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BESM 4e: Myriad Lives


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I am the Goddess Rea.   It is my fate to serve as an observer to the passage of time, a chronicler, and at times, I am even allowed to interact with those who are at the mercy of Time itself.  A Singularity in Time is fast approaching, and indeed, the last thousand years of the multiverse have lead up to it.  Even I do not know what awaits on the other side, but my superiors have tasked me with preparing a group of Souls just for this, and finally it is time for me to set them in motion.

There are generally thought to be 4 ways to end up in a world that is not your own.   The first, is to die, usually in some unexpected fashion, and be granted another chance in another world by the deities that govern all things.   The second is to reincarnate to another world, born again and grow, and later in life remember the past life or lives you lived before. The third way is to literally be spirited away by a powerful entity, taken beyond your world to another.   The fourth method is to be summoned by an entity in another world, most often as a hero, or servant.

Those are the main methods, though variation exists.  I have examined the souls of trillions, and in my searching, selected those I thought with the potential to change all things.   I nudged, them through their lives, each soul having  lived four lives, and now, as the Singularity approaches in another world, I have prepared the last of them.  How they answer this call, I cannot say, but we shall all see their potential, and what exactly the Singularity holds for all of us.

Character Creation

Welcome to Myriad Lives,  a BESM 4e Isekai game.  You will be playing a human(oid) character,  all of you are normal humans, subject to said limits.   You will be summoned to another world, becoming the only group of Souls to ever live five lives.   Your first life was the only one that was normal without ever being summoned, with reincarnation being your second lives.   I am not asking for a sheet for each life, but I would like a very general idea of your other lives, which can literally come from across the multiverse.

You can be from any walk of life, but the point is to just be a normal person, age 25 or less.  

you will have 75 cp to make your human character.  This means you're actually pretty exceptional.   Attributes are limited to 6 at this point.  This will be your "Core Life," the life you're current living.   As stated this should be a human character in a normal modern world like ours.   I request your characters all currently be in New York City at the beginning of the game, for whatever reason, even if only visiting.

After this, you have 50 cp to spend.  in this stage, you may raise stats to 8, with a single state able to reach 10.  You should have a good reason for a Stat at 10.   All your attributes must fit a theme, and it is at this stage that you may Change races.  You are going to be in a heavily fantasy inspired world potentially with ancient civilizations and tech, so no aliens, constructs, or the like.

Each player will receive a bonus from me, something that will be developed after your final character is submitted and accepted.  You won't be disappointed.

As always, Dynamic powers is not allowed, though I will allow powerflux.   I reserve the right, that should it prove too game breaking, to ask that it be changed.

I want everyone to have fun, and enjoy the game.   If you have any questions, ask away.

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To clarify something that's come up in chat discussions

The Core Soul is who you are now, from a normal modern world  (like our current one.)  You are all in the same world, same place (gonna say New York to save time.

That's the 75 cp character

the 50 point addition is something you'll get after being isekai'd.  that's where you can become something else, but will have perfect memory of who your Core Soul was.


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Your big attributes,  Powerflux,  weapons, magic, and things like forcefield should cost you energy to use.  not gonna say it's all innate cost, so you still get the benefit of taking it. 

A mage's magic
a ninja's ninjutsu
a Dragon's breath attack
A paladin's aura of protection (forcefield) 
A martial artist's power-up boost

A shapeshifter shifting forms
a weaponmaster's special technique

a summoner calling their summon

some examples for you

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ok the thing i was having a problem with is the core soul thing. but after reading this again and stalking to justin earlier I think justin is misusing the term core soul

i think he means life not soul.


reincarnation is one soul many lives. many souls implies different beings which is not what you are aiming for i think.


correct me if i am wrong.

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ok I've gotten one character submitted by the deadline.   I guess people are just too busy right now, or dealing with RL matters.   That's fine, it happens.  We'll shelve this idea for now, and I'll come back to it later.   If you had a character, great, don't lose it, I haven't given up on this one yet.   Just gonna put the idea on hold until the interest is abit higher.  This game will likely return much as it is later.

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Well, Rachel Daunt, Aspiring Music Producer, will be in storage for that day. Just in case, here's the template I used for her for future reference. Maybe it'll help someone have BESM fun eventually.



Name:         Player:       Age:

Height:       Weight:      Gender:        Hair:










Human Stats


Body:      Mind:    Soul:         HP:         EP:

CV:          ACV:     DCV:         DM:




Rebirth Stats


Body:    Mind:      Soul:         HP:        EP:

CV:        ACV:       DCV:         DM:






Core Point Total:75

Points Saved:

Points Spent:


Rebirth Point Total: 50

Points Saved:

Points Spent:








Five: (Current Life)


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