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Adventurers in Rokugan: PCs and NPCs


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Name: Mirumoto Rin96bed9e5236691ddddc10aff2030d25b-d4y1l52.jpg.3f7712e41f8505fdacadf931dab51085.jpg


Gender: Female


Age: 21


Height: 5' 6''


Weight: 120 lbs


Hair: Dark Brown, Worn Shorter than normal for a girl


Eyes: Brown


Appearance: Rin is a bit tall for a girl and a little bit more curvy than the average with broad muscled shoulders and a large bosom. Her dark brown hair is worn much shorter than normal for a woman and her large brown eyes are  always sparkling with a glint of humor or mischief except when she is sad and they darken with unspent tears. While she is not ugly neither is she pretty, her nose is too large, her eyes are too far apart and she squints, her mouth is too wide and her lips thin and usually set in a scowl. She is a far cry from the ideal of beauty to which most Woman aspire too. Rin thinks herself to be very plain, if not ugly, but others seem find her appealing.


Having been raised in a decidedly non traditional way for a Samurai-ko, first by the old couple who were the caretakers at her mothers house and then by the Denizens of Togashi Castle until she left to join the Mirumoto school, she has a bit of trouble with the etiquette and manner of a Lady. While she can dress in the noble finery of her station she prefers simple clothing and will dress In her Jade Green Kimono with the Dragon Clan Symbol on its back and smaller Dragon symbols on the sleeve edges and Hakama, unless formality ordains other wise. She wears her Family Mon on her left over her heart and her Daisho, which were her mothers are always worn properly with reverence except when manners dictate otherwise. 


Since leaving the service of the Jade Magistrate Rin has become a wanderer. She dresses as a ronin and in many ways acts as one, though she tends to wander close to wherever the Prince may be as she still holds him as her master, even though He was forbidden to take her into his service by his father.


Personality: Rin was, in her youth, outgoing and gregarious. She is extremely brash and will take offense at the slightest hint of insult's to her, her family, her clan or her friends and will always demand apology or satisfaction. She is very Confident in her abilities and hotblooded to a fault. But she has a softer side as well. she will spend hours studying a flower, bird, or insect drawing it on papers in many different styles and will often color the the drawings which she saves in a small box which is always with her. In the past few years she has become dour and quick to take offense at even the slightest provocation. She is especially protective of peasants even against samurai.


Hair: Dark Brown, Half Shaved on the left side with  a dragon Tattoo coming up from her neck around her ear covering the shaved part.   Eyes: Brown


Mirumoto Rin's tattoos could not help but draw attention. She had several smaller tattoos on her legs and thighs, but on her back sat one of the most stunning piece of art any have ever seen. It was a depiction of a wasp, but tattooed with such skill that it nearly looked like a massive wasp was sitting on her back. And though you know it could not be, you would almost swear the tattoo moved time to time... repositioning legs, turning it's head, moving it wings... Surely just a clever trick by a talented tattoo artist. Surely...   Currently her hair is grown out covering most of the tattoo but the tail curling down her neck is still visible.




"You must understand that there is more than one path to the top of the mountain"


My father brought me to the mountain when I was five. It is the first memory I have that I can recall with clarity. But it is a memory with little context. There is the mountain. There is my father tattooed and naked save for sandal and loin cloth. And there is me. This is not to say that I do not remember my mother or the old couple who helped my mother raise me until father came to bring me home. After mother died. But those memories are distorted and sometimes seem to belong to another.


My mother, Mirumoto Tsukiko, moon child. They say that the image of a face of a loved one fades with time after they die. But not hers. I see my mother every time I see my own face, in the still waters when I bathe, in the reflection of my blades, once hers. In the eyes of my father and grandmother.


She was a warrior. A Mirumoto Bushi trained in the Niten, the way of our family. She was with child, me, during her last battle. If this were a hero's tale she would have died courageously in battle giving birth to me on the field of honor, instead the wound she took crippled her, she would never wield her swords again and walking was a painful torture for her remaining years. I was born a few months after the battle. She did not return home, instead she took up residence in a small village. We lived in a house that was quaint it had beautiful gardens and an older childless couple cared for us.


I remember people coming and going seeking advice and wisdom from my mother. They brought gifts or payment which I do not know. I remember my father visiting I did not know he was my father then, but I remember the Tattoos. The man of moving pictures and colors they fascinated me and even today the beauty and skill of the tattoo is a part of me. I remember him looking at me staring while I slept. He never spoke to me. I really do not know if what I remember was memory or dream.


I was a happy child but there was sadness in our house. My mother grew weaker, the pain consumed her from the wounds she had taken. She died. Some months after, the tattooed man came. He had come several time since I had been three, he spent time with mother and he watched me never speaking. I was frightened of him but the tattoos always brought me close, the colors and the way the pictures moved when he moved, I would forget the man and only see the moving pictures.


This time he crouched in front of me and spoke, "I am your father, and I am taking you home."


That was all he said. The old couple brought me a few things clothes my few prized toys and bid farewell. They promised to send my mothers things and handed the tattooed man, father, my mothers swords. And we left. I was four.


Our journey was long, I recall little except walking. Father did not slow his pace to accommodate a little girl child. I had to run to keep up and then tired would fall behind and have to run some more.

Walking and running that is my memory of the journey.


We came to the mountain. And my clear memory. Everything from that moment of us standing at the foot of the trail to now is my life.


"from one thing, know ten thousand things"


"I have brought the daughter of Mirumoto Tsukiko home." My father spoke in a quiet voice to the old wizened tattooed man. The old man did not even look at me kneeling nearby silent respectful, he simply took in a breath and looked at father waiting. Father cast his eyes downward but remained silent. A moment passed then two, then the old man spoke his voice strong and youthful despite his obvious age. "Hmmm, Mokoto, hmmm, Why do you bring the child to me and not her family?"


"She is my daughter as well Master"


"I see, hmmm," the old mans gaze fell on me, I kept my eyes cast down. "So, child are you Mirumoto or are you Togashi?"


I raised my eyes. "Can't I be both?"


The old man looked thoughtful "We shall see."



Mother had taught me as well as she could her weakness being as it had been. Most children enter their school at seven but they have been training toward it all their lives to that point in one way or another. I had not. I was behind the other children of my age. But I didn't know that for there were not other samurai children on the mountain my age only those who were 7 or older and in training at the togashi school.


Still I learned.


As fascinated as I was by the monks and as much as I enjoyed the sheer pleasure of learning and the mysteries they offered and the art of tattooing which I became adept at and practice to this day, but there were other things which held me away from taking the path of my father. I could hear the song of the steel when I watched the guards practice kenjustsu. It was not long before I knew that my blood and heart were Mirumoto that the Niten Way was my path.


"It is said the warrior's is the twofold Way of pen and sword, and he should have a taste for both Ways."


I returned to my mothers family. Her mother, my grand mother, was reserved at first but soon I was excepted. I offered them her swords. Grand Mother excepted them her eyes showing sadness and her gaze moist with unshed tears when she looked at my face, the face so like that of her lost daughter. I did not stay long for it was time for me to enter the Niten School, the school of two swords, to take my place among the Bushi.



My parentage was known to my peers and instructors and that I had spent the last two years in Togashi castle. They did not openly show disdain but I did not make friends and I was worked very hard, some of the instructors seemed to want me to fail. Whether this was because of my mother or father or just something about me I did not know. It changed suddenly the first day the new students trained with the  boken, the wooden practice swords.


All of my class mates had trained since they could walk in most cases by hopeful parents so they were familiar with the weapons and had in the worst case at least a grasp of the basics and many were already skilled. I had never held a sword in my life except to carry them during my journey with my father.


But the moment I held that sword even though it was made of wood I felt whole. I was seven years old and one second old at the same time. I listened and watched as instruction was given my fear of embarrassment vanished. I took the grip as they instructed but it didn't feel right so I adjusted. An instructor saw me shift my grip and came over shouting that I was doing it wrong until he saw that I had shifted naturally to an advanced grip that would not be taught for many lessons to come.


This was not the only surprise in store for my instructors nor me for that mater. Oh I made mistakes I was not perfect and I did not win every match I entertained. But I proved myself and the disdain I had received faded and a simple respect grew. I learned what was taught and I understood with out struggle and in the practice yard I moved with grace and cunning my speed and accuracy rarely matched and never surpassed by those in my own class. In fight I moved with ease and instinct and often I produced some move or trick that had not been taught. It was almost as if a silent hand guided me from time to time.


When not in the practice yard I studied. Texts written on swordsmanship and the arts of Kenjustsu. I practiced my tattooing first with drawings on parchment then I gave myself a few small tattoos which could be easily covered up and hidden. Eventually I gave some tattoos to those who became friends. We studied with our Sugenja brethren and I took an interest in the skill of mitsugusuri, the making of potions. I had asked knowledge of making inks for my tattooing and a woman who taught the skill instructed me in how to produce inks. When she saw my talent and skill she offered to show me how to make true potions which I accepted.


Years passed. The child became a girl and then a woman. A deadly Swordswoman.


I was proud, quick to temper. I took insult at the least slight and several times fights were involved. By the time I was sixteen and nearing graduation I was seldom the loser in these fights.


I was looking forward to graduating and my coming gempukku ceremony. Of taking my place and proving my worth. Like all such young brash warriors we think of ourselves as the best warriors and swordswomen who ever lived, in our minds we would be the equals of every legendary wielder of the Daisho and more.


On the day of graduation I received too very unexpected things the first was from the Sensie of our school. I had been invited to attend the Topaz Championship for my Gempukku Ceremony a great Honor indeed. My chest swelled with pride. Then as our graduation ended I was summoned to Togashi Castle. This was truly an uncommon day.



Two paths to choose now


Family will not deny


I will honor both




Eleven years. I had not seen my father since he had brought me to the Castle so long ago, he had left returning to the world away from the mountain that same day. Eleven years and still my heart beat like a child when I saw him. But I was not a child anymore I was a woman a Bushi and I acted as such so no dishonor could fall upon either of us. I bowed to him.

"Daughter, Rin, You have made me proud and your mother." I felt tears come unbidden to my eyes at the mention the thought of her. "Thank you father." I looked him over as he studied me. "You look so much like her Rin." Before either of us could be embarrassed I asked him a question. "I did not think to see you on the mountain again. Why have you returned?"


Collecting himself he gestured to a bench and we sat. "I have kept tabs on you as you grew and attended the academy. I understand you have become a remarkable swords woman. I have come back for two reasons. The first I wished to celebrate your Graduation with a gift. And the second I have wearied of the world and have decided to take residence here in the castles. I will have new duties now."


I brightened up at the mention of a gift and the excitement reminded me of the invitation which I immediately filled him in on. It is amazing now that I think of it we spoke more words in those few minutes than we had the entire year I had spent with him before . But it was so natural so right I was with my father and I knew that my mother was there too.


As we spoke the little old man who father had called master once approached. "Mokoto-san, It is time." He held up a small tied bladder showing it to my father and me. We rose and followed the old man Deep into the castle, we came to a door he paused before opening it. "Hmmmm, Today you become one of a privileged few, Mirumoto Rin, to pass through this door who are not Isezumi. Hmm This is the gift your father has arranged." He pushed open the door and handed the bladder to me, it was very warm. He motioned us inside. As I passed he leaned in close and said one word, suzumebachi, the wasp.



"All men are the same except for their belief in their own selves, regardless of what others may think of them"


That night after I had bid farewell to my father I returned to my Grandmothers house there was celebration whether truly for me or just for the sake of celebration I could not say. But I often saw my grand mother looking at me wistful and thoughtful and I even saw her smile at me a few times. Later as I prepared for bed I looked at my reflection in the small silver mirror which had once been my mothers. I studied my face the odd feaure that I thought made me ugly but others found attractive, long brown hair wide eyes. Then I twisted and held the mirror over my shoulder and looked at the large tattoo of the wasp in flight the detail the beauty. My gift. I brushed my hair and lay down to sleep. Tomorrow I would prepare for my journey.


I am of the Clan Dragon


My father is Togashi Mokoto an IseZumi and the blood of Togashi flows through my veins.


My mother was Mirumoto Tsukiko, and through her and a thousand generations the Blood of Mirumoto flows through me.


I am Mirumoto Rin


Tattoos and Hair 


This pic shows how Rin's hair is cut and styled. Her hair is exactly like this now including the braid. It also illustrates how the dragon will lay on the scalp following the lines shown here by the vines, The dragon will flow up from the neck around the back of the ear curling up and over the head resting just behind the left eye

   This is the closest i could find to the dragon I envisioned. these are not perfect representations but will at least give you an idea of what I am looking for. If i find a better one I will replace these.


Note that at the beginning of Swords of Heaven Rin's hair while still short for a woman is grown out covering all but the part of the tattoo part on her neck


mj1-cressida-natalie-dormer-1078x606-1024x575.jpg.c4c84fe5751bb2de14056e64e248859e.jpg.aeb567973c433f8b5dacae031f4cbc53.jpg     Her Ise Zumi Wasp osa_body3-e1622724053314.jpg.59d9837ad263cc569058cafc3aef3d4e.jpg


Her Crow on the opposite shoulder  d92087bbf53336e1008dbc14d71492a9.jpg.2e0826623375300864bee5316f571df6.jpg     The Koi on her inner wrist koi-infinity-japanese-tattoos-egodesigns.jpg.957c7e92e26e72c6578c79f50c3e3db9.jpg



Name: Mirumoto Rin

Classes & Levels: Acolyte 2/Bushi 3//Duelist 5     Archetypes: Togashi/Vanguard/ Mirumoto Adept

Species: Human                                Alignment:                         


Attributes (Modifiers)/Saves                       Proficiency Bonus: +3     AC:         Initiative:             Speed:

Strength: 15 (+2) /*+5                                    Hit Points   Max: 57          Currant: 57

Dexterity: 18 (+4)/*+7                                   Hit Dice & Number:  2d10 (6), 3d12 (7)                  

Constitution: 18 (+4) /*+7                            Inspiration:                         Passive Wisdom (Perception):

Intelligence: 16 (+3) /+3                                Focus Max: 5

Wisdom:  14 (+2)/*+6

Charisma: 10 (+0) /+0    


Background: Dragon Clan, Mirumoto Family

Life in the Mountains - You have lived in the rugged mountains of Dragon lands for much of your life and know the environment and culture well, granting you the following benefits:

*You know who within your clan has been awarded membership into the Inner Circle of Togashi, although you would not be privy to the secrets of the Inner Circle unless you are also a member.

*You know more about monastic life and traditions than most other clans, having likely interacted with the Togashi Order throughout your life.

*Due to the rugged nature of your homeland, you know how to properly prepare mountain flora and  wildlife for human consumption.

*You have a working understanding of many physical phenomena of the natural world and the beauty and dangers present in wild lands.



Acrobatics (Dex)

Animal Handling (Wis)

Arcana (Int)

Athletics (Str)*

Deception (Cha)

History (Int)

Insight (Wis)*

Intimidation (Cha)*

Investigation (Int)

Medicine (Wis)

Nature (Int)*

Perception (Wis)*

Performance (Cha)

Persuasion (Cha)

Religion (Int)

Sleight of Hand (Dex)

Stealth (Dex)

Survival (Wis)


Other Proficiencies & Languages

Tattooist Kit, Sword Maintenance kit

Weapon Prof: Wakizashi, Simple, Martial

Lang: Rokugani, Battle Argot



Ideals: Justice needs to be equal. 

Bonds: Prince Santorii, Kakita Zoyu

Desires" Kakita Zoyu, Prince Santorii

Personality Traits: Straight forward, Driven, Courageous

Flaws: Brash, Bullheaded, Often Uncouth



Ise Zumi Wasp Tattoo (Major):  The tattooed monk can use haste on himself. The haste effect lasts for only  1 round. Wasp may be used a number of times equal to your Constitution Bonus before you must complete a long rest. Activating the Wasp is a Free action. While under haste, your speed is doubled, you gain a +2 bonus to AC, have advantage on Dexterity saving throws, and gain an additional action for that turn. That action can be used only to take the Attack (one weapon attack only), Dash, Disengage, Hide, or Use an Object action.  The deleterious effects of the normal Haste spell do not occur when Using the Wasp.  This is a Legacy Feat


Mirumoto Ancestor -  The Ancestor Spirit Guides the Mirumoto Student. Following  your Ancestor allows you to learn an additional martial technique and to increase maximum Focus by 1 at 1st Level. When using paired weapons, they are considered to have the Defensive Quality (+1 AC, doesn't stack with shield). And at the end of each of your turns, gain 1 extra focus. This is a Legacy Feat


Class Features

Acolyte – Archetype  Acolyte of Togashi -  Body and Mind When you use the Attack action, you can make  one unarmed strike as a bonus action. Additionally, you use a d4 for your unarmed strike, and you gain proficiency in Strength saving throws. Mark of Discipline - At 2nd level, you gain a mystical tattoo that binds the power of Togashi to your body.  Ego Synthesis Gain Inspiration after a Long rest


Duelist – Focus Points - By understanding the rhythm of battle, you can find the exact right moment to begin pressing an attack, defend, or launch a finishing strike. This clarity in combat grants you access to the focus points that fuel your martial techniques. Your Duelist level determines the maximum amount of focus points you can have, as shown in the Focus Maximum column of the Duelist table.  Additionally:  You start each encounter with 0 focus points. *You gain 1 focus point at the end of each of your turns. *  When you unlock combat stances at 2nd level, you accrue additional focus points at the end of your turn based on your combat stance (see page 59). * At the end of an encounter, unspent focus points are lost. * You can’t gain focus points while unconscious.


Evasive Footwork - You can avoid attacks through prediction, instinct, or cunning manipulation of your foe’s position. Choose Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma. When you are not wearing armor and not wielding a shield, your Armor Class equals 10 + your Dexterity Modifier + the modifier for the ability score you chose. Additionally, while you are dueling, you have a +2 bonus to your Armor Class against any attack made by a creature that is not participating in the duel.


Martial Techniques - Martial techniques represent exceptional feats of martial prowess that you can perform in place of default combat actions, standard attacks, and reactions. At 1st level, you know the dawn’s grace strike martial technique, detailed below. At higher levels, you gain access to additional martial techniques.


Combat Stance - Each stance has different strengths and gives you a specific bonus along with an additional way to gain focus points. You can have only one combat stance active at a time. When you roll initiative, you choose a stance to adopt, and you can switch between stances by spending  your full movement or an action. Stances can only be used during combat encounters. Choose two stances you have mastered from the Duelist List.


Lethal Instinct - Starting at 2nd level, you can detect the subtle ebbs and flows of the duel that leave one combatant dead and the other standing, their blade running red. After the staredown at the start of the round during a duel (see page 296), you can use this feature to gain focus points equal to the number danger dice assigned to you, to a maximum of your duelist level or your proficiency bonus (whichever is lower). After you use this feature, you cannot use it again until you complete a short or long rest.

Starting at 15th level, you regain the use of this feature whenever you win a duel.


Challenge of Steel -  Starting at 3rd level, you can attempt to draw an enemy in a combat encounter into a duel with you. Once on your turn as a free action, you can issue your challenge targeting one creature that can perceive you. That creature must make a Wisdom saving throw with DC equal to 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Charisma modifier. On success, it can choose whether or not to enter the duel. On failure, it must duel you, and starts that duel with danger dice equal to half your proficiency bonus (rounded down). See Duels on page 296 for more information on integrating a duel into a skirmish. After you enter a duel using this feature, you cannot use it again until you win that duel or complete a short or long rest.


Duelist Archetype – Adept - Battlefield Training Starting at 3rd level, your experience in skirmishes lets you maneuver and duel more effectively in armor. You gain proficiency in light and medium armor.


Dual Strikes - Starting at 3rd level, you develop your ability to wield heavier weapons in tandem. When you engage in two-weapon fighting, you can treat one versatile weapon you wield as being light as long as the other weapon you wield is light. Additionally, you treat them as having the paired property (allowing you to add your proficiency bonus to its damage when engaging in two-weapon fighting, as described on page 200).


Dragon Stance - The dragon presents a threat with its head and with its tail, and so too does your stance allow you to menace your foes with both your main and offhand weapon, or even a single weapon used alongside a bare hand. Stance Effect: When a creature you can perceive within 5 feet makes a weapon attack against you, you can spend your reaction to cause it to suffer the distracted condition (–2 AC, removed after it is hit by an attack) for 1 minute. Focus Generation: At the end of your turn, gain 1 additional focus point for each standard attack you made


Improvised Attacks - Starting at 3rd level, you can wield objects found in your environment to deadly effect. As a bonus action on your turn, you can choose one weapon-shaped item you are holding and spend 1 focus point. Treat that item as a martial melee weapon of your choice until the end of the encounter. On the first attack you make with that weapon, you gain a bonus to damage equal to your Intelligence modifier. The GM is the final arbiter of whether an item is suitable for a particular profile. At the end of the encounter, the item is destroyed (unless it could not normally be destroyed).


Calculated Ferocity - Starting at 5th level, you can angle your attacks to open your opponent’s guard and expose them to even deadlier strikes. When you attack a creature that you have already attacked at least once this turn, you gain a bonus to damage equal to your Intelligence modifier.


Extra Attack - Starting at 5th level, you can attack twice, instead of once, whenever you take the Attack action on your turn. The number of attacks increases to three when you reach 13th level, and increases to four at 20th level.


Bushi – Focus Points – Overlaps with Duelist gain +1 Max Focus


Martial Techniques - Martial techniques represent exceptional feats of martial prowess that you can perform in place of default - combat actions, standard attacks, and reactions. At 1st level, you know the weave through the storm martial technique, detailed below.


Combat Stances – starting at 2nd Level you learn combat stance from the Bushi List.


Sudden Clarity - Starting at 2nd level, you can center yourself quickly on the battlefield, taking note of the opportunities and risks before you. At the start of your turn as a free action, you can use this feature to gain 1 focus point for each hostile creature you can perceive within 10 feet of you. Once you use this feature, you must complete a short or long rest before you can use it again. Starting at 9th level, when you use this feature, you also gain 3d6 temporary hit points. At 17th level, when you use this feature, you gain 3d12 temporary hit points instead of 3d6.


Bushi Archetype at 3rd Level – Vanguard


Thicket Stance - Starting at 3rd level, you master a new stance, Thicket Stance - You set a stance that lets you quickly switch between weapons and foes, presenting threats in all directions. Stance Effects: When you perform the Attack action or use a martial technique, you can use your bonus action to make an attack against a creature you did not target as part of that Attack action. You gain a +2 bonus to hit with this attack. Focus Generation: At the end of your turn, gain 1 additional focus point for every different creature against which you made a standard attack since the end of your last turn.


Saving Throw Proficiency - At 3rd level, you gain proficiency in Dexterity saving throws.


Stances -  Tiger Stance, Swallow Stance, Willow Stance, Ember Stance,  Dragon Stance, Thicket Stance


Techniques – Weave Through the Storm, Dawn’s Grace Strike, Crescent Moon Defense, Flowing Water Strike, Iaijustsu Cut Crossing Blade




Traveling clothes, Wakisashi, Tattooist Kit

Gold: 8gp


Hair and Tattoos


This pic shows how Rin's hair is cut and styled. Her hair is exactly like this now including the braid. It also illustrates how the dragon will lay on the scalp following the lines shown here by the vines, The dragon will flow up from the neck around the back of the ear curling up and over the head resting just behind the left eye

   This is the closest i could find to the dragon I envisioned. these are not perfect representations but will at least give you an idea of what I am looking for. If i find a better one I will replace these.


Note at the beginning of Swords of Heaven Rin's hair, while still short is grown out and only the parts of the dragon tattoo on her neck is vissivle.




Other Tattoos  osa_body3-e1622724053314.jpg.59d9837ad263cc569058cafc3aef3d4e.jpg   The Koi on her Inner Wrist koi-infinity-japanese-tattoos-egodesigns.jpg.957c7e92e26e72c6578c79f50c3e3db9.jpg


The Crow  d92087bbf53336e1008dbc14d71492a9.jpg.2e0826623375300864bee5316f571df6.jpg



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NamKamiko2.jpg.7e7598f8735283e921f56ee54d46c6d2.jpge: Shosuro Kamiko

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Height: 5' 8''

Weight: 128 lbs

Hair: Black, straight and long

Eyes: Brown


Tall and willowy, Kamiko carries herself with an assurance that eclipses her actual rank or influence. Almost everything she owns has more than one purpose; from her reversible kimono (red and gold finery on one side, drab grey and common white on the inverse) to her katana that fits, scabbard and all, into an unassuming hollow staff. Her eyes are arresting behind her masks, able to convey a startling amount of meaning and emotion when she chooses.


Her mother was shugenja; one of the nigh-legendary illusionists of the clan. She taught her daughter from her youth how to show proper respects to the spirits, which to entreat and which to command. How to make the correct sacrifices. Perhaps it was because of the skill her mother had, and the esteem she had with the wisest of the Scorpion, that maho came for her in particular. They waited for her father, a samurai of renown, to be called away to strike. By mere fortune Kamiko was with him rather than home with her mother as a child of that age would normally have been. The household lost many servants in the attack, and the lady of the house.


When she and her father returned, and she saw what had happened, Kamiko cried out to the kami in anguish and rage, calling a raging gale up that threatened what remained of the house. Her father took her though and faced her without any fear whatsover. He charged her to give all her anger only to the ones responsible for this. To save it as she would water in a desert until she found them, and only then become a typhoon. Though his words were cold and hard, she took them to heart, and the wind faded away.


She was sent off to school shortly afterward, and studied with unrelenting focus. Her ability to connect to spirits was considerable, and she progressed quickly. In the end she risked much by taking the graduation challenges ahead of her class. Had she failed, she would have been expelled.  As it was she passed the trials with a mix of creativity and raw power. Kamiko used this early graduation to immediately seek additional training, this time in swordplay. It was unusual for shugenja to seek such instruction, but not unheard of, and she had the name and means to convince a master to take her on.


Even as Kamiko learned forms and stances though, she was already seeking still more power. Taking on maho would demand risk, and sacrifice. She sought out the Soshi, following threads of rumor that were whispers even to the Scorpion Clan. Seeking the secret of the 'shadow brand.' A power that would let her meet maho in the darkness where they lived, fight them on their own terms. Invade their sanctuaries, avoid their hindrances.


Staff, sword and shadow, she pledged herself to this hunt. For the sanctity of the Empire and the security of her people. To bring peace and justice to the spirits her mother had joined. To still the tears of the young girl she had been at long last. 



Shosuro Kamiko
Human Ritualist 5 / Acolyte 2-Duellist 3
Background: Shosuro Family (Shosuru Furuyari ancestor)


Str 10 +0
Dex 20 +8
Con 14 +2
Int 20 +5
Wis 16 +10
Cha 14 +5


HP 41
AC 20 (10 + 5 dex + 5 intelligence)
Prof Bonus +3
Init +5
Exp: 0


- +1 to each attribute
- Medium size, speed 30'


Ritualist 5
- Invocations and Favor
- Tradition: Artisan
- - Arcane Appraisal (Use Commune With Spirits to study magic items)
- - Illusory Artifice (Gain Arcana and tool prof, Bonus action to gain 5 focus to enhance an Illusion or Summoning invocation 1/long rest)
- Channeling (Regain 3 favor with short rest)


Acolyte 2
- Archetype: Shadow Brand
- - Penumbra (Darkvision 60', gain 1d4 THP in dim or dark lighting when at 0 THP)
- - Brand of Division (summon shadow clone 1/short or long rest)
- - Sting of Night (do +1d4 cold damage on an attack action's damage 1/round, when not in bright light)

- Ego Synthesis (gain inspiration 1/long rest)

Duelist 3
- Evasive Footwork (AC= 10+Dexmod+Intmod)
- Focus points 4
- Martial Techniques
- - Dawn's Grace Strike (add Focus spent to atk/dmg, if 3 focus spent attack is considered magical)
- - Sparking Steel Defense (2 focus, reaction to add 3 to AC or a Str/Con/Dex saving throw, taking no damage on a success)
- Combat Stances
- - Viper Stance
- - Cormorant Stance

- - Heron Stance
- Lethal Instinct

- Archetype - Blademaster

- - Mind's Edge (+prof bonus to Wis saves, prof in Insight)

- - Severing Cut (+wis bonus to dmg when using weapon with 2 hands, crit on 19-20 if weapon is versatile)


Weapons: Simple, Military
Armor: Light
Tools: Alchemist's Kit, Chemist's Kit, Calligraphy Kit, disguise kit, sword maintenance kit
Saves: Wisdom +1, Charisma, Dexterity



Ancestor - Shosuro Furuyari (Fashionable feat + expertise in Performance/Deception)
Background - Secrets Upon Secrets
4 - ASI (+1 Dex, +1 Int)
Bonus - Observant (+1 Wis, +5 passive perception/investigate, read lips)



Athletics +3

Persuasion +5
Perception +6

Deception +8

Stealth +8

Arcana +8
Insight +6

Performance +8

Investigation +8


Rokugani, Courtly Rokugani, Ujik


Intrigue Dice: 1d8

Passive Perception 21

Rhetorical Flourishes

- Sear the Wound (Intrigue dice + chamod added to DC of outgoing spell as reaction)

- Move as Your Own Piece (action to roll Deception+intrigue vs Passive Perception of target, cause it to use 1 of its known actions as you wish)


Spellcasting (DC 16)
Favor 4
Tier 0
- Commune With Spirits
- Divine the Omens
- Threshold Warding
Tier 1
- Blade of the Elements
- Call of Cinders
- Mask of Wind
- Path of Inner Peace
- Strike of the Tsunami
Tier 2
- Secrets On the Wind
- Lord Moon's Gaze


Cash: 10


Hunting bow
- 20 arrows
Iron Fan


Silk Armor (not worn)


Resplendent regalia (one side of kimono)
Unremarkable garb (reverse of kimono)
Sanctified vestments (worn under kimono)
Alchemist's kit
Chemist's Kit
Calligraphy Kit
Disguise Kit
Sword maintenance kit


Charms (* is active)

- *Obstinacy, Purification, *Foresight


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Togashi Kaneteru (Togashi Family/variant human)
Lvl 5 Gestalt(Shinobi[Infiltrator]/Acolyte[Togashi Order])


Motivations: Ideals- Courage, Bonds - Mentor who fell from grace

Prof: +3


Height - 5'7"

Weight - 166 lbs

Eyes - Brown

Hair - Shaved



Str: 18                  Saving Throw Prof: Wis(Aco), Dex(Shi), Int(Shi), Cha(Shi[Inf]), Str(Togashi order), Con(Altitude training)

Dex: 16                Armor Prof: Light

Con: 16                Weapon Prof: Simple, Martial

Int: 10                   Tools: Ninja Tools, Tools of Subterfuge, Tattoo Set, Divination Kit

Wis: 14                 Skills: Perception +5, Stealth +6, Investigation +3, Religion +3 , Insight +5, Medicine +5

Cha: 14                HD: D10 HP: 49 Init: +3


Background: Dragon Clan - Life in the Mountains

Ancestor: Togashi Yamatsu - Advantage against maho spells and other magical maho effects. +2 to willpower rolls to avoid being possessed or magically controlled, regardless of origin. 


Items: Unremarkable Clothes(Traveler clothing), Staff, Tattoo kit, Divination kit, 8gp, Concealed Armor, 20 Shuriken, Single edged Sword, Chain Sickle, Silk armor, Infiltrator's Equipment



Class Abilities: 


Ego Synthesis - Gain inspiration when finishing long or short rest.


Renewing Purpose - When rolling a 1 on most rolls, spend inspiration to regain use of an acolyte or togashi order acolyte ability


Eternal Student - Once per turn when rolling a 1 on most rolls, gain inspiration. Cannot be used in same turn as Renewing purpose


Body and Mind - When using attack action, gain 1 unarmed strike additional. unarmed strikes do d4. Strength saving throw prof.


Mark of the Disciple - Gain Major tattoo. Tattoo save: 15, tattoo attack modifier: +7


Deepening Discipleship - 3rd Level: Minor tattoo and an embellishment.


Tattoos: Major: Void Dragon: Psychic Damage: Wisdom Saving throw: Weakened condition. Embellishment: Hyperventilate

               Minor: Chameleon





Merciless Strikes - +2d4 if attacking creature affected by neg. condition per condition. Max of 1 time per turn per creature. 6d4 max. 


Ninjutsu can use ninja tools, Ninjutsu saving throw: 14, Ninjutsu attack mod: +6


Expert Prowler - Climbing no longer costs additional movement, you can run and cross rooftops silently, stealth advantage if 10 feet above or below all creatures hiding from


Nimble - 1 time per turn, when leaving foes reach, spend 15 feet to slip away. If creature fails int save, creature is disoriented til end of my next turn. 


Quick Hands If not hostile creatures within 5 ft, bonus action is useable to throw a weapon or use ninja tool.


Acute Recall you have trained your mind to perfectly recall details such as troop amounts, guard patrol routes, castle layouts, and the contents of documents that you have seen or read at least once. Additionally, you notice and can imitate even the most minor mannerisms and regional speech patterns from individuals you observe.


Hide in plain sight you become excellent at blending into a crowd or maintaining a hidden identity. You gain proficiency in Charisma saving throws, and you can
add your Charisma modifier to your Dexterity (Stealth) checks to hide in crowded areas. Additionally, your proficiency bonus is doubled when making checks to
impersonate anyone you have observed for at least 5 minutes, and the DC of observers’ checks to find any flaw in your façade is increased by +5.


Overwhelming Assault you give opponents little to no time to react when ambushing them. When you make an attack against a creature that isn’t aware of your
presence, views you as an ally, or when attacking a creature in the first round of combat or during a surprise round, that creature must make a Wisdom saving
throw. On failure, it is stunned until the end of its next turn.


Ninja tools: Shower of Kunai, Irritating Powder.



Feats: Disruptive Strike, Altitude Training feat


+1 to cha, and wis/Feat: Disruptive Strike at 1st level. 

+1 to cha/wis at 4th level. 

Sentinel Feat for Playlist.




Kitsuki Kaneteru was born in the year 1099 to a Kitsuki Magistrate, Kitsuki Mataka, and his wife, Agasha Hikimi. Mataka had been a magistrate for a few years when he met and fell in love with Hikimi. At first, young Kaneteru took to the Kitsuki family's training like a duck to water, but he began to behave oddly around the age of 7. His father, over the course to that year, became increasingly worried about his son's odd behavior. He soon travelled the Thousand Steps and consulted with the monks of the Togashi order. The monks knew the truth behind the signs that Mataka and Hikimi were seeing. Kaneteru was a monk of the order in his previous life. Though this fact was obvious by the age of 9 for Kaneteu, the family took a bit of time in securing a place for their young child at the Togashi order's monastery. He began training at the Togashi Order's main temple at the age of 10. As he got older, Kaneteru met with a tattooed monk who was known for having information that he couldn't possibly know due to it's restricted nature. He was excellent at ferreting out the truth. The monk began teaching Kaneteru his tricks for gathering information, which were close to the skills of the Shinobi. Throughout his education, Kaneteru thrived. His mentor revealed to Kaneteru that he wasn't born of the Dragon clan, but was adopted into it. He was a retired Scorpion bushi who had joined the order to finish out his days in contemplation and teaching others what he had learned over his long life. This revelation made some of the things Kaneteru had heard make more sense. After his Gempukku ceremony, the master of the order sent Kaneteru out into the world to wander for a year to experience the world beyond the temple. During this time, disguised as a wandering monk, Kaneteru came to see the world as full of injustices. He knew he couldn't change them all, but he resolved to affect those he could, even if only in subtle ways. The skills his mentor had taught him would help him in his personal mission. Upon his return to the monastery, he learned his mentor had disappeared, and there were notes left in his room that were disturbing in nature. While Kaneteru never found out what those notes were about, he vowed to find his teacher and find out the truth. This became his personal mission, but he was still being directed by the head of the order on other tasks. His most current mission was to act as a bodyguard for a lesser diplomat from the Mirumoto family in Otosan Uchi. This tour of duty was recently completed and he is awaiting his next task. 

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Name: Kakita Zoyu image.jpeg.8a4c9176f24f0479b6bea1ab87da549d.jpeg
Class/Level: Duelist Blademaster 5/ Courtier Diplomat 3 - Acolyte of the Sword 2

Race: Human
Age: 20
Gender: Female

Height: 5'5''
Weight: 115 lbs
Hair: Half Glistening Ivory, Half Glossy Ebony; long and always well styled or artfully tousled
Eyes: One Jade Green, One Topaz Blue
Skin: Fair and Flawless

Kakita Zoyu's beauty is obvious, but her grace even more so, every movement holding the grace and fluidity of a performance. It was just natural for her, having spent years training at the Kakita Academy, learning the way of the sword as well as the art of dance. Her complexion was very fair, complimenting her long, luxurious hair, half glistening Ivory, half glossy ebony, and her curves were pronounced and enticing.
Of moderate height, sleekly toned yet curvaceous, Kakita Zoyu is striking and beautiful, even for a Crane. After her time with Tisuri, her looks have grown sharper and more uncanny. Her mismatched eyes, one jade green, the other topaz blue, are even brighter and more vividly distinct of colour. Her lock of ebony hair has spread so now her hair is half ebony and half ivory, worn long well styled in a high foxtail and/or in or with multiple braids. Her nails have hardened and sharpened into pointed almonds as though by the best lacquer.

She carries herself with lofty reserve, lips curved in a faint, private smile, but her eyes blaze with passion. She moves with sensuous, sublime grace, serene and dangerous both. She rarely bothers with cosmetics, save perhaps for some kohl about the eyes and carmine on the lips. She wears the finest fashion, cut for ease of movement and to flatter her curves, mostly in shades of blue, once accented in white, but more often now, in black or both, with other flashes of colour

Undeniably vain about her looks and skill with a sword, Zoyu comes by it honestly, by natural gifts and stubborn, focused desire. And her desire is not limited to the sword. Though she maintains a proper, reserved decorum most times, vivaciousness burns in her eyes, and is released in private with those she desires. Though she can dissemble if required, in a limited fashion, Zoyu cannot, or will not, lie, no more than a blade can lie.image.jpeg.27ddcc6b52a5f8b3415db58b884bd859.jpeg

On the dueling ground, she it utterly serene and unperturbed, hardly seeming to pay attention, yet intensity and focus radiates from her for those with the insight to sense it.


Kakita Zoyu has been blessed and fortunate all her life, as she is all too willing to share. She was born within a garden of Shiro Sano Kakita - the gates open as decreed by the curse on its walls - a full moon in the night sky, a crane in flight crossing its face. Born with a crown of pristine hair ivory with a lock of pure ebony and her mismatched eyes open, the Asahina Shugenja attending her birth proclaimed the omens very favourable for the child, the spirit of their ancestors residing inside her, a true daughter of Lady Doji and Kakita. Zoyu expected nothing less than the rumble of thunder breaking the clear sky with her first cry.

Born to lifelong students and teachers of the Kakita Academy - her mother Doji Yamiko, an Artisan of Ikebana and Painting, her father, Kakita Kurohu, a master swordsmith - Zoyu grew up on the grounds of the grand Kakita Artisan Academy abutting the Kakita palace and in the village of Tsuma, host to the unparalleled Kakita Dueling Academy, breathing in the essence of art and excellence every moment of her life.

Though she has three older brothers, Zoyu considers herself her parents true heir. Her oldest brother, Kakita Goro,  has the brutish size and complete artistic obliviousness of a Crab. The middle brother, Kakita Kutama is a courtier so self-effacing she can barely remember his name. And her youngest brother, Kakita Naruto thinks himself the next Toshimoko, yet she has been able to best him in a duel since she was eight.

All knew she had it in her to be a great Courtier or Artisan, but it was the Dance of the Moment's Edge, the Art of the Sword that had always drawn her. Life was the sweetest when balanced by the edge of the blade, and the sheer zest for love and life exemplified by Doji Hoturi and Kakita Toshimoko captured her heart. She wished to be as them, her conquests in romance and duels and her name as great as theirs.

She took to iaijutsu with great relish and a natural grace and poise. Many whispered that she was favoured by the faculty due her parents' standing at the Kakita Academy, but Zoyu proved to them that it was her own natural gifts, skill, and stubborn will towards excellence that earned her her place. Playful and light-hearted and self-centered as she could be, when she was on the dueling field, she evidenced an unshakeable calm and poise that some samurai thrice her age would envy.

Her skill with the blade grew and so to did her skill as a dancer, the poise and precision of one enhancing the other, they were all the same dance to her. And as she grew and her beauty blossomed brighter - some beginning to say she might grow to rival Bayushi Kachiko or Lady Doji herself - she began to discover another dance, a dance of coy glances, faint smiles, subtle touches. It was an instinctive dance, a dance where men sought her favour, and it was only right, for one as beautiful and favoured as her. She gloried in it. Not all had it in them to be a legend, but they could stand in the glorious light cast by one.

The first major turning point Zoyu suffered was when Doji Hoturi was married, though she was only twelve at the time, foiling one of her dreams. It was bitter, to some Fox girl no less, even if she had to grudgingly admit Ameiko was a rare and gentle beauty. Zoyu consoled herself by promising that she would be the one to get the Grey Crane Kakita Toshimoko to love another...

The next turning came a year later when Bayushi Tsukiko entered her life and ignited a spark.

Two years her senior, Zoyu despised Tsukiko on sight, her near complete opposite. Zoyu was an open and honorable Crane, Tsukiko a sly and duplicitous Scorpion. She was exquisitely fair of eye, hair, and complexion, Tsukiko was dark. She was of seemly height and already beginning to show a woman's curves where the Scorpion stood taller than most men and slim as a boy. Though Zoyu knew she was undeniably the more attractive of the two, still the Bayushi seemed to draw more attention with her dark and wicked wit. And Tsukiko was of higher birth from a more wealthy family, and was worldly whereas Zoyu had never traveled much further than a few miles from the Kakita Artisan and Dueling Academies.

With her exceptionally fine kimono decorated with raven feathers, Tsukiko was soon being called the Feathered Scorpion, and over weeks, then months, she became Zoyu's first love.

In the process of explaining the history of excellence and art of the Academy and guiding her around the grounds, Kakita began to learn a bit more of Tsukiko, that there was more to her than being a deceitful Scorpion lucky enough to be welcomed to the Kakita Academy. She was funny, with a dark wit. Neither of them lied, though for different reasons - Zoyu could no more lie than a blade could, where Tsukiko claimed more could be hidden by a truth than by a lie. Her stories of the Scorpion court were shocking, but amusing and interesting as well.

Over time, their meetings grew more frequent and more friendly. Zoyu taught her of the Crane, and she learned that there more to Scorpions than lies and deceit. They practiced dancing together and shared poetry and giggled over pillow books. She also learned that two women alone together were not watched as closely as a man and woman were.

Tsukiko taught her how her beauty could be more than just a toy to play with, but also weapon that could make others comfortable or uncomfortable as she choose, and wasn't necessarily limited to men. She took Zoyu to visit her first Geisha House and she was surprised how much she enjoyed it, and learned another type of dancing. If Doji Hoturi and Kakita Toshimoko could visit and romance Geisha, Zoyu didn't see why she couldn't as well, especially with Tsukiko's urging.

Zoyu's feelings for Tsukiko grew deeper and stronger - over a year later, Tsukiko felt closer to her than her own brothers, like a sister, and yet not like a sister but something more. A spirited Matsu student whose affections Zoyu had toyed with slandered Tsukiko, purely for being Scorpion and Zoyu thought nothing of defending her honor on the practice field, leaving the Matsu with a scar.


One night, in an artfully secluded glen around a tastefully designed pond, Tsukiko was painting by moonlight, her subject the young woman she shared the solitude with. The intense feelings that had been growing between them grew overwhelming, and Zoyu gave in, kissing Tsukiko. She didn't know if this real love that had blossomed, or a girlish infatuation but she couldn't deny it was there and it was true, even if she couldn't proclaim it for all the world to see.

They shared that one night, but it was to be their last, for on the morrow, Bayushi Tsukiko left for her gempukku back in Scorpion Lands. Zoyu swore they would meet again, but Tsukiko only replied with an enigmatic smile.

But if Bayushi Tsukiko had ignited a spark in Kakita Zoyu, Mirumoto Rin gave rise to a conflagration. 

The Crane met the Dragon on the road to Tsuma for the grand gempukku of the Topaz Championship, and instantly there a palpable tension between the two. If Zoyu and Tsukiko had been opposites, Zoyu and Rin were mirrors. One blade against Two, the spirits of the two greatest swordsmen flowing through them, rivals and masters respecting the other's skills. 

Burning Passion behind sublime control, the other open with her brazenness and brashness. Rin was not beautiful, not in the way of Doji Hoturi or Bayushi Tsukiko or Kachiko, or any number of Crane men and women, but Zoyu could not help but find her appealing. Zoyu could paint with skill - a brush was another type of blade - if not as well as her mother, but the tattoos adorning the Dragon enthralled her.

Mirumoto Rin may have been a rival, for the Topaz Championship, as prodigies of swordmanship, each a propenent of their respective styles, but there was more between them, more that Zoyu wanted, yearned for, and Zoyu was one who strove for what she desired.

Kakita Zoyu earned the Topaz Championship, as she had expected, though it ended up a closer contest than anticipated. She, and Rin, and others from their year at the Topaz Championship became Jade Magistrates and engaged in all manner of adventures.

The bond between Zoyu and Rin grew stronger, deeper, tighter, and when the Dragon left under a cloud of shame for dispatching assassins aim her, Zoyu was distraught. She stayed with the Jade Magistrates despite the dispersion of the Swords of Heaven, but it was a struggle despite honour urging her to stay the course.

Disgust for the Moon Cultists kept her on the path, but only for so long. In her investigations and duties, she strove to discover who had pulled the strings behind the puppet Doji Retsu. To be sure, the end one threat who had no compunctions sending assassins after her, but in truth, to clear the clouds of shame and suspicion over Mirumoto Rin.

It was not enough, and with having to keep the secret of the dishonour of the previous Jade Champion, as well, Zoyu eventually resigned her commission with the Jade Magistrates to more directly follow her own ideals. She sought out Tsukiko once more, for aid in finding the master behind Retsu.

And then the Kenku Tisuri found her once again, and Zoyu learned even more of The Sword.



Class/Level: Duelist Blademaster 5/ Courtier Diplomat 3 - Acolyte of the Sword 2
Hit Dice: 3d8 + 2d10 + 10
Hit Points: 40
Proficiency Bonus: +3
Armor Class: 20 ( 10 + 5 Dex + 5 Wis Evasive Footwork)
Resistances: None
Immunities: None
Initiative: +8
Speed: 30

Ability Scores (Modifiers)/Saves
Strength 10 (+0) / +0
Dexterity 20 (+5) / +9*
Constitution 14 (+2) / +2
Intelligence 10 (+0) / +3*
Wisdom 20 (+5) / +12**
Charisma 18 (+4) / +7*

Background: Crane Clan - Kakita Family
Feature - Courts and Culture: You have a strong awareness of the politics within Crane lands and beyond, granting you the following benefits:

  • You can name major family heads and other leaders, and you know their respective positions, allegiances, heraldry, and relationships.
  • You know about the state of political affairs between the clans.
  • You know proper etiquette and protocol in the Imperial Capital.
  •  You have a working knowledge of the high arts and the great masters of old.

Feature - Walker of Secret Ways: You were raised among a culture that consists predominantly of nonhumans, and might not even be in the Mortal Realm. As such, you have a different way of understanding the world than most humans, granting you the following benefits:

  • You know the history of your own culture and how it has interacted with other groups across the centuries.
  • You know a great deal about passing through regions that human inhabitants of Rokugan generally view as impassable in relative safety, such as through the spirit realms, the Shadowlands, or the Shinomen Forest. You can identify the dangers and areas of safety in these  places.
  • You instinctively recognize the taboos of spirits and otherworldly beings when visiting their domains, though you do not necessarily have all the information needed to deal with them.
  • You know about the various realms below, beside, and above, and can recognize the common markers of their inhabitants.




Personality Traits:


Skill Proficiencies
Acrobatics* (Dex) +8
Animal Handling (Wis) +5
Arcana (Int) +0
Athletics (Str) +0
Deception (Cha) +4
History* (Int) +3
Insight** (Wis) +11
Intimidation (Cha) +4
Investigation* (Int) +3
Medicine (Wis)+5
Nature (Int) +0
Perception* (Wis) +8
Performance* (Cha) +7
Persuasion* (Cha) +7
Religion (Int) +0
Sleight of Hand (Dex) +5
Stealth (Dex) +5
Survival (Wis) +5

Passive Intelligence (Investigation): 13
Passive Wisdom (Perception): 18
Senses: None

Tool Proficiencies
Calligraphy Set, Ceremonial Tea Set, Painter's Tools, Sword Maintenance Kit

Rokugani, High Rokugani, Sky Speech

Armor: Light Armor
Weapons: Simple Weapons, Martial Weapons
Saves: Dexterity, Wisdom (double proficiency bonus) [Duelist Swordmaster]/ Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma [Courtier Diplomat]/ Dexterity [Acolyte of the Sword]

[Legacy] Kakita Ancestor: You are not only descended from Kakita, the greatest duelist ever to have lived and an artist of renown, but you share a karmic tie to his spirit.
You may treat any single roll, combat or non combat as a Decisive Effort. Use a Bonus action to focus your Self as if you were in combat. This grants you one focus point which you can either use to make this roll with an extra bonus equal to your Charisma Bonus, or you can make the roll as normal, with no bonus, and if you fail you may then spend the focus point to reroll the failed roll. If you do not use the granted focus point, it is saved. 
Each use of Decisive effort is treated as separate, and the focus points granted and not used are added to your normal Focus pool. These extra Focus points last until used or you take a short or long rest. 
You may use this ability a number of times equal to your Max Focus until you take a short or Long Rest.

[Background Feat]: 

[Level 4] ASI: +1 Dex/Wis


Class Features
Focus Points (6):
Evasive Footwork (Wisdom):
Martial Techniques: Dawn's Grace Strike, Crescent Moon Defense, Iaijutsu Cut: Crossing Blade
Combat Stances: Swallow Stance, Viper Stance
Lethal Instinct: 
Challenge of Steel:
Extra Attack:

Archtype - Blademaster
Mind's Edge:
Severing Cut:
Heron Stance:
Battle-Tempered Insight:

Intrigue Dice (3/d6)
Rhetorical Flourishes (4): Timely Advice, Rallying Oration
Strategic Opening:

Archtype - Diplomat
Rhetorical Flourish - Align Interests: 
Stirring Words: 

Acolyte of the Sword
Kenku Kenjutsu:
Ego Synthesis:
Wing of Thunder:

Martial Techniques (4): Dawn's Grace Strike, Crescent Moon Defense, Iaijutsu Cut: Crossing Blade
Combat Stances (3): Swallow Stance, Viper Stance, Heron Stance
Rhetorical Flourishes (4): Timely Advice (Support, Reaction), Rallying Oration (Support, Action), Align Interests (Scheme, Action)

Resplendent Regalia, Traveling Clothes, Sword Maintenance Kit

Dagger x2
Hunting Bow
-Willow-Leaf Arrows x20

Kurohu's Greatest Creation - Daisho [Legacy Item - Awakened: +1 to hit, +2 to damage]


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