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Second City Blues Setting


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Second City Blues is set in Chicago Illinois 


The wind blows in off Lake Michigan leaving a swirl of snow and a sheen of thin ice on the seawall. The waves slap against the structure rhythmically, hypnotically, though there is no one to hear it. It is late after 10pm and while the city hasn’t gone to sleep no one is on the wall.

A storm is coming. Another catastrophe for the city to weather. Another reason to sing the Second City Blues…


When the Event which brought Super Powered Humans to life across the globe occurred five years ago, it mostly skipped over the Windy City and its surroundings. Oh a few people were changed but for the most part minorly, and many of those who did reap the benefits were not the sorts of folk anyone with sense would want to gain superpowers.


No what the event really brought was darker clouds to cast shadows where light was desperately needed. With the world looking at the actions of powerful heroes battling terrible villains, Chicago was overlooked. They had one powerful hero in a young, vain man named Michael Weatherly aka Mr Invincible, who was more concerned with looking good for the press than in doing good for the downtrodden. A personal friend of the Mayor, Mr Invincible only fights crime when its good for his PR.


Crime and poverty soar in Chicago. Gangs which run the gamut of the ethnic range have grown, vice, assault, robbery, extortion, if it’s a criminal enterprise it is flourishing in Chicago. The police try to contain it but they are hampered by inept leadership in the department and a corrupt city government.


In these dark times when the rest of the world seems headed toward a new golden age, Chicago seems to be firmly on the highway to hell.


It is in this place at this time the city needs someone to step up, this city needs heroes…




These are new heroes, not yet established but Chicago does not have many heroes at all except for a blow hard pretty boy.





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The Specialty power for Low Level/Street Level Games is allowed. each character may take one combat specialty and one non-combat speacialty. Only one character may take any particular specialty so get with each other and decide who can take what.

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CC for Second City


Use the PnP rules to make a street level hero who is native to the city or the surrounding area.  with the following changes to RAW


Each character starts with All Abilities @ 1d and All Talents @  1d  for 0 hp cost

You have an additional 75 Hero Points to spend, and the trait cap is raised to 9d.


Also this version of the game will have the following Gritty Combat rules in effect.


Fatal Damage

Hard Targets

Gear Limit of 9d


The Hard To Kill Power now costs 3 points and the Immortality Power now costs 12 points.

Time Stop and Time Travel are not allowed.


Note that in cases of Cross Over Issues with regular PnP games the gritty combat rule revert to standard.





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