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This game tells the Saga of a brave pack of Werwolves united in common cause to protect the city and denizens of Austin, Texas, against the various forces out to control, corrupt, or destroy the city and surrounding environment. You the Players, will be the members of this pack, and your destiny awaits.
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  2. I need to put the game on Hiatus for awhile. I will post again when I'm able to continue, and see if anyone is still interested. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  3. Theurges, let alone Stargazer Theurges, were supposed to use their rage, not be used by it. Deer-stalker knew this, she did. But there was a deep lupine joy to be on the edge of the hunt against not only food but Enemies, the kind she'd have to prove herself smarter, faster, better, then if she wanted to come out again without deeper than decorative scars. The very idea of Dancers riled her, a whole tribe of their kin so faithless as to turn their Gaea-given gifts against Gaea herself, enslaving and corrupting the weave of the world in a way the worst human alive wouldn't. If she ever had the honor of speaking to Luna, just long enough to ask one question, Deer-stalker might very well ask why the Dancers continued to receive the gift of the Garou, the strength and speed, the freedom to leap between the worlds. It was on this thought, the currently-lupine Garou followed her Alpha, crossing with the ease of one born to splash among the roiling waters of the Umbra.
  4. After everyone indicated readiness Micky nodded, "Lets go." As she stepped forward she transformed, dropping to all fours and becoming a wolf. Then picking up speed she crossed...
  5. The joke got a laugh from everyone, clearing away the tension, and ending the meeting on a positive note. In the end, Micky didn't change her mind, and without further comment, the pack went about preparing for the coming battle. Clarity and Ariel would remain behind, warding their Caern, and the Golden Feathers were back on the missing kinfolk case. Ariel had agreed to look into it as an officer, which helped smooth things over some. Even after being refused to join the actual entry into the Hive, A quartet from the Feathers would be on patrol nearby, to handle any stragglers. It had taken some doing on Eric's part, but Sophia had also been right, they'd been visited too. As the pack stood, looking at the farm that was the cammoflage for the Hive, they could all feel a creepy darkness, trying to worm its way into their minds. This was a lesser effect of being gaian near the hive, and were it completed, it would be even stronger. There were no traps outside, at least none that the bird spirits Clarity had enlisted could locate, but that likely wasn't true for the inside. The gauntlet was surprisingly weak here, a sign of the work being done, and not yet so warped that only the Dancers could pass easily, this would change soon enough, and that was why they'd had to make this attack now. Eric nodded. "They probably know we're here. Is everyone ready to cross over?" Micky would of course lead, he was simply doing his job of making sure everyone else was ready.
  6. "And home by 6 for breakfast and a run right?" Red Tips grins with her comment, was it a rare joke from the lupus, the glint in her eyes indicated that she was serious with the food and workout after their battle. Her hand moved to rest on Howls's head, a display of sisterly affection. She was clearly ready for this.
  7. Micky acknowledged each of her pack members with a look and a nod, stopping at Sophia. "Then they should have been clearer if that were the case. After all I'm just a dumb chef. Regardless we will proceed as I have outlined it, so get ready make whatever arrangements you need, gather your gear and meet back here at one am, we attack at three."
  8. Sophia was the last to speak, and she nodded. "For the record I see both sides of this, and I think everyone's raised some good points. The final decision however, is still yours Micky. You've heard the thoughts of your pack now, and this time, everyone's taken the chance to tell you their thoughts. How we proceed is your choice. We'll all do our parts. It's up to you. Remember, though, they did say we were not their only stop. Perhaps they paid a visit to the Golden Feathers, and this offer is a result of that as well? It would be just like certain elders to enlist the aid of another pack from another caern to help with a task, without actually telling us."Micky, not Eric smiled at Micky, it was a gentle smile, she'd asked what they thought and they'd all answered her. It was an uncommon thing, to be sure, as the Lupus almost always all went along without comment, and it made him smile. He said nothing, but having heard his packs' voices, he knew Micky would now make her choice, and they would do it. No one's opposition was all that strong, No one had been disrespectful, All would do their duty.
  9. Howls had been sitting quietly, listening to the goings on aroud her. Unusual for her, normally she is more vocal but this time, she has remained quiet. She pads to stand beside her sister, leaning against her leg and looking up, a silent agreement with Red's words showing in her expression.
  10. Red Tips listens to the back and forth and the comments of her packmates. She was in her homid form for this because she knew she would need to communicate better than what her Lupus form would allow. She steps forward and looks between Micky and Eric. "I trust our Alpha's decision in how we handle this. She is right. Our enemies will flee before our might and there will be plenty of glory for all. There will be plenty of battle celebration and victory. There will be many such celebrations of victory for us in the future, not just on the battle field. We all have parts we play and we all good at them. If others not understand how our pack works, then I not care what they think. Micky won't lead us wrong, but we must do what we can for our pack to protect all of this, so that, as I have heard humans say, shit not go to fuck." Red put her hand on Micky's shoulder in a sign of support and understanding. She didn't want to be alpha over Micky, but she knew battle and she knew strategy and in this case, she was in agreement with Micky in how this should be handled.
  11. It was Micky's turn to let out an exasperated sigh. "Their aid is not being refused. They are Children of Gaia, their bravery and willingness is not in doubt. But we are warriors," she sweeps her hand indicating the pack, "all of us. We may be of different tribes but we are one pack. This has been set before us. Did not Thunderfang, and Steps From Beyond come to us with this peril. It is our duty to destroy the traitors and their hive before it takes hold. Just as this caern is our responsibility, so too is the binding of the great evil seeking it's freedom in our land. You Deer-stalker were chosen, and you must face your destiny. Part of that is the dancers, why else would they come into the open at this time. But make no mistake we will be with you all the way, if it is your fate to fall here then your fate shall be ours. If possible I would have all of us together but we have responsibilities elsewhere as well, here, and in the city. When we go into the hive, I will have sisters whom I trust and know at my back. Dancers will try to flee, the other pack will have plenty of opportunity for glory."
  12. Saibh gently nudges Deer-Stalkers shoulder in quiet support to her commentary, offering the Theurge a rare smile for her input. It was a strange sort of pride to see one of the lupus openly... not questioning, but perhaps cautioning? Either way. It was good to see and deserved the support for it. Turning back to Micky, she hesitates a moment, clearly thinking of her own input. "It's hard to say. We are all one people, Tribes aside, and we all call the same creatures enemy. Were we to be sidelined by another pack due to pride or whatever, I would be angry, especially if they got themselves killed. Our enemies are legion, and to lose even one of us is tragic in the face of that." she grunts "Being said, though. I am Get. I will not balk. Reinforcements or no." She shrugs. "I say let them aid us if they will. Our duty is dispensed regardless, but better to fall on them as the wrath of Thor."
  13. "The call is our Alpha's and removing the stain of this Hive is as important duty as any," Deer Stalker confirmed, looking away in discomfort as she fought against her instincts to continue, "But... We need to be ready in two days for the ritual to bind the avatar. It's... Impressive, saga worthy. Long and delicate and involved and... Noisy, sure to draw in all the servants of the enemy that have been riled by the weakening of his chains." Her eyes were fully fixed on the floor by the end of this speech, blonde hair covering her face, almost mumbling as she kneaded her hands together, leaving so much unspoken as she forced herself to breathe and continue, "If they reach me before I finish, those chains will break entirely. This is our ground and we are strong, but this will be their greatest chance to stab a silver dagger into Gaia's side in a dozen generations. And they know it. They will come at our strength with everything they have and can borrow regardless of the cost to themselves." She'd be dead for failing the rite regardless, 'ground zero' to the blast of spiritual corruption, but that didn't really matter.
  14. Eric let out an exasperated sigh, holding her gaze directly. In a purely physical battle, he'd lose against her, and he wasn't willing to pick a serious fight over this. "Alright Micky, we'll do this your way, but there's gonna come a time when we'll have to actually call on the others. I will do my part, and work to ensure we stay on good relations with them. They may resent simple perimeter duty, so don't count on any support. I want you to think on one thing. If the situation was reversed, if you made an offer to help, and they responded the way we are to them, how would you react to it?" It was definitely a rebuke, in his position as Second, that was part of the job, but she had made her decision, and he didn't disagree so much that he was going to formally challenge her over it. He just wanted her to think more about things like this. He would do his part, and smooth things over as best he could. With Kinfolk disappearing, they had their own serious ordeal to handle as well. "Does anyone else have anything to add?" He asked, giving the others a chance to speak. Ariel nodded. "I think I should offer to help them with the missing persons cases, they haven't crossed my desk at work, but I can look into it, all the same. Maybe giving them some help that way will help smooth things out?" Eric nodded. "Yes, that likely would be good, since it's mostly been their kin being taken. I know they don't have anyone in the police force, so this should really help." Clarity looked to them. "i'll have some bird spirits investigate the southern part of the city, just in case they missed anything. I'll reinforce our wards, with a new one Arete showed to me, so Ariel and I should be fine while you all go." She was abit crestfallen about not being on the attack team, but with she was the best choice to defend the Caern alongside Ariel, with everyone else leaving.
  15. Micky scowled. The other pack had been here all along yet it was to them the messengers had come. To them this challenge had been made. For it was a challenge, a test, sent by Gaia. The Hive was their responsibility and so was Ruruk. "No. Ariel I want you to stay in the city. With your position in the police and your connections, you can hear of anything there, and keep an eye on it and call us if this turns out to be a decoy. Clarity will remain here at the cearn for the same reason. The other pack should continue their search for the kinfolk. If they wish to send some with us to the hive they may, but only to secure the perimeter and keep any of the dancers from escaping. We must be the ones to go into the hive and clean this nest of vipers. It is our responsibility. It is our duty." She glanced around at her packmates looking for dissension with her gaze stopping on her second to see if he would challenge her decision.
  16. With no one dissenting, Plans were made, even if it had put a damper on the party. Morning came, and the pack reassembled. Clarity and Sophia were apprised of the situation, and a compromise was offered. The other pack remaining in the city would take on the Hive, and and continue the search for the missing kinfolk. That would allow the Pack to focus on stopping Ruruk's return. Spirits sent to recon the area where Ruruk was bound reported seeing strange wind spirits in the air, and that nothing living walked on the ground. They couldn't get too close because it risked their own destruction. With regards to the Hive, it was disguised as an old farm, with the entrance beneath the barn itself. At least 5 dancers were spotted, but they'd yet to finish warding the place to create the hellish miasma that hives normally had. Eric looked over to Mickey, and shrugged. "I think the deal makes good sense, the fact they've already done the recon of the hive works for us, and if Sophia and Clarity are there too, the Golden Feathers have enough strength to fight the Hive. Now we could just gang up and have both packs head to the hive, but we run the risk of the death that will occur being enough to free Ruruk, or that some other force will attack while the city's garou are all elswise engaged. If you do want to go help them with the Hive, then I recommend only taking some of us. If both packs leave entirely, that's just too much of a risk. I think some of us should remain here as a bulwark against attack, or if needed, reinforcements." The choice of course was up to Micky, but this was the time for anyone to volunteer, or offer their own ideas.
  17. "Okay then, we rest tonight, recon tomorrow during the day," says Micky as she pours the remainder of her beer into the grill putting out the coals. "After the recon we will make plans, gear up, and strike at them between midnight and three am. If there is nothing else lets pack it in and get a good nights rest."
  18. "Sooner is better. Don't want their hive staining the umbra during the Rite, Alpha," Deer-Stalker agreed with a dreamy smile that mixed bloodlust with lingering hero worship. Imagine it. She, Deer-Stalker, being personally tutored for an important Rite by two such as their guests? Impossible. No, it had just happened, so... Improbable? Yeah. Yeah. That was the word. And a little righteous purging of their traitor ex-kin to kick it off? It brought to mind the thoughtless joy of bringing down a big elk in the snow with her puphood pack after a long hunt, hearts racing, breath pounding, the promise of well-earned meat rich in her nose. Purely copacetic without words to get in the way.
  19. Eric nodded. "I agree, we should hit them soon, though I would suggest not until tomorrow though." When several looked at him. "We've been drinking, celebrating and relaxing tonight. We could fight, certainly, but I believe approaching this with clear heads, and at least the framework of a battle plan formed after we glean some intel from the area, would serve us all abit better." He smiled at Micky. "Might even be able to see if the other Pack can or wants to join us. Something you or I could look into, if you want."
  20. Red Tips pads over to the group, the situation being over and handled and sits on her haunches and looks at Micky and after a moment nods her head in agreement of hitting the dancers as soon as they can. She licks her teeth and gives a wolf smile, it is obvious she's ready for more glory and celebration of battle.
  21. Micky watches the bottle sail trough the air and into the receptacle then heaves a sigh. "Waning Crescent is in three days if i remember correct,' she glances at Deer-stalker for confirmation. "I don't want to sit on this for that long before we do anything so unless there are any good objections I think we should plan to hit the dancers as soon as possible." She looks to her pack for agreement or argument.
  22. Saibh lets out a long breath, eyes flicking over the pair of her Alpha and her second from her lounging. "Delaying on either's a problem. Could take the Hive completely by surprise, or strike while the spirits still finding it's feet, so to speak. Whichever we go for first makes the other more difficult though. More time to entrench, more time to build momentum." she takes a swig of her drink, swirling the contents as she talks. "My gut says go for the Hive, for what it's worth. Though how much of that is because I'm more comfortable dealing with an opponent who stops moving when you feed them their brainpan..." she offers another shrug. Going to take another drink, but finding the bottle empty, the bottle goes sailing over one shoulder and cleanly into one of the nearby bins.
  23. Once they'd shown them the location of the hive, and the ritual, the two of them departed, back into the woods at the campsite, and soon, not even their scents remained to evidence that they'd ever been there. "May Gaia and the Lady guide you all." Eric looked to Mickey, and nodded. "Not often one is visited like that. So, we have to decide, do we attack the Hive, even with our limited numbers, or do we head to try and perform the Sealing first?" As her Second, he'd support her, though it was for her to make the first move. He knew well enough that the Lupus of the pack would likely side with her, leaving him to be the devil's advocate often enough. Still he had a good relationship with them all, even as the only male in the Pack.
  24. All eyes turned to the Pack's Galliard, who earnestly told of what they faced in journeying into the deep umbra to answer Arete's call, and of the battles those who warded the Caern faced while they did so. It was a grand story, worthy of remembrance, and the two older shifters both smiled. "You youngsters have lived charmed lives. The Lady watches over you all." Marco said quietly. . Gabriel nodded. "Yes, you certainly do. Now, that we have heard your tale, and you have given us provision for our journey, I shall impart to your Theurge, the Rituals required to strengthen or rebind Ruruk." He put his hand to her forehead, and the knowledge sprang into her mind. The ritual could only be performed by a Theurge, and only when the the crescent moon was high in the sky. He provided a key component as well, a tiny lump of moonsilver, no bigger than his thumb. "You'll need this, and need to keep it against your skin until you act, so it holds Gaian warmth and Luna's light." Gabriel looked at the others. "Do not despair, for your own role is just as important. you must protect Deerstalker while she performs the ritual. if you fail, and something disturbs her during the ritual, it will cost her her life, and that will be only the first lost, as the beast will awaken, and many will follow." Marco came over to Eric, who had the map of the city and the area around it, and he moved to mark where the hive was, and he quickly found it. "You will find the new hive here. You will have to act fast, and strike hard. It's the only way you're going to take them out before they finish setting up shop."
  25. Deerstalker looked thoughtful, biting her lower lip as she pondered Gabriel's statement. "This big problem facing the Americas... It couldn't happen to be something like a powerful aspect of the Wrym starting to break free from a seal that required the sacrifice of an entire tribe of Garou to make, would it? Because we've received word from our pack's new totem spirit of just that happening," she offered, concern over the situation warring with the hope the news would prove helpful. All it'd take was a nod from either distinguished guest and she'd be off to the races with the story of Arete and the Croation and Eater of Souls tumbling out of her mouth, but... She looked over at their resident Galliard, amending her statement, "Howls can tell the story better than me, though."
  26. Micky hadn't sat back down but had stood through out Gabriel's pronouncements with arms crossed, lips pursed, and hooded eyes watching the ground. When he finished she straightened and called to her second, "Eric, get a road map and have them mark the spots, please." She herself crossed to the grill and began wrapping a half dozen of the thickest steaks and putting them in a bag. She took the bag to the two older wolves and handed it to Marco but spoke to Gabriel. "Thank you for this news. Except this food offering for your journey. I know you are short on time. We will do what we can to deal with both threats."

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