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Adventures in Rokugan


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Adventures in Rokugan


Adventures in Rokugan is a 5EDnD game set in the Legend of the Five Rings Universe. It emphasizes Epic Adventure over the more usual structure of an L5R game. Indeed, it is not an L5R game it is its own thing. There are no Honor mechanics, the player emphasis is more on the individual than upon the empire, in many ways it is a better reflection of the Samurai movies and novels than the other game is. In base terms it keeps the flavor, ratchets up the adventure, and is more accessible to players than other versions.


I have two characters being adapted from a previous L5R game and would enjoy some more if anyone wishes to join us. Character Creation guidelines are below.


Note #1 – Those of you familiar with the L5R universe know that there is a humongous deal of history involved in the setting. For this game the setting is the same from the creation of rokugan until approximately the year 1100 after which certain details will be different than published. I will make a separate post detailing the major deviations. This game will take place at the start of 1123, in the official timeline everything after this time does not exist in this game. Events will unfold as they will taking account the actions of the PCs.


Note #2- while this is a 5E DnD based game some elements of other versions may be used/adapted at my discretion mainly to fill holes.



Character Creation.


In Adventures in Rokugan, henceforth AiR,  we use the  standard DnD5e SRD as the basic rules set and the AiR book to cover specific rules, with some changes. Most of the changes are from the AiR rulebook available from the discord sample channel, courtesy of ASARASA, and some from me.


I will be listing only the changes I am introducing here.


Attribute generation – PCs will be Epic bordering on mythic, thus their stats will reflect this. We will be using my Epic Point allocation system.


You have 84 points to distribute, 1 for 1, to your 6 attribute scores. No score can be higher than 18 before species bonuses are applied.


Species – The default species choice for AiR is human, and I would prefer all humans, however, since AiR has provisions for other species and all of the other species can appear as human, if you can make a good case for it I may allow allow it. However I do not want a game full of non humans so non humans will be limited, and first come first served. But it has to be a good story. If there are 2-5 players I will allow 1 non human, 6+ 2 non humans.


Humans may use either the standard species bonuses or the variant as shown in the AiR book. Note that   because this is an EPIC game All characters will be starting with a Feat based on background as well as some other advantages to be determined by me on and individual basis. While two feats at first level sounds good we will not be starting at first level and those extra stats might be worth more than you think. Choose wisely.


All other species if I approve will use the listed bonus for their species.


Choose Clan


Choose an appropriate background


Choose 1 feat from those recommended by your background. If you are a variant human you may choose 1 more feat that you meet the requirements for.


Feats – All feats in AiR are in the AiR book or the SRD. When choosing feats look at AiR first before going to the SRD as many AiR feat do similar things to some SRD feats.


Feats from other sources will be allowed on a case by case basis.


Classes – This is a big change.


One, only classes from AiR are allowed.


Two, this is an Epic game of mythic proportions and the PCs must be epic, therefore we will be using a Gestalt, or Duel- class system which basically means you will be leveling two classes as one.


To make a 1st-level gestalt character, choose two AiR classes.  Build your character according to the following guidelines. Substitute AiR classes for examples shown below.


Hit Dice

Choose the larger hit die. For example, a ranger/rogue gestalt would use the Ranger’s d10 hit die instead of the Rogue’s d8 hit die, and as such would have 10+Con hit points at level 1.


Proficiency Bonus

Your proficiency bonus is based on your character’s level as normal.


Skill Proficiencies

Choose your skills from the skill lists of both classes. Whichever class gives the greater number of skills, you choose that number of skills. For example, a fighter/ranger can choose 3 skills, picking from both the Fighter skill list and the Ranger skill list.


Other Proficiencies

You gain the armor, weapon, tool proficiencies of both classes.


You are proficient in all saves from both of your starting classes. (IE Fighter/Rogue would be proficient in Str/Dex/Con/Int) if any of your saving throw proficiencies are overlapping, those saving throws receive a +1


Starting Equipment

Start with equipment from your background and both classes


Class Features

You get the class features of both classes. A 1st-level monk/ranger, for example, gets both the Monk’s Unarmored Defense and Martial Arts features, and the Ranger’s Favored Enemy and Natural Explorer features. Class- and ability-based restrictions (like a druid’s inability to wear metal armor) apply normally to a gestalt character, regardless of what the other class is.


Ability Score Improvement

Ability Score Improvement (ASI for short). The ASI's from levels 4, 8, 12, 16, 19 are considered an overlapping feature. Meaning you only get one ability increase not two. In all other respects the ASI functions as in the RAW from the SRD. [An ASI gives you two ASI points, allowing you to increase one ability score of your choice by 2, or you can increase two ability scores of your choice by 1. As normal, you can’t increase an ability score above 20 using this feature. You may also exchange your ASI points for a FEAT that you meet the requirements of.]


The exception to this rule is any ASI gained from the non-standard list (4, 8, 12, 16, 19), such as from Fighters levels 6/14, or rogues from level 10, are not considered overlapping even if gained at the same level on both characters. You gain the benefit of each non-standard ASI. These "non-standard" ASI levels work as normal, granting you 2 ASI points, or the ability to select a feat.


Extra Attack

Extra Attacks semi-overlap, If you gain the Extra Attack feature from more than one of your classes, they don’t add together instead you get one extra attack and one extra feat. The exceptions are if one of your classes grants one or more additional extra attack then the bonus extra attack is cumulative with the original extra attack. But if both classes grant bonus extra attacks then they do overlap and one becomes a feat. 


For example a Bushi/Duelist at 20th level would have three extra attacks each for a total of six, but since they overlap the character will only get three extra attacks but will also get three extra feats.



Treat both classes of the gestalt separately.



Multiclassing functions normally, with each "side" of the gestalt being treated separately. For example, if the aforementioned 5th-level Ranger/Wizard wanted to multiclass to Cleric and Fighter upon reaching 6th level, he or she would have to decide which “side” of the gestalt to apply the new classes to. If this character became a Ranger 5/Fighter 1//Wizard 6, the regular multiclass spell level rules apply, and the Ranger/Fighter half would have four 1st-level spell slots and two 2nd-level spell slots, and the Wizard half would have four 1st-level spell slots, three 2nd-level spell slots, and three 3rd-level spell slots. This has the side effect of restricting characters from later on leveling only one “side” of the gestalt. The Ranger/Fighter//Wizard, upon reaching 7th-level, would be prohibited from leveling both the Fighter and Ranger classes because they are on the same “side” of the gestalt, and would have to choose which class on the same side of the Gestalt to level.


Characters will be 5th level at the start. XP will not be used I will authorize level advancement at certain milestones and other awards throughout play.


Advantages/Disadvantages. L5R has a system of Advantages and Disadvantages, AiR does not. Many advantages were used in L5R to define a character, but they also tended to give mechanical bonuses. I will not be using a system of advantages and disadvantages as such what I will be doing is using advantages as awards in place of xp and or treasure. Disadvantages may be taken for rp purpose but will have no mechanical component.


As such if you have some advantages/disadvantages you would like for your characters list them with your character submission and I will keep them in mind.

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Shosuro Kamiko, humbly offering her life and honor in service of the Empire.




Shosuro Kamiko
Human Ritualist 5 / Acolyte 3-Duellist 2
Background: Shosuro Family


Str 10 +0
Dex 20 +8
Con 14 +2
Int 20 +5
Wis 14 +6
Cha 14 +5


HP 42
AC 20 (10 + 5 dex + 5 intelligence)
Prof Bonus +3
Init +5
Exp: 0


- +1 to each attribute
- Medium size, speed 30'


Ritualist 5
- Invocations and Favor
- Tradition: Artisan
- - Arcane Appraisal (Use Commune With Spirits to study magic items)
- - Illusory Artifice (Bonus action to gain 5 focus to enhance an Illusion or Summoning invocation 1/long rest)
- Channeling (??)

Acolyte 3
- Archetype: Shadow Brand
- - Penumbra (Darkvision 60', gain 1d4 THP in dim or dark lighting when at 0 THP)
- - Brand of Division (summon shadow clone 1/short or long rest)
- - Sting of Night (do +1d4 cold damage on an attack action's damage 1/round, when not in bright light)
- - Eyes of Twilight (add 40' to darkvision range, bonus action 1/rest to perceive any area of dim or dark lighting within range even if out of line of sight)
- Ego Synthesis (gain inspiration 1/long rest)
- Renewing Purpose (on natural 1 on most rolls spend inspiration to refresh one acolyte ability)

Duellist 2
- Evasive Footwork (AC= 10+Dexmod+Intmod)
- Focus points 4
- Martial Techniques
- - Dawn's Grace Strike (add Focus spent to atk/dmg, if 3 focus spent attack is considered magical)
- - Sparking Steel Defense (2 focus, reaction to add 3 to AC or a Str/Con/Dex saving throw, taking no damage on a success)
- Combat Stances
- - Viper Stance
- - Cormorant Stance
- Lethal Instinct


Weapons: Simple, Military
Armor: Light
Tools: Alchemist's Kit, Chemist's Kit, Calligraphy Kit, disguise kit, sword maintenance kit
Saves: Wisdom +1, Charisma, Dexterity


Background - Tread Lightly
4 - ASI


Arcana +8
Athletics +3
Insight +5
Perception +5
Intimidation +5
Persuasion +5
Deception +5
Stealth +8
Investigation +8


Rokugani, Courtly Rokugani, Ujik


Spellcasting (DC 16)
Favor 4
Tier 0
- Commune With Spirits
- Divine the Omens
- Threshold Warding
Tier 1
- Blade of the Elements
- Call of Cinders
- Mask of Wind
- Path of Inner Peace
- Strike of the Tsunami
Tier 2
- Secrets On the Wind
- Lord Moon's Gaze


Cash: 10


Hunting bow
- 20 arrows
Iron Fan


Silk Armor (not worn)


Resplendent regalia
Unremarkable garb
Sanctified vestments
Alchemist's kit
Chemist's Kit
Calligraphy Kit
Disguise Kit
Sword maintenance kit


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 Togashi Kaneteru, Seeker of enlightenment, appears from the mountain temples in the Dragon lands. 



Togashi Kaneteru (Togashi Family/variant human)
Lvl 5 Gestalt(Shinobi[Infiltrator]/Acolyte[Togashi Order])


Prof: +3


Str: 18                  Saving Throw Prof: Wis(Aco), Dex(Shi), Int(Shi), Cha(Shi[Inf]), Str(Togashi order), Con(Altitude training)

Dex: 16                Armor Prof: Light

Con: 16                Weapon Prof: Simple, Martial

Int: 10                   Tools: Ninja Tools, Tools of Subterfuge, Tattoo Set, Divination Kit

Wis: 14                 Skills: Perception +5, Stealth +6, Investigation +3, Religion +3 , Insight +5, Medicine +5

Cha: 14                HD: D10


Background: Dragon Clan - Life in the Mountains/ Altitude Training feat


Items: Unremarkable Clothes, Staff, Tattoo kit, Divination kit, 8gp, Concealed Armor, 20 Shuriken, Single edged Sword, Chain Sickle, Silk armor, Infiltrator's Equipment


Class Abilities: 


Ego Synthesis


Renewing Purpose


Eternal Student


Body and Mind


Mark of the Disciple


Deepening Discipleship


Tattoos: Major: Void Dragon: Psychic Damage: Wisdom Saving throw: Weakened condition. Embellishment: Hyperventilate

               Minor: Chameleon





Merciless Strikes




Expert Prowler




Quick Hands


Acute Recall


Hide in plain sight


Overwhelming Assault



Feats: Disruptive Strike


+1 to cha, and wis/Feat: Disruptive Strike at 1st level. 

+1 to cha/wis at 4th level. 


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Focus - Focus is an overlapping feature. If you receive Focus from more than one class you only receive the best version. However if you have more than one class that gives Focus you do receive a single +1 focus to your Max.


Focus granted by other means, feats, non class abilities, etc add to your focus as written.


Martial Techniques - Is another Class feature that overlaps if granted by two of your classes, you only gain the benefit of one set to its fullest. However you do receive the basic Technique of your second class as well as one other bonus technique on the off classes 2nd level.


Combat Stances - Do not overlap. you gain stances from both classes as they are granted.

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