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Name-Shirayuki, The Pale Huntress
Age- 20
Exaltation- Lunar
Caste- No Moon

Yuki to her friends, She roams across the North, hunting wild beasts and ancient knowledge.  H Her moonsilver tattoos mark her as a member of the SIlver Pact, though she herself seldom speaks of it.   Brilliant blue eyes, like the color of True Ice, or the bluest sky take in all the sights and mysteries of the world.    She actively seeks out new and old technology,  and funds her lifestyle with hunting beasts for various purposes, as well as collecting the bounty on bandits, who have been a rising problem in the smaller towns and wilds of the North.

Born to a nomadic Ice Walker Tribe, Shirayuki spent her childhood learning to fend for herself.   This was all well and good until Her sixteenth winter.  The Tribe had set camp on the side of an unamed mountain, and there was a large forest there.   She was a skilled hunter, Far better with a bow than many of the men.   She was in the woods they'd come to, in a hunting party led by the Cheiftan's son, Garna.   He was attacked by a powerful Snow Leopard.  It had gotten the drop on him, and She heard his screams.   She came to his aid, and even with two arrows in it's chest, the cat turned and pounced on her.   it's claws found purchase in her shoulder and side, even as she drove her knife into its heart.   Even as it died, the cat's weight was far too much for her to hold in such pain, and the two of them went over the edge of the cliff together.   Thanks to his screams, Garna was found by others, his wounds tended, but the snow began to fall so heavily as to become a blizzard.  He had to be carried back to the camp, and no one could go to search for Shirayuki.   

Garna praised her actions, and embellished nothing.  She was brave, and thought only of saving him, and it cost her her life.   In the coming years, Garna would make restitution to Shirayuki's family, and eventually he took her younger sister as his wife.

When Shirayuki fell, the claws tore free, and she was just able to shift their bodies so the cat took the brunt of the fall.    She was bathed in the blood of the Snow leopard, and lay there at the foot of the cliff, her leg broken, her bow splintered, and darkness closing in.   

It was then she heard a voice, Luna's Voice, calling her a hero and telling her it was not yet her time.  What happened next is something she seldom speaks of.  

She was found by Silva Hakage, The Shadowed Night, and became his protege.  Silva was a powerful member of the Silver Pact, an ancient Lunar Sorcerer and Craftsman.  He taught Shirayuki many things in the following two years, before setting her on a task.  "Traverse the North, and see what you can.  Save who you can, and in Five years time, We shall meet again, and you will regale  me with tales of your travels.   Live a worthy life, Find lost wonders, and modern marvels.  Tell me a tale worthy of my time, and You will have proven worth my favor and investment."   

That was three years ago, since then, while she has gained little that would be called fame, she has wrought much good for the common man in her travels across the North.   Still she worries that she hasn't done or seen enough, and is always searching for the next great adventure.






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Name: Amisera 

Age: 19

Exalted Type: Solar   bustAmi.jpg.2d4a97e1a0bd6a052dc748b4f02afc1d.jpg

Cast: Dawn



The village didn’t have a name and was poor as were most villages in this time. The villagers, made up of some six households, lived by farming and herding hill sheep and were mostly self-sufficient, each family having one or more members who could practice the common crafts.


The land about the village was good sheep land and while the area for farming was limited due to the hills and forest each household still had enough space to meet their own needs with a little left over for barter.


Because of this and the fact that the village was rather off the beaten path with the nearest neighboring village being a day and a half’s journey away and thus not often visited by outsiders, it made a good place to live and the villagers for the most part were content to live their lives in peace.


Amisera was the daughter of Haddir and Mayella, the middle child with two older brothers and two younger sisters and one newborn brother barely two months old. Their house was the one farthest north and on the outskirts of the village. The family men farmed and herded sheep while most of the women, except for Amisera, raised the children and did craftwork.


Ami, as she was called, was old for a girl living in her father’s house, by her age, some nineteen winters as the folks here about measured years, a daughter was expected to have been married and born at least two to three children. Amisera had done neither. Since she was fourteen at least two marriage proposals each year had come for her but in each case the village wise woman, Ami’s grandmother, had refused the proposals. Ami had a different future she would say and leave it at that.


Ami was a big girl, not fat but tall and broad shouldered, with muscles hardened by working in the fields and doing the same had back breaking work her father and brothers did, often better than they did themselves. She was trusted to watch over the herds in the hills where wolves were a constant danger and was good with a staff and sling, though she was better with the staff.


It was in the hills during last winter when Ami had been hunting a stray lamb that she had found the sword. She had followed the bleating of the lamb to where it had gotten stuck in a crevice between two large boulders. When Ami had crawled in after the animal and freed it she saw the metal of a tool or blade buried in the dirt. The lamb thrashed about and her own activity freeing it had uncovered part of a blade. Curious and also excited, something like this could be worth a few real coins, if it wasn’t in too bad a shape that is. After taking the lamb back to its mother and checking on the rest of the herd, Ami went back to the rocks to uncover the blade.


Ami had at first thought she had probably found a steel knife but as she dug the weapon out of the earth, she found that it was much larger than a knife. She had found a sword and one that showed no deterioration for all the time it must have spent buried unprotected in the ground.


Ami had crawled back out with the broad long blade and when she stood, she brushed it clean and saw the gleam of the metal and could find no spot of rust along its length.


Ami had never held a sword before, she had only seen one once when a group of soldiers had passed through the village and used the well. One of the soldiers had taken the time out of saddle to do something to the handle of his sword and had swung it around a bit when he had finished. This blade was different, it was leaf shaped, wider at the end than at the hilt, and longer, the soldier’s sword had been several inches shorter and straight.


Ami put her hand around the hilt and held it like she had seen the soldier hold his. She swept if back and forth as he had, and it felt odd. She changed her grip and the hilt settled into her palm as if she had held one many times. She swung it again and poked and slashed the air. Sometimes the movement felt clumsy, but she adjusted, and it then felt right. It seemed she was a natural with the blade, she knew almost instinctively how to hold and move with it. But how?


Ami decided not to take the blade home or tell anyone about it. She wrapped it in her cloak and returned it to its hiding place. Over the course of the rest of winter and spring she often returned to that place, and retrieving the sword, practiced with it in her own manner. As the weeks and months passed, she became more than proficient with the sword even though she had no instruction. It was as if her body remembered things it had never known.


And now it was summer and change was in the air…



Sheet  Amisera (2).pdf







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“There's a way to get the message through. There's Always a way to get the message through.”



Name: Tikki T'Zam of Whitewall


Appearance: Blonde-haired and green-eyed, Tikki T'Zam lean 5'6 frame bespeaks a lifetime of exercise running through and above the streets of Whitewall. She exudes the easy confidence of the capable in their field of chosen endeavor, at least where she has room to run and get a handhold out of there if someone takes the term shoot the messenger literally. Tikki dresses for comfortable mobility, well, mostly. Having a layer of armor between her and the horrors of the wider North seems prudent since her exaltation. As her anima flares, the shadow of a 1,001 wind-borne spiders play across her grey-and-gold aura, the echo of her adventuring soul made manifest in the crisis of full essence burn.


History: Child of the great city of Whitewall, Tikki T'Zam's parents put her to work early to help pay off her father's gambling debts. The small part she could play in such an area ended when she was 11 and the cartel decided to collect from the missing difference from her parents as an example. Swift and clever, she managed to run and escaped into the tough surrogate family of Whitewall's courier network. Everyone needs parcels passed, and as long as the head of that network wisely keeps out of the power plays of the city's elite, the couriers profit. Mostly. There are always the unscrupulous and overly-strict who object to the potentially criminal aspects of the business. Thus goes the life of Creation's Princes of a Thousand-Enemies.


Tikki did well in this role, learning her city and it's people to reduce the number of missed payments and nursed bruises over the years as she refined her skills and endurance. She learned early that a smile and impressive flourish was a safer protection then any number of weapons on her person, keen to make the delivery and get out. Brick by brick she built a rep for getting the job done, made friends, and started showing the more promising urchins the first steps of the courier trade.


As she rose, she started meeting with couriers from outside her city who brought whispers of the wider world and the opportunities therein, started dreaming if she could play a part in linking the web of messengers threading their way across Creation wherever words and goods could make the difference. So, in order to deliver a message to the neighboring city of Fortitude, the 25-year-old signed on as a guard to a caravan making it's way across the steppes, not trusting her survival skills to make the trip alone against all the horror stories she'd overheard in taverns. Turns out even a caravan's worth of guards wasn't enough to ward off an assault by the hungry dead that came upon them late one night. Her dizzying exaltation and the coming the dawn was the only thing that saved the handful of survivors. The rest of the trip was a study in whispered tension that ended at the sight of the city of Fortitude and a promise by the survivors to keep quiet about what Tikki was.


So, a message delivered. A new message picked up. And signing up for another caravan back to Whitewall to have a good long think what to do with her new gifts.



Name: Tikki T'Zam Exalt: Solar Caste: Night


Attributes: Force 3, Finesse 5, Fortitude 3


Abilities: Athletics 5, Awareness 3, Close Combat 3, Integrity 3, Navigate 1, Performance 4, Physique 5, Presence 4, Stealth 3


Anima Effects: Essence: 2 Motes:7 Power: Will:

-Passive (No One Special)

-Active (Cloak of Shadows) Health: 2x0, 2x-1, 2x-2, Incapacitated

-Iconic (Vanishing Foe) Resolve:4 Soak:4

Defense:5 Hardness:4

Exalt Advantages

-First Among Equals

-Supremacy of Ability

-Divine Resonance



-Major (+/- 3): Loyalty (Messengers)

-Minor(+/- 2): Discipline


Great Curse: Contempt of the Virtuous

Great Curse Triggers: Allies or companions refuse the solar's advise and suffer for it.



-Major: Uphold the honor and reputation of Whitewall's Couriers.

-Minor: Urchins with the inclination and ability to learn what she has to teach.

-Minor: Contempt to those who make a deal in bad faith and refuse to pay for honest work.



-Contacts (Primary, Couriers)

-Influence (Secondary, Whitewall Runners Network)

-Resources (Tertiary, Nest Egg from Being a Very Very Good Courier

-Ally (Tertiary, Whitewall Watch Captain)



*Excellency: Athletics (pg. 186)

-Excellency: Presence (pg. 186)

-Excellency: Physique (pg. 186)

-Graceful Crane Stance (Athletics, pg. 187)

-Lightning Speed (Athletics, pg. 188)

-Spirit Cutting Glance (Awareness, pg. 191)

-Spirit-Maintaining Maneuver (Integrity, pg. 201)

-Subtle Expression Method (Performance, pg. 204)

-Ten Ox Meditation (Physique, pg. 204)

-Harmonious Presence Meditation (Presence, pg. 207)



*Guard's Armor (Heavy Armor w/ Silent tag, +2 Soak and Mobility Penalty -1)

*Guard's Halberd (Heavy Weapon w/ Melee, Two-handed, Piercing, and Chopping tags, Accuracy +0/Damage +3/Defense +1/ Overwhelming 2)

*Sealed message for Lord Plagg of Whitewall.


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