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Horrible monstrous Kaiju hellbent on destroying all that man has built, super tech mecha built in a last ditch effort to defend the human race, sexy elite mecha drivers with over active hormones ... welcome to the Mechapocalypse!
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  2. Max smiled. "I am an Army Ranger, ma'am. After the initial rush, my older brother John, also a Ranger, joined the new battle armor units, and I was seconded to become a test pilot for General Motors. I missed the GM-5 and the GM-7series, though I did get time in them during my time as the primary test pilot for the GM-9 series mecha." The GM series, while unimaginatively named, were a progressively more advanced series of mass produced trooper style mecha. The GM-9 had multiple variants depending on what was needed, but the technology was integrated, a sniper would always be a sniper
  3. David was quiet, she was not fond of flying, but her curiosity overrode her anxiety. This new trooper she did not know. She had trained with some of the others or at least had seen them on the base, Mecha drivers were a small community and while your may not know someone you at least knew of them. Not so this Max Croft. "Trooper Croft," she almost had to shout to be heard over the sound of the engines, "why is it we have never seen you on base before today?"
  4. With the mecha crated up like Cargo, Max and the other pilots were all in a single plane, which seemed abit strange to Max. Still the reason was due to the length of the flight, which was indeed damn long. He'd have liked to get into the cockpit of the T-X and run his own tests before they got there, but that simply wasn't in the cards. The question they all had, regarding their PPA backup, well he didn't have a good answer there, and kept the worst of the ones he'd come up with quiet. He did wonder if they'd actually get PPA backup, without it, they'd never be able to recon any tunnels,
  5. Hogan grinned “Feet up, as they say, at zero two thirty. Your mechs are being prepped and loaded now. Flight will take approx. 24 hours, with a midair refueling, to the drop point. You need to be aboard at midnight, so you have the rest of the day to get your affairs in order. Needless to say, this is all top-secret hush-hush sort of stuff, so keep your mouths shut and do your duty.” Everyone took this as a dismissal and they also noticed the several questions he did not answer. The flight was like most, uneventful, the only bit of action to break the monotony was the refuelin
  6. Locked while I compose the next section. will try to get it posted in the next day or so then i will unlock
  7. Melvin smiled in a crazy grin, "Oooohh. A chance to show what Sage can do, both in recon and in support. I hope that we can find some, or make some, Kaiju corpses so I can test how the bio-scan systems work, too. " He then looked over at Max, David, Katarina, and Del. "I can't wait. The downtime has been the worst. Plus, we have jobs to do." Harvard then rubs his hands together, "Dibs on the corpses, if there are any we can carry out. Let the other scientists know I called dibs. It'll annoy them. " He chuckles and stretches, "How long until we hit the zone?"
  8. Max's face was neutral after getting the answers, he was satisfied mostly, though, the fact they'd have no support until things were secure was normal, it meant they'd all need to be much more careful, since any damage wouldn't be repairable. "Which regiment's going in with us, Captain?" He wondered if John had shipped out on the offensive. He knew from what letters he'd been allowed to receive, that his unit had been pulled back recently, though with how the invasion was said to be, he wouldn't have been surprised if they'd been deployed once again.
  9. Katarina sat perched on a crate of supplies as the Captain gave his brief, fiddling with her very sharp knife. Her expression hardened as her country's own abandonment was skimmed over. The kaiju weren't dumb, never had been. Dumb didn't win a land war in Asia, build antinuke quantum shenanigans fields over their hives, or crash land a successful beach head from nowhere. It took all she had in her not to spit or ruin the tip of her knife carving something obscene into the wood of the crate she was sitting on. Good on these Indians for finding something that forced the brains behind the beasts
  10. "Alright," Del said, more than a little miffed at her greeting having been ignored, but soldiering on. "So we find the local kaiju, scout them out. Depending on what we find we'll either engage to destroy or lure them away so the ground teams can evacuate the refugees." She shook her head. "That's a lot of people to evac. It's either going to take a TON of resources, or a TON of time. Or both. It'd help us plan if we had some idea what to expect. We need to give them cover after all."
  11. Hogan shakes his head, "The PPA and your missions are separate, they will be concerned with the refugees and the situation on the plateau. You will be dropping at the base of the plateau and once you have secured the immediate area will put in a support unit for the Mecha if it's feasible. Your only concern are the Kaiju." He faces the board and the map of India returns. "With the atmospheric conditions still playing hell with satellite recon, we have to have feet on the ground. That is you. Our goal is not retaking the subcontinent it is protecting the survivors and f
  12. Max looked at him, then at the T-X. "Kurosawa-San would kill you with his bare hands if he were standing here. Reproducing Tessa before we had all the bugs out..." he trailed off, then remembered he was with a senior officer. "... Sir." The captain chuckled. "He probably would. We did make some modifications, including Phase II on the Overdrive system." Max stared at him. "That was purely theoretical." "Well you will be the first to pilot it and test the system in Combat. Just like you wanted." The Captain replied. "This is all part of that." Max
  13. “Of course, I will not be left out, you can count on me, but I do not have a mecha, it shipped with the fleet. I did not,” said trooper David. Hogan nodded thoughtfully, these will do god help them, he clears his throat, “Right then, you four,” indicating the three women and Harvard, “Download those sim tapes and gather your kit. Meet us at Load bay three, building seventeen, in…, he looks at his watch, “two hours. You have that much time to make personal arrangements for a long deployment.” “How long,” asked Croft? “Eternity, lad, eternity,” He stands abrup
  14. Melvin clears his throat a little bit, "What the hell. I'm in as well. Sage will probably get a workout. So, care to fill us in on the details of the job, or are we just going to pull a charge of the light brigade?" He shudders at the thought, but doesn't withdraw his volunteering. He smiles at Katarina's eagerness, and then he looks over at Max. "So, you get to be in one of the direct line of fire mecha, right? I should be able to help you out with Sage. He's a support-class mecha with some interesting sensor and attack systems."
  15. "I'm in too." Max smiled He'd been about to reply when asked about his mech, but the Captain spoke up, and he let it go. "Rangers are automatic Volunteers, sir. Much like SAS." It was well-known that Special forces were expected to Volunteer en masse for pretty much any assignment. Even if he wasn't boots on the ground like he'd been during his training, he was still a Ranger, no matter what.
  16. Katarina had a choice comment about soldiers being like mushrooms in being kept in the dark and fed shit primed on her tongue when the Captain dropped his little volunteer speech. The other MEKA model users were out there kicking ass and taking names in the big offensive already, and there was no way in hell she was going to be sitting here with tales of shit guard details to compare to theirs. This way she might not even have to go a court martial in the process of earning her wild stories. "I'm in. No way are you going anywhere without my Hot Potato to trail break for this disast
  17. Delaney raised a hand, without looking away from the personal data tablet she held in her other hand. She'd been completely absorbed by whatever she was doing with that since exiting the simulator. Even now she frowned a little at something on the screen and quickly tapped and swiped it before re-raising her hand. "I'm in," she said. "If I have to spend another day re-doing maintenance and playing with sim code, I will go insane and I will take all of you with me." Finally Del put the tablet down on the table and looked around. She did a double-take on seeing Max. "Oh.
  18. “Oh, Harvard laddy, you were, you were,” replied Hogan in a sing song way, “abandoned by the fates, left with the forlorn and damned but… I have seen the spark in yer particular sets o’eyes. So here I am, at the behest of the great man hisself, General Sir Weslley, to give you the chance to die for the cause and place your names in the annals of history among the heroes of myth and glory.” Hogan smiles broadly at each of them, “And that is as much as I can tell ye until you volunteer. The General says to me, Hogan,” the captain tucks his chin and makes his voice much deeper and m
  19. Melvin smiles at the new guy, and shakes his head, "I thought we were all left behind due to situational screw ups, but apparently not. I'm Melvin Grahame, but you can call me Harvard if you want. What sort of machine do you have?" As he lets the smile fade from his face, he turns toward Hogan, "Sir, What was the reason we were held back? I know with my skill set it could be that my talents were needed here for some research, but I can't fathom why a scout or combat pilot would be left behind from the big push. Then again, it could be that you needed some units to defend the base, in case some
  20. Max relaxed, and nodded. "I was wondering what the situation was." It wasn't quite a question, more 70/30 split between statement and question. "Seemed odd to me to get shipped over after the main forces leave, and without my machine." He pulled over a chair and took a seat, nodding to his fellow troopers. "Unless that's changed too."
  21. Hogan twisted around in his chair to face the American Trooper standing at attention. "Ha, there you are lad, was wondering when you'd show." He waves his hand dismissively as he turns back to the others, "Enough of that we are somewhat informal here, after all we are nothing but the dammed and the defiant. Hmm good moto. that, maybe. Pull up a chair lad and sit. These are Troopers, Balasnikova, Grahme, David," he pronounced it Dah-Veed, " and Cazantino. They like you have been seconded to me for a very special operation."
  22. Grace leaned over to get a look at the new guy, one eyebrow raised as she choked down an irreverent reply or three with an officer who didn't appear to hate her present. Not too bad looking. Maybe even fun if the keeness was just for show. Sucked to be him getting tossed in with the scraps during the big surge. The Russian Brunette grinned welcome and made to get up, allow the Captain to do what he was evidently here to do instead of overhear her half-cooked theories of mech combat doctrine.
  23. "Come on Tak, you know it's not like that. I know our work's important. The new systems onboard are gonna revolutionize how we can fight, but there's only so much sims will tell us. Actual combat stress tests are needed, just like they were with the GM-9's. I survived those, I'll survive this too. I can't let us look like we've just been wasting time, money, and resources. I know a real field test is why they called us up. Just be thankful they didn't call us to go in the main assault." Takiro looked at his test pilot and arched an eyebrow. "Shying away from a fight, MAC?"
  24. Over the Pacific... The plane had been sparsely populated, only a third full and all of them techs or other support types. He was the only driver on board. The flight had been long and tiring the plane taking a longer route than normal due to flying demi-kaiju being spotted along the normal route. Still as the plane banked to come into position Max could see out the port close to the Horizon the massive armada heading to China to begin the first real offensive against the kaiju. Max Croft, senior test Driver looked down at the tablet in his hand with his orders. Orders
  25. "...Thank you, Sir. I was taught that you don't get downwind of a fat deer by tromping at them through snowdrifts," she returned after a second of appraising thought. 'Hogan' on his name tag with an Engineer's patch. She didn't *think* she'd pissed off anyone in that department aside from a mechanic after her latest bit of overdoing it on the urban drill course. And she'd made a point to get him a little something extra afterward, too, so she didn't think was trap... Might as well roll with it. "Was lucky enough to meet an engineer who could put that feeling into plastic and steel
  26. The four troopers closed up the sim room and walked the short distance to the departments breakroom where they could get coffee and snacks and discuss the simulation. after serving themselves they sat at a table and launched into a rapid and even sometimes heated discussion about tactics and the pros and cons of the Mecha they drove. "... hopefully the next generation Assault Mecha will overcome the engine weight to power issues and make them more maneuverable. As is I think putting them in the battle line as anything but support might be a mistake." "I couldn't agree m

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