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Looking for Players 2 New Games


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This recruitment I am adding two new games.


The first is Barbarians of the Ruined Earth, which is a post apocalyptic Science Fantasy setting heavily inspired by the 80’s cartoon Thundar the Barbarian, Mad Max and other gonzo shit. This game will be as crazy as I can make it and not heavy or dark… yeah right.

Anyway, I’m shooting for lots of action and mayhem with 2-3 players. Game book is available on the discord in the proper channel give it a look and if you’re interested let’s get crazy at the end of the world.


The second game is Court of Blades and it is a bit different than anything I have ever run. It is a social dramatic romance game set in a renaissance era Fantasy world that resembles  the Medici period of Italy. This game has intrigue, romance, social action and swordplay. It has mechanics based off the Blades in the Dark game tweaked of course. The Game is available on discord in the proper channel. Give it a look and if interested let me know.


I am looking for 2-3 players for each game but will entertain more if there is enough interest.


Please post interest here indicating which game or both.


As always if you have any questions ask here please.


Thank you

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  • Nina changed the title to Looking for Players 2 New Games

Ok have gotten two players for each game.


I will create clubs for them later today.


for Barbarians - send me your Character subs via PM here.


For Court of Blades - Pick your Playbook that you wish to play and an alternate.  I will use the alternate to flesh out the Coterie.

Then we need to meet in discord and decide upon which hose to serve.

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