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Character Creation and House Rules


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Character Creation for Mage Revived.


Step one: Concept – Characters should be legal adults at least 18 years old. Concept should of course be Tied to your Arcane Approach; however you are completely free to create your own Arcane Approach based upon your concept. In other words, the AAs which are listed are technically examples.


A word about magick and mages. Unless your Arcane Approach is of a mystical nature, i.e. Witch, Magus, Shaman, etc. you probably do not use Magickal terms or consider yourself a mage. Write accordingly.


Choose Essence.

You may choose Nature and Demeanor if you wish for RP purposes but we will not be using the mechanics for Nature and Demeanors.


Step Two: Select Attributes

Place an initial dot into each Attribute.

No need to prioritize your attributes.

You have 20 dots to distribute to your nine attributes no attribute can go over 5


Step Three: Select Abilities

There are a lot of abilities in Mage20. They include Talents, Skills, Knowledges, and Secondary Abilities for specialized Traits.

Distribute 30 dots among your Abilities as you wish, and no need to prioritize.

No Ability may be higher than 3 at this stage.

Note that some abilities are tied to the base setting, these abilities may be repurposed or eliminated. If in doubt about a specific ability, ask.


Step Four: Backgrounds

You get the Avatar Background at one dot.

You may buy dots of any allowed back ground on a one for one basis.

The following Backgrounds are NOT allowed for starting characters.





Enhancement (exception if characters AA is Cyborg)




Secret Weapon


All other backgrounds are allowed but keep in mind your backgrounds must fit with your concept/AA.  i.e. A martial Artist might have a Sanctum that is a Dojo or a Gym, but not an underground laboratory or a Victorian library.

You have 9 dots to buy Backgrounds with. No background can be higher than 3 at this stage.


Step Five: Focus

Define your Arcane Approach, your Practice, and your Instruments.


Step Five: Finishing Touches

Record Spheres: 6 dots to distribute among the spheres with 2 being the maximum rank for beginning characters.

Choose an Affinity Sphere receiving one dot which may take this sphere to rank 3.

Record beginning Arete (1), Willpower (5), Quintessence (Avatar rating) and Paradox (0).

Spend freebie points (20).

Freebie Points Trait Cost

Attribute 5 per dot (5 max)

Ability 2 per dot (5max)

Background 1 per dot

Sphere 7 per dot (2 max)

Arete 4 per dot (Max. Total: 2)

Willpower 1 per dot

Quintessence 1 per four dots

Merit cost as per Merit

Flaw bonus as per Flaw (Max. Total: 7)


Merits and flaws are on page 642 of the Mage20 book. If there is a merit or flaw from any other white wolf source run it by me.




Description  appearance/ impression, quirks, culture,

Provide an image of your character either a picture of an actor or an AI generated image (I usually pick an actor then use an AI to tweak it to meet my vision through text prompts.)


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