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Welcome to Blairsville, Georgia, your new home of the weird, the fantastical, the mysterious, and the horrible all mixed in with the day to day struggles of being a teenager and struggling to find yourself in the world and among your peers. In this Play By Post RPG you will take on the role of a teenager (15-16) soon to be entering their sophomore year at Union County High School in Blairsville Goergia. You and your circle of friends will make a discovery of a very old and dark secret, hidden and forgotten by most. A secret that will change the lives of you and your friends and bring danger into your community and beyond.
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  2. Hank listened quietly, wondering just what had happened to their small town since they'd found the book. It had all seemed to start with that. He put away his supplies now that everyone was up and ambulatory, wiping away the creatures blood from his knife, and going to find the sword, which wasn't surprisingly hard. "Roach can do magic, we're all doomed." he teased lightly, offering Roach a small smile. "It came in handy though." He looked back to Mr. Clairburn, and nodded. "What about strange books with seemingly ancient stories in them?"
  3. Jo rolled her shoulders then took a deep, pain-free breath. She gave Clairburn a somewhat dubious nod of gratitude. He might have been a wizard and his spell worked... or the Tylenol had just kicked in... at that very moment. Riiiiight... She glanced down at the thing, the Skrill, in her hand, then tentatively set it on the ground and rubbed her hands clean, as though she'd been holding onto a piece of roadkill. Honestly, she'd have been more fine with roadkill than that damned thing. "Right. Wizard. Fer real. Ain't many of yer sort about, Ah'm guessin', since Ah ain't heard 'bout no wizards bein' fer real real, 'fore now," Jo said, glancing about the woods, as though she might catch another wizard sneaking around. She glanced at the dead Oogie-Boogie, then at Roach, then back at Clairburn. "And yer sayin' Roach can do magic, too?" In some way, that mollified Jo some. She might have failed at taking down the monster herself, but Roach had cheated using magic. She pursed her lips, and frowned, a fist planted on a hip. Wizards popping up, and monsters. What else had just shown up in their corner of Georgia? "Hey! Mistah Clairburn, ya know 'bout a queer feller hereabouts called Mistah Yorushh? And some uncanny boulder with these here strange carvings all ovah it?"
  4. "No, Jo, while I am a fan of some of the actors I am not fond of the franchise. As for the dogmen, you only heard the first part. These things predate the pyramids. and again, No that was all you Rochelle." Clairburn walked over to the headless corpse and nudged it with his slippered toe. "Crude implementation but considering it was raw talent. Impressive." He turned back to Jo and sort of waved his staff around in a quick circle in Jo's direction, "Intis Miridias!" Instantly her head cleared and the pain was gone. "I am a wizard, in fact I am the High Wizard of this region. And that is a very nasty device called a Skrill."
  5. "Nope," Roach said, shaking her head as she led MC back to the clearing. It wasn't far. "Nope. Not buying it. These things had...swords. And like...clothes." "They're not some kind of weird Indian cryptid. They have...blacksmiths and tailors and all that. There's like a Dog village somewhere in the woods? And no one's ever seen it before? Dogman horse-drawn carriages?" She shook her head and pantomimed swinging a sword. "At least we know their weakness. Cut their arms off, and their heads explode. Pshew." And that's when something occurred to her and she shut her eyes and grimaced. "Or wait. Aw man. That was you, wasn't it?"
  6. Jo grabbed Hank's wrist as went to put the Tylenol away, taking the bottle and doubling the number of pills in her other hand before nodding her thanks and washing them down with the water in a single swallow. Took bad they didn't work like healing potions in one of Ben's games and worked instantly. It still felt like a spike was driving into her forehead. Jo whirled around at the voice, only registering the sound and not what it sounded like or what it was saying, fearing another of the monsters showing up, hands coming up in fists, thought they hadn't helped last time... and then had to catch her balance as she staggered from a bout of nauseous vertigo. Then she stared at Mr. Clairburn. And stared some more, rubbing her forehead, wondering how fucked her head was from that thingamabob. "Ah've run 'bout here plenty before, and Hank even more'n me," Jo claimed. Banner pressed his head against her thigh and she absently scratched him behind the ear. "It ain't no more dangerous than anywhere else and Ah ain't seen anything like these... these Oogie-Boogies ya said they're called? Ain't seen their like 'fore now. If ya know so much 'bout them, Mr. Clairburn, why they show up now? And what the bloody hell - pardon mah French - is this here bloody thing?" She held out her other hand, the jewelry thing ripped from the bigger Oogie-Boogie's hand dangling from her fingers by the linking chains. "And why are ya lookin' like a wizard? You one of those there big Harry Potter fans who want to visit Hogwarts for real?"
  7. MC still looking at Roach with a goofy grin muttered, "Thanks," and shyly looked away. Thats when she saw the dead monsters and all the blood. "What the Fuck!" "They are called Oolonga-Doglalla." The voice belonged to Warren Clairburn, who stepped out of the woods. "That is what the native Cherokee called them when they lived here long ago. White settlers couldn't pronounce that so they just called them Long Dogs. They considered them a myth." The kids looked at Clairburn, he had changed. Not his body or anything but his clothes. He was wearing a loose fitting robe made of velour and there was a heavy necklace of thick cold links holding some sort of amulate around his neck. Oh and he had a staff, the head of which was an eagles claw grasping a smoky blue crystal or glass sphere. He looked like a fucking wizard. Really. "The Greeks called them cynocephali or Dog-headed Men. Most scholars believe they were referring to the Egyptian gods like Anubis. They weren't these things are much older. I told you this place was dangerous."
  8. "Wow, you have the prettiest brown eyes." Rochelle grinned at that, and her cheeks colored. "Okay," she said, trying to laugh it off a bit, "Now I know you're hurt. C'mon...lets get you up." She leaned over to get an arm under MJ's shoulders, and took her hand to help pull her up as well. Once the other girl was on her feet, Roach cleared her throat quietly and said, "Even if it's just the concussion talking...thanks. You're pretty too."
  9. "I can't say I did." He'd been aware of the fight the others were in, but his primary focus had been on his own. "That was a rough fight, especially considering none of us have ever fought like that before." He offered a smile as he pulled back from Jo, who still seemed abit out of it. She was injured, but as far as he could tell there wasn't anything much he could do for internal brain damage or whatever that thing had been trying to do to her. He produced a canteen, and poured some water in a cup, giving Jo a few Tylenol. "It's not a great fix, but it might help with any sort of pain and headache. We do need to decide what we're going to do, continue on, or head home, and how exactly we're going to explain this." He gestured to how Even after the wipes, there was no hiding the bloodstains. He looked back to Ben. "Did you find the sword?"
  10. Sitting on the fallen tree, ridged back biting into her palm, Jo forced herself to be still as Hank checked her out. She kept her breathing slow and steady, though it felt like her heart was trying to hammer through her chest. The jewelry thing lay forgotten in her other hand bunched up in a fist. She leaned around Hank to give Ben a puzzled look. 'The stuff flyin' 'round Roach's head was brains and bone and a bit of hair, fur, whatever, Ben. Same as mine."
  11. Hank glanced over at Jo and did as Roach suggested and left to check on his amazonian friend. Roach knelt down and just then MC opened her eyes and blinked. The blomd moved her head once she realized she was lying on the ground then looked back at Roach. "Wow, you have the prettiest brown eyes." Ben was still in shock as well, he kept looking at the two dead monsters and at Roach's back as Hank passed by on the way to Jo, "Did you see that," Ben asked Hank. "See what," asked Hank continuing on to Jo. "Hey Jo, come sit over here, Let me look at your head." Hank took Jo by the arm and led her to a tree that didn't have a dogman hanging on it or blood and gore dripping off it. Ben followed. Ben stood while Hank a examined Jo's head and checked her eyes acting like a doctor. He glanced back at Roach who was still crouched over MC. "When that things head exploded there were thing flying around Roach's head did either of you see them?"
  12. A ways off from the other two, Jo stood like a lightning blasted tree, listing worryingly as she absently tried to clean off some of the gummy blood off with the packet of wipes. Blurry blue eyes rested on the de-armed, de-headed monster. The heavy muscles under her tanned skin twitched and trembled as she washed the blood from her face, shoulders, and chest as best she could. At her side, Banner alternated cleaning himself and his mistress with licks of his wet tongue, coughing some at the taste of the acrid blood, but continuing obstinately. "That... hurt," Jo admitted in rough tone, like her tongue didn't work, or was too big for her mouth. "Still does." She glanced around, then slowly focused one the quick, piping voice. It took longer than it should have to recognize Roach, and Ben beyond her starring at the other dogmanthing. They couldn't tell if the blood under her nose and dribbling from her eyes was hers or the monsters. "Thanks. Roach. Ben. Didn't know yah can explode a head choppin' an arm off." The gratitude was grudging, dragged out of the huge girl. She was practically as big as Roach and Ben combined, and she'd done nothing but get her brain microwaved. She hadn't been able to tackle the one dogmanthing. Hadn't been able to stop it from doing... whatever it had done to her. Ben had thrown one into a tree and Roach had chopped the other one down with a damned sword. Even Banner had contributed more than her. Jo wasn't used to losing, not in anything physical at least. But she felt like a total loser right now. At least the others didn't seem hurt any. Everything of hers throbbed. After a long moment, she realized she was staring at her long pale blond hair and realized it was a total lost trying to clean it. Gaze wandering again, she dropped the ball of used wipes, blue eyes pulled toward a glinting. Staggering, she took a few steps, hesitated, then leaned over, using a tree for balance, then shook the metal jewelry thing free of the de-bodied arm, wondering how it had did what it did, debating if she should stomp it. "We should go," she muttered staring at the thing in her hand, though she had no clue where. Was the rock place or home closer? "Maybe Mistah So, Mistah... that there weird guy knows 'bout what these are..."
  13. Breathing hard, Rochelle planted the sword tip-down into the dirt, and reached down to offer Jo a hand up. "You okay? That thing was kind of...blasting you with something." She looked over at Hank and said, "I put MC just a little ways over. I'll show you. Gimme a second." Once Jo was back on her feet, Roach led Hank over to where she'd pulled MC's unconscious body over to and stood over her worriedly as Hank did his thing. "She's going to be okay, right? You should look at Jo too, I'm not sure she's okay." Her words were quickly spoken, almost tumbling over one another. "Also, and I know this is pretty obvious but this is really FUCKED UP and I have no idea what the fuck those things were! We came out here to find a BEAR, Hank! A fucking BEAR! Those things had...swords! And like...lasers or something! Ben STABBED one! With a tree!"
  14. Hank stayed at the ready, watching the last dogman run away, and frowned. He'd been fighting, but hadn't finished his fight, and it left him unfulfilled, which was definitely a new feeling for him. Still he turned and saw that Jo, Roach, and Banner were covered in blood, and he sighed. "Well, that happened." He slid his knife into the scabbard, and then set his backpack down, producing a packet of antibacterial wipes, and a single towel. "It's all I've got to get y'all cleaned up. If anyone's hurt, I've got a small first aid kit as well, I've got some aspirin and tylenol." he got that out too, and looked around for MC. "I'll check MC first, to give you guys a bit. Ben, if you would, try to find the sword that last one threw, if he comes back with buddies, we might need it." He pointed where he'd seen the sword pass by him, and hoped Ben could find it. With that done, he turned back to trying to patch up his friends, and checking on MC.
  15. The beasts head exploded showering Jo, Roach, and Banner with blood, brains, and bone. The monster swayed a moment then fell backwards. The remaining dogman threw its sword at Hank to distract him, dropped to all fours and lopped off into the woods leaving the teens and the two dead creatures.
  16. Rochelle stayed where she was for a heartbeat, eyes wide, breath held. Ben, panting, looked at her and she could only look back. The monster snarled weakly, struggling on the branch that protruded from its abdomen...then it slumped. The sword it held dropped to the ground from its claws as it relaxed. The sword. She looked over at Hank and Jo, and her brain couldn't really assign words to whatever the flying fuck was going on with Jo other than it looked bad. Really really bad. She dropped down and grabbed the sword, her brain whirling around in her skull whispering that maybe she could give it to Hank and he could fight with it... But that wasn't what happened. Her brain wasn't in charge anymore. With a shriek that seemed much too big to come out of her ribcage, Roach charged towards the creature torturing Jo. The sword was absymally heavy, dragging behind her, but she threw her shoulders forward and heaved the blade up and over herself in a wide arc. As she brought it back down, gravity took over, and her timing was just right for the heavy edge to catch the beast's thick, meaty arm. Exactly as Banner seized its wrist and hauled it's arm out, extending it. Like a hock of meat on a block, ready for chopping. Thick hide parted, and muscle beneath. The momentum of the weapon, and the keenness of its edge, carried it through even the bone and on down through the other side. The monster's arm gushed blood and plopped to the ground with a thud. The radiance engulfing from the device on its hand guttered out. It threw its head back and roared in pain and fury, and Roach screamed back. "NO, FUCK YOOOU!!"
  17. Jo was an athlete. Arguably the best athlete in school. She was used to pushing herself, pushing herself through the pain. But she had never felt any pain like this. It went far deeper than skin deep, past the muscle, deeper than bone, inside her head. It felt like her head was going to explode, pieces of skull and brain to scatter through the woods like shrapnel from a grenade. She tried to raise her arms, to pull away from the monster, to push him away, to push the thing away, but her arms won't respond. She wasn't even sure she had arms anymore. She tried to shout her defiance, but only a gurgle escape her slack lips. Banner tore his jaws from the creature's wrist, blood and saliva flying in an arc. The big dog crouched with a ferocious rumbling growl, then sprang again, jaws opening wide to snap on the foul smelling animal-man's other hand, the one hurting his mistress.
  18. While Banner worried the beastmans right arm Jo lunged for the left and the thing that he wore on his hand. She didn’t get the hand but she did manage to grab its wrist. She could see the thing clearly now, since it was level with her face. It was an intricate lace of filigreed gold and silver entertained around the things very human like fingers, the web of strands meeting at the palm and coiling around themselves into a setting for the smooth orangish red jewel. It looked sort of familiar, but Jo couldn’t quite grab the thought. That was when it spread its fingers wide as if it were going to grab her face and the jewel burst with scintillating light. The light hit Jo like a physical thing, but it wasn’t to her it felt like her face was being pushed in and pulled off at the same time. But that wasn’t where the pain was the pain was inside, in her brain. It felt like her brains were being run through a blender. And she could do nothing about it her body simply wouldn’t respond! Hank who had never practiced knife fighting in his life, a knife was tool, suddenly found himself in a sword fight that he had brought a knife too. But instead of being terrified and panicking he felt calm and collected and more strangly, the knife felt comfortable as he held it in a true warriors grip, one he had never studied before… The Dog man lunged and Hank parried the sword as he spun away knocking the monster off balance causing it to slam face first onto the ground. Hank grinned and then caught sight of Jo’s predicament. A few feet away Roach was in trouble. The dogman now ignoring the cat set its sight on her and with a howl it charged. Or at least that is what it had panned to do. It took one step and then it was hit in the mid-section by a hurtling form. Ben had shook off the shock of seeing the things he had thought were gnolls attacking from the woods and summoning a strength, not he nor anyone else thought he might possess, had charged the best about to attack Roach slamming into it, wrapping his arms around its waist lifting it and carrying it back into a tree trunk. Ben stepped back and expecting the beast to come at him instead to find that it had been impaled on a broken tree limb by the force of Ben’s attack.
  19. Meanwhile, the creature that had been stalking after Roach and MJ, paused as the cat landed in its path and arched its back, hissing. The feline darted forward, aiming a nasty slash at the gnoll's ankle, but the towering creature was wise to such things now and jerked its leg back. Its bloodshot eyes narrowed slightly, and drool drizzled from its teeth as it bared them and raised its weapon up to smash this tiny terror... WHOK That was the sound made as a large, nasty stone smashed into the gnoll's head, just under the crook of its right ear. It snarled and looked around, spotting Roach a few trees away. She'd hidden MJ a little ways off, then circled back around...collecting some good throwing rocks on the way. Her eyes were fixed angrily on the gnoll as she transferred another rock from her left hand to her right and started winding up for another throw. This was seriously the last time she left the house without some kind of weapon.
  20. Undaunted by his foe's parry, Hank didn't give up, and instead came back with an even more determined strike, his slash coming from below and the kobold was unable to defend itself this time, the well sharpened blade finding purchase and drawing blood. He was reasonably aware of how the others were doing in their fights, but he knew that he had to stay focused on his own opponent. Ben had taught him that in their gaming sessions, spreading focus too widely was a sure path to disaster.
  21. Jo blinked, shaking her head as she sat up, not sure what had happened. Had the monster landed a punch she hadn't even seen? The jewel, glinting under the fading sunlight, blinking like a baleful eye, reminded Jo of something from one of Ben's roleplaying games. Some sort of magic item an evil wizard might wield, the creature's harsh voice the command word. She wasn't entirely sure, she mostly played barbarians and fighters. Jo gave grunt springing to her feet, teeth gritted. Teeth flashed when she saw Banner still had the wolf-man-thing's arm that held the axe. "Good boy! Hold on to its arm!" Jordan pounced, keeping low, juking one way, then the other, trying to dodge... whatever it had done, going for the jewel, to wrest it out of the thing's grasp. If she could take or break a few fingers due to the interlacing jewelry, so much the better. Banner bit down even harder, head shaking as he tried to worry the creature's arm from the socket, his hind feet scrambling on the dirt.
  22. Banner latched onto the big wolf-man-things right forearm sinking his teeth in and locking his jaws, yet even with Banner's size he barely moved the monster only managing to yank it arm which held the strange axe like weapon down and out of action for the moment. The Beast grunted but paid little attention to the dog instead focusing on the human, Jo, that was charging him. The beast raised it's left arm palm facing Jo, she could see that it had some sort of metal jewelry laced through its fingers which held a large jewel nestled into the beast mans palm. The monster bark what sounded like a word and and invisible force hit Jo lifting her off her feet and hurling her back several feet where she landed on her ass. The Beast-man that parried Hank back peddle, unable to carry through an attack of it's own. The last beast-man howled and tried to dislodge the cat which sunk its claws in and climbs the Monsters torso heading for it's eyes!
  23. With one being bull rushed by Jo and her dog, and another intercepted by Hank, that left one of the creatures free to advance on Roach as she struggled to carry MC away from the fray. Unlike her friends, she lacked bulging muscles or any weaponry more dangerous than salty language...and carrying MC she couldn't even run fast. Drop her whispered a panicked piece of her brain. You're both going to die at this rate, so drop her and run! You're not saving her like this! Ironically though, those thoughts had the effect of stiffening her spine in reaction. Obstinacy was baked into her. Not only was she not going let this garbage reject from a direct-to-streaming knockoff of Lord of the Rings bully her, but she sure as shit wasn't going to give up one of the handful of people in the world that she could call friend to it either! So she turned to face it, looking for somewhere to stash MC while she tried to distract it, maybe lead it away...and there was a yowl. A blur of fur whizzed past, and then the cat...that damn cat...was standing between Roach and the hulking beastman. Back arched, tail floofed and lifted. It hissed at the creature. And the creature...paused, taken by surprise. Its indecision didn't last long though. With a guttural growl it hauled back its weapon and brought it down on the cat! The cat however did not wait meekly to be bisected. Rather, when the monster wound up for its strike, it darted forward and leapt ONTO the thing, grabbing on with its claws and sinking sharp, sharp fangs into the thing's left thigh, where its tunic didn't quite extend down far enough to protect. Roach would have winced, but she hadn't been fucking around watching. The instant the cat appeared, she'd wheeled around with MC in her arms and made for the woods to take advantage of the opportunity that fucking hero cat had given her. She'd be back, she promised everyone silently as she went, just had to make sure MC would be out of harms way first.
  24. Hank nodded, and from seemingly nowhere, drew his Hunting Knife. He was the only one who was almost always prepared for most anything. Today that stood him in better stead than he liked. Still, it was knife against a sword, and he'd have to play it smart. He'd never really fought anyone like this, but be damned if he'd let these things hurt his friends. "C'mon poochie, let's dance." With that Hank darted in quickly, slashing with his knife. The armor looked tough but his knife was sharp, and strong. The Creature managed to parry Hank's slash surprising the both of them. Hank pulled back into a defensive position. His eyes showed only his determination to protect his friends.
  25. Kangal Shepherds, despite the name, did not guide herds. They were herd guardians. They had a three step process for warning off threats. First, they barked. Second, they roared, a loud, deep sort of growl. Third, they attacked. Banner didn't hesitate. As soon as the third creature appeared, the huge dog was off like a tan-coloured missile. Several powerful strides, then he was airborn, long, white teeth flashing in his dark muzzle as he went for the towering creature's arm, to worry it and bring it down. "Banner!" Jo screamed in fear for her beloved pet. She thrusted MC into Roach's arms. "Get her away, Roach." She caught Hank's eyes as she spun to face the other two... two whatever they were. Werewolves. Gnolls. Whatever. "Hank, I got the one on the right. You get the one on the left." Her dad had taught her to box a little. She had played football a little. She wrestled a little, but stopped as she kept flying through weight classes. With her size and build, Jo could easily have been a bully. Maybe to some, she was, she was imposing without doing anything. But she would always defend her friends. With a wordless roar of her own, the teen Amazon rushed her opponent to take it down, only looking at it as an armed man-shaped figure rather than an actual, real, fantasy creature. She was bigger than it was. If she could tackle it to the ground, rip the sword-thing from its hand... she could save her friends and her dog.
  26. That Something was there. As if on que the woods shudder and howls joined the hissing and growling and two beings from a nightmare D&D game burst from the trees behind them and faced the cat. They looked like werewolves but wearing tunics of scaled leather and each wielded a wicked looking blade. Both howled and their howl was answered by a third as another much larger version of the beast men crashed out of the trees before Banner. This one held a huge axe and he roared at Banner! Sword Axe

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