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A game set in Creation's northern Direction, across the vast icy wastes, endless Taiga and Tundra, telling tales of Exalts who seek to find their own path from among those trod by the generations before them
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  2. A green flare launched from the other side of the village and the patter of hoofbeats was the only heads up the victorious duo had of the arrival of the village's third exalt, Tikki having ordered her small squad to start the tasking of meeting the caravan on its way into the village. She had a far more pivotal and secretive goal at hand. Clearing the ridge with her polearm stowed on her back, the blonde messenger sucked in a breath at seeing Ami's blazing anima. It sang at her, like the echo of evensong, like a warm breeze in spring promising respite from the ice. She remembered seeing that same glow dancing about her own reflection in rivers or ice before recognizing the mental touch that'd keep it bay, the cover on a lantern. This girl, no, woman, was like her. Or alike enough that Tikki didn't know the difference yet. "Be not afraid," she began with the traditional messenger's prelude, sitting high on her steed with a smile dancing on her lips and in her green eyes, "I think the gods are having a laugh at our expense bringing me here on the eve of your victory over the beast, much as I suspect we are rarer than it." And with that, she ignited her own caste mark, a circle of perfect gold blazing on her brow just below her golden hair, "Oh. Forgive my rudeness. I am Tikki T'Zam of Whitewall. What are your names?"
  3. Amisera looked down at the sword, at the glow which surrounded her. She felt...different. Stronger, confident more sure of her conviction, not that anything had changed just that somehow that voice had filled her with the Purpose she had needed. She turned to face the bowwoman, "I am Amisera, I bear no title. Yet." She smiled and gazed at the Hell Hound. Ami stepped to it body and poked it with the sword. "This things coming here was not coincidence was it?"
  4. Working together, the guards and the villagers made quick work of the remaining wolves, an arrow came zipping in to hit the wolf Tikki had missed right between the eyes, and the wolves that had come from the city fell under arrows and attacks from the group of men chasing them. One of them spoke to them. "I am Haddir, one of the Headmen of this village. You have my thanks, travelers, for coming to aid us. Please allow us to tend our wounded, first, and then we will show our gratitude properly." He looked to Tikki, who the others seemed to defer to. "I recognize the badge of those with you, if you would send to your Caravan master welcoming him, and all of you into our village for the night, you may all come here. Our means are not much, but at least you can set up camp here and not in the wilds for tonight." Those where were standing quickly moved to aid those who had fallen, prioritizing the living over the dead. "My daughter and another traveler fight a hellhound on the other side of the village, though I've ceased seeing the blaze of its flames, and there was a bright flash, then quiet." On the other side of the village, the traveler had seen the entire thing, and in her heart, she felt a pull she never had before. She moved forward, sheathing her sword and stowing her shield on her back, leaving her hands empty. "You are a Solar Exalted, a Dawn Caste, Chosen by the Unconquered Sun." Her eyes were wide for a moment as she seemed to be appraising her. She nodded. "That was masterfully done. Simply breathtaking. I never expected to actually see the moment of awakening and exaltation of a Solar, but now I have." She seemed to start, and then smiled. "I'm sorry, you're likely confused. First, let me start by giving you my name, since we have fought together. I am Shirayuki, the Pale Huntress." It wasn't a title Ami recognized, and her name was somewhat strange as well.
  5. Do the job in front of you while it's in front of you. Nothing more; nothing less. It was a fairly simple ethos to keep a messenger's nose clean and a job on schedule, wrangle fatal curiosity into something useful out of a pack of street urchins suddenly given the means to freely traverse the streets and skyline of Whitewall. The lesson didn't quite hold as Tikki sensed something very new and very familiar, the warm pulse of a power she knew deep in her bones could both break and restore Creation. She'd only felt that pulse coming from inside her own flesh and bones in the few weeks since her transformation. It was close, just the other side of the besieged town. The implications of that shook her, throwing off her strike at the wolf to her left. Another like her? Here? Now? What were the odds?
  6. Ami's eyes snapped open, the hell hounds slathering jaws were inches from ripping her face off! She threw up her arms to grasp the beasts throat, that otherworldly voice still echoing in her head, she could see as plain as if it were morning, and the sun were rising on a new dawn even though it was still night and darkness surrounded them. She held the snapping jaws and pulled her legs up setting her feet against the beast’s torso and with a surge of strength straightened her legs sending the monstrous wolf flying away twisting through the air. The wolf landed on its back, more than ten full yards away, much further than any human should have been able to throw a beast of that size. It surged back onto its feet and with a blood chilling howl charged back toward Amisera, who was still prone. When the wolf had knocked Ami down, she had lost her grip on the sword. Now she reached for it but it was not close at hand. The wolf arrowed toward her, she looked aside her eye searching for the golden sword, there far beyond her reach. She looked back at the beast It had covered half the distance and lept into the air jaws open coming for her. Amisera reached for the sword and suddenly it was in her hand and rising to her feet she rushed to meet the wolf from hell and bound into the air to meet it! The two forms met in the air both screaming raging war cries of Heaven and Hell. All that heard, mortal and wolf alike, froze and turned their gaze. Amisera landed upright, her knees absorbing the shock, the sword dripping blood in her hand, she turned to face the wolf which had landed two dozen feet away. That beast staggered and turned. Blood pouring like rain from its torso and belly. It took one more step then it toppled in two directions. It had been cut in twain, cleanly, length wise. The Hound from Hell was dead.
  7. In a matter of moments, the pack of wolves had been culled significantly, still there was more work to be done, as the wolves pressed their attack another villager going down, not dead, but his leg was bleeding badly. The villagers attacked, and from the village proper came the sounds of more wolves, but Tikki could see arrows come flying at those wolves, another group was already pursuing them. Across town, The Wolf Howled in pain and rage, its eyes glowing bright red as Ami's slash found purchase in its flank. It's rage didn't save it from the stranger's attack, her silver sword cutting a slash over it's left hind leg, but it's attention wasn't turned. It Leapt at Ami and her golden sword, first charging at her hitting her fully in her chest with it's head knocking her into the air, before bringing both it's massive clawed paws down on her shoulders. The pain was immense as her left shoulder dislocated in the impact and then her head hit the ground hard. As darkness encroached her vision, she could see the beast's jaws opening, fangs dripping blood as it moved to finish her. Just as it all went black, there was a flash, a tiny pinprick of light, and a voice, soft, almost tender. "Awaken, my daughter. It is not your fate to fall here." The light began to shine brighter, just as the sun did as it first rose in the morning after the darkness of Night. "Awaken, and Rise, MY Chosen." The voice was stronger, and a warmth seemed to bathe Ami, even wherever this was. It was then she knew instinctively. The Unconquered Sun had called her, had Chosen her. Her fate was in her hands, to answer the call or not.
  8. As the beast put its attention back on the stranger Ami lept to the attack. She swung the blade two handed again in wide scything arcs as she ran in across it's hind quarters!
  9. The shock of their sudden charge having broken the focus of their monstrous opponents, Tikki pulled back on the reigns of her steed to add more force to her follow up swing with the halberd. The result on one wolf's head was like the time she had dropped a melon during a leap over an alley six years ago: a shattering of white shell and splattering of red pulp everywhere. It took her a moment to realize that her horse's hooves had come down on a second wolf, the weight of steed and rider crushing a second predator to stillness with an aborted howl. She'd sneak the equine a second bucket of oats tonight. Assuming there was a tonight. But for now... "For Whitewall and the Road!" she shouted, sporting a pleased grin as she readied herself to defend against any retaliation.
  10. The Hellhound was more than prepared for Ami's attack, deftly dodging despite its size, still, it was telling that the creature dodged her attack, as opposed to simply taking it. Gird, her father, and the others had hesitated for a moment despite seeing the jet of flame that had struck the Stranger, but then finally head off into the village, leaving Ami and the stranger to fight the hellhound. The stranger moved forward, her blade a shimmering silver blur in the moon and torch light, slashing against the side of the hellhound. "Stay close to it, if we do, it'll hesitate to breathe fire." She managed to block the beast's swipe with it's ebon-black claws, as they skittered off the shield in a shower of sparks. As she moved, she put the beast between the two of them, making it choose who it went after. "Fell beast..." The creature turned its head, giving Ami a limited window to attack. Across the village, Tikki failed to actually strike the wolf, but she did get it's attention from the injured villager it had been going to attack. The other caravan guards however, all hit their targets, drawing attention from the villagers, who were still fighting back. This additional pressure saw several wolves fall, but there were still plenty more.
  11. Ami looked at the Archer when she realized it was she that she was calling Swordmaiden. Feeling she had to prove something after those arrows she lunged at the dreaded beast.
  12. Tikki wasn't any kind of peerless warrior, even after her fateful transformation, her informational position more a result of her care towards the other guards and general competence. At least she liked to flatter herself. Still, she had some prowess with the blade and her halberd was quite the blade at the end of a stick. She couched the polearm under one arm, spurring her steed to a final burst of speed as they closed the gap to the rear of the wolfpack, an unspoken order that made her chosen subordinates mirror her action a heartbeat later. Unless these were very, very flighty manhunting wolves, this charge wouldn't break them, but it'd certainly lift some pressure from the villagers. She prayed anyway, to any kind god or spirit that was listening.
  13. As the guards and Tikki rode in the villagers fought the wolves, but they weren't doing so well. Another bow-armed hunter went down, and several more were injured, still the wolves hadn't seemed to notice them yet, despite riding into the light. On the other side of the village, Gird and the others dealt blows to the wolves putting another one down, which in a show of impossible archery, the Stranger then fired her own arrows, which put the remainder down. On her brow, there was a faint purplish glow, and she sighed. Just then there was a loud yelp, and the sound of flesh and bones tearing and being crushed. Two right red eyes appeared and a wolf that stood taller than a man stalked into the light. It made no sound, and opened its mouth, which in a moment was wreathed in flames. A firery torrent spewed forth and struck the stranger full on. There was no howl of pain, even as the remnants of her mantle and hood turned to ash in the night, what was revealed was the silver armor that clad her body, and a fearsome scowl, her hands now holding a shield and sword, still glowing with heat but cooling rapidly. "A Hellhound, of course it is.." She was singed, and her pale skin burned in some places but she still stood. She turned to Gird and the others. "This foe is beyond you, go course and take down the ones that got past you. The Swordmaiden and I will handle this foe."
  14. "Yes, Caravanmaster," offered Tikki to Marseille's retreating back, standing up in her stirrups to look towards the distant scene of chaos, armor jingling softly with the motion despite its crafting in her ears. Something felt... right about the order, much as it ran contrary to both her cover and actual missions. *She'd* have wanted a band of heroes to come riding out of the steppe bearing torches and blades a few short weeks ago when the dead attempted to drag her and the others down into hungry death. The blonde courier-turned-temporary-guard only took a quick moment to confirm that the small pouch on her belt was still secure before complying, settling down in the saddle, gaze sweeping left and right to take in the nearest mounted guards. She weighed personalities and skills, talents and tells, against one another in the quick, sharp way her experience among the couriers had molded her. Decided. Jumped. "Swen! Hans! Hanna! You're with me," she called, pointing out two more, "Tora, Klessa, guard our flanks!" A mixed chorus of ayes returned to her ears and Tikki kicked her steed into motion against the snowy ground, leaning into the momentum to cut some of the icy wind snapping against her face. As she rode, she tapped into the bubbling roil of light at her core to enhance her eyes and her blade against the invisible, keeping the golden mark of her transformation from appearing on her brow. She hoped against hope that beasts and the hungry dead wouldn't be attacking together, but she wouldn't risk the lives of those following her on such an assumption. Not again.
  15. Amisera's first thought was to run back to the aid the village and her father and brother but the woman with the bow gave her pause. Something else was out there, she knew that even without the warning. Ami turned and faced the darkness and called her voice rising louder than the cacophony spawned by the wolves! "Spirit of evil intent show yourself to those who stand against you and the fear you bring. Face us and learn your place!"
  16. “There's a way to get the message through. There's Always a way to get the message through.” Name: Tikki T'Zam of Whitewall Appearance: Blonde-haired and green-eyed, Tikki T'Zam lean 5'6 frame bespeaks a lifetime of exercise running through and above the streets of Whitewall. She exudes the easy confidence of the capable in their field of chosen endeavor, at least where she has room to run and get a handhold out of there if someone takes the term shoot the messenger literally. Tikki dresses for comfortable mobility, well, mostly. Having a layer of armor between her and the horrors of the wider North seems prudent since her exaltation. As her anima flares, the shadow of a 1,001 wind-borne spiders play across her grey-and-gold aura, the echo of her adventuring soul made manifest in the crisis of full essence burn. History: Child of the great city of Whitewall, Tikki T'Zam's parents put her to work early to help pay off her father's gambling debts. The small part she could play in such an area ended when she was 11 and the cartel decided to collect from the missing difference from her parents as an example. Swift and clever, she managed to run and escaped into the tough surrogate family of Whitewall's courier network. Everyone needs parcels passed, and as long as the head of that network wisely keeps out of the power plays of the city's elite, the couriers profit. Mostly. There are always the unscrupulous and overly-strict who object to the potentially criminal aspects of the business. Thus goes the life of Creation's Princes of a Thousand-Enemies. Tikki did well in this role, learning her city and it's people to reduce the number of missed payments and nursed bruises over the years as she refined her skills and endurance. She learned early that a smile and impressive flourish was a safer protection then any number of weapons on her person, keen to make the delivery and get out. Brick by brick she built a rep for getting the job done, made friends, and started showing the more promising urchins the first steps of the courier trade. As she rose, she started meeting with couriers from outside her city who brought whispers of the wider world and the opportunities therein, started dreaming if she could play a part in linking the web of messengers threading their way across Creation wherever words and goods could make the difference. So, in order to deliver a message to the neighboring city of Fortitude, the 25-year-old signed on as a guard to a caravan making it's way across the steppes, not trusting her survival skills to make the trip alone against all the horror stories she'd overheard in taverns. Turns out even a caravan's worth of guards wasn't enough to ward off an assault by the hungry dead that came upon them late one night. Her dizzying exaltation and the coming the dawn was the only thing that saved the handful of survivors. The rest of the trip was a study in whispered tension that ended at the sight of the city of Fortitude and a promise by the survivors to keep quiet about what Tikki was. So, a message delivered. A new message picked up. And signing up for another caravan back to Whitewall to have a good long think what to do with her new gifts.
  17. It was something to see. Ami had put her mind to it, and the blade answered her determination. The Wolf's head separated from it's body even as she moved to face the other wolf. Having seen what she'd done, the wolf bolted, into the shadows beyond the torch light. As the other wolves moved to attack her father, the hunters and the two farmers, everyone could hear the whistling of arrows, before half a dozen fell from the sky, impaling each of the wolves, forcing them to break off their attacks. Two of them went down to the hunters' attacks, and gird managed to leave a nasty slash along the side of the one he fought. Something the size of a man landed off to the left of them, just within the light rolling on the ground before springing up revealing herself to be a woman, armed with a gleaming silver bow. "DO NOT TURN YOUR BACK TO THE DARKNESS!" Her voice rang out, her almost alabaster skin a contrast against the midnight black hair falling past her shoulders revealed by the torchlight. Arrows were already knocked, and while it looked as if she aimed at Ami, Ami herself could feel that this outsider was aiming beyond her. To the west, the rest of the pack, another dozen wolves, were attacking. From the trade road, the Caravan had been set to bypass the small village, but with the ringing of warning bells, and all the light from the myriad of torches, the Caravan master, a Merchant named Marseille, shook his head. "We will render aid to the village. It would not do to be remembered later as a company who abandons others to their distress." He looked to Tikki. "Take five of our other guards and go, see what aid they require, and do what you can. Use a red flare if you need more aid, and green when it is safe to come down. We will not risk our cargo." To the Captain of the caravan's guard. "Prepare your defenses, and light more torches." As he left to rouse those men who'd been off duty, Tikki was left to take a detachment to the village.
  18. Sensing the wolf's fear Ami presses her advantage against the wolf. She lunges toward the beast and then spins to its side taking the sword in both hands and chopping down at its neck!
  19. The wolf she struck growled, even as the other moved to circle her, attacking from behind, but a slight shift let her dodge it. The wolves engaging the others all managed to connect, their claws and teeth tearing at the gathered men, though one wolf went down with an arrow through the brain. Still the fight was against them, and a shiver of fear went up Ami's neck, there was something else here, something they'd not seen yet. From deeper in the village they could hear the sound of more combat, as some of the wolves had gone past them.
  20. As soon as the wolves that had her let go and backed away Ami rolled to her feet tossing the torch to the ground in front of one wolf and stepping toward the second and jabbing at it with the sword!
  21. Several of the wolves rushed past even the archers, into the town. For their part the archers almost managed to hit the quickly moving wolves, and Gird managed to take one of them in the side, drawing a whimper of pain. Ami was grabbed and pulled along the ground by a pair of wolves, dragging her near the boundary of the light, before the light caught the sword, and the two wolves released her backing away. Clearly the weapon was more dangerous to them. Ami's father and the others took on multiple wolves, and though they didn't do any real damage to them they did draw their attention. The wolves nipped and clawed at them but no one took an injury that would put them down. Still it was tough odds.
  22. Amisera had never seen wolves act like this, and a quick glance told her that these were no ordinary wolves. Larger, bolder, no fear of attacking the village instead of skulking in the shadows waiting for a lamb to wander off. Ami also knew that her people were not prepared for this sort of onslaught. Without any thought the sword bearing girl-woman dashed ahead of her father, brother and the rest, waving the torch about her and shouting to either scare the wolves or at the very least draw them to her. The beasts ignored her and drove past. As Ami turned to catch the wolves, her foot caught a stone and the girl fell to the ground gracelessly!
  23. As those who could fight marshalled to deal with the wolves, everyone else remained within their homes and barred and blocked the doors and windows as best they could. Beds were overturned and children huddled with the elderly as everyone waited for the outcome of the battle. Ami's Father was taking charge of a group of men, Gird among them, they had two hunters with bows as well, and they along with Ami were moving towards the fields. More and more torches were lit, and at the edge of the light, she could see shadows moving, fleet of foot and fast enough to evade the hasty shots aimed at them. "Don't waste arrows, wait until they come into the light!" her father bellowed, a sickle in one hand, and knife in the other. Gird was there with the hunters, clearly moving to protect them should the wolves charge. She could hear the shouts of more people coming, both men and women. A fel wind blew, carrying the scent of death, and ash. As it sent a chill up the spine of everyone there, over a dozen wolves, each with jet black fur and blazing red-orange eyes emerged into the torch light, moving cautiously, and then from beyond the boundary of light, there came a terrible howl, and the wolves charged, quickly covering ground. They'd be there before the other villagers would arrive, and already she could see blood dripping from the mouths of several.
  24. Amisera paused only long enough the grab up a brand and light it from the hearth, it was still early but already the light had faded from the sky and while twilight was still good for seeing, it would be full dark soon. Once the torch was lit, she followed after her father and brother, but her grandmother called to her, "Ami! the weapon..." "Will help protect our families." She called back and went on to face the wolves, sword in one hand held at her side, blazing torch in the other held high!
  25. Her mother and father nodded. "We can do that for you, we'll measure it in the morning, and get you a fitting scabbard." This acceptance brought a smile from her grandmother. "It is good then. I would be careful who you show such a weapon to outside this family, and certainly in the future, but I believe that it will serve you well. I do not know all the details, but I do know it to be good and strong." "Do not be frightened by the tale I told, for the Solar did craft many great wonders, and ruled for a long time. Their power simply grew beyond their limits, and became a snare that lead them to ruin. Remember that with power comes responsibility, and you alone must make an account of how you wield any power you possess. That is something that holds true for everyone." She had only just finished speaking when the alarm bell sounded from the small Watch station that had been erected. Gird and her Father were first into action, taking up their implements, and heading for the door. When it was opened, they could hear the watchman "Wolves are coming, a massive pack of wolves to the East!!" Indeed they could hear the baying howls of what sounded to be over a dozen beasts, they were getting closer, even as the men of the village emerged from their homes, many armed with pitchforks, sickles, and picks. Few had weapons, beyond maybe a dagger or a bow, for the huntsmen.
  26. Amisera looked at the weapon as she pondered her grandmothers tale, and at the old cloak that she had wrapped it in which now lay upon the floor. She knew that her grandmother spoke true, she could feel the swords life and felt no threat to her. In fact she felt comfort and warmth, even love. The sword in her hand felt right and as she held it up point directed toward the sky, she felt righteousness and purpose. "You speak truth grandmother. This blade is alive and filled with purpose. And you, father are also right. This weapon is mine but not to do with as I will, but to do what is right and just. And as it belongs with me, so too do I belong with it." She glanced again at the cloak on the floor. "It will need a scabbard of good leather and seasoned fittings, to hold it and i will need a harness to wear it. I am not good at those crafts, mother, so I ask you to make them for me."

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