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Totem: Arete


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These are the Boons and Bans Arete currently grants.

1 Attribute point you may place anywhere.  This cannot raise an attribute beyond 5
2 ability dots to be placed anywhere.  However, they cannot raise an ability score beyond 3
1 dot to be placed between Rage, Gnosis, or Willpower.  It may not raise these traits beyond 6
1 Gift of your choice available to you at your current Rank.  (must be breed/auspice/tribe)

Special power- Connection- by spending 1 gnosis, the packmates may connect to each other telepathically.   This lasts for one scene, and does not allow for sharing of memories, or thoughts.  This is purely communication.

Garou bound to Arete must not cease to try to better themselves.   a garou who loses the natural imperative to strive to move forward is one who fails Arete, and will no longer receive her blessing.

*Special note*

Arete is insanely powerful.   Given that you are her only pack,  she is Very Invested in each of you, but you're still young, coming into your power, and so she is limited.  She still has blessings to grant, when You are ready.  Strive on to be worthy of the Legacy bequeathed by your ancestors.

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