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Something Wicked Setting and House Rules


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This is the link to the google maps of the area of Blairsville in Union county.   https://www.google.com/maps/place/Blairsville,+GA+30512/@34.9082348,-84.0109242,13900m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x885f1792c1599c09:0xff0477cba84f2c11!8m2!3d34.8761989!4d-83.9582412


Here is a section of that map with where you characters live .



This area is about 5 miles from the city proper by the roads you can see the area on the big map by locating Gumlog Rd. (not Old Gumlog Rd.) scale of the map above it is approx 200 feet from the  large building at Hollins Stables to the Johansson House

All of you have lived here for most of your lives if not all of it. You have grown up knowing each other all of this time. You may describe you homes however you wish as long as you stay within the economic range of the middle class. none of you are rich and none of you are poor. Quinn Hollins is the most well off economically but even she aint rich.

To go back and forth to school due to its distance all of you generally ride the bus. yes it is possible for parents to drive you but it's easier for RP purposes that when school is in session at least after this first summer setup adventure, and some of you can get a license and drive. but we will cross that bridge when we get to it.

I am writing the introduction post but let me give you a little bit of set up.

The game will be starting on the last day of school of your freshmen year. It is May, the Friday before Memorial day. school lets out early at 2:30 and your summer begins. that day is also graduation day so any of you with siblings graduating this year probably have plans to attend the ceremony.

for your information summer vacation is only 2 months school starts up again the the Wednesday of the first full week of following August.


If yo uhave any questions ask in PM, discord, or OOC

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This map shows the relation of the Clairburn property to what was once the Walsh Property. back in the day these two families owned a lot of the land north of Old Gumlog Road (not Gumlog Rd). the Walsh's over the decades after the war sold off most of their land parcel by parcel until only the land the house Silas lives in and a few acres attached and a few other parcels located around the county including a lodge on the lake and an old remote hunting camp Camp which is located by Walnut Cove in the middle of the hills. The Clairburn Properties neighboring the Walsh road properties are according to the County still owned by the Clairburns but the old Clairburn house has stood empty since the nineteen forties. The Clairburn House is built in the NeoClassical Revival style of the late nineteenth-early twentieth century with large columns and wide porches. It is of course supposed to be haunted and all of you Walsh road kids have at one time or another climbed the old crumbling wall and made your way to the house which stands shrouded in trees and foliage. None of you have ever been inside but any of you that have gotten as close to the house as to set foot on the grand porch have always felt like you were stepping onto someones grave. while over grown with bushes and vines and vegiation the hose is in remarkable good shape, not that any of you would have noticed being kids.




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Proficiency and Mastery

As you may have noticed Stranger Stuff doesn’t have skills as such so what this is is a sort of skill system for Something Wicked to add a little crunchier depth.

Characters can spend xp to gain  Proficiency or to Master some aspect of something they are proficient in.

Proficiency  allows a character to be good at something usually a broad category, like Computers, Gaming, a type of weapon, etc. it gives you advantage on tests involving your proficiency.

Note if a trait or Strange Stuff give you advantage on a Proficiency you possess,  you gain double Advantage meaning you roll 4 dice instead of three.


Mastery is when you are really, really good at some specific aspect of a Proficiency. For instance, if Jill is Proficient in Video Gaming, she may also have Mastery in Shooters, or Strategy Games. Or if Jack is proficient with Bows he could be a Master at Target Shooting, or Trick Shooting, or even Hunting with a bow.

In any case a character must be proficient with the broad category his Mastery falls within.

Mastery allows success on a 4, 5, and 6.


Characters may begin with one free Proficiency and may take more by expending XP

Characters may spend XP in game for Mastery.



Gaining experience is one of the most exciting and fun parts of a roleplaying game. However Stranger Stuff, the rule set we are using, doesn’t support character advancement because, well…kids, I guess.

But we here are all super experienced gamers and by god we love our advancement. Luckily there are several other TinyD6 rule sets out there and we are going to crib from those. Much like everything in TinyD6 games, the rules for growth and leveling are fairly simple and straightforward.

To that end, this is the XP system for Something Wicked.


Experience Points and Advancement

At certain points within the game, the GM will award experience. You may buy upgrades with the following costs.

6 Experience = a permanent increase to your Tough or your Stress of 1.

8 Experience =  gain Proficiency

10 Experience = gain a Mastery within a Proficiency.

14 Experience = gain a new Trait.

A character can never have more than 7 non Archetype traits. If you would gain a trait past 7, you may instead swap out a non-Archetype trait for a new trait but still must pay the cost for the new trait. The exception to this is GM awarded Traits which be come Personal Archetype Traits.



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Here is a synopsis of the book


The book is difficult to read. It appears to be hand written and Illuminated. The borders are fulfilled with all sorts of fantastical images and some that are downright shocking and erotic.


The poem or story itself is strange using archaic English but the spellings are all normal and it does meander a bit.


At first he story seems to be about the queen and the king and every thime they are mention this full phrase is used

a Queen and a King

sister and brother

the moon and the sun

winter and summer


But as you get deeper into the story it becomes clear it is actually about their servant named Chill.


It is a tale of the great empire and lust and greed.


How under the advice of Chill, the queen and king set out to conquer all the remaining free beings then in the world, how with each conquest Chill gained stature and rose from slave to trusted advisor to near equal, at his height he was a human who could give orders to any in the empire and it would be obeyed without question.

When all was conquered and the queen and king grew melancholy Chill, who was really running things in all but named, told them of a near mythical place on the far edge of the world where they could satisfy every desire and rule forever, if they could find it.


His tales were seductive, and the queen and king were individually convinced that which ever of them should comeinto possession that one would be supreme.


And so Chill went on a journey of discover and bot the queen and king accompanied him with almost all of their subjects following.


At the edge o the world they found a pit. At the bottom of the pit wreathed in darkness they found a pyramid. Chill told them that only the queen and King could enter the pyramid and secretly told each separately, that only they, the queen or the king could possess the prize.


The queen and king did so and were assaulted by the spirits of all those who had died during their conquests, the spirits whispered to them hideous sacrileges thing which drove them mad. But one thing they were constantly told was that only one of them could have the prize and that the other wanted to kill them.


They found the prize and the queen and King drew daggers of black metal and killed each other. As they lay dying their blood pooling around them Chill entered the chamber where only the queen and king could go and he drank their blood and claimed the prize.


Chill would be the ruler of the world but when he leaves the pyramid he is confronted by 5 mighty wizards and 2 loyal warriors. The warriors and wizards fight Chill and, in the process, acquire the 2 black blades that killed the queen and the kind. The warriors drive the daggers into Chill and he vomits up the blood of the queen and king that he drank.


With the blade in his chest he is imprisoned by the wizards in the pyramid in a state neither alive nor dead. The queen and the king reform from the vomited blood but they are similarly trapped, to live they must stay in the shadow of the pyramid which all can now see is made of the skulls of all the dead.


The poem ends abruptly

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