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what the title says.


Character Template



Physical Description:


Capsule Background:

















Force Sensitive: Yes/No
Force Points:
Dark Side Points:
Character Points:
Wound Status:

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Character Name: Kao Kryze

Type: Force Sensitive Mandalorian

Species: Echani (Near-Human)

Gender: Female

Age: Hard to Tell 

Height: 5’11”

Eyes: Unknown

Hair: As of yet unknown, but she has commented that her father was Echani, so one would assume White/Silver


Physical Description:

Clad in a set of unadorned armour, no one can honestly say that they know what the person underneath the durasteel looks like. The armour looks fresh, though, with only little of the battle scars that any Mandalorian picks up in time. Her own svelte build in combination with the traditional armour of her people leave her with an imposing presence.



To many in the Galaxy, all that is known about her is that she is looking for someone very specific, that a score can be settled and honour redressed. Who this person is or what they have done to warrant a Mandalorians personal attention to this extent remains shrouded in Mystery.

In fact, she is hunting down her older brother, who had abandoned their way of life and absconded with a set of relic armour that was not his to take. In light of this, the clan dispatched her to hunt him down and bring back the armour, one way or another. ON a personal level, she just wants to know why it happened, and hopes that she can bring him back alive She has spent the last year in the Galaxy at large hunting down any word of him so that she can pick up the trail properly. Lately she has been hearing alarming rumours about a Mandalorian who has linked up with an Imperial Moff. She dearly hopes it’s just hearsay, but is resigning herself to her crusade becoming a lot more dangerous.



So far in her time in the Galaxy at large, she has demonstrated a to the point and brusque manner. Keeping her relationships strictly business oriented where possible.. She doesn’t spend any more time in social settings than she has to. Only taking the time to pick up another job and move on. In truth, the reason for this is a level of suspicion held towards the Galaxy at large that has been drilled into her through the constant betrayals her people have endured. Below all this is a quiet loneliness. She hopes to find a group of people that she can work with on both personal and professional level. A Clan away from her Clan




Dexterity:  4D

    Acrobatics: 5D

    Blaster: 5D + 2

    Dodge: 5D

    Brawling Parry: 5D

    Melee: 5D


Perception: 3D

    Investigation: 4D


Knowledge: 2D

    Willpower: 4D


Strength: 4D

    Brawling: 4D

        Martial Arts: 8D

            Weapon Block, Multiple Strikes, Disarm.


Mechanical: 3D

    Armour Repair: 4D


Technical: 3D




Control 0D - Knack Skill


Sense: 0D


Alter 0D


Control and Sense:


Sense and Alter:


Control and Alter:




    Sixth Sense: -2D

    Extraordinary Hearing: -2

    Extraordinary Sight: -2



    Fanatic +3D

    Sworn Enemy: Brother +1D

    Target For Assassination: +3D




Starting Equipment: Mandalorian Battle Armor (see below), DE-10 blaster pistol x 2 (see below), Force Pike, Utility belt (pg. 345), helmet-mountable glowrod (see below), 1000 credits.



Mandalorian Forged Helmet (Beskar):

+3D vs. physical, +3D vs energy (Head only), no Dexterity penalties


Medium Mandalorian Forged Battle Armor (Durasteel/Plastoid):

+2D vs. physical and energy (torso, arms, legs), −1D penalty to all Dexterity attribute and skill checks.

Helmet Equipment:


Availability: 2,R
Range: 50 kilometers over land and up to low orbit in poor weather.
Game Notes: This comset has access to restricted and encrypted military frequencies.


Availability: 2,R
Game Note: Adds +1D to Perception checks in low-visibility situations, and +1D to ranged weapon skill uses.

Vambrace Equipment:



Skill: Missile weapons

Availability: 2

Range: 1-5/10/25

Game Notes: Turbo-projected grappling hook has 25 meter lanyard, ability to grapple/hold live targets and winch-like mechanism to retract into vambrace. Complete retraction of full 25 meter length takes one round.

If user attempts to entangle targets, treat whipcord launcher as having grappling effectiveness of 5D. Lanyard and winch are capable of supporting 100kg without issue or rolls required.



Skill: Missile Weapons

Ammo: 3

Availability: 3, R or X

Fire Rate: 1

Range: 3-5/10/25

Damage: Varies. 6D (explosive), 5D per round for 5 rounds (poisoned tipped), can be used to deliver various others poisons and serums

Back Equipment:


“Rising Phoenix” JT-series Jetpack: Skill: Jetpack operation. Move: 100 meters (horizontally), 75 meters (vertically). Game Notes: Base difficulty is Easy, modified by obstacles/terrain. Has 25 charges, user can expend up to two per round for burst flight (and use of full Move, High-Speed and All-Out speeds), or maintain prolonged half-Move speeds or “hover” maneuvers for 50 minutes (with each charge good for 2 min of sustained 1/2 Move hover flight).




Move: 10

Force Sensitive: Yes

Force Points: 2

Dark Side Points: 0

Character Points:

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         Name: Odim Jegen

         Race: Duros

        Template: Brash Pilot

        Gender: Male

        AGE: 33

        Height: 1.8m

        Weight: 89kg

        Force Sensitive: yes


Dexterity: 3D

          Dodge: 4D

          Blaster: 3D

          Brawling Parry: 3D

          Melee Combat: 3D

          Vehicle Blaster: 3D


Knowledge: 2D+1

          Willpower: 4D+1

          Survival: 2D+1

          Streetwise: 2D+1

          Intimidation: 2D+1

          Planetary Systems: 2D+1

          Value: 2D+1


Mechanical: 4D+2

          Starfighter Pilot: 6D+2

          Sensors: 6D+2

          Starship Shields: 6D+2

          Starship Gunnery: 6D+2

          Astrogation: 6D+2

          Communications: 4D+2

          Space Transports: 6D+2

          Repulsorlift Op: 5D+2


Perception: 3D

          Search: 4D

          Command: 3D

          Con: 3D

          Gambling: 3D

          Persuasion: 3D

          Sneak: 3D


Strength: 3D

          Stamina: 4D

          Brawling: 3D

          Swimming: 3D


Technical: 4D

          Starfighter Repair: 4D

          Blaster Repair: 4D

          Droid Repair: 4D

          Repulsorlift Repair: 4D




Released Convict: +1D

Sworn Enemy: +1D




     Odim was born to a well-to-do Duros family on Dantooine. His teenage years were a rebellious time for Odim. He joined a swoop gang and began to run with a bad crowd. He started down the path of the career criminal and eventually one of the members of a rival gang began to target Odim. This petty excuse for a human began to endanger Odim’s family. Once this began to happen Odim started seeing red and tried to find this other gang member. The other gang member found Odim first and attempted to kill Odim. He nearly succeeded, but Odim survived and killed the other ganger in self-defense. Odim woke up from the fight in custody of the Police for manslaughter and a slew of other crimes.

     While he wasn’t convicted of Manslaughter due to the self-defense nature of it, he was still convicted on other charges.  His parents were disgraced and shunned by the majority of the Duros community on Dantooine. Odim served his time, mostly being a model prisoner. Once out, he left the criminal life behind him asw best he could. He started learning at a program that taught ex-convicts’ technical skills. He excelled at the art of starfighter repair, and he started studying flying as well, mostly of space transports.

     After leaving Dantooine to make his mark on the universe and to make up for his shady past. Odim eventually made his way to a backwater world where they didn’t care about his past. He joined the local system patrol where his knowledge of the criminal mindset became an advantage when dealing with pirate gangs. Ever since then he has been working for the system patrol, most recently flying a beat-up Z-97 Headhunter.

     Recently, he has left the patrol, looking for independent work, when it became clear that the Empire, although not interested particularly in any resources on the planet, came to town as a law-enforcement move. Due to the anti-alien sentiment pervasive throughout the higher-ranked Imperial Security Patrols, he was given an honorable discharge and forced out of the system patrol.


     Since then, Odim has wandered the universe, trying to find his place.



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Name: Duchess Ayria Rosalyne Isolde Zela a Rhuvel 

  • Template: Young Jedi (+2 Attribute Points)

Skills & Attributes

  •  Dexterity: 4D6   
    • Blaster, Dodge, Melee Combat, Melee Parry, Running, Vehicle blasters
    •  Lightsaber + 2D6 = 6D6
  • Perception: 4D6
    •  Bargain, Command, Hide, Investigation, Persuasion, Search, Sneak
    • Command + 1D6 = 5D6
  • Knowledge: 3D6
    • Alien Species, Languages, Planetary systems, Survival
    • Scholar (Jedi Philosophy) +1D6 = 4D6
    • Willpower + 2D6 = 5D6
  • Strength: 2D6
    • Brawling, Climbing/jumping, Stamina, Swiming
  • Mechanical: 2D6
    • Astrogation, Beast riding, Repulsorlift operation, Space transports, Starship shields
  • Technical: 2D6
    • Blaster repair, Droid repair, Repulsorlift repair, Security
    • Lightsaber Repair/Engineering +1D6 = 3D6

Force Skills/Abilities 

  • Force Points: 2
  • Control 3D6 (7)
  • Sense 3D6 (7)
  • Alter 2D6 (4)

Force Powers

  • Control Powers - Absorb/Dissipate Energy, Accelerate Healing, Concentration, Detoxify Poison, Force of Will, 
  • Sense Powers - Danger Sense, Life Detection, Life Sense, Magnify Senses
  • Alter Powers - Force Push, Telekinesis
  • Control & Sense Powers - Lightsaber Combat (2)
  • Sense & Alter Powers: Lesser Force Shield (2)
  • Control, Sense & Alter Powers: Affect Mind (3)


  • Noble Birth [-1D6]
  • Targeted for Assassination [+3D6]
  • Total Skill Dice: 12D6


    Born to the noble house of Rhuvel, from a young age she loved the stories of heros, and some of the oldest such stories revolved around jedi knights.  Ironic, then, when she was 13, she found and somehow awakened a holocron deep inside of a cave on her families estate on her birth world, and began to follow the instructions and to learn from the holocron over the next 8 years or so.  
    Using the holocron, it began with the the basic teachings of the jedi philosophy before teaching her much about the force, though, of course, part of jedi philosphy is about the force.  Her training began with mental philosophy before anything else, but shes quite strong in the force and developed considerable ability which was fortunate, because she would not have survived the multiple assassination attempts over the years without her ability in the force.  
    While she developed her skill in the force, she also had some training regarding her standing within her home star system, leadership and command specifically.  She also is trained in certain aspects of leadership and diplomacy.
    Her weapon is a ceremonial blade that she carries as part of her noble rank, it has been passed down in her family over centuries, and is considered as much a mark of her rank as her house seal.  It is well cared for, and though few are actually aware of it, sinces it's not be uses as such for a century, it's fully functional as a lightsaber, as she's secretly made repairs to it in order to make it more functional then it was before.  

    Elegant, refined, patient, strong-willed and stubborn are all descriptions that fit her, and she's very polite to people until given reason not to be.   She treats young children and animals with considerable kindness, but is also a very careful about trusting people, too many assassination's attempts have made her careful about that, giving the impression she's a bit aloof to those who don't know her.  

Manner & Bearing 

 Besides her appearance as indicated in the picture, she carries herself with a certain grace and determination, having a bit of a commanding presence about her, due in part to both training and rank.

Notable Equipment

  • Lightsaber (Ceremonial, see above)
  • Blaster Pistol
  • Holocron
  • Several changes of clothing


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