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Witcher Anyone?


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Blood Under the Moon

A game set in The Witcher’s World


In this game we will be playing denizens of the Witcher Universe. This game will be using RTalsorian’s The Witcher TTRPG.


Most of you are familiar with the Netflix show and probably the video games if not the books on which both of those are based. The RPG is based on the Video games setting wise and draws from the books as well it was made before the show so does not use any of the influences from that in the book, however, since this is an original game, I will most likely use some of the differences from the show in place of some other ‘canon’ material. That being said since I will be using all three sources if there is any question as to which is the right interpretation, I will state the answer clearly.


If you are only familiar with the Netflix Series I highly encourage you to read the World of the Witcher and Recent History sections of the game book.


Now the Witcher world is a very dark, gritty, and brutal world. There are a lot of things delt with in the source material that are terrible, and I’m not talking about the violence. The stories touch on Prejudice, Abuses of several kinds, Misogyny, Discrimination, slavery, and other things I don’t need to go into. So, there is the potential for a lot of triggers. This is not a PG13 world, at best it’s a Hard R or NC17, and to be honest a lot of it is X and XXX. The first inclination is to just ignore those things and make it a safer place… but then we might as well play another game.


I won’t be gratuitous, and for the most part I wont be explicit but I will not remove the elements that make the world what it is. For all it’s darkness the core theme of the stories is one of Hope and Family and I hope to recreate that within the game.

What the game is not is epic fantasy, its not even really Heroic fantasy nor is it sword and sorcery, but it does contain elements of all those things.


Check with me if you do not have access to the rule book.


There are some limitations and changes to character creation


All Races are available. All Professions are available


Stats – You have 70 points to allocate between your nine stats on a one for one basis , no stat can be higher than 10 before racial or profession modification.


Witchers – as a rule witcher’s generally do not work together, however for this game it will be possible for there to be more than one witcher as a PC. So if your heart is set on being a witcher you can be one.


Female Witchers – In canon there are no female witchers because females cannot survive the process. Or rather there have not been any female witchers mentioned and everything written so far says all female prospects and most of the boys died during their trial of the grasses. The easiest thing is for me to just say that females can be witchers and that was my original intention… but then I thought more about it and concluded that a bunch of female witchers would change the dynamic in the world too much. Therefore, I will be sticking with Canon on this. So, no Female Witchers.


That being said I do reserve the GM right to change my mind at a later date or if the story demands it.


Witcher schools- Only the following schools are allowed for PC Witchers, Wolf, Bear, or Gryphon


Life Paths – rolling or choosing? You may choose your result to a degree. On any given table you may choose one result but on the next table you must roll your result and take it. You may do this as many time as you wish until you run out of tables.

If you choose to roll each table at the end you may if the results are not completely satisfactory change any rolled result by taking the next higher or lower result on that table in its place.


You may use this alternate LP for non Witchers if you wish

Lifepath Plain.pdf




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