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MR - Setting


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Mage Revived is about to launch.


It looks like the game will be set in Seattle, Washington.

The time frame is now. Meaning early 21st century in the 2020s. 

This is not The World of Darkness, however many of the same elements, ghosts, werewolves, vampires, etc. may be found here, though not in overwhelming abundance.


Mages,  by whatever name they go by, are not groups belonging to monolithic organizations. However the do sometimes form small intimate groups such as covens, cabals, gangs, and what have you.


Many mages, again depending on AA and Focus, don't even know they are Mages. They probably do realize that they are awakened, that they are different. Your characters at this point fall into this category.


I will be using real data about the locations we will be playing in. Sometimes I will change the true nature of a place sometimes I may add a place that does not exist in reality. when i do this i will usually place such created locations in a real similar location. when i do this i will inform you.


I may use real people in a fictional manner. Again I will note when this is being done. If i use a real name and person, to be clear they are fictionalized versions and may not act at all like the real person.


When creating your characters I ask that you get with one another and myself to discuss your concept and make sure that is some compatibility with the characters.


perhaps we will have a session zero (i kinda hate that term) once we get all interested parties.





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