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Adjustments to the Timeline


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Adventures in Rokugan: Tengoku no ken {The Swords of Heaven)


This is the historical Timeline used in this Game  https://l5r.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Timelines


Events up to  the year 1118  are as published except for one major change in the timeline. Hantai Santorii, son of the emperor was born two years earlier making him sixteen instead of fourteen by the time of the Topaz Championship contest held in 1118. At sixteen he was eligible to compete and was allowed by his father. While he did not win, his meeting with several other young samurai in competition would change history.


Below are the major changes in the historical timeline brought by the twist of fortunes which led to an older Hantai Santorii participating in the 1118 Topaz Championship.


Everything published from 1123 forward is voided by this game. Things will happen as they happen.



1118       The Topaz Championship is held. Prince  Santorii, heir to the Emerad Throne competes; He meets several young samurai among them Kakita Zoyu, who wins the championship, and Mirumoto Rin. An attempt is made on the prince’s life but is foiled by the intervention of several young samurai including the aforementioned Kakita Zoyu and Mirumoto Rin. Because of the assassination attempt which involved the use of Maho, the Emperor installs a new Jade Champion and appoints the young samurai who aided the prince as Jade magistrates.


Tensions between the Lion and Crane escalate. Doji Retsu  had plans to seize Toshi Ranbo, but his plans are halted when an incident elsewhere leads to the restoration of the Okimoto family. That incident results in an easing of the tensions between the Lion and the Crane, and Retsu is quietly informed that his ambitions would not be supported at that time. The Jade Magistrates are instrumental in this and Retsu seeks to know more about them. These same Jade Magistrates foil a plot by Moon Cultists to disrupt the Bon Festival in Ryoka Owari.


1119       Isawa Tadaka bests the Elemental Master of Earth Isawa Rujo in a duel, and takes his place.


The Jade Magistrates group who restored the Okimoto and saved Ryoko Owari confront several moon cultists plots across rokugan and become known as the Tengoku no Ken or swords of heaven, due to the appearance that they are more the magistrates of the emperor than the Jade Champion because of their tendencies to show up at trouble spots where the Prince just happens to be. Their growing fame leave a bad taste in the mouths of several high-ranking members of court, including both the Jade Champion, who feels that their growing fame is drawing away support for his intended war against the shadowlands; and the Emerald Champion who accuses them of overstepping their mandate and  encroaching upon his.


The Jade Champion seeing that his intended war against the shadowlands is threatened falls into the trap he set for himself when he manipulated the Emperor into appointing a Jade Champion, in the first place. He uses his own knowledge of Maho to create another attack. This time he loses control and the attacks becomes a real threat. But before it can become a disaster the Swords of heaven discover the truth and defeat the maho saving the day once again, but in so doing the jade Champion is revealed as the instigator is executed by the Emerald Champion before the truth sees the light of day. Only the  Emperor, the Emperor’s son, the Emerald champion and the Swords of heaven know of this and the full story is not reveled only that the Jade Champion dies during the fight against the Shadow. Against the Emerald Champions protest the chief Jade magistrate Seppun Kyuchi is appointed to fulfill the duties  of Jade Champion until a contest can be held.


Doji Retsu at the urgings of a mysterious Scorpion, is convinced that the Swords of Heaven are all that stand between him and the glory he seeks and that if their leader Kikita Zoyu is removed that he would finally attain his destiny and lead the retaking of Toshi Ranbo from the Lion clan. A plot is devised to instigate a duel with Zoyu and assassinate her during the duel. Before the duel can occur Zoyu’s friend and fellow Sword, Mirumoto Rin, discovers the plot and confronts the assassins and kills them. This leads to her being accused of murder, she pleads self defense and is acquitted but is still forced to resign from the magistrates. Mirumoto Rin leaves under a cloud of shame and returns to the Dragon lands. The Swords are shuffled off to new assignments and are effectively broken up.


Doji Retsu Attacks Toshi Ranbo taking it in a bloody battle which results in the deaths of many including the complete wiping out of the Damasu family and the Goseki family.  The Lion and the Crane go to war.


1120  the Lion Clan Champion, Akodo Arasou, and his betrothed, Matsu Tsuko, attempted to retake the castle but, despite their valor, Arasou was killed and the Lion were routed by a smaller, well entrenched Daidoji garrison. Tsume Retsu handed command of Toshi Ranbo over to another Crane general and retired to Kyuden Kyotei. The Lion succeeded in recapturing Toshi Ranbo, only to lose it again to the clever political machinations of a Crane general named Doji Chuto, who politically outmaneuvered the castle's Lion Lord, who left Toshi Ranbo, allowing Chuto to claim it again as a Crane holding.


1121       Three Man Alliance formed.


1122       Opium War between the cartels rages in Ryoko Owari Toshi. lion and crane armies continue their War.


1123       when Adventures in Rokugan: The Swords of Heaven begins

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