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Golden Rule – Have Fun Tell a good story, if story comes into conflict with mechanics choose story, in in doubt ask me.


Dicepline/Powers – you are not limited to one power per level but you do have to pay the XP cost for each power.


Supernatural Strength- Blood Potency/Primal Rage/Channeling


Because this game is inspired by the Vampire Diaries and The Originals TV shows I wanted to emulate the way that supernatural strength is portrayed as closly to the TV shows as I could.


I found the the best way to do this is through the use of Blood Potency/Primal Rage/Channeling as a controlling stat.


In the shows someone with a greater Supernatural Strength (Bloodpotency, Primal Rage, or Channeling) is simply stronger and faster than someone with a lower score. Something that is difficult to portray following the normal game mechanics therefore I came up with the following.


When dealing with npcs of any level lower than PC equivalence level make a Rouse check and your relevant score allows you to simply overcome your foes with your greater supernatural strength.


All Supernatural Npcs will have a relevant supernatural score from 0-5, mortals will not have a supernatural score and are basically fodder.

In a given scene a PC (or NPC of PC equivalence) may simply defeat any number of mortals within her range ( a roomful is a good guideline) each turn, a rouse check is required


She may defeat upto her score in 0 level supernaturals a rouse check is required


For Supernaturals with a score of 1 or higher, subtract the supernaturals score from the relevant score of the PC and this is the number of that score that you may defet per turn. A rouse check is required.


You may do this only once per turn and may take no other actions unless you spend a temporay will point in which case you may take a normal action at the end of the turn after everyone else has acted.


Defining Supernatural Strength The raw power a supernatural being posses simply because of their existance as a supernatural being. Generally rated as 0-10 and 10+


Bloodpotency dictates a Vampires Supernatural Strength, Primal Rage a Werewolf's, and Channeling a Witches. An Untriggered werewolf has no supernatural score just like a normal mortal, until triggered.

Score Vampire                      Werewolf 

0 New – 100 years      Newly Triggered birth

1 101-200 years

2 201-300 years

3 301-400 years

4 401-500 years

5 501-600 years

6 601-700 years

7 701-800 years

8 801-900 years

9 901-1000 years

10 1001 + years

10+ An Original


Initiative – Higher Supernatural Strength goes first.

In case of a tie compare dex+ wits, if there is still a tie compare number of dots in the skill being used, highest goes first. If it is still a tie roll one d10 until some one gets a higher number.


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