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Horrible monstrous Kaiju hellbent on destroying all that man has built, super tech mecha built in a last ditch effort to defend the human race, sexy elite mecha drivers with over active hormones ... welcome to the Mechapocalypse!
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  2. As of today I am putting this on permanent hold. we gave it a shot but to be honest I'm not the best person to run a giant robot vs monster game. Think i will leave that for the experts next time. Thanks for the attempt guys
  3. Around and around we go. Katarina broke Hot Potato left bracing against her combat couch. The quick little mech chewed up ground, sensors peeled for any surprises beyond scattered demi-kaiju. She kept her hands from squeezing the charging triggers on her weapons, not her role, not yet. Let her teamates draw all the hate for now, and once the swarm broke, *then* she'd let Hot Potato burn her targets Until then, eyes open, keep an eye open for new C+C signals, and... Around and around we go.
  4. With the mines laid out, the trap was fully set, Delaney shot forward on her mission to stir up the hive. Max was set in firing position, and just as Delaney reached the center of the hive, having drawn the attention of dozens of demikaiju, causing them to turn and close ranks, The Tesseract opened up with its main gun. The whine of it spinning up could be heard in the other mecha, and then the ripsaw-like roar as it put out a prodigious volume of fire, well over two thousand rounds a minute. This wasn't the max rate of fire, Max had dialed it back since he didn't know what else was in t
  5. Melvin began using the data sent by the drones to compute the target zones for two of his shock mine missiles right outside the entrance to the front of the building. The zones would be short-side connected so it forms a 400 long x 200 wide minefield. He also trained his phased array laser on the front, to cover anyone that made it past the minefield. He pressed a button on his armrest and a small chuff was heard as the missiles were ejected, and then their rocket motors took over and pushed the missiles down range. When passing over the target area, the missiles seemingly disintegrated one af
  6. Max gave the order and the mechs executed. Using stealth that was hard to imagine in machines of that size the combat Mechs moved into their assigned positions, acquired their targets, armed their weapons and prepared for the order to engage. As hard as it was to believe the demi- kaiju seemed to not have detected them at all and were not showing any sense of altered alertness. The enemy were sitting ducks! Max waited until everyone showed that they had aquired targets and then gave the word... "Attack!"
  7. Max shook his head. "Keep monitoring it, if it stops, or the direction shifts, be sure to let me know, now, let's execute the plan and clear them out." He set the Tesseract into firing position, covering the approach with his main gun. It was perhaps overkill, but it allowed him to put out an obscene volume of fire, and they had alot of demis to deal with. "Gonna need something anti personnel if we're gonna keep fighting demis on this." It was too quiet. "Alright, let's go."
  8. Harvard waited for the order from Croft and continued his scanning, in a few moments he managed to fine tune his readings to better pinpoint he seismic disturbance. It was directly underneath the market building at a dept. of six hundred and twenty meters. The onboard AI assessment of the readings was that there was a ninety-four percent certainty that the cause was artificial digging.
  9. Harvard resumed his "scouting" work by downloading the footage from the drones to the computer core on his mecha, and then began analyzing it through some of the sensory interpretation software on board his computer. He then began comparing the analysis of the computer to his seismic sensors and cross-referenced the video info with the seismic data. Once the computer analysis was done, he scanned the results and tried to interpret the amounts he was seeing. Once the analysis was done, Harvard looked at the screen askance. He realized that there were a massive amount of DK
  10. Max knew the limits of the Tesseract, while it had advanced LOS targeting with this weapon package, it didn't have the most advanced sensors of a dedicated scout. Still he scanned the approach to the hive, and nodded. "Alright, everyone run a full sensor sweep, one last time, once we get near, things are probably going to get very busy. We'll proceed after everyone checks in."
  11. The Mech force covered the distance with zero opposition. The loss of the Kaiju scouts seemed to have gone unnoticed by those under drone surveillance. Of course it could be a trap and Croft had weighed that possibility but while planning for it had not let it deter him. After orders were issued the mechs moved into position and began their in person observations. The drones to remain hidden had stayed at altitude and relied on long distance camera work which while good was still limited. The demi-Kaiju where spread through out the dilapidated building is a rough series of concentr
  12. "Negative, Boss," the Russian offered with a cocky salute from her seat, before visibly changing her mind. "Actually, before he jammed it," she continued, jerking a thumb at Melvin with both annoyance and appreciation, "Something I judge to be very very big was communicating with the ones we killed using a continuous, kaiju command and control if I ever heard it. With that signal being jammed all this time, the source has to be getting pissed. I've seen no sign of big kaiju at all on my hunts. Nothing. Nichego. So if they haven't all moved onto the fronts, they're deep deep down hi
  13. The hive wasn't really that far, and the lack of larger Kaiju made max wonder just what was going on. "Okay, we're to go investigate the hive the drones found. I want everyone saddled up, and make sure you've got your antipersonnel gear ready. That looks to be what most of the beasts are, though we will be ready for something more. Sage, you're free to procure a sample as you can, but do not endanger yourself to do so. Call out and maybe we can help once we thin the numbers. We'll go with the same formation as before, with one change. Paladin, you're gonna rush them. I don't mean fo
  14. The man made lightning lashed out and curled around the beast Katarina had targeted locking its muscles in electric rigor causing it to tumble end over end as it was literally cooked to death. The remaining demi-kaiju turned it's charge into a retreat as it peeled away to begin a race back toward the river, only to be cut down in a hail of fire from the remaining mechs. Silence descended on the field of battle, sensors reached out scanning for more enemies. In time issued the all clear and called for the supply drop. while that part of the operation was under way the me
  15. Hot Potato all-but-waltzed into a turn as tracers whipped past her and into the first kaiju, a three point turn The 'kiskis' signal went into purring overdrive as the violence erupted, but she didn't have time to play with that yet, adrenaline surging in her veins. Safeties off. Left Tesla coil charging and up with a twist of her articulated couch arm. Argus ringing one of the kaiju in targeting reticules with a single cursed 'Right Target!'. A grin as 'charging' changed to 'charged' on her HUD, and Katarina, Future Rich and Famous Ace Mech Pilot, fired for the first time in anger on a hostile
  16. Melvin's hands shot to his ears as the strange demi-kaiju began wailing, and after a second, he realized he was hearing an echoing of the wail. He stopped cringing and got to work, determining that the kaiju wail was being carried by soundwaves and Radio waves. The echo was the double tone. After that discovery, Harvard had a moment of inspired terror. 'Damnit, what if they are calling other Kaiju here? There has to be a way to stop that signal,' he thought. He began his work of isolating the radio frequencies used in the wails, and then managed to convince Sage's on-board computer to produce
  17. The center demi-kaiju seemed to evaporate into a cloud of dark green mist as the storm of flechettes ripped it to shreds. The other two beats swerved away in different directions and both began to emit a keening wail that was not only auditory but also radio!
  18. Iron Knight Tactical combat VARG Health 2 bruised, 3 maimed Size2 Speed 2 hard/soft armor 4 environmental armor 1 Tolerance 2 strength Scale 3 tags- additional Armor 2 weapon x4, enhanced environmental 1 (heat), jump jets, Wheels, Super science 3 Weapons- pile Bunker -charge, destructive 2, hardpoint 2, melee, pushing, VARG scale VARG scale vibroblade- brutal, deadly, destructive 2, melee, two handed, varg scale Plasma Thrower- Area 3 hardpoint 2 Incendiary 2, Range, VARG scale Claymore system- Area 3, brutal, deadly, short range 3 shots fires large bal
  19. Lining up his shot with the Flechette cannon, Max exhaled and pulled the trigger to fire the mech-scale shotgun. There was a loud crack, and the air was filled with a cloud of flesh shredding metal and fire as the weapon discharged, all moving in line with the center most of the three kaiju, looking to break the formation they were running in.
  20. David fell back to cover Delany and Harvard, who were stationed to the rear, while Croft moved up to flank the incoming Demi Kaiju, if that's what they were. The three beasts stay equidistant and move rapidly after Hot Potato, the drone keeping pace and offering targeting information as well as visuals. within moment the three had entered the designated kill zone but seemed oblivious to any danger, they were fixated on Hot Potato.
  21. "On it, Boss," Katarina shot back over the radio, driving her mech forward on it's retrograde legs in a curving arch towards the trio of caterpillar kaiju. She settled into the back and forth pumping of her footpedals, the genius of modern engineering translating the motion into a loping run that had her bounding forward at a rate that'd have a respectable car put to shame. She barely felt the impact of steel feet on turf, deep in her HUD-lined cocoon, hands clenched in her pistol grip arm controls, safeties firmly off. She trusted Hot Potato's senses to deal with anything known, but all she h
  22. "They're pretty small for kaiju-scale weaponry," Delany opined over the comms. "Seems like a good chance to try the Bughunter out. Sage, I'm keeping the sky-eye over the engagement area to make sure we get them all. If you'd keep an eye on our behinds, I'd be much obliged. Can't help but feel a little like we're getting baited here." The largest 'blister' of them all was along the Beast's spine. When it cracked open, what emerged was a sleek gunmetal grey and black machine that was about man-sized, and looked a little like an oblong coffin with lift rotors bulging its sides. A trai
  23. Max frowned. They were already being investigated. "Alright they're already here, so Hot Potato, draw them in, Paladin, you and I will play midfield. Sage and Wizard, you're in the back, on overwatch. I don't really want any more surprises, especially from the rear. You're free to engage at your discretion if they make it past us." Max gave quick orders, even as he began moving further up, bringing up the flechette canon, which was better for dealing with smaller targets. "If we can, we'll save you a sample Sage."
  24. The drone took flight and using vectors from the scout mechs audio sensors closed in on the targets. It took only a few minutes to find the targets, three of them between the mechs and the river about a klick out. The targets were hard to see at first, standard infrared was useless as they appeared to be the same temperature as the surrounding, but the drone cycled through it's dozens of visual filters until one gave it a solid image. the three beast were small as far as Kaiju went, being barely two meters long and rising less than a meter above the ground. Rarer still
  25. Delaney frowned as she panned her view around the field. Ambush could come from just about any quarter with these creatures. Maybe a different perspective would help. "I'm sending a recon drone up and patching the telemetry into the second data channel," she reported as her fingers danced over the 'Hive' control system to program a circular search pattern overhead, then launch the drone. "Keep those ears sharp though. If they're coming underground, aerial recon might not catch it." One of the smooth metal 'blisters' on the Great Metal Beast cracked open with a hiss and
  26. It took a moment for Katarina to become aware Max's call. one eyebrow rising higher and higher on her brow as she refined her audio scan, not quite believing what she was hearing, and came up with clear as day... purring. The kind of pleasant purring you'd get from a cat quite content to let you pet them for at least the next 15 seconds. That was new. Was new bad? The fortress was still standing after all... "Kisa?" she muttered aloud as she saved the filters to make sure she could spin up that scan quicker next time, blinking as she belatedly processed her squad leader's orders, "

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