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A war for humanity's future rages along the Pacific Coast. Gigantic monsters from another dimension cross over to kill and destroy, and humanity's only hope lie in the penultimate military technology, the Jaegers. rising over twenty five, even thirty stories tall the metal fighting machines wage battle with the monstrous Kaiju, piloted by teams of unique individuals from many walks of life.
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  2. The twins followed behind the other teams to the changing room. There they quickly and silently dressed and then checked each others suits and connection. They listened without pausing to General Pentecost as he briefed the teams and when he finished the twins looked at each other. Whatever thoughts they had they only shared with each other. The brief ended and the teams each went to their own boarding section. The twins entered Gemini's con-pod and glanced at each other. Emory decided to be top today and so took the high position. The con pod of Gemini was laid out differently than most of the other Jeagers. Whereas the others almost exclusively used a side by side configuration since the pilots where each controlling one side while the other controlled the other. Gemini was different. The interior configuration had one control set situated forward of the other and lower, it was jokingly referred to as the Bottom. The other set was behind the Bottom and was raised higher, this position was of course the Top. The Bottom controlled the lower set of arms, both left and right, while the Top controlled the upper set. Because of their bonded connection both girls could control both left and right but one had to work the bottom exclusively and the other the top. Also, unlike most Rangers, the twins were capable of working either position. Emory stepped up onto the raised platform of the Top and into the support harness while Eryn did the same in the lower position. As soon as they were each locked into position and the lights were green Eryn initiated the drop. The con-pod plummeted down the shaft to the waiting Jeager below, As the pod neared the Jeager the pod brakes slowed the descent and with a jolt the pod connected to the Yeager. Emory fired up the big machine Echo Gemini thrummed to life. The twins, always connected always drifting, didn't have to go through the usual procedures that were so dangerous to their fellow Rangers. Once connect to Gemini thye were already in full control As one the two girls moved in eerie unison and outside in full view the huge machine with four arms moved rapidly synchronization, the Bottom pairs left fist slammed into the right palm and the Tops right fist slammed into the left palm. Echo Gemini was good to go!
  3. Whatever further commentary would have been made was lost as the Alert siren rang out. Maia and David were both about to take another bite, but stopped dropping their forks onto their plates as the Siren blared. They, followed momentarily the other pilots were already rising, breakfast forgotten when the General's voice came over the speaker. "This is General Pentecost, All Jaeger teams prepare for immediate Sortie, repeat ALL Jaeger teams Prepare for immediate Sortie. This is not a drill!" David frowned. "All teams, this is big. launching Six Jaegers at once is going to stretch our resources." Each team parted, heading to their respective conpod locker, and gantry assembly, where their Jaegers awaited. As they suited up, Pentecost gave them the rundown. "We just received visual confirmation of two Kaiju on approach to this area. They're fifty miles out, and closing fast. They do not show up on any form of active or passive sensors. Our sensors at the breach never even recorded their emergeance, which should be impossible. They are both at the high end of Category III from what has been reported. I'm having the Navy send out spotter aircraft to observe them. The plan is to get you out to them before they breach the miracle mile, and have each Squad of Jaegers engage one of the Kaiju." He let them digest that. "This is the first time we've seen two Kaiju at once, and they're moving together. The threat level is high, given that they can somehow evade our sensor equipment. We cannot allow them to take the city or this shatterdome." "From the citings, we have named the two of them Anemone and Mantis. Anemone seems to possess a mass of large powerful tentacles, and four legs for movement. Mantis resembles a bipedal praying mantis, though it has a long tail like an alligator, and four arms. Two are tipped with fairly standard looking sets of clawed grasping hands, while the two upper arms have large blade like protrusions, each if the report is accurate, over fifty feet in length." "Teams Einherjar, Gemini, and Maccabee, you'll be fighting Mantis. Teams Coyote, Saber, and Meteor, you'll take on Anemone. Does everyone understand?"
  4. "Ah, more simulator time," Coraline scoffed with a forkful of sausage, "Makes more sense than sync testing with live ammo, but you don't get a good hunting dog by pointing at an empty spot and saying 'chase.' The brawny redhead chuckled and took a big bite of her trophy, reflecting on better times when she was young training the family dog to do just that under the observation of her older brothers. They were dead now, and the memory tinged with blue sadness, but there was no taking away the warm joy of those days, a fire under her ass to motivate her to help kill stone dead as many Kaiju as possible as quickly as possible so that she could go back to those days. Oh, there were perks to being here, comfort and status and security beyond anything in the Oregon Exclusion Zone, but when the job was done, she was going home. God willing before Ruth got sucked into this. If she knew her little sister at all, she was champing at the bit to prove herself the way Coraline had, make it into the cockpit of a Jaeger. And the continous flow of losses even among veteran pilots? The thought of becoming one of those names on the ticker of the fallen held a far distant second place in the dreads than seeing Ruth's name there and being a survivor herself.
  5. Maia looked at the twins, and sighed. "I've seen it enough I should be used to it when the two of you do things like that, but that's still kinda creepy." She smiled. "Still, you're great Rangers, so I'll always fight along side ya." This was far from the first time she'd witnessed this, and she had originally been somewhat put off by it, but as she said, in sims and training the twins were great Rangers, and she felt confident that their three Jaeger team could take on anything that came through the Breach. David chuckled. "Come now, Maia, you've seen it enough, it shouldn't faze anyone at this point. As to the question you asked, the Hammer weighs just under 800 tons. You could probably lift it with your gravity sling, but you'd have no fine control with it, or ability to fight with it like Maccabee does. It's reinforced structure was made to handle the stresses of using such a large weapon regularly." Maia nodded. "Sounds about right really." David nodded. "I did hear that Central had a new program for the simulators they want us to test, It's supposed to be able to allow for more varied opponents, and better cooperation between Jaegers. It should be interesting."
  6. The twins, even sitting with the other four seemed apart. Neither reacted to the conversation or even gave a hint that they were aware of it. they simple continued eating their breakfast as they always did. In Unison. The rest of the mess hall either pointedly ignored them or stared unabashedly as they ate. Their movements were so precise and uniform each took a bite of food...always the same item, or lifted their glass of juice and sipped, at exactly the same time, exactly the same movement. No delay, no hesitation. And no apparent communication between he two. They didn't even look at on another or anyone else. Two necks turned, two chins rose, and two pairs of identical dark brown eyes focused on Coraline Kent. "Training." The voices came in stereo., "Simulations." "Like," the twin on the left said. "Always." The one on the right finished the sentence with no pause or hesitation, then they both raised their glass of juice and sipped. In unison.
  7. "Heavy enough to be a pain the ass," answered Maccabee's pilot between bites, prompting a chuckle from Coraline as she was slicing up another bite worth of food. "Heavy is good. Sir Isaac Newton is still the meanest bastard in the universe no matter what it's like where the Kaiju come from," she added in time to a series of tink-tink-tink as she speared said bite of food on her fork, "What? I was paying attention during that lecture in the Academy." The brawny red-head took the chance to pop her bite of food in her mouth. She'd, as was her want, had woken up at early to get her morning workout in, push her body and will in the relative privacy of the early hours of the day without gawkers from the other enlisted and junior officers with enough time to clean up afterwards. Abraham sometimes served as her spotter and she returned the favor, the closest in strength among their little cadre of Ranger Pilots stationed at the Shatterdome. He wasn't her Partner, and God willing nothing would happen to Maia to see if he could be, but he was Good People, and if push came to shove, Coraline was glad to see the aforementioned big hammer come down to finish off any Kaiju left standing after Einherjar Sigma's shooting took a chunk out of them. Mmmhm. Let others complain about the quality of the food, but at least there was plenty of it. That hadn't always been a guarantee growing up in Kent household in Oregon Exclusion Zone, and it was an open secret that she'd secreted away a few food bars in the corners of her quarters, old habits dying hard. Swallowing with a pleased grunt, she asked the group, "Anyone get a chance to look at the POD yet? I'm not tracking anything."
  8. The day had started well enough. Stacker Pentecost, the man charged with defense of North America's pacific shores stood in Central control, looking at a holographic globe, which currently displayed the last 20 Kaiju attacks, and the Jaegers that had responded. Tapping any of the points would bring up footage of the battle, as well as readouts from the Jaegers on their status. In each engagement, the Kaiju had been defeated, all of the battles saw the loss of a Jaeger, or the heavy damage to the entire team. It was turning into a battle of attrition, something he wasn't certain Humanity could win, with so many nations not fully investing in the war anymore. Still, this Shatterdome in Seattle had six Jaegers, more than most of the others, and several newly developed Jaegers which could in theory change the nature of the War. He almost found himself wishing for a Kaiju he could sent them against, almost. He thought about the teams, and sighed. Team Einherjar was comprised of Coraline Kent and Maia St.Croix. Cora was rebellious, but focused. Given her background, Stacker knew that she wasn't high on Command's lists, only her incredible drift compatibility got her into the program, which she graduated from. Her partner was the daughter of PPDC legends. where Cora was somewhat on the short side, Maia St. Croix was tall and lithe, with the body of a dancer. Her Father had died in the first mission that saw all three Jaegers destroyed, against the Kaiju Serpentes. Her mother was a department head in the weapons technology research division of the PPDC. Maia was mostly a model pilot, and possessed incredible drift compatibility. It was almost Ironic that the two of them were partners, One Lived for the PPDC, and the other only wished to be left alone. Their unity of mind when it came to fighting the Kaiju was unlike any Stacker had heard of save for one other team. The second team was certainly unique. "The Twins" as they were called were something new. Emory and Eryn Foxx, they were what had come to be termed "bonded twins" they were the first to come of age and be capable of piloting a Jaeger. They had an impressive Pedigree, their parents had been skilled, and their loss weighed on Stacker. There were not many first generation Rangers left. Their Jaeger, Echo Gemini, was the only Jaeger ever to have four arms, and weapons on each arm. The tests they had performed showed that thanks to their unique nature, they could actually control all four arms at once, and Stacker knew this would definitely be an advantage if it proved viable in battle. Still, because they and their Jaeger were unique, he had a hard time sending them out on solo missions, the risk was great, so they would only ever be sent out as part of a team. The final team was something of an oddity. Abraham Cohen and Daniel Arad piloted Maccabee Ma'or, the only Isreali-designed, American-built Jaeger. Israel still sent research data and analysis from their own networks and sources, even though they had never fought a Kaiju. Stacker felt there was a certain rightness to their contributions, Daniel Arad was a skilled soldier and a learned scholar, and had subjected himself to the same Ranger training program that any other Jaeger pilot would have to pass, and he did with some of the best scores ever. The same could be said for Abraham as well, his Father had nominated him as a pilot and he too passed the training program. The two men meshed well together, the unity of shared heritage, and a desire to protect humanity from the Kaiju making their link strong. This Team of the three Jaegers featured alot of tried and true technologies, as well as some brand new ones, and he knew Command very much wanted to see the fruit of their efforts. "They almost seem to want a Kaiju to appear." he whispered softly, even as he looked at the big screen which showed the Pacific, and the locations of the remaining shatterdomes and which teams were present. Far too few compared to years past. In the mess hall shared by Teams Einherjar, Gemini, and Maccabee, Breakfast was the order of the day. It didn't surprise many to find all six pilots at a table in near the middle, and while others sat close, none were so close as to be infringing on their space. Maia looked up over to Abraham. "So how much does the hammer actually weigh?" the main weapon of Maccabee Ma'or was a massive hammer, and given that "Big Macc" as the techs called it was a heavy Jaeger, about twenty feet taller than the others, and hundreds of tons heavier. It was like this every morning, usually with Maia quizzing her fellow teammates about their Jaegers and she and Cora answering their questions about Einherjar. The twins were the youngest of them but they were quieter. Maia was easily the most outgoing of them. Gemini was an oddity of a Jaeger, and in the simulations the three teams worked fairly well together, with a good mix of durability, firepower and incredible close range combat ability. Each pair worked well together, though it was an ongoin g process to get the three pairs to work as well with each other.
  9. Avraham Cohen was born in the Catskills of upstate New York, the son of Retired Lt. Colonel Moishe Cohen and his wife Lena. His childhood was one of religious education and little contact with the outside world. However, Avraham would sneak out after dark and meet up with some other neighborhood kids to experience more of the secular world. The Cohen's still maintained close ties with Israel, even going so far as to have Moishe lobbying congress to provide more material support for Israel's military and humanitarian efforts. While Avraham was a youngster at the start of the Kaiju invasion, his father soon began to obsess with the way humanity was developing to fight off these monsters. He soon began pressuring all his contacts in Israel to support the United States with their technological and military skill. After the first Jaegers were developed, Israel made a small division of their engineering team for designing their own Jaeger. Although the fight was taking place half a world away, Israeli commanders were thinking of what would happen if the kaiju broke out of the pacific ring and stormed across the world. After seeing the results of the rest of the world's jaegers fighting the Kaiju, Israel submitted their template and production plan to the United States government and the PPDC. Seeing that the work had gone into it, the PPDC asked Moishe, the one who was behind the program who would pilot this machine that was untested and some said dangerous to the pilots. Moishe replied, "I would have my son pilot it if it would get this Jaeger onto the field where it belongs." Upon hearing that ,and a bit obsessed with Kaiju as well, Avraham decided to join the PPDC instead of the Israeli military that he was planning to do. He was 19 at this time. Going through the academy, Avraham showed a propensity for Heavy Jaegers that almost bordered on the obsessed. His mind was deemed to be a bit tougher than most when it came to Neural Loads. He believed it had to do with his faith and training in the study of the Torah. However, it was just a quirk of genetics. His father's connections to the Jaeger program in Israel led to Avraham being the favored candidate for the new Jaeger being built. It didn't hurt that Avraham was a fighter like his father. His goal when piloting Maccabee Ma'or is to defend and protect the world by uniting his faith and his strength of will.
  10. Names - Emory Adele and Eryn Rae Foxx Jaeger - Echo Gemini Lieutenant Tom Foxx and Research Assistant Doro Rosales met in 2010 when both were at DARPA working with Dr Lightcap on the Thought controlled Fighter program. The two fell in love and married, then the world fell apart. The kaiju came and then the PPDC. Because of their backgrounds both joined the fledgling PPDC, Tom having tested very positively and with test pilot background was in the first group of Rangers. Doro was assigned to research. Tom had problems though. While he had scored in the top with the Pons equipment, he was unable to successfully drift with others. In an attempt to determine what the Problem might be Doro ran several drift experiments with Tom and herself. All those tests were successful. It seemed that Tom and Doro were so connected that drifting together was almost automatic. And so Doro became a Ranger and the Foxx’s became the first married couple to pilot Jaegers. They became the Pilots of Echo Vortex and entered the Fray. But that’s not really the story here, just the prologue. The Foxx’s were good Jaeger pilots, and during that first year they saw a lot of time in the Conn-Pod of Echo Vortex, both in action and even more in training. Then it was discovered that Doro was Pregnant. With Twins. The pregnancy hadn’t been detected until the 18th week, and Doro, who had always had an irregular menstrual cycle hadn’t thought anything of it. She was immediately reassigned back to R&D and Tom unable to drift with anyone else was put into command and control. That didn’t last. Twice during the remainder of the pregnancy Doro and Tom were forced to go back out in Echo Vortex to face a Rampaging Kaiju. Both times they returned victorious. It was here that the twins first experienced Drift through their parents, and it would change them forever. Two weeks after the Foxx’s last mission Doro gave birth to two healthy girls, Emory Adele and Eryn Rae. The babies were different from the get-go. They seemed to be more interested in each other and their parents than in their surroundings. They developed rapidly learning to crawl, and walk and even talk quicker than the average, but more remarkable is that they did it in tandem. One didn’t take the lead, they both learned and acted together. A trait they would keep as they grew up. By the time they could speak and hold conversation it was very common for them to either both speak the exact same words, at the exact same time or for one to begin a sentence and the other to finish it. They didn’t like being separated and when they were they became agitated the further away and the longer the separation lasted. Test showed that they were normal in every aspect except that their mental functions were identical but still they had individual personalities. Emory was flighty and mischievous while Eryn was more serious and curious. If one didn’t have a trait the other would have it and vice versa. Physically they were identical and maintained that mirror physicality throughout their lives with no effort. They were naturally ambidextrous and even their eyesight was unusual as neither eye was dominate. They grew up immersed in the environment of the PPCD, while not the only children present, there were kids that belonged to support staff and non-combatants, they still stuck to themselves when they were younger. And they were also being observed if not actively studied. And they knew it. That the girls were intelligent was obvious but in school they didn’t really excel in academics they showed no proclivity toward any particular subject, though they passed all of their courses with scores in the 80-95%. They were however exceptional in their physical education courses and sports, both individual and team. Both played soccer, tennis, and Basketball. They took archery and shooting. And they were surprisingly good at wrestling. They began to mingle more with their peers in their late teens even going to parties and such teenage thing. They never dated or even seemed interested in romantic ventures. More than most of their peers the twins were aware of the world and the war. They observed and would ask for details when their parents were home. The twin’s parents, Doro and Tom, had been forced by the worsening world situation to take their places back in the Conn-pod of Echo Vortex leaving the twins in the care of surrogates, often for weeks at a time. These excursions/missions would take place all throughout the twins developmental age which gave the girls a very concise and often bleak understanding of the world situation something their peers tried to hide away from. When the girls were a few weeks shy of their eighteenth birthday Echo Vortex went out on a mission. It didn’t come back. With no hesitation after being informed of the loss of their Parents, Emory and Eryn requested admission to the jaeger academy. The powers that be had of course been observing the twins since their birth and while their purpose had never been nefarious, it was obvious they unique opportunity the Foxx girls could present. The scientists and psychologist had even coined a term for it Bonded Psyches. Two people who were so close and in sync with each other that they were capable of acting in unison well beyond the norm. Emory and Eryn went beyond this they were Bonded Twins and the scientist really wanted to get them in a Conn-pod and see what they could do. The twins were given the same tests any other applicant would have to undergo for admissions, and they passed. Then came the hard part. Jaeger Academy is a grueling twenty-four week series of courses and tests designed to break a candidate to weed out those who would fail in the Coon-Pod. It’s a testament to the academy that any who enter, and fail are still considered to be PPCD officer material. The twins passed and were now the youngest Rangers in the ppcd. And the girls did it all on their own merit. Though the powers that be would never admit it, they would have been passed anyway. As they were graduating the academy the news came to them that their mother had been found alive on an island and rescued and was enroute to a hospital in Japan. Their father was confirmed as KIA. A month later they were stationed at the Seattle Shatter Dome, Their Mother recovered from her ordeal Joined them there as part of the Technical Staff and they were shown the Skeleton of the Jaeger that would be theirs the custom designed Echo Gemini. Sheet
  11. "The sooner we finish the Kaiju, the sooner I can get back off the grid." Name: Coraline “Country Roads” Kent Appearance: Sun-kissed with freckles, green-eyed, and red-haired, Coraline's 5'7 frame is packed with taunt muscle, result of a personal fitness routine that consumes much of her free time. She's slow to warm up to new people, skittish about getting too close to another person she might lose or get hurt by. Not wanting the hassle of leadership breathing down her neck she'll adhere to the text of Ranger regulations with a crisp 'Yes, Sir.', 'No, Sir.' answer to most questions if she can get away with it. Her anger smolders behind this facade, flaring when her Drift Partner, equipment, or small collection of plants in the green house get messed with. History: Born a few months after the first Kaiju attacks to a pair of Oregon farmers Joel and Ellie Kent, Coraline is the 2nd youngest of four siblings. Raised largely off-the-grid with a rebellious stubbornness and suspicion against outside authority, that trait was only double-downed when the rampage of a Kaiju in her 12th year resulted the tainting of a large swath of her state and it's declaration as an Exclusion Zone. The Kent clan decided not to follow the exodus, working to keep their patch of land in the family and enough to keep them all safe and fed. The following years were... Hard, costing her both her mother and her two older brothers. She, especially after the passing of her brothers, served as the face of the family, the one to go out and trade their surplus for what they needed from the other residents of the zone, a role that all often required persuading the other party that not shooting the golden goose was best for business. She doesn't like to talk about the days when someone, often new refugees, decided to fuck around and find out. Still, they survived, and kept one ear on the ground regarding the thunderous titan battles between the Jaegers and the Kaiju. It wasn't too much of a surprise when the PPDC sweep came in 2029 and gathered anyone up in the right age range for 'drift' testing. To her surprise, Coraline scored high enough to warrant a not-so-optional invite training as one of these Jaeger pilots. She expected to mad about it, and she was, but not nearly as much as she thought she'd be. There were monsters out there on the other side of the valley and the guys keeping them on said other side were getting their asses kicked. To her relief, Coraline's surviving sibling, the 12 year old Ruth Kent was too young to be picked up in the sweep but, if this 'drift compatibility' was at all genetic, Ruth would be picked up if things dragged out. And Coraline wasn't going to stand by and just let that happen. She threw herself into the training, proving that potential could be forged into useful skills and graduating the program with one big gain for all the new and mostly-unwelcome oversight in her life: Maia St. Croix. The other woman Got Her and Cora Got Her, too. It was an understanding that's saved their lives multiple times on the missions they've gone out on, resulting in two Kaiju deaths at the hands of their Jaeger, Einjeher Sigma. Einherjar Sigma
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