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Character Creation


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chargen rules here



Make a Rank 1 Werewolf of your chosen tribe, breed and auspice as per the book.  


Please consider, the setting is Austin, TX, and while I am not ruling out any tribe (save white howlers/black spiral dancer) You all will be starting as a Pack that has come up together, from Rank 1 to Rank 2 (fairly new to 2nd Rank)

your pack has no current Totem, though I will say this should change in the first story.  You may choose to set aside background points to go towards totem.  The more you allocate the greater your connection.


I am limiting it to 7 points of merits, and 7 points in flaws.


As for benefits-  

All characters are Rank 2 and begin play with the appropriate Renown for such as listed by auspice
Each character gains +3 Rank 1 gifts
Each Character gains 3 rank 2 gifts (2 must be breed/auspice/tribe)
Each character gains 2 background dots
Each character gains 2 attribute dots
Each character gains 4 dots to distribute among talents, skills, and knowledges

Each character gains 1 dot of Rage
Each Character gains 1 dot of Gnosis
Each character gains 1 dot of Willpower

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