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Name: Sachiko Satsu
Superhero Name: Kitsune
Look: Asian woman with laughing eyes, casual clothing and who wears a costume made from a black bodysuit and a noh kitsune mask.

Playbook: The Delinquent


Danger 0
Freak +1
Savior -1
Superior +2
Mundane +1


Photokinetic illusions
Gadgetry and hacking


Troublemaker - When helping a teammate through destructive, criminal or rule-breaking actions you can give +2 instead of +1 when spending Team


Are you watching closely? - When you mislead, distract or trick someone roll +Superior. On a hit they are fooled, at least for a moment. On a
miss you're hopelessly embroiled in it and mark a condition. On a 10+ choose three, on a 7-9 choose two.

  • You get an opportunity
  • You expose a weakness or flaw
  • You confuse them for some time
  • You avoid further entanglement

Criminal Mind - When you assess the situation you can always ask one of the following questions even on a miss.

  • What here is useful or valuable to me?
  • How could I best infuriate or provoke ?someone??
  • What's the best way in, or way past?


Afraid -
Angry -
Guilty -
Hopeless -
Insecure -



Sachiko was born in the United States to Japanese parents, experiencing a very different set of rules between home and the outside world. She coped by having essentially two different lives. There was the things she did to make her parents happy; do extracurricular activities and get good grades, have polite, demure friends to bring over...and there were the other things she did, listen to loud music and party and hang out with slackers and all other kinds of petty malfeasance. It was a lot of hard work.


On top of all that was her eyes. Sachiko was born with a degenerative condition in her eyes that was causing her to gradually lose her vision. She was legally blind by the time she reached high school, and became totally blind not long afterwards. Her father seemed to take this situation as a personal affront. As her vision decreased, the lengths to which he would go to try to find a treatment became more and more desperate...and the control he tried to exert over Sachiko to ensure compliance with those treatments increased. When results weren't acceptable, Yosuke alternated between blaming her for not doing enough and simply seeming to give up, barely paying attention to her at all.


In the end, one of these treatments may have worked...or perhaps Sachiko simply had the potential to develop a power all along. She doesn't know. All she knows is that after years of misery, she stated to be able to see again. Not with her eyes though...with her mind. This psychic ability to sense and manipulate light was called photokinesis, and it changed everything. Not always for the better though. Seeing her father suddenly seem to 'wake up' to her, suddenly interested, broke something inside Sachiko. It was like he only cared when she was 'well.' All the worse because she wasn't. Photokinetic sensing wasn't the same as vision...to herself, she was still blind. Oh, Sachiko could move around and know where things were, and read and feel colors, but to her brain it wasn't the same.


So she cut away the things she did just to make her family happy. Ended the charade. She'd already been through the worst they could do...there was nothing more to be afraid of from them. There were a lot of fights, and a lot of cold shoulders, and finally a kind of peace. The peace of people who are bound to each other no matter what, and so they willfully overlook each other's shortcomings whenever possible. Fortunately Sachi was accepted to the university at Halcyon City and could live there.


At the university Sachiko found ways to amuse herself with her powers, eventually working up a costume for herself so she could do her tricks with less risk of being identified. It was pure chance that she found herself in a position to interfere with a crime in progress...and even purer chance that other heroes were there to help out! Even so, once praise and credit were being passed around, it was hard not to go along with it. And it was kind of nice.


Sachiko does have a secret identity...or at least, no one but some doctors and her family knows that Sachiko Satsu (as opposed to Kitsune) has super powers. And even her family doesn't know about the skills she's developed with computers and electronic gadgetry. That happened in college.


She is a student, going to college. Major is undeclared, but she has to declare by the end of the current school year. She's thinking maybe electrical engineering, but isn't sure how much work she really wants to put into this.


How did you get your powers?
- Sachiko has a psychic power to sense and influence electromagnetic radiation (light) and fields. This not only lets her create and manipulate images, but gives her an instinctive understanding of electronics and computers that she uses to create ingenious little devices, and hack.

What do you do for fun?
- Video games, media consumption...but what she really loves is putting people in their place, often via tricks and pranks.

Who, outside the team, thinks better of you than you do?
- Her younger brother, who she used to open up to regularly about the problems she had, still rather idolizes her.


Why do you try to be a hero?
- She loves the chance to mete out poetic justice to people who really deserve it, though in her books it's not really about following the law.


Why do you care about the team?
- On some level, Sachiko gets that these guys are probably the only people in the world who could ever, EVER, really 'get' her. Even if they don't now. Even if she's not sure she really wants them to.

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