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AiR Special Project #1


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Welcome back to my special projects. For our first AiR project, Blame dozer.


Create a playlist of a minimum of six songs that embodies your character. asically songs that you would play for them during a specific type of scene.  give me the song and what type of scene it would play in

 post your playlist in this thread either with the song embedded or linked. once posted i will award your character a bonus. If your songs are Japanese (or asian) i will give you an additional bonus.


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Togashi Kaneteru: Dragon Monk/Kitsuki tracker.



#1: His philosophy about attachments, aside from family.



#2 Meditation: The harmonies and the bassline



#3 Training(Specifically doing Katas)



#4 Parkour/movement training.


5: Trrcking his betrayer down and finding him(Montage of travel)





#6 Dragon Clan emerges for War!


7. Kaneteru on the Togashi Order. 


Sorry, not sorry. :P:D

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Alright, this is kind of all over the board, but there were a LOT of possible choices here, hehe.


First song I feel like is almost a 'theme song,' lol. Bearing in mind all I know is the title, and the song itself has a very stylish, very sly sort of feel to it to me. I can totally see an instrumental version of it playing in the background while Kamiko is doing her thing, or during a montage of her being full of intrigue.



Then we have a song that really makes me feel this sense of drive Kamiko has, for vengeance against the Maho...a pounding beat like a heart; a song that's simultaneously discordant but beautiful...


A bit of a shift then; this next one I almost see as being a song being sung TO Kamiko by her mother. Perhaps before her death, or even after as a spirit. It has a certain combination of melancholy with a powerful feeling of hopes for the future.



And then, because it's a game, BATTLE THEME!! I can hear this whenever I think of Kamiko just beating some heads in, lol...


And then a more contemplative song that captures Kamiko's feelings of independence and ambition.



And then a nice instrumental theme that I associate with Kamiko calling on the spirits; working her magic. Perhaps some big spell with her surrounded by strange forms and unearthly manifestations of the elements...


So...yeah. 🙂

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Kakita Zoyu - Duelist and Student of the Sword

#1 - When duty, honour clashes against love and passion, or when those Zoyu cares about are turned against her through duplicity or malfeasance, her sword gently weeps.


#2 - The joy and serenity Zoyu feels while dancing or painting.


#3 - The tenseness while hunting hiding Maho-Tsukai and damned Moon Cultists


#4 - Duel music, the battle fought in the mind's eye before the first strike.


#5 - Zoyu might not fight wars, but she does fight battles and this is a good general fight theme


#6 - Zoyu's passion and belief in her own awesomeness 



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Rin traveling up the mountain as a child following her father



Training Montage Song



Theme Song



Rin's Combat Theme


Big Battle Song


facing the witches!


Love Theme





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