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A game set in Creation's northern Direction, across the vast icy wastes, endless Taiga and Tundra, telling tales of Exalts who seek to find their own path from among those trod by the generations before them
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  2. Shirayuki woke just as the sun began to rise. "Ow..." her shoulders hurt, as did the places where the ice has pierced her, but as she opened her eyes, she saw Ami sitting there, and could hear the sounds that told the carriage was moving, only for it to stop. She tried to rise, and pain lanced through her, enough that she stopped. "Ok, bad idea." She looked at Ami. "I knew you'd win." Tikki had poked her head back inside and Shirayuki smiled. "Had to use a potion didn't you?" Tikki nodded. "You almost died. Good thing you had those prepared." Yuki looked to Ami. "Out of the Shadowland?" When Ami nodded, She smiled. "Good, should take a break for awhile. I didn't expect a Lich, they're rare even in a shadow land." She wanted to hear the story, but sighed. "I'll be quiet and let you two make camp, but i want to hear what happened."
  3. Ami tended her horses as well she could then brought them back to the wagon. She helped Tikki load Shuri then climbed up her self as Tikki took the reins. The wagon creaked and lurched forward as Tikki guided the horses out of the shadowland, leaving behind the remnants of their battle. Ami sat beside Shirayuki, who looked peaceful in her unconscious state, her breathing steady. The Lunar's healing potions had done their work, and now it was just a matter of time and rest for her to recover fully. As they traveled, Ami couldn't shake the feeling of unease that lingered after their encounter with the Lich. She knew that defeating it was only the beginning, that there were likely more dangers lurking in the shadows waiting to strike. But she also knew that they were strong together, bound by friendship and a shared purpose. The journey was long and quiet, the only sound the rhythmic clip-clop of hooves on the road. The sun dipped below the horizon, painting the sky in hues of orange and pink as they finally emerged from the shadowland. Ami couldn't stop thinking about the dark spot on the ground where the Lich had crumbled to dust. She knew that their victory was only temporary and that there were more challenges ahead. But for now, she needed to focus on taking care of her friends and ensuring they had a safe place to rest. As they traveled through the night, Ami checked on Shirayuki periodically, making sure she was still stable and comfortable. Tikki drove the wagon skillfully, her eyes scanning the road ahead for any danger. The horses seemed to know they were in good hands, and they walked on steadily, their steps measured and even. Aresl and Aselc had suffered injuries in the battle, but they were healing well, their wounds scabbing over as they walked. When they stopped for food and water, Ami took the opportunity to check on them too, applying healing potions to their wounds as needed. They nuzzled her gratefully, their trust in her complete. As the sun rose with the first hint of dawn, they found a place to camp. They would rest until noon then continue.
  4. The void descended to the ground, leaving a dark smoking spot devoid of gras, it was as if the ground was vitrified into black obsidian, and still gave Ami a chill. She'd smashed the core, but there was very much the feeling that this was Far from over. Tikki hadn't been idle while her comrades engaged the Lich and his forces, she had finished the wolves, and then destroyed the next closest group of undead, before heading back to the others. She'd used a charm to cover the distance once she heard Shirayuki scream, and go down. It was fortunate the Lunar had somewhat prepared for this. Knowing she had charms to cover distance quickly, Shirayuki had given Tikki several potions that would heal wounds and stabilize someone's injuries. Because she wasn't a frontline combatant, she was ideal to act as their medic, though the stock Shirayuki had of potions such as this were quite limited. As she finished administering the potion, she looked up, and Ami was staring at a dark spot on the ground. The Lich was gone, defeated, and the undead had simply fallen apart where they were without the lich's power, leaving them alone in the shadowland. Shirayuki was now stable but unconscious. Tikki called to Ami. "Ami, hey, come help me bring her back to the carriage. She's gonna be okay in a few days, but we need to let her rest." The two horses nickered and Aresl actually moved to Ami, nuzzling her shoulder with his snout. Clearly they were glad to be alright, though they'd been hurt too. "If they're up for it we can travel tonight, and get out of this shadowland, and then take an extended rest. I can drive for a fair bit while you rest."
  5. "You may be powerful," Ami retorted through gritted teeth, "but you underestimate the strength of the Unconquered Sun and of our resolve." With renewed determination, she surged forward once more, her blade alight with divine power. The battle raged on around them as Ami and the Lich clashed in a dance of light and shadow. Every strike from Amisera was met with equal force from the Lich, creating a whirlwind of steel and magic that illuminated the darkness. The Lich's taunts fell on deaf ears as Ami focused all her energy on bringing about justice and righteousness. With each strike of her sword, she felt the presence of the Unconquered Sun guiding her hand, infusing her attacks with unstoppable power. As the fight reached its peak intensity, both combatants knew that only one would emerge victorious. The fate of their companions and the balance of Creation itself hung in the balance as they continued their deadly dance on the edge of oblivion... Back and forth, round and round, an eternity in secondes. then with cry Amisera, she who had in another life been the Radiant Bastion of Hope, lunged, “Justice!” The point of her sword, Justice, pierced the gem in the Lich's chest, it shattered and the Lich's staff exploded in a shower of sparks and shards. The energy around it dissipated, and the skeletal minions collapsed one by one, their forms fading into dust. Ami's breath came in ragged gasps as she realized the weight of her victory. The Unconquered Sun's power had not faltered, and she knew that her resolve had seen her through this battle. Shirayuki lay on the ground, still and silent. Ami desperately wanted to check her unconscious friend, but the newly defeated Lich had one last surprise in store for them. The creature staggered a step toward Amisera, its face a contorted mask of hate, it took a second step. Ami raised Justice and prepared to strike again but then the Undead Thing convulsed, its arm outstretched, as black tendrils reached out from the void where the gem had set and began to wrap around it, pulling the Lich back into itself. It let out a final, gurgled laugh and crumbled into dust before her eyes. Ami stared at the spot.
  6. Watching a Dawn Caste truly go to war was a sight to behold, even as Shirayuki swooped in to shatter a pair of skeletons with mighty swings of her warhammer, and the sight certainly kindled feelings of rightness within her. Still their opponent was a Lich, which meant they had to be on guard. Ami's first blow was mighty, an The Lich had raised a powerful barrier to protect himself, but the Barrier shattered, blunting what could easily have been a killing blow against a living foe. Her followup attack now with no barrier to blunt it, smashed it back, missing most of it's right torso, a brilliant red soulgem could now be seen where the heart would be in a living human. Still, it clutched its staff, which shone a dark blue, before it unleashed a powerful area burst ice spell, chilling the air to well below freezing, filling the field with ice spikes. Even in the heat of battle, she recognized Shirayuki's anguished cry of pain. Behind her, her lunar companion had shielded the horses from the attack which definitely would have been fatal for them as it was targeted at their weakness. Using a powerful defensive charm, she'd shielded them from the damage, but left herself open to it. Her warhammer was now a Greatshield, and Her wings hung almost to the ground, completely iced over. A large shaft of ice pierced her side and blood dribbled from both corners of her mouth. It was a very serious wound, and then with a loud crashing sound, both her wings fell off and shattered. She moaned, and then slumped forward, not falling to the ground, and only by the wisp of cold air from her could Ami tell she was still alive. The Lich, though hurt, and with wherewithal to know it wouldn't survive another series of blows, decided to share its misery. "You may yet kill me, Chosen of the Sun, but without your friend's magical abilities, you will never leave this place. She paid dearly to keep those horses alive, are you willing to pay as dearly to fell me?" The black voice was almost gloating. One more good attack would kill the Lich, but would her friend survive that long?
  7. Ami was not sure what a Lich was but she knew an abomination when she saw one. Taking Shiri’s words and advice to heart she Charged the Lich while Aresl and Aselc diverted the Skeletons! “You are an unholy creature and a blight on Creation, your very existence breaks the law of nature and by the power of my creator the UNCONQUERED SUN you face Justice today!” Ending her sentence at full volume Amisera launched herself once again at the Undead Creature pouring all of her power into her blows! Judgment blazed like never before, its bright light cutting through the darkness and casting ominous shadows on the skeletal structures all around. The Lich's staff glowed an eerie purple, but Ami's blade was a beacon of hope and life, banishing the malevolent energy seeping from the creature. As the Lich attempted to retaliate, the celestial steeds stood firm, their powerful hooves driving deep into the ground, preventing the undead minions from advancing. The Unconquered Sun's divine power resonated with Ami's every strike, the light of the sun illuminating even the darkest of corners. Each blow Ami dealt to the Lich was a blow to darkness itself, pushing back the suffocating shadow that threatened to consume all of Creation. The Lich was forced to defend against the fierce onslaught, its normally powerful spells rendered inert!
  8. Unlike every other foe she'd faced today, the Mage didn't go down under such a powerful blow. She could hear bones cracking under the weight of her strike, and yet his staff nor his arms shattered, though her blow did stop the spell he had been about to unleash against her and the horses. Instead he shoved his staff into the cratered ground, as if to steady himself after such a blow. There were small shockwaves rippling underfoot, and Suddenly Ami felt two strong hands grab under her armpits, yanking her skyward. It was Shirayuki, her wings flapping mightily to put distance between them and the Mage, even as the area around him seemed to explode with bony spires almost as tall as a man. Then each changed and became a new skeleton, a dozen of them in all. "That's no skeleton Mage, Ami. I was wrong. That is a godsforsaken Lich." As if to emphasize her words, the Lich drew up its staff, and laughter from a gravelly undead throat was heard. "I see. So the Lunar can tell the difference this close." Negative energy, the sort that killed all the grass, and made even the two Exalted feel like something vile was crawling over their skin began to seep out from the Lich. She looked to Ami, after she set her back on the ground "Invoke the Unconquered Sun with your attacks, or the name of your sword. He's much stronger than we thought."
  9. Ami heard the cry from Shiri but the battle rage was afire and the evil of the undead an insult to the Undying Sun. With an inarticulate battle cry Amisera lept full on at the mage her sword aflame and charms buring on her lips… charms she hadn’t realized she knew… As Ami lunged towards the mage, her sword ablaze with holy fire, she felt a surge of power welling up from within her. The charms on her lips seemed to resonate with the magic coursing through her veins, and as she chanted the ancient words, the very air around her shimmered with energy. The mage's skull-like grin faltered as he sensed the raw power emanating from the Dawn Warrior, a power beyond anything he had anticipated. With a final incantation, Ami brought down her sword upon the mage with all her might. The blade connected with a resounding clash, sending shockwaves through the battlefield.
  10. Between Ami's sun-blessed blade and the two celestial steeds, all the Undead save the mage had fallen before their combined onslaught. Still the Mage was far from idle, the latest spell it cast raining gigantic needles of ice down on Ami and the horses. Aselc actually turned and Aresl moved before them, both horses taking several large shards of ice magic, the impact of which caused them to whinney in pain, blasting Ami from her position astride Aselc and to the ground. Both steeds were clearly hurt by that magic attack, and She could see the Mage took notice, as it seemed to grin maliciously, even as it readied another attack Shirayuki for her part saw this and left Tikki to finish the wolves, Great wings forming on her back as she took to the skies and heading towards Ami and the horses. "Hold on!"
  11. Eyes ablaze, Ami smote left and right with her blade, each strike a precise and deadly blow. The undead creatures fell before her in droves, unable to withstand the holy power of Judgment. As she fought, she could feel the presence of the mage looming ahead, a dark aura surrounding him as he prepared his next move. Sensing the shift in elements, Ami knew she had to act quickly. With a fierce battle cry, she urged Aselc onward, cutting through the remaining enemies with determination. Aresl followed suit, his movements synchronized with Ami's as they advanced towards the mage.
  12. Everything Judgement touched was purified and "perished" released from this state of undeath. The powerful hooves of the two celestial steeds smashed bone and rotted flesh with equal ease, and in her single charge, half the defending zombies and skeletons had already fallen. Lightning struck Aresl who let out an annoyed whinney, before smashing another skeleton with a bonebreaking kick from his hindlegs. The Skeletal mage seemed concerned now, it was too close to use flame again, lest it hit its own troops and lightning had little effect. The staff began to glow with a darker blue color now, as it shifted elements again. Elsewhere, The last of the Wolves perished to Shirayuki and Tikki's attacks, and Shirayuki shifted her gaze to where Ami was engaged, preparing to back her up from long distance as well.
  13. With great speed Ami charged into the fray, Aresl beside her. They crashed into the body of the Skeletons and Zombies blocking their way the horses rearing and crushing with hooves the size of dinner plates. Ami drove into the midst of the undead force and swinging her blade in great arcs before her bagan to cut a swath through the enemies. Aselc's powerful hooves stomped down, smashing bones and sending dark magic-infused dust flying into the air. Judgment glowed brightly with each strike, leaving a trail of purifying light in its wake. Amisera's eyes blazed with determination as she fought, her movements fluid and precise despite the chaos surrounding her. The horses fought as fiercely as their mistress, their eyes wild with battle rage. Ami's companions watched in awe at her sheer ferocity and skill. Tikki and Shirayuki continued to fend off the wolves, their own weapons flashing in the darkness.
  14. With Tikki on foot to defend against one set of wolves, Shirayuki took on the other. It was at what would normally be extreme range for an archer, but she was no simple mortal archer. She was a chosen of Luna, capable of feats even Gods would envy. Two died to her first salvo of arrows as the others closed the distance. For Ami, it would still be a few moments before she was in range, and the Mage wasn't looking to give her a chance. He sent two crimson balls of flame towards her, but they were far enough away that they weren't accurate and fell short. Still it created two large fields of burning ground to either side, forcing Ami to head straight on, into the remaining skeletons and zombies. The tip of the Mage's staff began to shift to a blue white color, hinting at what element it was about to call upon next.
  15. Ami had freed the horses so they could fight then she took in the situation. Leaping on to Aselc's back she called to her companions, "I will draw them to me, when they turn attack! igo for the mage!" Amisera kicks her heels into Aselc's side and summons Judgment to her hand, "Aresl with me!!" The sword pointing forward the Dawn Warrior and the Horses charge forward straight up the middle toward the mage.
  16. Shirayuki nodded. "I like the way you both think. Now the only caveat is that we still have a long way to go, so we don't want to exhaust ourselves in these fights. They likely won't be the last. So while i am fine with engaging beyond the first pack let's play it by ear, really. If it works to our advantage, then yes, we can take out the other packs." She sighed. "As to your questions regarding what is left, I don't know. There are stories of undead who maintain their sense of self, but those are rare. Most, like what we'll be facing, lose themselves, and only have an all-consuming hatred of the living." Once it was decided, They mounted up again and head for the northern most pack. It was decided to unhitch the horses as they drew near, allowing them to defend themselves, though Shirayuki warned they weren't immortal, and the wolves would be the biggest threat to them. "I am going to hang back near the wagon itself, since I can fight best at range." She readied her bow, and chuckled. The undead were perhaps only a hundred yards away, moving as a pack, with the Mage in the backline much as Shirayuki was. A howl went up from the wolves, and the 6 of them in the group sprint ahead, heading for the trio of exalted and their horses. The two horses seemed almost eager to battle. Indeed, against the skeletons their massive hooves would likely be enough to kill them in a blow.
  17. "The dead should not be restless." They had stopped when Shiri landed and explained the situation. Ami had dropped from the wagon and fetched a couple of apples from their stores for the horses. She stood Between them now a hand on each head. "I do not know much about these things. How much of the former person is left to these abominations?" She shakes her head, "Death should be the end of suffering not the beginning of it." She gives the horse one final pet then climbs back into the wagon and looks in earnest at her companions. "If we can defeat one group of these undead, we can defeat all of them in turn. Justice is sending all of them to their final rest and ending the suffering and the threat." Ami pulls out her dagger and scratches the plank between the seats. "I say we strike north as suggested, defeat the mage and destroy those undead. But, instead of fleeing on we feint and ambush a second group and when they are done with. Advance to the third."
  18. "North. Having seen what you can pull off with magic, don't want to let anyone with the same tricks be at our back. The Guild always tells us to 'Deal with the problem who can think first', and I can't find a reason to disagree with that here in this turf," Tikki offered with a wry smile to cover her unease. There were stories about places in Whitewall to avoid that had nothing to do with their human occupants. And here they were in a patch of the same stuff that you couldn't see the edge of. Bad vibes. Bad times if the owner caught wind of them. Yuki hadn't mentioned any particular evils being behind this, but the gods wouldn't give out gifts like theirs if there wasn't a need for them.
  19. The Night passed, not quietly, as the wind brought the moans and howls of the restless undead to their ears, but nothing was able to breach the wards and salt barriers that had been erected. When the sun rose, there was nothing but fel Shadowland barring their paths, no sign of the undead, though the sky was starting to cloud up. They broke camp quickly and set out. Ami and Tiki rode behind the horses, and Shirayuki took to the skies, in the form of a Silver and white eagle. While she couldn't converse with them, she could see further and better, serving as an early warning system, and a sort of guide. After eight hours of uneventful travel, the sky had darkened considerable for the time of day, and the clouds were thicker, and darker. The first flash of lightning was more than enough to send Shirayuki down to the Wagon and her comrades, three more flashes dancing across the roiling clouds and subsequent peels of thunder happened before She even finished shifting back to her human form. "Ok, enough of that, I do know better than to stay airborne in that. Now the worse news, there are three packs of undead nearby, all of them in our way. The center most is almost purely skeletons. They'll die in a single strike of a blunt weapon, or a one made of orichalcum. The Southern-most pack is mostly bipedal zombies, with some zombie wolves in them as well. The Northern-most pack has a Skeleton mage, and a mix of the others, zombies, skeletons, wolves. The first two have forty or more in each of them, though the northern pack only has about thirty." She looked to them. "Now we can try breaking through either the center or southern groups, but if we don't move fast enough, we will give the northernmost group a chance to catch up. I'm not liking our chances against so many foes, even if they aren't that powerful individually, but the weather will favor them, since they don't actually need senses to find us." "So which way do you want to go? My own vote is to tackle the biggest difficulty head on, we handle the northern pack fast enough we can outrun the other two easily enough." She offered her own thoughts on the matter, but this was a team quest, she wouldn't just unilaterally decide for everyone.
  20. Shirayuki nodded with a slight smile, as if she expected the response. "While I do have purified salt, it won't last forever. It is best if we forge ahead. Having said that, it will be nightfall soon. The undead are much stronger in the dark of night, so I'd rather we go ahead and make camp, and rest tonight. I will lay the salt circle around our camp while the two of you prepare our camp and meal. I will set a few wards as well. This could well be the last time we rest peacefully for several days, so we should take advantage of it." With the assent of the other two, They moved back from the shadowland, and Shirayuki set about making a circle of salt around them. The wind carried the moans of the undead to them, and even through that, the trio kept working. When the last ward was set, Shirayuki came back to the camp. "The shadowland shouldn't be able to extend this far. If it does for some reason, then the ward will wake us and let us know. I know it won't get past the salt barrier, or at least nothing minor will, and if something did, again, the wards will rouse us." Both the two Celestial steeds seemed to give a snicker, and she nodded. "I can't imagine anything getting by the two of you two either." She looked at Ami, and Tikki. "I know as Solars, the two of you are truly the Anathema of the undead, so we should be fine. The Sun's light bends to your will." Traveling during the day didn't mean they'd not be attacked, but the monsters would be much weaker thanks to the daylight.
  21. Ami looked at Tikki, opened her mouth to reply but a glance at Shira cut it off. She looked around studying the environs and her lack of knowledge. Thought of the undead chilled her blood, but at the same time gave rise to an anger. A coal burning deep inside, suddenly fanned to life. "It seems an obstacle has been placed in our way, not on your maps or in your knowledge," Ami takes a deep breath, "Prudence says go around, make up time lost on the other side. But, if this is by design, such would think of that, and precautions taken. I am no swordmaiden, not yet anyway, but I am one who in my village was known for running at problems full tilt. I say we go forward."
  22. Tikki definitely had Opinions on the restless dead, but she was acutely aware of their closing deadline. So, a scowl flickered across her face, a sucked in breath steading her mood. "You'd be right about the map not having this on it," the blonde runner confirmed with soft grunt, "And here we are without an army worth of salt barrels or the army to spread it out. If they try closing on us without appearing first, I *should* be able to feel them coming, let alone any tricks the two of you can bring, but... You're the expert. If you feel a three woman Circle can make the crossing, I'll trust your instincts. Same note to our resident swordmaiden, Ami." She smiled warmly on that last note. stretching her arms over her head, disguised bracers on her wrists.
  23. With the gifts distributed, the horses were hitched to the wagon, and the trio set out for their far away destination. They came to the town of Farthes in three days, a trip which Tikki knew normally took at least a week, a testament to the benefit of the celestial steeds. There were no issues, but as Tikki knew, the lands grew wilder as they went further to the Northwest, and The next town was at least three weeks away normally. They stopped to replenish some supplies, and it became clear that their cart was far from normal, though it looked it. It seemed to have endless space for items, though when it came to the three of them, it was comfortable but seemed no bigger than it was. When asked Shirayuki chuckled. "It too is enchanted. The primary of course being that Items within it go Elsewhere, where time doesn't move, and they cannot be stolen. The secondary is more that the wagon is much more durable than normal, so that we won't be stranded on the road with something broken." That night she'd showed them how to access the Elsewhere storage, and once they were both able to do so freely, she nodded. "You can put nearly any item there, along with a sort of ownership tag. The supplies for this trip are "owned" by all three of us, so any of us can get them. If say Ami wished to put her sword there, then only she would be able to access it and withdraw it, unless she expressly allowed one of us to do so." After a brief stop in Farthes, they continued on, and several days travel came to something Neither Tikki or Shirayuki remembered. It was a Shadowland, and it spread far in each direction, even into the woods to the south, and the hills that rose to the north. The lands reeked of death, even at the outer edge, the grass was sickly and likely dying, the trees bore no leaves, and the only sound of nature they heard was the moaning of the wind. To their credit, Aselc and Aresl showed no sign of being spooked by the Shadowland, and Shirayuki looked to them. "So, we can try to go around it, but That could delay us significantly. I take it Tikki this wasn't on your map? We can go through, but we will most likely be attacked. Shadowlands hold the restless dead, and they do not suffer the passage of the living freely."
  24. Both the horses nuzzled Ami warmly and Shirayuki chuckled. "I don't see them leaving you." As Tikki set about attuning her bracers, The lunar turned her attention there. Tikki could feel the bracers becoming lighter. What's more she got a sense of someone smiling at her, not from Shirayuki, but from within her core. Could her prayer have actually been heard? After several moments, they were perfectly attuned, and Shirayuki smiled. "Now, because I know you prefer more modest attire Tikki, I made sure these had another useful special ability. As White Jade is most associated with the element of Earth, It was easy enough to give these an enchantment that allows them to appear as any other earthen material. They don't get the properties of anything save White Jade, but they can be made to not make you quite such a target for those who would seek to try to relieve you of them." She was well aware just how much the bracers were worth, but since they'd be together some time, very far from home it was worth the costs. "Money is best spent protecting those you value, and ensuring continued happiness for all." She paraphrased one of her master's favorite sayings, and nodded.
  25. As Ami cooed over her previous live's pets, Tikki levered herself out of the wagon and onto the grass, any shadows of sleep driven from her mind by the prospect seeing for herself how these relics worked. She'd seen, furtively from the rooftops, the rare visiting Dragonblood bedecked in jade armor and weapons, her much-younger urchin self overawed by the splendor of those foreign high lords and ladies. And here she was being given such a trinket as a gift and being told (again) that there was some kind of hierarchy that placed Solars like her above a Dragonblood. Then again, even if it was true, in the same story all Solar members of said hierarchy ended up murdered at the hands of their 'lessers' so there was a lesson there. Right. Magic relic bracers that would let her catch blades with her bare hands. The blonde runner unlaced the bindings on her boots and set them to one side, claiming the bracers. She considered them for a few heartbeats before identifying the near-hidden latch that would open them. Click. Snap. Click. Snap. Tikki paused then, standing in her stocking feet, allowing herself a second to smile at the silent advertisement screaming from her forearms to anyone in the know that she was anything but humble now. And then an indrawn breath, and she focused on the 'earth' with the same intensity she did to use her inner fire to power any of her other Solar tricks, a silent prayer to Mercury in her thoughts in hope she was doing this right.
  26. Ami continued petting the two Equines, "Then care for them I shall, and when this is over, they shall be free. Free to accompany me anew as they did in the past or free to live their lives wild and carefree. Either way the choice shall be theirs."

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