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Absolute Power Character Thread


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                                                *Hyper* screenshot_2022-03-30-18-04-08.jpg.1d5b0e705807bd50111b2f6850b0ceb5.jpg


Name: Kelly Kirk 

Gender: Female   

Race: Human

Height: 5' 8


Point Level: 140


Description: Kelly is an attractive woman in her early thirties, tall, slender, and fit. She exudes health and energy. Reddish Blond hair worn short, blue eyes. She dresses fashionably casual most of the time or in business attire, but not to any extravagant degree. She is more comfortable in a flight suit than she would be in a dress.


Personality: Kelly is Determined. Kelly gets what she wants. In professional situations she is direct and aloof would rather avoid small talk and take care of the matters at hand. Socially she is a bit more effusive, a beer or six with the boys after a hard days work, back yard BBQ’s are more her thing than partying at dance clubs or the usual nightlife. In private she is caring and loyal, but there is a unwillingness to commit to any long-term relationship.


Background: Kelly comes from a non-standard broken home. Her parents are successful and wealthy, her Mother a politician, her father an Industrialist in the Elon Musk vein. They divorced when she was 6 and both remarried by the time she was a teen. She lived alternately with both until she graduated Highschool and left for collage. Since then, she has been estranged from both sets parents


She attended Annapolis graduating in the top 5% of her class with a degree in Aerospace Engineering. She was commissioned into the navy where she underwent aviator training becoming a carrier pilot and eventually a test pilot at the Naval Air Station Patuxent River. In total,  she flew for the navy for 8 years before transferring to NASA Test Flight at Edwards Airforce Base.


As a NASA Test Pilot she worked on the X-58 and X-60 Hypersonic Aircraft though she never flew either. Her work paid off though when the latest iteration in the X program resulted in the X-64 Sub-Orbital Hypersonic Plane, which at the time was the most sophisticated and capable aircraft ever built. She was chosen as one of the test Pilots to fly the newest aircraft.


She flew two of the 6 test flights of the X-64 and 1 of the X-64B. It was during the X-64B test flight that a freak accident destroyed the aircraft almost killing Kelly but instead of her dying she was transformed into a meta-human with superspeed powers. Her acquisition of powers is known to a select few who are sworn to secrecy, and she uses her power under the guise of the superhero known as *Hyper*.








Template Third Degree Speedster

LEVEL POINTS STAT                         Effective Level after Augment

8             16           Body Stat                             12

7              14           Mind Stat                            12

6              12           Soul Stat



            4             Attack Mastery (+4 Attack Combat Value)

4              8              Augmented (+4 Body)

5              10           Augmented (+5 Mind)

            6              Combat Technique (Brutal, Flanking Defense, Lightning Reflexes 2, Rush Attack, Steady Hand)

            4             Defense Mastery (+4 Defense Combat Value)

10           10           Energized (+100 ep)

2             8             Extra Actions (2 Extra Attacks/round)

4              16           Force Field (40 Armor, Regenerating) Limiter – Dependent on Superspeed

2             2             Heightened Awareness (+4 roll bonus to awareness)

2              2              Skill Group ( Academic)

2              6              Skill Group (Military)

3              3              Special Movement (Balance Cat Like, Fast)

4             3              Special Movement ( Wall-Crawling 2, Water-Walking 2)

                                Limiter – Dependent on Superspeed                      

6             15           Superspeed (30,000 kph)

                                Limiter – Depletes EP at level 1 (10ep per minute)


139        TOTAL POINTS


Base Combat Value – 10

ACV – 14

DCV – 14


Health Points – 90

Energy Points – 190


Damage Multiplier- x5


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Name: Doug Kener

Hero Name: Springboard

Ht: 5’10”/6”2”

Wt: 190lbs/220lbs

Age: 30

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Black


Doug was born to the Kener family and grew up wanting for little. His father was a diamond merchant, and his mother was a stay-at-home mom. He was a bit of a mama’s boy, hanging on her every word. His father took notice of this and tried to toughen him up with martial arts lessons. The lessons didn’t stick at first, but then he found a traditional Thai kickboxing school in a neighborhood just a few stops away from his home on the Underground. He was one of the few white students, most being South-east Asian. He studied Torah when his father forced him to, but on his own time, he began lessons at the school. Once he was proficient with more than just the basics, he was tired of the Torah lessons his father still forced on him. He began talking back to his father in his last year of high school. His grades had put him in the top 5% of his class, earning him a scholarship to NYU, a school in a city on the opposite coast. He decided to major in business, with a minor in communications.


He was still on the outs with his father, and so he didn’t really have any spending money for things outside of schoolbooks, food, and clothes. One of the things he did to make any money was to volunteer for the engineering and science department’s experiments that didn’t sound too outlandish. On one occasion, a physics doctoral student was conducting an experiment with the unleashing of kinetic energy transfer from potential energy. She did this by channeling energy into a small orb kind of like a red rubber playground ball, and “throwing” the ball at the volunteer who would record their observations of the transfer of energy from ball to themselves. After quite a few iterations of this test with different forms of energy being used, Doug began to experience unusual incidents. His strength began to increase very quickly, and his speed, though lagging, was still astonishing. He slowly began   to become less round in the middle and started to consider joining an athletics team. His practice of Thai kickboxing was still going on as well, although it was harder to make the time for it aside from weekends. He graduated from the university with a high g.p.a., but not perfect. Towards the end of his schooling, he was stronger than anyone else on campus, but still not superhuman. His full powers had not been activated yet.


After leaving school, Doug began a career as a stock trader of a prestigious firm in the city the school was in, preferring to stay as far away from his home as possible. After a couple of years, he was a very highly respected trader, and he was making a good living. One of the perks of the job was generous vacation time and good medical insurance. During his first few years with the firm, Doug met and fell in love with a bank manager from near his workplace named Dawn.  He eventually proposed to her at the heart of the New York Stock Exchange, just before the opening bell. As a couple, they began taking trips to the Caribbean and Southeast Asia, once even going to Alaska on a cruise.


One day, while on a trip to Coney Island, Doug was caught up in a severe thunderstorm, with lightning shooting across the sky and from sky to ground. One of the more powerful bolts landed within 5 meters of where he was. This bolt’s energy, though dissipating through the ground, still managed to reach Doug. He screamed, but it was cut off as he fainted. When he was awakened, he found himself in a hospital bed, but with no marks on his body. It seemed that somehow, the electricity affected the odd energies his body had been subjected to as a student and awakened his potential powers. Once he was awake, and against medical advice, he left the hospital, brimming with energy and nearly floating on air. He began to work out, using his full strength from his college days, but it seemed his strength had increased nearly tenfold. He accidentally wrecked a couple of Gym machines before he figured out, he may have superpowers. Upon figuring out this key fact, he tried to reach out to the physics student that ran the “Dodgeball” experiment as he had taken to calling it. Unfortunately, Doug was unable to find any information or even identity of the person behind the experiment.


Once he determined that his powers were based on kinetic energy, he tested them as best he could. Over the 5 years since then, Doug, now known as the hero, Springboard, carved out a name for himself as a talented and smart protector. About 2 years ago, he was given the opportunity to join the Guardians, and he leapt at the chance. Since then, he has been a hard worker, taking on most foes with a smile. Occasionally his wife is targeted by opponents, but they seem to have not figured out his true identity yet, just that they are connected in some way.




Look: screenshot_2022-04-08-17-48-56.jpg.e43174b4d8a2ee1052fd26c6a99fd24b.jpg


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Nkitsune__by_cran_julian_da8q05i-fullview.thumb.jpg.88cc3a2ddeec4dcb9e7caea3245f24b2.jpgame: Ichimura Sachiko

Hero Name: Kitsune

Ht: 5’5"

Wt: 117lbs

Age: 22

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black


Description: Sachiko is a young woman of Japanese descent, the daughter of first-generation immigrants. She is petite in height and build, with long, straight black hair she wears either loose or in a tail. She often wears glasses, dresses sensibly but fashionably, and has a friendly but no-nonsense demeanor.


As Kitsune her precise appearance can vary wildly, but she tends to incorporate recognizable elements. Foremost among them is the presence of the kitsune noh mask that covers her face in this guise. The mask often is made to seem to animate, blinking or moving its mouth and ears to speak or express emotions. She often throws in two or more large, bushy fox tails as well, or various weapons both ancient and modern. Garb is just as variable, ranging from colorful kimonos or yukata up through black and grey clothing suitable for stealth and sneakery.


Background: Kitsune burst onto the scene seemingly out of nowhere rather recently, assisting Night Arrow in a bust of a small cabal of supervillains. This intervention, from interviews with both heroes, was not planned and came about when Sachiko was tracking down one of the villains involved...the 'dark power' Shadow Witch...for personal reasons and found herself inadvertently up to her gills in a big burly brawl already in progress. Despite this early collaboration, Night Arrow and Kitsune didn't hit it off very well, and they have not worked together again since.


Even so, Kitsune was inspired by that impromptu team-up to look for more sociable companions to partner up with! As a powerful and skilled photokinetic - a psychic who has the power to psionically generate and control light itself - she has a lot to offer a team. Images to confuse enemies and conceal friends. Blinding flashes of light, and of course...the crown jewel of her powers, a psychically created laser beam! In addition to her powers, Sachiko is highly skilled in gymnastics and acrobatics, and hides a toned body under her frumpy clothes. Truly a hero's hero, try Kitsune in your super-team today!





Character Name: Sachiko Ichimura
Super Name: Kitsune
Age: 22

Point Cost: 140/140

Body: 6 (12)
Mind: 7 (14)
Soul: 5 (10)

Stats Point Total: 36


Attack Combat Value: 8/10
Defense Combat Value: 8/10
Damage Multiplier: 5

Health Points: 65
Energy Points: 60


Attributes: 75+14+10+9
Control Environment (Light, Dark) 2, 2
Sensory Block (Sight, Area 2, 10m radius) 1 (3), 3
Projection (Several Projections) 3 (5), 15
Undetectable (Sight, Infrared, Ultraviolet) 4, 8
Immunity (Light) 3, 9
Supersense (Infrared Sight, 100m) 2, 2
Weapon (laser; Range 3, Flare: Sight 1, Indirect 2) 9 (15), 30
- Alt Weapon (flashbang, Range 2, Area 1, Flare Sight 2, Flare Hearing 2) -1 (6), 6


Skill Groups 14
- Academic 2, 2
- Artistic 2, 2
- Social 2, 4
- Street 2, 4
- Technical 1, 2


Acrobatics 10
Attack Mastery 2, 2
Defense Mastery 2, 2
Combat Technique (Lightning Reflexes 1, Flanking Defense) 2, 2
Heightened Awareness (+2) 1, 1
Jumping (x3) 1, 1
Special Movement (Balance, Cat-Like) 2, 2


Just That Good 9
Ranged Attack (Photokinesis) 1, 1
Ranged Defense (Personal) 1, 1
Features (Appearance, Foreign Language: Japanese, Ambidexterity, Low Light Vision, 360 deg vision) 2, 2
Combat Technique (Portable Armory) 1, 1
Gear 2, 2
Mulligan (2 rolls) 1, 1
Tough (+10) 1, 1


Defects: -4
Skeleton in the Closet -2
Obligation -2


- Motorcycle
- Lockpicks
- Police baton (Weapon 2, Stun, non-penetrating)
- Light Body Armor (AR 20, localized 1)
- Radio Communicator


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 Name- Cameron Ian Thorssen
Hero name- Tempest
Age- 27
Height- 6'3
Concept- The Living Storm


I always loved stormy weather.   My Dad was a superhero who went by the name   "Tempest"    He was on TV, and nobody was a bigger fan of him than me.   

From early on, I wanted to study the weather,  what most call a boring job.  It might be, but it's vital.   Knowing what to expect from the weather affects so many lives, and can save so many lives.   

That was important to dad, so much so, that he never quit being a paragon, right up until Cancer finally killed him.   His Death hit Mom and I hard, but we got past it, and I went on to college, I got my degree, and followed my dream, becoming a Meteorologist for Channel 6 news here in San Francisco. 

Up until six years ago, i lead a perfectly normal life for a native Californian, though i'm not nearly as liberal as many people my age.   Still, six years ago, I was visiting my mother, and she presented me with a pendant that had been my Father's.  It was shaped almost like a mix of anchor and hammer.   She had thought it lost, and with how much he meant to me, she knew it was important for me to have it.   I took the Pendant and put it on, and it felt warm against my skin.

That night was right up there with the most pivotal of my life.

The Pendant spoke, and revealed itself to me as an ancient artifact, said to give the bearer access to all the elements of the Storm.  It was an heirloom to my paternal bloodline, passed down generation to generation, for nearly all of recorded history.  As it had finally come to me, I was given the choice, to accept its power and the responsibilities this entailed, or to live on, and the pendant would find its next bearer.

I accepted, heartily, and the power of the storm flowed into me.   The next day, I found I could use some of the very same powers my father had, and that the pendant had vanished, or at least appeared to.  It had merged with me, to become a conduit to the forces of the Primal energies of the Storm itself.

I took up my Father's name, and all that came with it, Becoming Tempest when suited up, and I fight crime, and do what I can to keep the peace, and warn of any major weather disturbances that may affect the Bay area.

Roughly two years ago, I was recruited by Darkarrow to join the Guardians, and I couldn't have felt more honored by that.  






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Charlotte "Rosette" Daunt




Player: Exile Jeane     Nationality: American   Age: 27   Height: 5'6/6'2    Weight: 120 lbs/169 lbs   Sex: Female


Appearance: Red-haired in both her mundane and super-powered guises, Charlotte dresses with an eye towards comfortable style in her civilian form, maintaining her approachability. Her super human form, assumed in a flash of red-light when duty calls, scales up her athletic frame to an amazonian stature with bright gold eyes complete with an innate costume: black-and-red 'battle skirt', leggings, cape, and a metal scythe almost as tall as she is.


Personality: Hardworking and outwardly cheerful, Charlotte always has time for a quick smile for her public. That smile hides an almost-insane determination in her heroic duties, a willingness to hurl herself into the path of danger to protect those who won't come back from fatal hit. That's what super heroism is about, isn't it?


History: When Charlotte Daunt, only child of California-dwelling couple Micheal and Sarah Daunt, found herself and her car hurtling into a tree at 11 o'clock one rainy Saturday night eve, she thought her 21 year long life was over. An Oregon State University Music degree she could have put a smidge more effort into? Done. Just blooming musical aspirations? Silenced. Fangirlish interest in the super hero community? Buried. Broken relationship with her parents? A study in regrets unresolved.


And then a miracle. Time stopped. Raindrops froze in midair. She opened one eye cautiously and... held her breath waiting for the other shoe to drop. That shoe dropped quickly. A low rumbling voice in her ear asked her a question, “Do you want to live?”


Charlotte said, “Yes.”


Time resumed, and with it her car's fatal momentum into the treeline. There was a moment of pain, and Charlotte died. Unlike most in her situation, she woke up again. This time in a rose garden under a cloudy sky. A maze of roses she'd learn was always in bloom and looped back in on itself if she wandered too far in any direction. She didn't have too much time to be confused, the rumbling voice appearing in her ear directing her to a corner of the fragrant maze and a metallic scythe sticking out of the ground.


A not-so-gentle command from the voice in her head urged her to take it, and Charlotte did, mind flooding with information and body flooding with power. This Maze was the Bowery. The Bowery belonged to the voice in her ear, the Gardener, an old old thing in no way human. The Gardener needed an Agent to enact The Duty of patrolling the dimensional hinterlands from outside incursions. And in saying yes, Charlotte had made herself that Agent, bound to the Bowery as long as the Gardener needed her and she proved able. No information was shared of the last to bear the thrumming staff in her hands.


She could only hope that they'd passed happily. Super heroes occasionally did that, right?


Mind reeling, Charlotte belatedly noticed that this new power came with an amazonian makeover and a costume, shock releasing the transformation and returning the scythe to thin air. A tingling in her fingers combined with morbid curiosity had her recall both as she laughed brokenly to herself. The Gardener's voice ordered her to go, foreign nerve impulses overriding her own and bringing the scythe around to rend reality for the first of many times, opening a door between here and there that ignored what lay between.


Charlotte returned to Earth, physically unharmed, a miraculous survivor of a very strange accident. She threw herself into life with a redoubled enthusiasm. Her musical talents chanced into a recording contract with Golden Records, starting her on the way to a small taste of success that she's nurtured over the following six years into a musical career. Around the same time, her super heroic persona of Rosette made it's debut, taking on a mugger. That side of her life went... Less well, the Gardener occasionally directing her to take on foes much much outside of her weight class, either unaware or uncaring she ended up defeated or worse a half-dozen times as she learned the ropes of the superhero trade. She developed a rep as a fearless fighter with a tendency to 'disappear' in a burst of rose petals when overwhelmed, especially among those heroes who dealt with the weirder shadowside of the super heroic life.


The two halves of her life are bound together by her Golden Records Agent, Robert Rehshaw, the only person she's confided the full details of her double life to outside her parents. It was at his worried urging and the good experiences of Tempest that the reincarnating redhead accepted an invitation to join the Guardians from Artemis after moving to the city of San Francisco.


It couldn't get her killed more frequently, could it? Could it?!?




Body: 8 Mind: 6 Soul: 10

ACV: 10 DCV:10 DM: 5

HP: 120 EP: 120



*Strong Vines, Deep Roots (Tough 3) (3)

*Rich Sap, Vibrant Blooms (Energized 5) (5)

*From the Bower Reborn (Reincarnation 3 w/ Difficult to Stop Enhancement 3: Up to a Day, body reforms inside the Bowery) (12)

*Red Like Roses (Pocket Dimension 5, the Bowery) (5)

*Crimson Petal Gateway (Portal 4 w/ Duration 2:1 Hour, Earth to Bowery, Bowery to Earth, Earth to Blind Eternities, Blind Eternities to Earth) (12)

*Crimson Petal Smash (Weapon 4 w/ Multidimensional and Muscle) (12)

*Thorny Shortcut (Teleport 2 w/ Targets 1: 2 Targets) (9)

*Stone Breaking Roots (Superstrength 2) (8)

*Not This Time (Defense Mastery 2) (2)

*Thorns on a Rose (Attack Mastery 2) (2)

*Fruits of her Labor (Wealth 1, Musician) (3)

*Born to the Music (Features 5, Appearance 3 (Beauty), Perfect Pitch and Famous) (5)

*Under Contract (Connected 2, Golden Records) (2)

* I See You (Super sense 1, Cross Dimensional Sight) (1)


Skill Groups

*Teardrops on a Guitar (Artistic Skill Group, Musician 5) (5)

*Words to a Tune (Professional Skill Group, Songwriter 5) (5)

*Cape Watcher (Social Skill Group, Super Heroes 3) (3)

*Crimson Huntress Practice. (Street Field Skill Group, Criminals 3) (6)

*Gatewatch Mastery (Adventuring Skill Group, Other Planes 3) (9)



*Live. Die. Repeat. (Nightmares Moderate) (-2)

*Price of Fame (Hounded, Moderate Inconvenience) (-4)

*Strangling Roots Grapple (Obligation, Moderate, The Gardener) (-4)


Disguise Technique: Alternate Identity Transformation.


Points: 140/140 Size: Medium Templates: N/A


Tough 3 (3)

Energized 5 (5)

Reincarnation 3 w/ Difficult to Stop Enhancement 3, spirit reforms inside the Bowery (10),

Pocket Dimension 5, the Bowery (5)

Portal 4 w/ Duration 2: 1 Hour, Earth to Bowery, Bowery to Earth, Earth to The Winking Island, Earth to Blind Eternities, Blind Eternities to Earth (12)

Weapon 4 w/ Multidimensional and Muscle (12)

Soul 10 (20)

Body 8 (16)

Mind 6 (12)

Teleport 2 w/ Targets 1: 2 Targets (9)

Superstrength 2 (8)

Defense Mastery 2 (2)

Features 5, Appearance 3 (Beauty), Perfect Pitch and Famous (5)

Artistic Skill Group, Musician (5)

Professional Skill Group, Songwriter 5 (5)

Street Field Skill Group, Criminals 3) (6)

Adventuring Skill Group, Other Planes 3 (9)

Social Skill Group, Super Heroes 3 (3)

Nightmares Moderate (-2)

Hounded, Moderate Inconvenience (-4)

Obligation, Moderate (-4)

Wealth 1 (3)

Features 5 (5)

Connected 2 (Golden Records) (2)


Civilian Form




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