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First Impression Project

Dawn OOC

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You only get one chance to make a first impression.


In this special project, you should write out your first meeting with the captain of the Odyssey. Ideally, this was her mandatory “welcome aboard” meeting in her office, but if you’d prefer a less formal situation for your first meeting with her, go for it.


Here’s a blurb about her: 


Cpt. Mei Saidi - Tall and lanky, Capt. Saidi still has the raven hair of her youth, though the first signs of aging are showing on her brown skin. She keeps her hair pulled back in a tight bun when on-duty and her uniform is always neat and to code. In fact, Saidi is known to be by the book, even to the point of stubbornness. It is fortunately a trait she is aware and is willing for her command staff to call her on. Anyone who calls her out or questions her had better have some strong facts to back up their statement. Capt. Saidi is logical and curious, which makes her a good explorer for the Fleet. She’s hard-working and meticulous, demanding the same of her crew. Saidi has a pristine record with the Fleet, and commendations are on the wall behind her desk. Images of her family -- a husband and three children -- are on the wall across from her desk.


This meeting could be favorable to you, or unfavorable. You could make a good impression to start, or a bad impression to work off. Or you could write a wrong impression: perhaps you come off as stuck up because you were embarrassed or angry at someone else, or you were in an unusually good mood and now she thinks you’re more of a jokester than you are.


This is your chance to define your early relationship with Cpt. Saidi; you get to tell me how she views your PC to start. After writing out the meeting, create an Advantage or Disadvantage based on your interaction with her. Feel free to come to me if you need help, but some suggestions are: 


  • Captain’s Pet
  • Seen as Lax
  • Disapproval of the Captain
  • Captain’s New Project


Catch me in Discord if you have questions.

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Ellie waved her hand in front of the chime panel at exactly the moment she was due to be at the captain’s office. She’d be outside for a minute or two, but both of her parents had drilled into her that you didn’t bother a superior officer until exactly the time to do so. Punctuality was an ingrained trait at this point.

“Come in,” she heard through the door and stepped smartly through the portal as the doors swished open. She stood straight, at attention, and said, “Commander Elontoya Chen, Captain. Reporting for duty.” 


“At ease, Commander,” the woman sitting behind the desk said as she set down a datapad. A swift glance under the guise of relaxing told Ellie that it was her own career history.

Captain Saidi gave her a steady, discerning look. “You’re awfully young to be a commander, Ms. Chen. Most especially for someone of Vulcan heritage.” She paused, giving her subordinate officer room to explain. 


“I grew up on the Enterprise, ma’am. Always knew I wanted to serve. My father spoke a few times about sending me to Vulcan for education, but I excelled in the schooling he provided on-ship and completed the coursework before applying for admission into the academy.” She gave a small smile to the other woman, one made of childhood pride. “I’ve always been a fast learner, even compared to Vulcans.”

“Fast in promotions as well. You’ve served well in the short time you’ve been an officer,” Saidi noted, then nodded to herself and stood. “I didn’t choose you, Commander Chen. You were assigned to me. That is not how I like to build a command crew, but I will say that your record is impressive.”

The captain made her way around the desk, standing in front of Ellie and giving her one final searching gaze. “I expect a great deal from you, Commander Chen. This will not be some cushy assignment to wait out the minimum years for your promotion to Captain. You will work closely with the crew and ensure that they’re trained, prepared, and in top form while we’re out on our mission, starting with the patrol to Deep Space 6 and through the two years we’ll spend without immediate StarFleet back up. Understood?”

Ellie pulled herself back up to an at attention stance and nodded. “Yes, sir!”

“Dismissed, Commander.”

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First Impressions: Lieutenant Parker Perry


Personal Log

Stardate 75116.7193


Well, this has been a long day.

I said my goodbyes to friends and crewmates on the Hotspur a little over six hours ago and reported to the Odyssey. I got my first really good up-close look at her as I made my way down the concourse. An Intrepid, Block II, she had all the upgrades from  Voyager’s journey that had been cleared for fleet incorporation, so she was state of the art for a design that was fourteen years old. I paused when I got to a position where I could see the Primary hull, and the name.


I had thought it wouldn’t affect me, that I wouldn’t have any thoughts, or feelings, but seeing it, stenciled there across the hull of a ship. Suddenly I was a little girl again, watching the only home I had ever know sailing away from DS9 with my dad on board, never to return. I wiped suddenly wet eyes and glanced around to make sure no one had seen.


Pause log.



Resume log.


There was a line at the gangway, apparently the Odyssey was getting a lot of new crew for this mission. When it was my turn the duty officer barely gave me a glance, just gave me my quarters assignment, and commented that since I was senior staff the captain would want to see me as soon as I was settled.




It wasn’t until Parker had entered the Turbolift that she realized the uniforms the crew were wearing and the one she was wearing were different.  Subtle but different.


Hotspur, her last ship, had been on deep space patrol for the last year and a half and must have missed an update. Not unusual, things like uniform updates tended to trickle out arriving to ships on the frontier months or in some cases even years late.


Hotspur had docked  just the day before, and she was greeted that evening with orders to report to Odyssey today. It never crossed her mind to check on uniform updates. And now it was to late, she was out of date, and on the way to meet her new captain.


Ugh, first impressions, this sucks.


“Enter” Captain Mei Saidi said firmly. She had been going over the file on her new flight officer, her third new officer to interview today, and one she had a slight connection to. The door slid open and the officer in question walk in and came to attention so sharply Saidi almost expected a salute to follow. The captain’s brow furrowed as she took in Lieutenant Parker Perry’s appearance, young, attractive, and out of uniform.


“Lieutenant Parker Parry, reporting,” the young lieutenant said her eyes focused a good six inches above Saidi’s head just like they taught at the academy.


Saidi let her stay at attention as she stood and straightened her tunic then walked around her desk to inspect the lieutenant up close. The officer didn’t flinch at her new captains’ approach, that didn’t go unnoticed and, while an older uniform, it was in tip top shape.


“You are out of uniform Lieutenant.”


“Yes ma’am.”




“I failed to check to see what the duty uniform was aboard the Odyssey before reporting ma’am.”


Saidi, unseen by Parker nodded at the answer, then resumed her seat. “I understand Hotspur has been on deep space patrols, administrative memos tend to lag this far out. Make sure you update your uniforms when we are done here.”


“Yes Ma’am,” Said Parker trying to keep the relief out of her voice.


“At ease Lieutenant, I have been going over your record, your piloting skills seem to have impressed your last two captains and your academy record is impeccable. As far as flying goes.


You switched from Science to Command your first year. You excelled at all aspects of flight training; however your other academics were not stellar. If you want to command your own ship someday, you’re going to have to be able to do more than fly Ms. Perry.”


“Yes ma’am,” Parker winced inwardly, for the prophets sake she needed to say more than yes ma’am, “I was born on the Odyssey, captain, “ parker stammered at the look Cpt. Saidi gave her, “UH… not this Odyssey of course but…the last one…,’ She let it trail off.


“Go on Lieutenant, please.”


“I mean Star Fleet is a part of me Captain, from the first instant I took breath. I know I can do better, I will always strive to do better, I’ll probably stumble too, But If I do my best maybe I will command a starship one day, but right now I am honored to fly the Odyssey ma’am.” All that had just come out and Parker felt her cheeks redden at her audacity.


“I see, Parker. I know your mother, she was one of the instructors at my last Command College refresher. And both Captain Colver and I served together as ensigns and we have kept in touch over the years. I trust their judgment.


Welcome aboard, Lieutenant Perry we have a lot to do and along mission ahead of us.”




Captain Colver is the captain of USS Hotspur


without meaning too i think   captains new project might be appropriate






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