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New Frontiers Character thread


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Yiva Vest



Aoshima is an Eden world but even in Eden there was a road to Hell


Aoshima was slow to open its arms to further colonization and restricted where what few new colonies allowed could settle. Competition for good areas was high, but one group didn’t compete for the left overs instead once granted permission they built their small settlement as far south as they could in Aoshima’s southern polar region.


Approaching the south polar icecaps you will come across a chain of volcanic islands, snow and ice dominate the landscape, nothing grows except a tough fungal like plant that resembles red weeds, and a short bushy tree that resembles an oversized earthly Bonsai tree, which flourishes in the ash from the active volcanoes dotting the chain. There are six active Volcanoes  spread through the island chain which comprise almost thirty islands some no more than few hundred meters across the largest being some eighteen miles long and eleven at its widest. Surprisingly there is an abundance of animal life, several species of avian, several species of aquatic mammal that closely resemble the earthly sea lion and two divergent species of reptilian scavengers and the most fiercest and huge creature at home on both land and water which resembles a cross  between an earth polar bear and a Lion.


It is here that the Thorfare Corporation settled. Thorfare was not a real corporation but rather a group of like minded citizens who created the corporation to get around the restrictions placed by the the Aoshima government.


This group was comprised of over two dozen extended families with strong martial and survivalist backgrounds and an uncompromising belief that whoever sent the visitor to earth meant humanity no good. And the meant to be prepared when those beings finally decided to show themselves.. They wanted a place where they could live that was remote, where they could practice their chosen lifestyle and where interference would be minimal. They were too few to settle an unpopulated world, but Aoshima had the perfect location in the polar region. It was remote yet with modern transportation allowed them access to modern convenience and seriously nobody in their right mind would want to compete for the chance to live on a volcanic island in arctic conditions.


The islands had no name before Thorfare corp was granted permission to build a research settlement. Since about half of the original families had Nordic ancestry they chose names to reflect that heritage felling it would represent their need for individualism and their determination to survive at all costs. The Islands were named Fjordland, and the main settlement was called Thorsberg. The built domes to house farmland on the largest islands, their home were built both above ground and subsurface. They lived in a  communal-familial society with a great deal of intermarriage. Everyone worked and everyone trained.


Survivalist and Martial expertise were as common as any other skill set, with both male and female training in various martial arts both armed and unarmed starting at a very early age. Everyone has a rifle and everyone knows how to use them. Many of the Fjordlanders join the military and serve a term or so before returning home. And some also seek higher education in the north.


Kendra West, a fourth generation Fjordlander left her home to attend school at the age of sixteen. She was already an accomplished fighter and survivalist, but she wanted to see the world, maybe travel among the stars before returning home to marry and raise a family. At school she became interested in law enforcement and decided to pursue that instead of a pure military career.


Kendra was tall and lean with a sleek muscular build, Sharp features, dark hair worn shaved or short most of the time.


Her mother is Danna Falkner-Vest, a botanist in Thorsberg, who oversees one of the agridomes. Her father is William Vest, a Fisherman, hunter and overall Wildelife expert. He captains the Tall Mary fishing trawler, named after his mother. He is also one of Thosrberg’s leading Survivalist instructors.


She has two brothers, Syv Vest, who is two years senior to her and serving in the military offworld. And Jax three years younger than her and still living in Thorsberg and working with their father on the trawler.


Yiva Vest  etwatermark.thumb.jpg.07ad0964c8d7bab86467877ec62fac97.jpg


Danna Falkner-Vest 1139425411_DeannaFalkner-West.jpg.96226bd860b561ec6f51cf8e4cd3ecc6.jpg        William Vest  450058-seanbeannn222.jpg.86cb2ecb53ed874e406d31f365a2ceda.jpg


Syv Vest  476217566_SevenWest.thumb.jpg.aa983b6572bef04f0ba27258e349e5ed.jpg    Jax Vest  967660795_JaxWest.thumb.jpg.63cfe7c0ac8a3ad381332899c2ba819f.jpg





Yiva Vest


height- 5'11 (180.4 cm)
weight- 145lbs (63.5 kg)

CP 60 +5


7              14 Body Stat

4              8 Mind

5              10 Soul


4              4 Attack Mastery

4              4 Defense Mastery

4              4 Combat Technique (Brutal, Lethal Blow, Lightning Reflexes 2)

1              4 Extra Actions

1              1 Heightened Awareness

2              3 Skill Group  (Adventuring)

1              3 Skill Group (Detective)

1              3 Skill Group (Military)

1              1 Skill Group (Occupation – Commercial Fishing)

1              2 Skill Group (Social)

3              3 Tough


Shortcoming - 2 Soul Stat (Empathy -4 dice roll)


Base Combat Value – 5

ACV – 9

DCV – 9


Health Points – 90

Energy Points – 45


Damage Multiplier- 5


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Kazuya Hirota is one of the Academy's promising students, despite a slightly rebellious nature.   Born to two employees of FHI, He loves all of Aoshima, and is a fun loving young man.   He registered in the Academy's pilot program, and the Marines program, which he calls his "Physical training."   He dreams of flying, and enjoys recreational powergliding as a major past-time, having even won several competitions. The entire family loves to go camping, and often many of their vacations are spent doing so.


Reiko Hirota- Reiko is Kazuya's mother, and a works in the Xenobiological Research branch for FHI.  She is one of the rare people certified to work with the big cats of Aoshima, going so far as to have actually helped set up a preserve for the cats.   While it is illegal to take any of them as domestic pets, it still happens, even with all the diligent regulations.   These animals are taken young, and have shown to be next to impossible to rehabilitate to the wild.  The Center she manages is one of the only facilities for these animals to even try to do this, and in the last ten years, they have had actual success in doing so.  This is credited to Reiko.

Ardan Hirota- Kazuya's father. He works as Captain of one of FHI's Crisis response teams.  These teams are mostly security forces, each of the teams are usually fifty to seventy-five men.  They are a rapid response and deployment force, trained in security ops, asset containment, and counterintrusion.  Ardan is a tough, gruff man, and one of a handful of men to survive an unarmed encounter with one of Aoshima's wild cats.


Tomas Hirota- younger brother 17- named for Ardan's best friend, Tomas is his father's perfect little soldier. He argues alot with his elder brother, not understanding why he rebels, and is jealous of his natural talents.  He maintains excellent grades with hard work, and is already trying to line up a scholarship through the military program to go into security for FHI like his father.

Arisa Hirota- younger sister- The intellectual, and youngest of the three children. At only 15, she's already close to the required credits to graduate the Academy's highschool program.  She excels in technical and scientific exercises, much preferring machines to humans. She isn't much for the great outdoors like most of her family, with the exception of the family camping trips.   She much prefers to be indoors on her computer, or tinkering with various projects.  








Name- Kazuya Hirota
height- 6'2
weight- 180lbs

Body 7  
Mind 5  
Soul 6  

Attack Combat Mastery  3 
Defense Combat Mastery 3 
Extra Actions 1 
Combat Techniques 4  Lightning reflexes 2 judge opponent Weapon Encyclopedia
Tough  2 
Mulligan 1 
Skill group (military)    1 
Skill group (Academic)    1 
Skill group (Social)      1 
Skill group (Domestic)    1 
Skill group (Technical)   1 
Skill group (Adventuring) 1 




Defects 1 nightmares 1
total points 66





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Body - 6

Mind - 5

Soul - 5


Tough - 2

Energized - 1

Attack Mastery - 3

Defensive Mastery - 2


HP - 75

EP -60



Combat Techniques: 4 (Judge Opponent, Lightning Reflexes x 2, Weapon Encyclopedia)

Connected: 1 (Academy)

Extra Actions: 1

Features: 4 (Light Sleeper, Appearance,  Time Sense, Direction Sense)

Heightened Awareness: 2

Heightened Sense: 1 (Hearing)

Skill Group: 2 (Military)

Skill Group: 2 (Academic)

Skill Group: 1 (Social)

Skill Group: 1 (Domestic)

Skill Group: 1 (Artistic)

Skill Group: 1 (Business)



Red Tape: 1 

Obligated: 1 (Academy)

Phobia: 1 (Catoptrophobia - Fear of Mirrors)

Phobia: 1 (Hemophobia - Fear of Blood)



Raymond Mills is a young man who knows what he wants, and who he is. He grew up the son of an entertainer and a teacher. His father, Kyle Mills, was a singer of no small renown on Earth. However, he decided it was time to move on, and signed on with Fujiwara to entertain the workers and their families. Once he arrived, he fell in love with the world and it's beauty. He began his "work" and for years was fulfilled and happy. He even met his wife, Rachel, on Aoshima when he began teaching music at the academy. She was an already established teacher in the field of History. They dated for a while and then got married. Over the course of the first few years of the marriage, they remained childless by choice. Once the decision was made to bring new life into this world, things got a little hectic. First, Raymond was born. Raymond was a big child, not fat but tall. He was also gifted with a heightened sense of hearing. He used this gift to learn a couple of instruments like his father. Unlike his father, he played drums, and bass guitar, whereas his father was a singer, and played acoustic guitar as well as trumpet.  His sister was born a few years later. She was a bit of an odd child. Claire always felt the need to be different, which led her to adopt an extremely anachronistic style of dress. However, she was still very sharp and personable. Her main focuses at the academy has been History and Psychology. Raymond is very protective of Claire.


Raymond is in his final year of training to be an Aerospace Fighter Pilot, focused in the C.A.S. mission. His gregarious nature, attractive face, skill in all aspects of the aircraft, and sharp mind have led some higher-ups to heap additional responsibilities upon him. They did this to prepare him for an eventual officer role. He has taken these extra duties as the blessings they were intended as, but sometimes the burdens they really are come through. 


Raymond is a strong-willed 21 year old kid, who is 1.89 meters tall and 82kg. His hair is a spikey mess, but it is still relatively short so it can fit under his helmet. His eyes are blue-green, and his hair is blonde. When not on duty or at the training facility, Ray wears dark beat up jeans, one of a few racing shirts (usually open, with a shirt on underneath), a messenger bag hangs across his body and he is rarely seen without an energy drink in hand or near by. 


Kyle Mills:Kyotoku_Jiro.png.67ccc54fd7e81ff139c6d5819f527e1b.png


Rachel Mills: Inko_Midoryia_Past_Anime.png.f40c1987b94cf64b3e4a580b12a59327.png



Claire Mills:717-7170304_anime-imanishi-tooru-satelight-girly-air-force-girly.thumb.png.7156c62053c0f89c17366527846c5b0b.png


Ray Mills: d5bf86e485e1616b4580f385a18a47cb.jpg.83885abdc07a272fb5a299595b408808.jpg

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1748819555_SquidgeSalute.jpg.7bedd349251868f2b9215d28f574b1ca.jpgName: Annabeth 'Squidge' Telleson
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Height: 5' 6"
Point Level: 60


Anna's of middling height, kind of scrawny, with short auburn-brown hair. She needs glasses to read, but often casually leaves them off, as she can see at longer distances just fine. A late-bloomer physically, she's still rather self-conscious about her appearance and tends to wear very covering clothes.



Beth is a firecracker, peppy and impulsive and smart as a whip. Though she sometimes is a bit aimless between projects, once she's set her mind on something she has a huge drive to see it through. Preparing to go to school on Aoshima she had to undergo months of physical therapy to get ready for constant gravity exposure along with psychological conditioning to get used to wide open spaces and sky. With all that, she's more than committed now to getting through her classes!



Having grown up in the gas giant and asteroid mines of Aoshima's Mid-System Resource Consortium (MSRC) control zone, Annabeth is used to tight spaces full of machinery. Navigating in microgravity, recognizing and reacting to anything that sounds remotely like an atmosphere breach, and hearing or spotting any mechanical irregularity in the life support systems are second nature to her. Native curiosity led her to explore any outpost or ship her family was posted to, finding any nook or cranny and setting up impromptu 'workshops' where she could bring spare parts or broken things to learn their workings. Her mother, an astrogeologist, and father, one of the transit pilots and rig operators, had a tough time keeping up with her...but when she started bringing home working gear they both realized Anna needed more, and better, education than she could get at MSRC.


Family Album


                                  Mom                                                                                                                                                                                                          Dad



STATS (36)
Body 5
Mind 7
Soul 6


Attack Combat Value: 6
Defense Combat Value: 6
Health Points: 55
Energy Points: 65
Damage Mult: 5


Unarmed (normal)


Combat Technique 3
- Concealment
- Portable Armoury
- Weapons Encylopedia
Companion (20pts) 8
Gear 2
- 3-5 pieces
Items 10
- DRUID (Data Access (100m) 4, Features (Comms, Data Recording) 2) 5
- Hoverboard (Flight (Skim) 1, Feature: Tracking Device) 2
- Hologlove (Projection 2) 3
Skill Groups 10
- Academic +1 1
- Technical +3 6
- Scientific +1 3


Shortcoming (Strength) -2
Easily Distracted (Cool gadgets) -1
Phobia (Mild, Immersion in water) -1

Total: 65/65




Helpbot (20pts)


STATS (22)
Body 4
Mind 4
Soul 3


Attack Combat Value: 1
Defense Combat Value: 3
Health Points: 35
Energy Points: 35
Damage Mult: 3


Control Environment (light) 1
Feature (Internal Computer, Comms, Tools (Mechanic)) 3
Flight 1 (10kph) 3
Resilient (Airborne Toxins, Disease, Lack of Air, Poisons; All Complete -4) 16
Skill Groups 2
- Technical +1 2


Inept Attack (-2) -2
Ism (Not considered a person by most, but property) -4
Marked (not concealable; is small robot drone) -3
Reduced Damage (-2) -6
Shortcoming (Strength) -2
Small Size -10


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“You wouldn't like me when I'm angry. Not quite the same way at least.”


Name: Annette Hess       Player: Exile Jeane          Home Colony: Miranda

Age: 20      Height: 5'9    Weight: 125 lbs                Sex: Female


Appearance: Brown-haired and red-eyed with an oft-excited flush in her cheeks, Annette has a rangy build with the lean muscles of an athlete and the scarred knuckles of someone who took up boxing from an early age to burn off her restless energy. She tends to dress down for the practical occasion as well as her image as a 'not giving a shit' musical rebel.


Personality: Passionate and outgoing, she likes what she likes and really doesn't like what she doesn't like. In either event, you'll know where you stand with her. She'll dial back for formal school time, but her love of distant Miranda is a beacon burning just below her skin.


History: Miranda is a world in the fringe of human colonization, one of the (comparatively) richest and most developed of it's kind thanks to a fortuitous placing between several systems rich in mineral ores and others rich in the food-bearing worlds to feed those miners. Add in a population that remembered exactly how being a friendly hub halfway between two distant places can generate wealth, and Miranda was off to the races. Being a marketplace for ideas as well as commerce, the rebellion found fertile soil and easy passage to other would-be dissident spheres far from Terra's 'iron grip'.


Annette Hess was born in this place, eldest child of Adrien and Marionette Hess, older sister to two twin siblings Maria and Joan Hess who came along ten years later. They had a comfortable middle class life, buoyed up her father's software development expertise and her mother's painting. She was encouraged in her own musical interests from an early point. Boxing lessons granted as a form of unspoken compensation for helping to take care of her surprise twin siblings. A nice extended family, too, a pedigree including some of the more infamous dead Mirandan heroes.


And then, at fifteen, catastrophe.


Her father received a job offer from Fujiwara Heavy Industries, an offer that he accepted for both the money and a desire to get his family off Miranda before the next hot war sparked off there. The disconnect from her circle of friends and wider family shocked Annette, made her angry even as they relocated coreward to Aoshima and it's capital Aoshima City. Everything was awful. The food! The people! The weather! The Music! Ugh. Okay, maybe not the weather and some of the other immigrant kids were cool, but still. Partially as a dare, partially as an chance to prove Aoshima was as culturally devoid as she knew it was, she set up her socials and put out some of her Mirandan remixes.


And got a mostly positive response. Huh.


Still off balance from that surprise, when she got her letter from Corbulo Academy with an offer for admittance, Annette, with a bit of tuned 'If you're so good, prove it to them.' reverse psychology from her parents, said yes. Not that she's a model student by any means, being called into the Headmaster's office multiple times for defending the honor of Miranda with her fists outside of combat practice. She's found a nice little clique of outsiders to hang out with, spinning together a nice amateur band that gets her enough to hold her back if someone presses her buttons. A nice little plan B post-Academy if a tour as a shuttle pilot couldn't get her off planet soon enough.




Body: 7 Mind: 5 Soul: 6

CV: 6 MACV:8 MDCV: 8 DM: 5

HP: 75 EP: 45



*Love is a Battlefield (Combat Technique 2 (Deflection, Judge Opponent))

*Protect your Head (Melee Defense Mastery 1)

*Lead with your Left (Melee Attack Mastery 1, Weapon: Trained Pugilist)

*Take it on the Chin (Tough 1)

*Pride of Miranda (Features 4 (App 2 (Beauty), Perfect Pitch)

*Trained Pugilist (Weapon 3)

*Mirandan Power Ballads (Inspire 3 (Singing))


Skill Groups

*Shuttle Pilot in Training (Military 2) (6)

*Lead Singer in the Verbing Nouns (Artistic 4) (4)

*History of the Rebellion (Academic 2) (2)

*Proud Mirandan Descendant (Social 1) (2)



*The Heart Wants What it Wants (Social Fault 2 (Impulsive))


Points: 65/65 Size: Medium Templates: N/A


*Body 7 (14)

*Mind 5 (10)

*Soul 6 (12)

*Combat Technique 2 (Deflection, Judge Opponent) (2)

*Melee Defense Mastery 1 (1)

*Melee Attack Mastery 1 (1)

*Tough 1 (1)

*Features 3 (App 2 (Beauty), Perfect Pitch) (3)

*Weapon 3 (6)

*Inspire 3 (Singing) (3)

*Military Skill Group 2 (6)

*Artistic Skill Group 4 (4)

*Academic Skill Group 2 (2)

*Social Skill Group 1 (2)

*Social Fault 2 (-2)


The Hess Family



Adrien Hess

49 years old, Adrien Hess is a software programmer of no small renown on Miranda, enough so merit a recruiting call from Fujiwara. Here he's in a much larger pond, one, to his relief, mostly devoid of the rebellious sentiments that's gotten more then a few of his family members killed. He's engaged in some hush hush projects at work, so tends to focus his relatively scant home hours on connecting with his family, losing a few more hairs every time his eldest daughter's temper gets her in trouble with school and local authorities.



Marinette Hess


45 years old, Marinette Hess is a stay-at-home mom and independent painter/sculptor. The balance of the two roles in her life has shifted back and forth as the tides of inspiration and artistic fashion leave her more or less busy in any given season. This has led her to lean on Annette as a demi-parental figure to the twins who showed up so much later in their lives. She worries about this in the dark hours of the morning when she can't sleep.


Maria and Joan Hess


Nine years old and much less effected by the move to Aoshima, the twin siblings love their older sister and her music, at least that which their mutual parents feel is age appropriate for them to listen to. Not above good-natured mischief by any means, they show more of their parent's raw intellect then their big sister, probable future Academy recruits in their own right.


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