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Big Sky Katheryn Winnick Leather Jacket | Ujackets.com - 45% OFFPersonal Information

Real Name: Riley Jay Verges
Nicknames: RJ
Concept: Nuclear Engineer and Motorcycle Chick
Marital Status: Married

Known Relatives: Sabrina Andrews (Wife), Ricky Jay Verges(Father), Chrisann Verges (Mother), 1 brother and 1 sister, Sabrina has 2 brothers
Date of Birth: August 1st, 2001
Citizenship: United States
Home Region: New York
Occupation: Nuclear Engineer
Allegiance(s): Family, Friends

Physical Traits
Gender: Female
Ethnic Background: Caucasian (Ukrainian, Irish, German)
Age: 29
Apparent Age: Mid-Twenties
Height: 5'7''
Weight: 128 lbsimage.jpeg.0059a081b1cdced8b864ca7cabe2aebf.jpeg
Measurements: 36-24-36 (Bra size 32D)
Eyes: Blue-grey
Hair: Sandy Blond
Handedness: Left

Appearance (Played by Katheryn Winnick)
Riley is an attractive woman, a little taller than average with a svelte, balanced hourglass figure and tempestuous blue-grey eyes. She can glam it up for a night on the town or special occasions, but prefers to dress rugged casual with practical footwear, something easy to both move and work in. Tends towards minimal jewelry.


Riley's father was a combat engineer in the Army Corps of Engineers. They moved around a lot with his postings all over the US and Europe, mostly. She was outgoing, so while she made friends easily enough, she always kept them at a remove, since she knew she wouldn't be staying for more than a few years at best. With her father's career, she took an early interest in machinery and liked tinkering, but as she grew up, she got more interested in science and physics behind the mechanical.

When she graduated high school, she went to the university of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada for her degree in Materials and Nanosciences. She went wild for a bit with her first big taste of freedom and being on her own, got a couple of tattoos and into motorcycles, and almost dropped out in the first year. But she buckled down the next year, and managed to graduate with honours, while still maintaining a social life.

Afterwards, Riley went to MIT for a graduate degree in Nuclear Engineering. While studying there, she met Sabrina Andrews, who had a catering/baking business out of her home. They had their ups and downs, but by the time Riley earned her graduate degree, they were a committed couple. When Riley got a job working with the Gen IV reactor at Brookhaven National Laboratory, Sabrina moved with her. And a year later, they got married.

Riley and Sabrina are a happy couple. They have a house in Upton with most of the mortgage paid off. Riley is working towards a second PHD - goal of designing a working micro-reactor - while working at BNL, mostly taking the night shifts watching and working with the reactor because fewer people care about the rock and metal music she plays and she avoids the worse of the harsh sun. Works on and rides motorcycles in her free time. Sabrina moved her baking/catering business to Long Island, a small business with just a few employees, but they tend to do higher end, personal events. They have two dogs (Harley and Vincent) and three cats (Muffin, Cupcake, and Strudel) and no desire for children or to be free babysitters for their nieces and nephews.



Military Brat ●
Technology Expert ●
Pilot ●
BNL Employee ●

Attributes (Finesse Approach)
Force -- Intellect ●●●●, Might ●●, Presence  ●●●

Finesse -- Cunning ●●●●, Dexterity ●●●●, Manipulation ●●
Resilience -- Resolve ●●, Stamina ●●●, Composure ●●

Skills (Specialties)
Athletics  ●
Close Combat ●
Culture ●●
Enigmas ●
Integrity ●
Persuasion ●●
Pilot ●●● (Motorcycles)
Science ●●●●● (Materials Science)
Technology ●●●●● (Nuclear Engineering)

Skill Tricks
R&D Expert (Science)
Scientific Method (Science)


Danger Sense ●, Demolitions Training ●●●, Direction Sense ●, Hardy●●●,  Iron Will ●, Keen Sense ●● (Hearing, Touch), Lightning Calculator ●●, Ms. Fix-it ●●, Striking ●●, Weak Spots ● 

Starting XP - 40xp

+1 dot of Technology Expert Path - 18xp
+1 dot of Presence - 10xp
Skill Trick - Scientific Method (Science) - 3xp
+2 Dots of Hardy - 4xp
+1 Dot of Direction Sense - 2xp
+1 Dot of Demolitions Training - 2xp

Balance: 1
Total: 40xp

+1 dot of BNL Employee Path


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Personal Information

Real Name: Emily Scarborough                                                   s0_codef70169cf-c65e-4353-be2c-0978389b54d5_editor_result.thumb.jpg.2a76fefd7940c19eac630e5263f64b3e.jpg
Nicknames: Em
Concept:  Biologist
Marital Status: Single

Date of Birth: March 30, 1997
Citizenship: United States
Home Region: 
Occupation: Nuclear Biologist

Physical Traits
Gender: Female
Ethnic Background: Caucasian (Scottish, Scandinavian, German and French Ancestry)
Age: 34
Apparent Age: late twenties early thirties
Height: 5'11''
Weight: 128 lbs
Measurements: 34-26-34 (Bra size 32b)
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Red
Handedness: Right

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Name- James Connor MacLeod
Age- 27
Height 6'2
Weight- 200lbs
Eyes- Blue

James grew up in the military.  His father was a Army Ranger, and his mother a nurse.  They moved around frequently, going from base to base, never spending more than a year or two at any particular base, aside from the four years he spent in Okinawa from Age 7-11.  This has left James with few long-time friends, such as Mike Harcourt, but still, he keeps up with the ones he has.   

James would enlist in the Army at Age eighteen, serving two tours, mostly in the Middle East.  He was shot when saving the life of his Commanding officer, Samuel Drost, a relatively green Lieutenant at the time, early in his first tour.  After recovering, he returned to Duty, rising through the ranks up to Sargeant before being Discharged.   Following his Discharge he returned stateside, and got in touch with Mike Harcourt. A Security guard position had opened up at the Brookhaven National Laboratory, to which he applied, and Mike agreed to be a character reference. 

Perhaps not the best at being interviewed, James is a generally quiet man, his military background and spotless military record still stood him in good stead.   While he was quiet, he was intelligent, and a man who could be trusted.  He got the job, and has been working there for a Year.  

James lives alone, save for a trio of outdoor cats in a small two bedroom home, just outside the city.     He drives an older yet still good condition Toyota Tundra Pickup.  He can cook well enough to serve his own needs.   When he goes out, he has a preference for seafood.   He drinks socially, and is careful to not over-indulge, He leaves that to George Somers, a local hunting guide.  He's a minor conspiracy theorist, but a good man.   James has gone along several times with George and his family when they go camping, acting as a sort of big brother to George's four children.

James has several hobbies, loving camping, and fishing, the latter due to it being something his father loved to do.   From a young age he always had an affinity for Dinosaurs, like most young boys.    Thanks to his time in Japan as boy, he still speaks Japanese, and developed a love of Japanese anime and manga, which he still holds to this day.  He loves to play video games, though for the most part he sets a limit on how much time he devotes to it, much as his parents did when he was young.

james 1.jpg




Concept- Somewhat Awkward former soldier, now a security guard

short term aspiration- make more friends

Long term aspiration- Become head of security

origin-Military Brat 1 Command 1 Technology 1, Integrity 1
path contact- Mike Harcourt- a friend from childhood, they stayed in touch even as their families transferred from Base to base growing up.   They both Served in the Army.   After Service Mike became a police Detective in the Brookhaven Police Department

Society- Survivalist  1 Aim 1 Close Combat 1 Medicine 1 
path Contact- George Somers- Drinking and camping buddy.   One of the rare people he actually enjoys going out and drinking with, always good for another
conspiracy theory

Role- Combat Specialist 2   Aim 2 Athletics  2 Close Combat  2
path contact- Captain Samuel Drost- Former CO from the Army, still serving.   James saved his life back when he was a Lieutenant, forging a bond between the two.  

Path- BNL employee 1 (Command 1, Integrity 1, Science 1)
path contact- 

Edges- Danger Sense, Fast Draw, Always prepared, Direction Sense, Iron Will 1, Hair trigger reflexes, ambidextrous, swift, Free-running 1, Demolitions training 1, Keen Sense (sight), Photographic Memory 1, Striking, Sniper 3,  Precision Martial Arts 3 (knives), Hardy 1

Command 2
Integrity 3
Athletics 3
Aim 4
Close Combat 4
Medicine 1
Technology 1
Culture 1
Science 1
Survival 1
Empathy 1

Favored Approach - Finesse
Might 3
Dexterity 4
Stamina 3
intellect  3
Cunning  3
Resolve 3
Presence  2
Manipulation 2
Composure 2

Health   Bruised injured injured maimed

Defense 2

Intuitive 1
Destructive 1
Reflective 1

Inspiration 4

Known Languages- English, Japanese, how to swear in Arabic

Knee-Deep in Brass
On the Head of a Pin
Moving Target 
Eyes like a Cat

xp log 01/40
-18 path dot combat specialist
-06 Striking
-05 Empathy 1
-04 Sniper 3
-04 Precise Martial Arts 3
-02 hardy 1




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Real Name: Brett Smith                                                   
Concept:  Paramedic
Marital Status: Single

Date of Birth: March 21, 1995
Citizenship: United States
Home Region: Long Island
Occupation: Paramedic
Allegiance(s): BNL/CIHVAC

Physical Traits
Gender: Male
Ethnic Background: Caucasian (German, Polish, and Danish ancestry)
Age: 36
Apparent Age: Late 30's early 40's
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 190 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Handedness: Ambidexterous




 Brett was a strange young man. His father was a dentist, and his mother was a stay at home mom. They presented an outwardly middle-class suburban image. However, his mother was gripped with paranoia and delusions that world was going to be destroyed by an asteroid or other heavenly body within a couple of decades of Brett's birth. His father, who was a bit odd himself, played along with his wife's delusions and built a survival shelter and stocked it fully. Brett was required to join the Boy Scouts at a young age, and was being trained at home in basic and later advanced survival skills. After graduating high school, Bret attended a community college to help him decide what he wanted to do with his life. His gregarious personality, skill in basic medical procedures, and first aid certifications led to him being recruited by a Local Fire department as an EMT.

     Soon after deciding to join the Huntington Manor Fire Department, Brett came home one day and his parents were missing. He checked the survival shelter in the back yard, and found his mother and father shot, and dead. It eventually came out that his mother shot his father and then herself in a murder-suicide when her date of destruction failed to materialize. This led Brett into a deep depression, where the only thing keeping him going was his work. Members of his extended family worked hard to get Brett into therapy and better. 

     It was during this time that he met both Caleb and Michael Young. Caleb and Michael were drug addicts that Brett met through his work. He saved their lives a time or two with his medical knowledge and Naloxone injections. Caleb soon realized that the drugs were killing him and sought treatment. Michael, however, was unable to escape the life of an addict, just going deeper and deeper to get that high. Brett found Michael one day suffering from an OD of cocaine. He was unable to be saved by any medical intervention Brett applied. Tis moment forced Brett into a heightened state of awareness about his own mental state and allowed him to break free of the deepest part of his depression. 

     Brett, feeling he could no longer work in his home town, applied for a position at Brookhaven National Labs' emergency medical department. By this time, Brett had earned his Advanced Paramedic Certification. He soon was accepted to the BNL position, and he was glad to put his past behind him for the most part. Since then, he has been a model of professionalism in his department at BNL and his volunteer department in Central Islip. 



Character Name: Brett Smith

Player Name: Veral/Dozer

Concept: Volunteer Paramedic

Origin Path: Survivalist 1

Role: Medical Practitioner 2

Society Path: Volunteer Ambulance Corps 1

Extra Path: BNL Employee 1

Moment of Inspiration: Failed to save good friend from OD.




Aim: 2

Athletics: 1

Close Combat: 1

Command: 1

Culture: 0

Empathy: 2

Enigmas: 1

Humanities: 0

Integrity: 1

Larceny: 0

Medicine(First Aid): 4

Persuasion: 3

Pilot: 1

Science: 1

Survival(Navigation): 4

Technology: 0





Intellect: 2

Cunning: 3

Resolve: 3


Might: 3

Dexterity: 3

Stamina: 4


Presence: 2

Manipulation :3

Composure: 3


Finesse Focus


Path Contacts: 

June Okerlund (Park Ranger) 1

Dr. Rik Sutcliffe (Trauma Surgeon) 2

Caleb Young (Former Junkie) 1

John Battle (Emergency Services Commander) 1


Skill Tricks:

Medicine(Skill Trick: Quick Aid, Walking Wounded)

Survival(Skill trick: King of the Beasts, Without a Trace)



Always Prepared 1

Keen Sense (Hearing) 1

Iron Will 3

Ambidexterous 1

Tough Cookie 2

Skilled Liar 2

Deflection Adept 2

Direction Sense 1

Photographic Memory 1




The Late, Late Shift

Instant Diagnosis

Wilderness Guide

The Hook


Inspiration: 3


Destructive: 0

Intuitive: 2

Reflective: 1


Health Levels:







XP Log:

40 to spend:


18 for Med Practitioner Path 2(1 medicine, 1 survival, 1 empathy, Iron Will 2)

12 for Skill Tricks(1 medicine, 2 survival)

10 for Attribute(Composure 1)


0 remaining. 




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