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Character Leshy


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Moment of Truth It’s so easy to forget that you’re not your body, and you’re not the voice in your head—you’re both. Be the monster, and save them anyway. Smash down walls, and speak softly. Because when you embrace it, you can do anything. Of course, putting on a display like this is sure to rile up those who see only the monster when they look at you… 


Team Moves When you share a triumphant celebration with someone, clear one condition if they treat you like a perfectly normal person and mark potential if they praise your power or abilities. When you share a vulnerability or weakness with someone, ask them if they think you’re losing or gaining humanity. If they say losing, mark a condition and mark potential. If they say gaining, clear a condition and shift Mundane up and any other Label down


Potential: 0/5


Look: mass of writhing algea like slime and worm like tendrils



  PLant affinity: can manipulate and control plants from the alien flor growing in their body


Transmuting Flesh: flesh is coated and made up of algea like colony that forms a slimey tendril surface that shapeshifts.


Danger: +2



Superior -1




Afraid: -2 to directly engage threat: 

Angry -2 to comfor to support or peirce the mask

Guilty -2 to provoke someone or assess situation

Hopeless -2 to unleash powers

Insecure -2 to defend someone or reject influence


Transformed moves

Unstopable: when smash throughs cenery to get to or away roll +danger, on a hit world breask before you, 7-9 choose (mark condition, leave someone behind, take something with you) miss leave devastation in wake or wind up somewhere worse


Wish I could Be: when comfort or support tell thwn what most envy about them and roll +freak


Be the monster: when you frighten intimidate or cow others with monstrous form, roll +freak on a hit thrown off and become vulnerable or flea. On 10+ choose one, 8-9 choose two

 -frighten others not intended

Hurt or break something

Feel more like a monster (mark condition)

On a miss they react with violence.



Who you were before: biology student. Andrew Baskin

When did you change: what caused it: while doing field work, surveying local fauna, encountered a lost sample cylinder from a nearby military industrial complex. The cracked casing released the alien flora colony inside and assimilated into their body

Who outside of the team is helping you understand your body: Dr Victoria Stantler, local wild life rescue activist and vet. . 

Why don’t you try to hide yourself away: concerned about what the owners of the cylinder were planning on doing with it or if they have more of the alien biomass that made them. Living in nearby wilderness and/or underground infrastructure when having to be near the city proper

Why do you care about the team: Due to being saught after by the owners of the cylinder he cannot put others in danger by letting them know who he is. They are possible allies they can trust without risking leading the investigation back to his old identity and his friends and family. 


Important NPCs:

  • Dr. Victoria Stantler. Helping Andrew learn about new biology and possibly a cure? 

  • Pucca the Dog: Pucca was Andrew’s dog pre transformation. Pucca is a small half chihuahua mutt. His mother was a boxer and his father had a step ladder. Andrew was transformed when he grabbed the cylinder that Pucca found and Pucca to hide in a log to escape detection. Saving Pucca from being captured by soldiers led to Andrew’s transformation. Pucca is a needlessly and suicidally confident dog that is endlessly loyal to his transformed friend.

  • Tomboy, Upchuck and Peabody: local kids who live near the woods/wilderness Leshy/Andrew lives in. They discovered him and he has wound up being their Henry and the Henderson esq secret “imaginary” friend. They bring him food and stuff sometimes and some company. The group are the low end of their school and peers social totem poll and are the local loser group. 

    • Tomboy: young butch girl, leader of the group

    • Upchuck: brainy fat kid

    • Peabody: anxious and anxiety ridden child. 

  • Sasha Quist: pre-law student and Andrew’s former girlfriend. Andrew has remained in contact with her via letters to let her know he’s alive but in hiding, but has not revealed he’s Leshy due to knowing her squeamishness and her fear at first seeing him. 

One important person in particular now hates and fears us: who is it


____comforted when lowest

_____Knew before change


Influence you try not to care what others think even if you can’t shut everyone out give influence to one teammate. 

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