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In 2021 the Earth was invaded by giant Monsters. Theses creatures were of large size and seemed to breed at a horrendous pace. The majority of these things were from 2-3 meters in size and came in every conceivable form often a mix of reptile, mammal, and insect, some could even fly. But worst of all where the master monsters, creatures that often stood 10- 12 meters tall sometimes even larger and seemed to lead the hordes of smaller monsters. The size of the monsters and their resemblance to the Creatures of Popular Japanese fiction and cinema gave them their name….Kaiju!



The Kaiju soon over ran northern China where they had first appeared and when they attacked the largest population center mankind found that the weapons of war designed to fight terrestrial foes was no longer up to the task.


And so drawing from the same origins which had given the monsters their name, the western industrial nations along with Japan and Russia pooled their resources to create new weapons up to the task. Giant Armored Mechs or Mecha as they were popularly known. Each mounting colossal melee weapons and powerful advanced energy and Kinetic weapons capable of matching the Kaiju.


For five long years the battle against the monsters has raged the monsters have the upper hand. It takes time and resources to construct a Mech and it has been impossible to match the growing number of monsters. Not only do they come from the sky, from some where in space carried to Earth by devious spacecraft delivery systems disguised as asteroids, but in the heartland of what was once China they  have established a foot hold so far impervious to all attacks even nuclear. And it is there that the monsters seem to be breeding.


Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, much of eastern Russia and the Mediterranean have fallen to the devestaion of the KaiJu. Millions of Refugees flood Europe and America and millions more have died in the carnage of the Mechapocalypse.


The players of this game will be Humans who are part of the International Alliance Mech Corp or IAMC, which is based in Australia. It is there where the infrastructure has been created to construct the Mecha and to lead the war against the Kaiju and take back the Earth.


As of this writing I have decided to use the Story Path System from Trinity Continuum with additions from AEON [Mechs will use modified VARG Rules] I will Post Character Creation in a day or so.


The characters can be Mech drivers, scientist, mechanics/engineers, normal soldiers, or really anything that you can think of except Kaiju, but the focus of the game will be two fold… the war against the Kaiju and the effects it has on those who wage that war and how they blow off steam and cope with what looks like a losing battle and the ultimate end of our world.


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Character Creation




Write a high-level description of your character. Discuss expectations for the campaign and characters with the Storyguide and other players. Consider the niche and role your character will fill in the team.

Define three Aspirations for your character.

• 2 short-term Aspirations

Something you could accomplish within a single session

• 1 long-term Aspiration

Something that will take multiple sessions to accomplish and is related to one of your character’s Paths.

The rules call for defining Aspirations during step 1, but you may not know your character well enough yet to do so. Aspirations are player goals for your character’s narrative, not necessarily conscious character goals. If you have a central motivation as part of your concept, that can make a great long-term Aspiration. Awesome scenes you can imagine for your character make great short-term Aspirations. Long-term Aspirations may also represent how you want your character to grow.



Create/choose three Paths for your character.

Pick a Path for each category:

You get 3 dots in skills listed for each path and 2 dots in edges listed for each path. Ambition Path is different see below

Origin: Who you were before the story started; your “biography.”

Role: Who you are now (character concept often fits here); how you would describe yourself in a job interview.

• Ambition: The Ambition Path drives your character. In general, Ambition describes your character’s hopes and dreams or who they intend to be for the people in their lives. What motivates your character? What gets them out of bed? Where do they see themselves in five years?  All these aspects tie into their Ambition. Keep in mind, the character’s Ambition may differ from your Aspirations for the character as a Player.

Write “Am” next to four Skills on your character sheet. These are the four Skills associated with your Ambition Path. Your Experience points can improve these Skills. Like in the Archetype and Origin Paths, these Skills must be different even if you use the list of skills under an example Path. For edges you choose 15 points of edges and place AM just as for skill. Take 3 dots in your ambition skills and 2 dots in ambition edges.


If you wish to create a custom Path follow the guidelines here and submit it to me for approval before adding it to your character.

Each Path includes the following:

A short description that acts as the Path’s title

Path rating, which starts at 1 dot

4 associated Skills

Community, contact, and access connections


• Community: A well-defined collection of people who share a direct connection re­lated to the Path.

• Contact: A single person inclined to fa­vor your character.

Add 1 dot and 1 story tag to the conttact connection. Calling on a contact with a rel­evant tag adds 2 Enhancement.

See Trinity Continuum, p. 40 for suggest­ed tag examples.

• Access: Equipment, facilities, or privileges related to your Path.

Access serves as an Enhancement to rele­vant actions.

• Potential Path Suspension and Path Revoked conditions

While not required at character creation, these Path conditions can come up during play if you call on your Path connections too often. Having a short list of ideas ready can help keep the narrative moving during play when these come up.

• Associated Edges

Each Path has 15 points worth of Edges, which are calculated using the maximum number of dots for each associated Edge.

For core Edges, see Trinity Continuum, p. 57-67. Many Trinity books introduce new Edges that are appropriate to that setting within the Continuum.

For each Path, distribute 2 dots among the associated Edges.

• Remember that for associated Skills and Edges, the Storyguide and other players should agree that your selections make sense for your Path.

See Trinity Continuum, p. 40-41 for Path creation and p. 41-44 for example Paths.



• For each Path, assign 3 dots among the associated Skills.

• Add 6 dots of additional Skills.

Add a Specialty to each Skill with at least 3 dots.

• Specialties apply an Enhancement to relevant rolls of other Skills.

Gain 1 Skill Trick for one of your Skills with at least 3 dots.

• See Trinity Continuum, p. 46-53 for Skill descriptions and Skill Tricks.



All Attributes start with 1 dot • Pick a favored Approach, and add 1 dot to each Attribute in that Approach.

• Prioritize the Arenas as primary/secondary/tertiary, and assign 6/4/2 dots to them respectively

• Add 1 dot to any Attribute (this bonus point comes from Final Touches)

Note: At character creation,no Attribute may have more than 5 dots.



• Add 4 points of Edges

• Record Injury Condition Tracker

Every character starts with three levels: Bruised, Injured, and Maimed. Gain an additional Injured level at Stamina 3. Gain an additional Bruised level at Stamina 5.

• Revisit and define Aspirations

• Record Defense 1



You can modify your character in the following ways at the start of each session:

• Add a new short-term Aspiration to your list of Aspirations.

• Shift a dot from one Skill to another Skill or one Attribute to another Attribute.

You should roleplay using the new Skill or Attribute to cement the change during that session.


New Paths


PPAI/Mecha Corps Pilot (Role)

The character is part of the IAMC elite — those combat specialists who ply their trade in the Giant armored Mecha or as members of the Powered Personal Armor Infantry of the war against the Kaiju. She’s likely to have whip-fast reflexes and a level of vigilance that would impress even elite soldiers of the once vaunted Special Forces found across the globe.

Example Connections: Armorer, Civilian Refugee, PPAI Officer,

Skills: Aim, Command, Pilot, Technology

Edges: Adrenaline Spike, Breath Control, Computer Enhancement, Danger Sense, Duel Citizenship, Hair-Trigger Reflexes, Hardy, Small Unit Tactics, Superior Trait

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Wealth in the Mechapocalypse


Wealth is a mostly useless edge in this world so if you have put dots in it take them back and put them somewhere else. it is permissible to keep one dot to show that you generally have some script on hand and can afford a luxury from the black market if desirable.


note dealing with the black market must be done in game .


Since all characters are part of the IAMC, their basic needs are met by the organization and enough script flows to their hands to allow them to blow off steam in the civilian areas which are close to the main base.


There is no economy in the parts of the world over run by the Kaiju, which includes Asia, Russia, eastern and southern Europe, the middle east, the Mediterranean and northern Africa.


the surviving nations have turned all resources to defense and food production, luxuries are a thing of the past. many of the surviving nations are contributing to the IAMC but atthe same time doing what they can to prepare for their own battles and defense.

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Armor and Mechs

For non-Powered armor use the standard armor rules found in the core trinity book. Tags may be used from any book if they are appropriate.


Personnel Grade = Wealth for number of tags allowed


Recruit/Cadet = 0

Pvt = 1

Sgt = 2

Veteran = 3

Elite = 4


All Characters start at the Personnel Grade of Pvt. and cannot be raised except through play.


Personal Powered Armor – these are the suits of armor that were first used and since improved during the war against the Kaiju. Born out of the military R&D of the early 21st century they were initially designed to give the infantry soldier an edge but with the appearance of the Kaiju Horde thye were quickly upgraded and redesigned to be an effective weapon against the smaller Kaiju and with sufficient numbers are even capable of severely hurting or even killing one o the large monsters.


PPA come in three basic Frames which can be customized to suit the wearer/owner. Each suit is custom fitted to each trooper and while possible to wear and operate someone else’s suit it is uncomfortable and inefficient.


Scout Frame -  Bulletproof, Impact & Slash Resistant  Active Camouflage 0, Complete 3, Environmental 1, Hard 3, Powered 0, Soft 2, may add one additional tags  Size 0    Hard Tech

This suit comes in several models, depending upon the particular mission. However, all of these models have several features in common.
• The Powered tag.
• Provide vision enhancement equivalent to improved binoculars (p 283).
• Protect the wearer from Hazardous Environments and provide life support for up to 100 hours. 
• A built-in ear radio (p. 293).
• The Active Camouflage 1 tag

• Hardtech grippers (p. 294) on hands feet, shins, and forearms.
• Bioservos in the legs, which give the Propulsion (land) tag.
• A gas-jet mobility system which gives the Propulsion (jump) tag.
• Deployable swim fins and underwater jets which give the Propulsion (water) tag.
For no extra cost, Scout PPA can also be fitted with either built-in taser gloves (see p. 281) or one builtin gauntlet weapon found on pp. 280-281; select any laser gauntlet (p. 280)  at no additional cost. otherwise the only weapons they have are weapons provided by Tags or weapons they Carry that are not integral to the armor. CFPPA may not utilize Heavy Weapons.


Combat Frame -  Bulletproof, Impact & Slash Resistant  Active Camouflage 0, Complete 3, Environmental 1, Hard 3, Powered 0, Soft 2, two or three additional tags  Size 0    Hard Tech

This suit possesses the following included
• The Powered tag.
• Hardtech grippers (p. 294) on hands feet, shins, and forearms. 

• A visor with the capabilities of improved binoculars (p. 283).
• Protection from vacuum and life support for up to 50 hours. The suit’s superconducting batteries allow it to operate for up to 10 hours before
it must be recharged. If the enhanced strength is turned off, the suit becomes becomes heavy and tiring to wear, but can maintain sensors, communications, weapons, and life support for up to 50 hours. At the end of this time the suit’s life-support system must be recharged.
All CFPPA can also be customized with various hardtech personal weapons, sensors, and additional gear.

Also like SFPPA above, instead of gauntlet weapons, a CFPPA can be fitted with either a laser pistol or a heavy autopistol built into one arm. CFPPA may fit one Heavy weapon at the cost of two tags.


Assault Frame  - Bulletproof, Impact & Slash Resistant   Complete 3, Environmental 1, Hard 3, Powered 0, Soft 2, four additional tags (see
description) Size 0 Hard

As the CFPPA above the AFPPA can be fitted with additional weapons and may use Heavy Weapons with no additional costs.





I was derailed once again while working on this. I will try to get it done no later than tomorrow sorry for the delay.


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Ok I am taking the lazy way out, instead of reinventing the wheel with our Mechs.


The Aeon Expansion book has rules for VARGs starting on page 45. VARGS are MECHA just using another name. We will be using these rules as written for the most part substituting Mecha in place Of Varg.


rules differences No BioTech. ALL TECH WE USE IS HARD TECH. However, if a system which is listed in the rules as Bio-tech could be replicated as Hard-tech you may assume it is allowed. if there is doubt ask me.


If there is a weapon System or any other type of system for that matter that is not already available. you may design such a system using the rules provided in the Various Trinity books. since, most of these sorts of systems would have been designed and  built by the IAMC and not the actual players use 5 dots on all things that require a level.


If there are any questions PM me here or catch me in discord.



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The basic Mecha Section usually consists of two mecha Elements which are made up of two to three mecha each,  depending on type i.e. a scout element would consist of  three scout mecha, a tactical would consist of three tactical, while a mixed element might consists of two scouts and a Tactical or 2 tactical and an Assault or any combination. In any case only one Assault Mecha will be in a mixed element and an Assault element will always consist of only two assault mecha.


Each Mecha Element in a Section will have two PPA Fire teams assigned to the Element. These teams while assigned will not always operate with the Mecha Element but may have detached orders or operate independently of the Mecha. In addition to the Element fire teams each section will also have two PPA scouting squads and a Headquarters/Support Squad


Long range transport of Mecha and PPA are by Air in modified Hercules or Galaxy aircraft or by sea if time permits. In danger zones transport is usually made via helicopter.


All Mecha consist on one of the three basic mecha frames but beyond thatthe simularities end. due to the prevalence of the Anime/Mecha Culture found in the service great latitude has been allowed in the customization of the Mecha themselves. Almost all Mecha have a Unique appearance and many resemble mecha from popular fiction or simple be concoctions of their drivers.



PPA are reffered to as Troopers while Mecha drivers are called Drivers, never pilots. No functional flying Mecha have been designed yet although there is a priority on working on this type.



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