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Name: Karen Gaunt

Age: 29

Place of Birth: San Jose, California

Alias(es): Names are fickle things, aren't they?

Profession: 'Sales'. Officially.

Ht: 5'6

Wt: 120

Description: Dark-haired and brown-eyed with a smattering of freckles from days spent hiking, Karen has the stunning looks and good health of one who was blessed with good genetics and the good habits to maintain those gifts over time. She has an easy smile and an easier laugh to go with a flexible sense of style for when she's on the hunt either figuratively or literally.

Background: Only five full moons into this whole werewolf thing, Karen's spent her entire adult life moving around the country working a series of odd jobs and getting in and out of trouble using her silver tongue and good looks. Doesn't really care for authority in most forms or for that matter, her step-father and the three younger half-siblings her mother had with the man since her dad died when Karen was the tender age of two. What few clues she could gather seemed to lead her dad's apparent hometown of New Orleans and the Bayou Pack she literally stumbled over less than a month ago. She's working this lead hard as she can, carving a niche for the one person she's both scared of and scared for: one Coraline Gaunt, age 5 and potential inheritor of the curse flowing through Karen's own veins.


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Birth Name: Cara Angelo
Aliases: Eden Azura
Birth Date: Unknown
Place of Origin: Unknown
Gender: Female
Height: 5'5”
Weight: 132lbs
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown
Occupation: Philanthropist and influence peddler

Cara has spent a very long time trailing along in her brother's wake, cleaning up the messes he makes. Where he has embraced the parasitism of vampiric existence, she has always sought a more symbiotic approach. With a long view of history, Cara saw firsthand how humankind's capacity for innovation has improved their standard of living...and by extension, her own. This gave her the idea that she continues to follow to this day; that so long as she contributes to humankind's advancement, the lives she must take are but small sacrifices compared to those contributions. The causes of civilization and science and progress had to be championed against social decay and disasters like...well...like her brother.

The fever epidemic he provoked was something of a last straw for her. She helped as much as she could, but finally simply wished to be free to build her vision of the future without having to constantly cope with his roadblocks. She left New Orleans ahead of him and moved to the East coast, where she was in a position to involve herself with a flowering culture of innovation. She brushed shoulders with the likes of Aleck Bell, Thomas Edison, and many others, and was struck at the sheer fortune by which such thinkers and inventors had come by their skills...rarely formally educated outside the most basic of schooling.

In the decades to follow, she moved far West, in hopes of getting in on the ground floor of new trade, new schools, new ideas. There she made fortunes and created the Mio Faro foundation, a charitable non-profit that contributed to universities and centers of education, as well as funded a merit-based scholarship program in the fields of science and medicine.

Yet, all that time she'd wondered where Marco had gone, and what he'd been doing. When he re-appeared after so long, right back where they'd parted, she decided to see for herself.

Vampires of New Orleans - While Cara hasn't done anything immediately to set Lilith against her, she is inextricably linked to Marco's legacy of hate and distrust...and it doesn't help that she is far more involved in mortal politics and institutions, as much or even more of a threat than her brother to anyone concerned about holding power in the city.

The Wrays - An unfortunate series of events in San Diego resulted in a young man named Toby Wray being killed. Several members of his family weren't satisfied with the official police report on the matter, did some digging, and think that the rather enigmatic woman chairing the board of Mio Faro is somehow involved. They are resourceful, persistent, and above all motivated to discover the truth of the matter and mete out whatever justice is required.

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Name- Daniel Alphonse Hawkins
Age- 30
Height- 6'2
Weight- 190lbs
Eyes- Grey
Hair- Brown/Black

Dan is a born and raised local.   A swamper by trade, though abit more modern than most, if only because it helps him move his wares.   A skilled hunter and trapper, He makes a living of the abundant marshlands of Southern Louisiana.   He's known for being very direct, and yet, for having hidden depths.

He cleans up well enough, and is a steadfast and loyal friend and ally to those who can call him such.   Something of a storyteller and amateur historian, he takes it upon himself to preserve the culture of stories of both Cajun heritage as well as Wewolf Lore, and will recite them from memory at gatherings by request.   He comes from a known bloodline of werewolves, yet he's one of only two with the Awakened genes left in his generation.

Dan is a hard man most of the time, made so by his life in the swamp and actions taken with his Pack.   The status quo is important to him, he still has some family he wants to keep safe, so he generally tries to avoid stirring trouble.   That said, once he's called upon, he's quick to answer with everything he's got.

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Name - Timothy Powell 

Height - 6'1"

Weight - 160 Lbs.

Apparent age - Mid to late 50's

True age - OLD!!!


Eyes - Blueish

Hair - White


Tim was a turn of the century child born before the Civil War. Although he was embraced later in life, his early life was very dull for the time. He was stricken with disease as a youngster, but his body never full regained it's previous strength. He was a very shrewd dealer and raised through the ranks of a major local financial institution that worked in Insurance and land deals. Eventually he became head of this company and started expanding into other fields, diversifying his companies portfolio to include banking after the civil war. By that time, Tim was embraced. He spoke very little about the vampire who sired him, aside from the fact that it was a very shrewd and tough investor in his early business. As his days lengthened, He began to fade back, more content to not be recognized as a threat to those in power. He supported the ones in charge, by serving as a confessor, and advisor. His true power lay behind the scenes, with the information and influence he has gained over the years. Recently he has been less focused on his company and gaining influence. He has focused on more charitable and moral pursuits. He has donated a sizeable amount to the museums in the area, as well as assisting the New Orleans Historical Society with information about New Orleans in it's earlier days. However, just because he LOOKS the part of elder statesman, doesn't mean he's a pushover.

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