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First off, you, the players are the stars.   I don't plan on wandering any big names through because I don't plan on using the meta plot, this is your story.


The City of Austin, Texas has a long and colorful history.  As the Capital of one of the most independently minded states, It is home to a certain striving for such, to be free, and while nowhere close to the size of Houston, San Antonio, or Dallas, it is still a large city.

Having recently emerged as a center for Technological advancement and business, Austin shows a fair amount of Weaver influence.   That being said, the area has many parks, and wilderness preserves, two of which house the two Caerns of the city, Bastions of power that are virtually untouched, and quietly tended by the Garou and their Kin.

The First and larger of the two is situated in the Barton Creek Wilderness Preserve at the Western edge of Austin.   Maintained by kinfolk, the volunteer access is highly regulated, and it is here that the power of the Wyld is strongest, it is the home of the Caern of the Lone Star.  

Further East, in the Wild Basin Preserve, also maintained by Kinfolk, is the Caern of Golden Feathers.   The land itself is home to 2 endangered species of bird, and as such highly regulated and monitored.   The Garou here are most often favored by bird spirits, due to the part they play in protecting the park and Caern.

Recently, all three elder packs in the Austin area received omens directly from their pack totems that called them away from the city for an extended time.  They were not allowed to reveal the nature of their charge, only that they must leave quickly.   While the city itself is quite peaceful, this left many of the departing garou somewhat nervous.  Still, they obeyed their totems, and Left the keeping of the two caerns to the two remaining packs, both of which are fairly young.  A handful of garou not aligned with any pack are still present, most notable among them is Carmilla Rivas, a homid Child of Gaia Theurge, currently serving as Ritemaster for the Caern of Golden Feathers.  She is the only Adren remaining, and helps at both Caerns, given how short they both are.

Some of you will note that I touch little on the influence of the Wyrm.  It is certainly there, though it must move carefully, as the Weaver has been quite effective in ordering the city.  It is the Gaians who have been responsible for the parks and such, but even then, rules and order are creeping in in order to maintain them.  That's not to say there is no Wyrm influence, only that it has been far less overt up until now.

The spiritual makeup of the city is quite varied.   Of course in the larger parks and around the caerns you find many animal spirits, while the various city spirits are present in the more metro areas.   The Mayor and District Atourney are both Children of Gaia Kinsfolk, so this has helped stave off the weaver 's influence and the wyrm's as They've worked to protect the parks, and foster a reverence for nature.

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Something I should have done more research on.

There are generally thought to be NO wild grey wolves in Texas, and certainly not anywhere close to major cities.   This was oversight on my part.   Now perhaps in the isolated regions of the state, they may have some and certainly some red wolves. but A stable population likely isn't a thing near Austin.  

Of course, one might be made possible through the actions of the PCs in due time.  I could see some of you becoming active in the creation of a Wolf Refuge, to reintroduce the species to the state.  A quest to find wolves, and bring them to the refuge...  That just depends.  Since none of the Lupus are local, this isn't really an issue, just something I thought I should clarify.

Wandering around beyond the Caern in Lupus during the day is going to draw attention, and likely could get you shot at.

There is a cave that serves as den for those who watch over the Caern, where the lupus pc's may choose to dwell.

It is off limits to anyone not staff of the park.  

The only other wolves nearby are those at the zoo.

I apologize for any confusion.   Nobody needs to remake characters, I just wanted to put this out there.

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