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All Hallows...


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Oct 9th

It was the night of the full moon, a Hunter’s Moon, they call it. And it was a night for hunting, but whom was the prey.


Two of the three factions present at the cabaret, filtered out after sharing one uncomfortable drink. Lilith stopped outside and motioned for Marko and Cara to wait. Marko rolled his eyes and made to leave but Cara stopped him with a hand on his arm.


Lilith turned to Dan, “You want to go pick up your puppies or you want me to send them to you? I have things to discuss with the Angelo’s.”

"I'll go and pick them up. "   Dan said quietly.   "For what it's worth, thank you, for cooperating.  This could have certainly gone much worse."   He would probably never like Vampires, but at least today he'd met one who kept her word, for what that was worth.


Lilith watched as Dan and the girl wolf walked off heading the his truck. Something about that girl…, she took out her phone and quickly sent a text to Trini telling her to expect the werewolf coming to pickup their guests and some other things, then she turned to Marko and Cara. “let go get a drink at someplace a little more friendly”


She led them deeper into the quarter which was already filling up with tourists. Halloween was coming and while not as big a tourist attraction as Mardi Gras, it was still an eventful time in New Orleans. She led them past most of the obvious places and just as Marko’s patience was getting to the boiling point she turned into a dingy bar called the Chart Room.


It was just what it advertised a dingy bar probably built in the late 1960s and never remodeled and from the looks of the floor rarely cleaned. The bar was busy however, about three quarters full and both Marko and Cara noticed that most everyone inside was sitting and drinking alone. It was probably the quietest bar in the city.


Lilith went straight to a booth in the back and slid in on the side that would let her watch the door. Cara noticed that she was very cool, and her earlier nervousness was gone. That made Cara wonder. She and her brother were older than Lilith and thus stronger the younger ‘queen’ should have been showing some sort of trepidation especially around her brother.



Halloween 1858

The ball was a success as they always were, everyone loved the parties thrown by the royalty of New Orleans, The twins and their coterie. And this masquerade ball was smashing fully 200 hundred of the regions wealthiest and most powerful humans were present and the vampires were expecting a feast. The twins had selected about two dozen of their guests by giving them black roses to wear. At midnight the vampires would be allowed to feed on those selected, a rarified treat. They just couldn’t kill anyone.


Marko was picking his targets when he felt the presence of one of the twins behind him. It was Kristen. The original smiled at his creation, “Feed but don’t kill, that is the rule for this little game Marko, and Kirsten is very serious about this as you well know, you had best behave.”

Marko looked at Kristen then around the room until he found the other Original, Kirsten Magnuson, She was talking to the Speculator. Not allowed to kill. That was aimed directly at him, and Marko knew it. His excess had angered the sister who was in his opinion the more dangerous of the two, not that Kristen wasn’t dangerous, he just had a better sense of humor. As he watched he noticed one of the servants carrying a tray of drinks stopping by Kirsten and the Speculator. “What about the servants?”


Kristen followed Marko’s gaze and saw the girl that had caught his eye, he suppressed a laugh, “What about them?”



“I hope you don’t mind but I thought an old friend could join us,” said Lilith looking toward the entrance. Cara and Mark glanced that way and saw an older gentleman, dressed in elegant business attire, Timothy Powell. Marko tensed, the Speculator.



The door to Lilith’s compound opened as Dan pulled up and the two girls came out both turned back toward the door and waved at the figure in the shadows, the dark-skinned vampire called Trini.


The two younger girls jumped into the back of the truck and Dan put it in gear and drove off. He could feel the vampire watching him until he turned off the street.



The  portion in italics is a historical flashback.  Cara though not mentioned in that section was present and Max you may post in the flash back if youwish. The Speculator is Tim owell. you may also post. those who ar not there ie. the wolves may post in the flshback as npc presences.


all of you may post in the regular sections as yousee fit.



Tim you recieved a text from lilith asking youto meet at the chart room bar. she did not warn you that Markowas there.  tim and marko probably have a bad history



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Tim Powell stood at the entrance of The Chart Room, a bar of slightly ill repute, as his eyes adjusted quickly to the darker atmosphere inside. Once that was done, Tim stepped more fully inside, looking around. He spotted Lilith, and nodded his greetings. He moved swiftly to the booth, his gait smooth and casual, his dress shoes clacking on the floor as he approached. After he approached close enough he noticed her two companions. He braced himself for the worst case scenario in his mind. When he noticed who she was with his eyes narrowed fractionally, which was as close to a shock reaction as Tim would allow to cross his face. When he stood at the edge of the booth, he slightly bowed at the waist, "Queen Lilith, you summoned me?" He turned to Marko and Cara, a genuine smile on his face as he greeted Cara, which became insincere as he regarded Marko. "Cara, Marko. A pleasure to see you again. It's been years." Tim then turned back to Lilith, indicating a seat opposite Marko and Cara, "May I sit?"

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Damn bloodsuckers.  They'll never not make me uneasy.  His thoughts were honest.  He understood these feelings weren't wholly rooted in rational reasons, but that didn't matter.  The less he had to do with them, the better, as far as he was concerned.   He gave  Karren and Maeve a slight nod, he knew they didn't have that long.   He drove, mostly towards Crescent Territory.   "Melody, I need to know where I'm to drop you off.   You're a minor, so it's gotta be at a family member's home.  Especially tonight."   His tone was serious, and he knew they were on a timer.   

"Not to belabor a point, but we do have somewhere we need to be, and not too long to get there.   Bringing you with us isn't really an option without opening a whole different can of worms, and I'm sure after everything you're ready to just go home and not be surrounded by strangers."  His tone was a bit friendlier, and he smiled.  "So where'm I takin you?"

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Jesus Christ. What had she gotten herself and her daughter into?


That meeting had descended into chaos almost immediately, the kind that set every single one of her get out of dodge instincts flaring, the sickly-sweet rot of a risk-vs-reward con going wrong that tempted you further and further in until the ground gave way under your feet and you were in for a bad time. Add in 'bad news' Walker, and if there wasn't so much to learn about her Dad here... She'd already be making calls. Texas was a nice place to work her craft this time of year.


But that was another world. She'd just need to learn the rules in play here, how many other societies like this were hiding just out of sight as if the world was a bad YA book series, how to insure if her daughter inherited the problems and powers of Karen's... lycanthropy that she'd land on her feet surrounded by friends not foes. If there was even a chance of that last one, she'd need to stop running, put down roots, and actually do the whole parenting thing before it was too late. Sending a bank deposit every month was worse than not trying at all, she knew in her heart of hearts. She'd worked more difficult problems than connecting with a kid she saw at holidays and birthdays, right? Right?


Right. Short term problems first. She pulled out her phone pulled up her phone and confirmed that while, yes, they didn't have a lot of time to work with, it wasn't critical yet.  The brunette conwoman frowned, looking out the window at the city, "Do things usually go that well when we meet up, Dan?"  

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Cara glanced up at 'The Speculator' quizzically, then at Lilith. So the girl had brought in some muscle, it seemed. There were not a lot of vampires running around in the modern day that would be a match for Cara, let alone her brother, but Powell...he might qualify. Enough to give them pause at least. She wondered how exactly Lilith had gained his loyalty...or if she, in fact, had. Was the deference he was showing an act perhaps? Or was it because Lilith had the blessings of the Originals?


She looked back at Tim, a gracious smile lighting her face. "Mr Powell," Cara greeted, with all the warmth she usually reserved for a major donor, "It has been a long time. Too long. What brings you to New Orleans?"




Halloween 1858

"Think of it as a game," Cara told her brother lightly. "Of skill. Of finesse. Any animal can gorge themselves on a kill...but to take what you need and leave them alive, even unaware...that requires a deft and expert touch."


"Kirsten...that man your sister is talking to...I can't say I've had the pleasure of meeting him before. Who is he?"

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