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Outgunned Heroes


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image.thumb.png.0757087f962c2b3d11a7ae46a17cc25d.png'Jo' Jordan 'The Georgian Giant' Johansson


Blonde-haired, Blue-eyed, Buxom, and Beautiful as well as Big, Brawny, and Brash, Jo the Georgian Giant Johansson cuts quite the sight as a tanned 6'6'' Amazon, who works hard and plays harder. She's a woman who grew too big for her small town. A ten-time Crossfit World Champion and several time MMA champion, she parleyed those into a few acting roles that called for a powerful statuesque beauty.

With her earnings, Jo invested in a bar and dance club, The Box, where she delighted in working as Bartender and Bouncer, as well as owner. She paid off in bribes or trade the right bureaucrats for licenses and permits, as well as the right gangs for 'protection', and in a year, she was already starting to see a profit and was having a blast.

It came as quite a shock when one night, The Box caught fire and burned down. Several people were injured, burns and smoke inhalation, and a waitress, a barback, and one patron died. The fire couldn't be contained and the The Box was completely lost, including Jo's apartment above it. Worse, there were questions about the nature of the fire along with some paperwork issues from her Accountant, so insurance wouldn't pay out.

But Jo knows it was no accident and she's gonna find out who burned down her bar and home, and who ordered it, and make them pay until the insurance company pays out, especially if it doesn't payout, and can rebuild.


'Jo' Jordan 'The Georgian Giant' Johansson

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Gloria "Glory" Cross


Gloria Cross should have been a footnote. sofia-boutella-bigger-tougher-muscle-chick-jacked-six-pack-larger-chest-short-hair-more-tattoo.png.313dc0d437053bf9e2e116a495b8058d.pngBorn into the slums of the city. Her parents unmarried, her dad a petty criminal, her mother not much better, drifting from one minimum wage job to another.


Gloria grew up dirty and poor living in tenements, when they had a place to live at all, or on the streets.


School was bad, even though she was bright, her circumstances were just too poor and by the time she reached middle school she was done, a dropout at the age of ten. Petty crime, juvenal hall and girl gangs were where she spent her tweens. Her teens weren’t much better.


Gloria was mixed up in the gangs and she learned to be tough and not take any crap, somehow despite her environment she managed to avoid any hopeless addictions or any other unwanted complications.


That is until she turned sixteen and a local thug with connections became interested in her. Gloria saw this mook as her ticket off the street and out of the gutter, he saw her with her good looks and supple young body as a prime money maker. So the thug seduced her and she let him and for a little while she was a very low on the totem pole gangsters girl. Then the asshole tried to pimp her out.


Gloria, who by this time was being called Glory, wasn’t having any of that. The would-be pimp tried to beat her but that wasn’t in the cards either. Glory had learned a lot in the gangs, she was tough and could take care of herself in just about any situation. So, she fought back, and the thug pulled a switchblade on her, she took it away from him and cut him which led to the thug pulling a gun and Glory threw the knife and stuck the pig in the throat. She watched him choke on his own blood, the first man she had ever killed. The first of many.


Glory didn’t run. Instead, she called the guy she knew the pimp worked for and told him what had happened. The pimp’s gangster friends wanted revenge, but the boss man told them to shut up. He saw the bruises on Glory, saw the knife still in the thug’s throat and the gun in his hand. He was impressed. First that she had bested the thug who wasn’t thought of as a slouch, second that she hadn’t run. Since there was an opening, he offered her a job on the spot. She told him she wouldn’t pimp girls he replied that wasn’t what he had in mind. She said ok and enter the world of organized crime.


That was more than fourteen years ago. Since then Glory has become one of the chief enforcers in Basilone family, which in turn is one of the major crime families in The City. She is feared by everyone in organized crime because she is the one the Basilone gang uses against the other gangs or even their own that need policing. Her major flaw and one of the reasons she isn’t higher in the organization is her refusal to do things that will hurt the innocent. She knows it happens, but she will not directly take part in anything like running prostitution, selling drugs or other things where the victims don’t deserve it, and woe to the person who does it in front of her. She doesn’t have a soft heart, but she can’t turn a blind eye either.


One day she knows she will walk away from all of it. She also knows they won’t let her go.





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Name- Cole Mulvaney
Age- 26
Weight- 230
Hair- Brown
Eyes- Blue

Role-the Spy
Trope- Diehard
Job- Business Consultant (Human Resources, management, accounting)
Catchphrase- "Let's get to it then."
Flaw-I'm an Action Junkie


Cole got dealt a pretty crazy hand in life.   Tall and Athletic  it seemed that he was destined for a career in front of people.  Nothing could be further from the truth of the matter however.    Cole was raised by his parents, former MI6 agents who'd emigrated to America after a successful career.

The thing is, they may have left MI6, but they didn't leave the life behind.  They were recruited by a non-government backed spy agency calling itself The Concern, where they worked towards the betterment of the free world.   Cole was raised to join the Concern one day, which he did after earning his degree in business management from LSU.   He quickly established himself as a dealmaker in his day job, meanwhile he would go on several missions for the agency.

Unfortunately, the Concern went too far against particular middle eastern organization (a fact not known to most of the agency), and the central office and most of the Concern's brass were slain in an attack that was made to look like a gas leak explosion.  This has left the Concern nearly insolvent, and both listless and leaderless.   His parents were slain in the attack, and Cole has been left to fend for himself in the months since the attack.  Still, he's not been idle, reaching out and searching for clues as to who perpetrated the attack and how they were able to pierce the veil of secrecy surrounding the Concern.



attributes and abilities 
-Brawn 2-
Endure 3
Force 2
Fight 3
Stunt 2

-Nerves 3-
Cool 3
Drive 3
Shoot 3
Survival 1


-Smooth 3-
Flirt 3
Leadership 2
Speech 3
Style 1

-Focus 2-
Detect 2
Fix 1
Heal 2
Know 1

-Crime 3-
Awareness 2
Dexterity 1
Stealth 2
Streetwise 2

Martial arts
Master of Disguise



elegant clothes, pistol with silencer, spy car (Aston Martin DBS Superleggera)

Used 2021 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera For Sale (Sold) | Aston Martin  Washington DC Stock #CR02394



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"Not Again. Not Today."

Name: Scarlet “Survivor” Johnson

Hair: Blond            Eyes: Brown           Age: 29                   Height:5'5


Personality: Scarlet has a very good bedside manner, but there is a clear line in familiarity that she doesn't let most people cross. On the other side of that fear of losing another friend, there's a burning passion for her professional calling and supporting the important people in her life.


History: Life is full of inflection points that separate the before from the after. For Scarlet Johnson, recent graduate of West Coast U and newly-hired EMT, that was one long weekend camping up at Redwoods National park with her friend group. There, they were targeted by the Redwoods Killer, a madman who stalked and murdered them one by one by one. Of the 8 friends, only one, Scarlet Johnson, survived, bringing down the killer with a lucky shot from a bow stolen from a Boy Scout Camp she stumbled over in the waning hours of the chase. Heaving over their tormentor's cooling corpse, she promised to never be caught so unprepared ever again. For her friends. For herself.


One ensuing brief brush with fame, a lot of (mostly successful) therapy, and an extended job search later, she started over as an EMT in The City, putting down roots across the country, trying to escape the pitying looks and recurring nightmares.


Somehow, despite her own determination to never be vulnerable again, life found a crack in her self-imposed off duty solitude in the form of a chance encounter at The Box with one Farishta “Freddie” Anvari, aspiring musician/serial retail employee. The two struck it off and it bloomed into an affection Scarlet thought she'd never feel again after the Redwood Killer. Her schedule is still hectic, the fear still there driving her to keep her skills sharp with monthly trips outside The City, but... There is a glow there again, someone to curl up against when the nightmares scream up at her in the black depths of sleep after a bad shift.


Freddie was there the night The Box burned down, ending up badly hurt while Scarlet was on call elsewhere.





Role:The Nobody

Trope:Lone Wolf

Job: EMT

Age: 29 (Adult)

Flaw: Flashbacks to the Redwoods Killer Incident

Catchphrase: “Not Again. Not Today.”



Brawn 3 (Endure 2, Fight 3, Force 2, Stunt 2)

Nerve 2 (Cool 2, Drive 1, Shoot 3, Survival 3)

Smooth 3 (Flirt 2, Leadership 3, Speech 2, Style 2)

Focus 3 (Detect 2, Fix 2, Heal 3, Know 2)

Crime 2 (Awareness 2, Dexterity 2, Stealth 1, Streetwise 2)



Physician (Gain a Free Re-roll for all rolls made to find a diagnosis, to operate on someone, or to remove physical Conditions such as the Hurt Condition)

Silver Tongue (Gain a Free Re-roll for all rolls made to lie, to persuade others, to find a compromise, or to bargain)

Archer (Gain a Free Re-roll when using, repairing, evaluating, or handling a bow)

Always Prepared (Adrenaline, [Quick Action] You take out or retrieve a useful item, a piece of information, or a small, easy-to-hide weapon)









Bow ('Gun' with Silent and Single Shot/Melee: -1/Close: 0/ Medium: 0/Long Range: X) 

6 Arrows

Knife (Grants Help to cut things)


NPC Placeholder Image



Farishta “Freddie” Anvari


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