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Game Information and Character Creation


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The world has changed.

It sounds obvious, after all things change in the world every day.   What is meant this time is different.   Long have there been legends, myths, old stories of Gods, Demons, Monsters, and Heroes.   In Mankind's inexorable quest for progress, to be more, to do more, leaps have been made in the last century and a quarter than in the previous three thousand years.  

Five years ago, that quest culminated in what is simply called The Event, a pivotal moment in Mankind's history, which cannot be undone.   No one alive knows exactly what triggered the Event, even though five years of research has been put towards it by multiple entities.   What is known is that a pulse of a previously unknown energy radiated from Earth's core, of a magnitude that should have killed every living thing on the planet and blown it apart.

It did neither of those things.   Instead, it caused the awakening of potentials long dormant within multiple forms of life on the planet, but most notably Humanity.  Many developed fantastic powers, and other strange abilities.  Some species mutated and became threats to their biomes.

Magic was long thought to be a Myth, something that was just for fiction, but contrary to popular belief, it did really exist, just in much reduced from from the heydey of humanity's past.  Ancient societies found their long followed but mostly inert practices suddenly yielding results matching the feats of the Age of Myth.   Magic itself had been unsealed it was said, and returned to the world at large.

Perhaps the greatest surprise was to find humanity wasn't actually alone in the stars.  No less than thirty alien species had a presence on Earth, some simply there to observe, and others, to search for a mysterious energy the planet was rumored to have.   

Now, People gaining powers, this was what really took center stage, humanity at large knows of this, because there have been both heroes and villains to rise up in the last five years.   The Magical Societies, and the many Aliens present, they are far more secretive about their origins and presences.

Trying to sort the chaos of keeping all those with superhuman abilities straight in the US is the Department of Superhuman Affairs.   Director Herschel Walker was personally handpicked to head the DSA, and has maintained his office even after a presidential election saw a change in presidents.   Known for being a fair levelheaded man, He's shown himself to be incredibly capable of riding herd on the growing DSA, and the entities they interact with.

DSA agents are fully empowered law enforcement officers, with authority to supersede even the FBI in matters relating to Supers.   Generally, each state receives 10 active DSA agents to manage the various supers in the state at any given time, handling the fallout of battles between supers and other matters.  Of course more may be called in as needed, the DSA easily employs over six thousand personnel.  They also handle technologies being discovered and developed by those with enhanced minds, and their approval is required to offer these advancements to the general public.

-World info-

The world is much as ours is currently.   Technology is slightly more advanced, mostly in medical fields.   fully functional cybernetic prostheses are available, though weaponization is extremely highly restricted.  Materials research has advanced creating stronger lighter materials, reigniting interest in space travel.   New power sources are hotly contested, but so far, Fusion tech power reactors are in their infancy, and solar technology has rapidly advanced.   The world is looking brighter.

Superhuman crime- believe it or not, the DSA doesn't require registration.   It has alot of perks, but does make your identity far less secret.  However, for those who don't register, there are rules, those who break them are just as likely to find themselves imprisoned alongside those who choose a path of villainy.

The Big 3 rules
1) Avoid excessive Property damage
2) Do not impede official DSA activities and Investigations
3) Do not Kill.

there are of course many more, but those are the primary ones.

------Character creation-------

as Standard (125 point)

I am giving everyone "The Veil"  This ability helps protect your secret identity, and fools most mundane means of discovery.  If you reveal yourself, that's on you.  It doesn't mean people can't discover the truth if they put in the work, but your secret is safe.

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