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In a Big Country Game and Rules Additions


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Everyday Heroes: In a Big Country


Welcome to the city of Shelly in Toole County Montana. Some of you have been here before and some of you haven’t. For those who have it is the same city, with maybe a few differences but in a different game. Instead of teen Supers and supernatural’s from Weirder Stuff, this time we have Everyday Heroes in an semi-open world game of Drama, Adventure, Mystery, and Thrills. This is something a bit different from our usual fare, but I think you might enjoy it.


Everyday Heroes: In a Big Country is, at its heart, a mystery-thriller drama, along the lines of the Longmire novels and Tv show or the shows Big Sky and Joe Picket, maybe even a little bit like Yellowstone. In other words, its normal (well as normal as player characters can be) people in relatively normal albeit stressful and dangerous situations. Ok there may be a bit of twin peaks thrown in and maybe the X-File might rear its head but, for the most part, normal.


This game will be using the Everyday Heroes rules which are an 5E adaptation of the old Modern D20 Rules. These can be found in the discord channel. Use the rules as written for creating your characters however we will be starting at 2nd Level.


Everyday Heroes allows for the creation of just about every type of hero you can find in a modern-day game. However not all types of characters will fit in this game. Characters that may find themselves sort of left out are science/inventor types, except forensic science, characters that rely on gadgets, characters that are built primarily as hackers or other computer/technical wizards, social media/Influencers and celebrity characters. These types are not disallowed but if you choose a character like this you may find it hard to fit into the situations.


Characters that do fit due to the nature of the genre are Law Enforcement, Wilderness types (Game Wardens, Wilderness Guides, Forest Rangers), Medical (EMTs, Local Doctors), Investigative (Reporters, Private Detectives), Prominent Citizens (Ranchers, businessmen) any other type of working class person who just gets caught up.


Now as I said before this is Shelly Montana which is based off the real-world city of Shelby Montana. I will be posting a setting thread which will go into some detail about the differences but if you want to get the flavor just google Shelby Montana and what you see there is for the most part what Shelly is like.


Mystery Thrillers in this type of setting usually have law enforcement protagonists and this game should follow this direction to a point. NOT EVERYONE NEEDS TO BE LAW ENFORCEMENT. That being said at least one player character should be the newly elected county Sheriff. Another useful law enforcement character would be the Game Warden for the local District. Beyond that the door is open. (Note Shelly’s Law enforcement situation will be detailed in the settings thread. Its convoluted)


I would like to have four or five players (meaning all of you regulars) but will run as few as one if that’s all I get.


Now again because of the nature of the genre all characters should be prepared to operate alone for extended periods. That’s why I call this a semi-open world.


I will be available to answer questions in discord.

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Character Creation


Use Everyday Heroes rules as written for CC


Characters will start at Level 2


to determine Attribute scores  divide 72 stat points between the six stats on a one for one basis. no stat can be higher than 18 before stat modification and no higher than 20 after. Stats lower than 8 need approval.


You may use classes from both The Crow and Escape From New York  as long as any fantastic elements can be replaced removed. these do need approval.

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Character Images.


Every character needs a visual representation. Ideally this should be a picture of a real human being. Actors are best but not required. If you must have an artwork representation please use realistic art. No Anime or Cartoonish (like from world of warcraft...realistic cartoons like gi joe or jphnny quest are okay) visuals please.


thank you

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a note on special things ie powers, supernatural things, ufos, and monsters.


this game takes place in a real world modern day setting, as such the things mentioned above are not real.


However, anyone who is familiar with this particular genre subset knows that all of those things sometimes show up either as red herrings/hoaxesto be disproved or as things that can't be solved.


Two things in particular have a strong presence in this genre one is native american spiritualism and magic and the other is minor psychic abilities. both of these will likely show up here but none of you have them at least not in the beginning.


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