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Beyond the Wall, Through Sunken Lands, and Other Adventures (Formerly Holiday Gaming)


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Next week begins the 2020 holiday season and even with this being the shit year it has been I expect the usual type of slow down in posting and availability of players to coordinate in various games, in fact already seeing some of that.


This is all expected and it is a fine thing to spend time with your family. however there are always some of us who for whatever reason don't take time off from gaming during this time and they are usually forced to wait untill things get back to normal in January and it can be a bit of a drudge to want to play/write and not be able to.


So I am thinking that if you are going to be around during the holidays and want to play but your regular game is on hold for whatever reason, I can run a limited game for you.


My initial thought is to run a simple D&D type game that won't take a lot of effort on any ones part.

However I am not wedded to this and if there is interest in a holiday game, let me know and make any suggestions here and I'll go with what ever the consensus develops if anything.

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I think for the most part Dawn and I won't see a ton of difference between holiday/non-holiday. We have some grandparents that have been mostly sharing our quarantine bubble that'll come visit for a bit, but we're not planning to go anywhere or host major events. The time off of school might actually give Dawn a bit more time to post here. 

I'm hoping the slowdown that'll likely happen at my job will mean I can be a bit more present here. 🙂

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I'm largely at home and when the holiday slowdown happens, my job is going to slowdown a bit, just like Malachite's. RL stresses will hopefully start easing up and I can be more present here coming up, but holidays isn't going to really be affecting things negatively as far as presence goes.

I'm open to a holiday game, could be fun. 😄

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I am going to put this up here in case we do this


unless any potential players have a suggestion for what we play I am going to be using an OSR Fantasy set which you may download below.




Any one interested should download this folder and familiarize yourself with the rules, it is an OSR version of D&D and is much simpler than the 5e or pathfinder rules you are likely used too. but it is perfect for something like this.


Choose one of the playbooks to make your character and follow the instructions in the playbook for character creation.

once you have chosen a playbook post your choice here. while it is possible to have duplicate playbooks some should be unique.


if there are no playbooks in this folder which appeal let me know what you are interested in and i will see if I have a playbook that fits your need.


if i have two or three people interested in this i would like to start it on black friday because i am cruel like that 😛


game premise... simple fantasy type game characters are all young people who live in the same village or near it, have never traveled further than the local forest or river or what have you. The characters are all known to one another and are likely friends. the village is part of a kingdom but the king is really just a name he is so far away the local lord is a low rank knight or maybe even a squire who live near the village. nothing much ever happens in the village, oh once back in your grandmother was as young as you, there were wolves and orcs that raided but that was long ago and long before that you have herd stories of a mad wizard who lived in the forest but those are just tales...



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so let's talk here, or in chat on what we're all sorta lookin at

I'm shamelessly looking at making someone who's serious to a fault, straightforward, yet somewhat wise.  A fairly skilled hunter, and  a decent warrior.   

So yeah, goblin slayer without the pathological hatred of goblins..  and all the trauma that caused such...

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Looking at an unassuming young lad that would rather be anywhere but in the village he lives in. He believes in the old stories and wishes he lived in those times. Still looking through the playbooks but leaning towards heir to a legend or village hero. 

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  • Nina changed the title to Beyond the Wall, Through Sunken Lands, and Other Adventures (Formerly Holiday Gaming)

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