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Character: Incantatrix


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Name: Jonni 'Jo' Smith
Hero Name: Incantatrix
Birthday: February 14th (used to be the 7th, but when she used magic to alter her records, everything indicates it's the 14th now)

Look: A tall 6'1'', young, very attractive and shapely 18 year old woman, with a very multi-ethnic appearance. Glistening silver-white hair, canted almond shaped eyes of almost incandescent blue-purple, indeterminate but striking European or Scandinavian facial features, and a flawless tanned amber with a hint of bronze complexion that can pass from Hispanic, Middle-Eastern, South or East Asian, a rich, natural California tan, or most places in between. Usually dresses casually in jeans, t-shirts, and flannel.


As Incantatrix, wears a long black cloak/coat trimmed with cerulean arcane and geometric symbols




Playbook: The Nova



Danger +1
Freak +2
Savior +0
Superior +1
Mundane -1



[  ] Afraid - (-2 to directly engage a threat)
[  ] Angry - (-2 to comfort or support or pierce the mask)
[  ] Guilty - (-2 to provoke someone or assess the situation)
[  ] Hopeless - (-2 to unleash your powers)
[  ] Insecure - (-2 to defend someone or reject others’ influence)



Bloodline Sorcery invoked by incantations and various mudras and arcane and geometric sigils



When you charge up your powers, roll + conditions you currently have marked. On a hit, hold 3 burn. On a 7-9, mark a condition. On a miss, hold 2 burn and mark three conditions. Spend your burn on your flares. You lose all burn at the end of the scene.



Reality storm: You channel a destructive burst with your powers. Spend 1 burn to directly engage a threat using your powers, rolling + Freak instead of + Danger. If you do, you will cause unwanted collateral damage unless you spend another burn.


Shielding: You call up a fast protective field to stop a danger. Spend 1 burn to defend someone else from an immediate threat, rolling + Freak instead of + Savior.


Move: Spend 1 burn to move to any place you choose within the scene, breaking through or slipping past any barriers or restraints in your way. Spend a second burn to move to any  place you’ve previously been.


Overcharge: You channel the full capacity of your incredible powers to overcome an obstacle, reshape your environment, or extend your senses. Spend 2 burn to take a 10+ when you unleash your powers.



When did you first use your powers? Shortly after the mantle of the Incantatrix fell upon when _______ attacked and I happened to be there.
Who was the first person you accidentally hurt with your powers? A family in Prism Park (name given to the park after it was turned to glass)
• Who, outside the team, helps you control your powers?
Why do you continue to use your powers? The mantle of the Incantatrix is a gift and a burden - to disabuse them, or worse, ignore them, would be a great sin, neglecting a honour granted to family for centuries.
Why do you care about the team? They are the closest thing to family I have left in Halcyon City


When our team first came together...
We destroyed our surroundings in the fight. Where was it? What did we destroy? A public park in Halcyon City. I tried to freeze [Water or Fire based villain/creature] and, uh, still new to all this power, I, uh, kinda turned the park into rainbow coloured glass.


You hang out all the time with Persephone to blow off steam.
You once hurt Leverage when you lost control of your powers.


Choose your demeanor: happy facade
Influence Given: Persephone, Argo, Xhrin
Influence Received:


Brief History

My sister and I grew up in the midwest, though our family has seemingly lived pretty much everywhere in the world throughout the generations, and magic has been part of our family for just as long. Just minor magic for the most part, great for making stage magic easier or for tiny conveniences, but every other generation or so, there's a woman in our family with far more arcane might, who inherits the mantle of the Incantatrix, usually a guardian or protector against the eldritch horrors of this world or others, though there has been some that have abused the mantle of the Incantatrix.

Magic is the power, the expression, of Life itself, and the Incantatrix is the water wheel - or sometimes the dam - through which that raging river of power flows, and as such, only one who could nurture and bare life could handle such a torrent of magic. My grandmother was the last Incantatrix, who was the arcane bulwark and preeminent sorcerer during the Silver age of Halcyon City.


I could do a little bit of magic, but older sister could do a lot, and it was naturally presumed she would be the next Incantatrix. She moved to Halcyon City for University, and to study with our grandmother to be the next Incantatrix, and acting as her sidekick and ward, Cantrip.


When I turned 18, I moved to Halcyon City too, to study Automotive Mechanics, not magic. I love cars, restoring them and customizing them, and dream of opening my own garage specializing in such. I have a '72 Chevy Nova SS - not restored with classic parts, but still, a good replica and a monster engine. I was supposed to meet up with my sister Riley, who was going to show me around town and give me a place to stay until my dorm was ready, but she never showed up.


And then Doomsayer was causing havoc in the city and Incantatrix and Cantrip was seen fighting them.


And next thing I knew, I was tall and slim and stacked where before I was below average in height and was above average in weight and so much eldritch might was coursing through my veins it felt like my blood was fire. I knew I was now the Incantatrix - catching my reflection, I even looked like my Grandmother a good deal, who had looked barely older than Riley, and younger than my own mother.


But I hardly had time to deal with all this or wonder what happened to my sister and grandmother - if one or both were dead or otherwise gone, for the mantle of the Incantatrix to fall to me, when I never even considered such a thing happening to me - when Man-Moss attacked and I was right there, with more magic then I ever dreamed of struggling to escape.

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