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Special project #1 Not alone in the world


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okay, so I know some of you are eager to write, and we're not starting just yet.

To tide you over, and as abit of a bonus

You may each create up to  3 npcs for the game 

only one may be a werewolf (would be for the Rank 1 pack or 1 of the 6 or so independent wolves still in town.  None of these garou are beyond Rank 1.)

They may be Kinfolk.  The Mayor and District Atourney both are, and I'm fine if you want to make them.

Each submission is worth 3 xp.

Deadline for npc submissions is Friday April 3rd

So there is no confusion, if you plan to make someone big, like the mayor or DA, police chief, or such, post your intention here.  It will be first come, first served.  This avoids multiple people making the same npc

submit them to me in your character submission PM, once I approve them, you may post them in the NPC thread

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