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OOC: Any Port In A Storm


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Just taking a moment to clarify spatial relationships, the bane of every play by post game. Whenever I do this, my goal is to be as non-disruptive as possible and respect what has been written by the players. I also respect the order in which people post as setting precident. 


1. Aelia and Arrick are both seated at tables outside one of the food shops that serves the Imperial Arms. They are under the overhanging balcony that runs the width of the front of the building, and therefore dry, and have a good view of the Street of Oranges, where the tortle girl is jumping in puddles.


2. Ankabut has entered the Imperial Arms, which leads into an inner courtyard. From there, she sees the door to the building's office open, and she stepped in to warm herself by the stove.


3. This is my fault for not having even a basic floor plan of the building up on the site. I'm working on one now.

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