background: Only a handful of non-vampires know how old Marko and his sister really are, but their extensive knowledge on most subjects betray them as either very old or very well educated. Within the supernatural community, his reputation precedes him as a murderer, tyrant, and over all bastard with a short fuse and penchant for merciless butchery.

He's at least 150 or around there, since it's common knowledge and history (among supernaturals) that the Yellow Fever outbreak of 1905 that infected over 3,000+ and killed 460+ citizens of New Orleans was intentionally perpetrated by him in order to infect and kill a single individual. The French Quarter is still particularly mad at him, but most seem powerless to do much about it, since rousing his ire seems a death sentence.

That said, however, Marko's return to New Orleans, thus far, has been a quiet one. Aside from his feeding he's not harmed, threatened, nor made any obvious claims to Lilith's rule as 'Queen of New Orleans'. Considering his body count, it's understandable that everyone is keeping an eye on him, but aside from drinking and feeding, he's kept to himself.

He's taken a sudden interest in Witches and magic, although no one is sure why. Unfortunately the Witches aren't to willing to work with him and are currently prepping for the war that will follow now that they've denied him any assistance in whatever problem he's brought to them. They aren't sharing what that problem is, even with other witches.

French Quarter Witches – Nearly all of them hate him for obvious reasons. The Elders of the coven however have forbade any witches from acting against him directly (for now). While they fear outright war (even with magic on their side, their losses would be high) Marko's Influence and Status within New Orleans ensure him some modicum of respect and while his audiences with the Coven are generally accepted, he's not usually given any assistance or useful information. At the moment they have a peaceful ceasefire, but tensions are high.

New Orleans Vampires – Bit of a touchy subject here... apparently within the first week of his arrival in New Orleans Lilith sent a few of her minions to find out what he was doing back. She's now holding open interviews for new minions. What she doesn't know is that her minions were less than diplomatic and had it coming, but that hardly matters to her. At the moment she and Marko are in a silent war for the control for New Orleans (at least, that's what the word on the street is). At the moment every supernatural is on Lilith's side, as a reign under Marko Cain would be inviting blood to flow in the streets and New Orleans becoming a prison for supernaturals and a butchery for mortals. The real problem is that Lilith can't seem to find out any information on his plans or piece together his strategy for control based on movements. He's obfuscating his plans and tactics so well it's infuriating her.

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