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Projects! AKA Bonus XP


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Casting Call!
The first extra XP project of the game is going to be helping me create a fun roster of NPCs. Each NPC I accept earns 1 XP and while you can submit as many as you want, you can only earn up to 5 XP total per character from this project. So, if you're running one PC, that's 5 XP for five accepted submissions - if you're running three characters, you can earn up to 15 XP, but you can only put a max of 5 XP on any given character. This also means that if you lose a character or decide you want to run more than one, you can come back to this project and submit more NPCs to earn the bonus XP. Also, while I reserve the right to reject NPCs, if there adjustments that could be made for the NPC to be accepted, I'll note it to you when I let you know I won't accept them as-is.

Here's the rules for who you can make:

  1. Submit NPCs to me in a site PM to The Story Guide account with the title format of DR: NPC Submission. Include at the top a statement of which of your PCs you want to have accrue the bonus XP. Once your NPC has been accepted, add a line to your XP log that has Casting Call! X/5 to show how much XP you've earned from this project.
  2. Political figures are fine but stand a higher chance of rejection. The higher up the political food-chain, the higher the bar on NPC acceptance. This is true for just about any organizations of power - businesses, governments, criminal groups, religions, whatever.
  3. NPCs tied to your characters are a great place to start, but realize that by submitting them to me you're throwing them in the pot for use in plots and for me to have final say on their portrayal. If it's your PCs parents and you want them to be just so, don't submit them for this Project. If you want them put down on the thread I'll be making for notable NPCs (DR: The World At Large, I'll link here when the thread exists), but want to retain primary control, send them to me on a site PM with the title of DR: PC's Name NPC - Name of NPC.  
  4. These NPCs are meant to be significant. Doesn't mean you can't make The Girl Next Door, but understand that she's likely to become The Girl Next Door Who Founds A Cult Against Supers. Or The Girl Next Door Who's Superpower Is Attracting Villains. Etc. These NPCs need to be interesting.
  5. Expect NPC deaths/removals as the game progresses. I may eventually have a bonus round of NPC creation if I find myself lacking inspiration and low on NPC fodder.
  6. You are allowed to make any kind of currently available character type, and toss whatever extra dots/xp to spend on them. Like with #2 above, the more powerful, the more scrutiny the submission will have and the higher likelihood of refusal or rejection with notes on how to change it for acceptance. 
  7. Have fun!
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Ok this is a reminder that this is an open project for Divine Right and it is still active.


all of the above rules still apply but instead of submitting only to the story guide add Nina to your submissions as well so that I have access.


Make sure to add me to the discussions that you have already submitted.


Thank you

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Just another reminder and a couple of modifications..

 As per #6 in the original post above these npcs need to be submitted fully stated to be counted for the xp award.


baselines can be whatever pointwise but every basling npc should not be the best of the best

Talents can be any tier but most should be middle or low

Psions can be any tier but they should also not be known publicly to be psions. If you have a idea for a publicly known PSion pm me separately about them.

Novas can  be any tier but should mostly be mid or low. If you have an idea for a really powerful nova get with me and we can work it out.


Another change, the first five NPCS will be worth 2XP each, after the first five you may continue submitting NPC but further NPCS will only award 1XP. Note as well that I may not approve/accept your submission each acceptance will be based on My needs as a storyteller. However if a submission is not accepted upon submission, I will retain the submission and it may be accepted at a later date at which time you will be awarded the appropriate XP. These NPCS must be stated.


Unstated Submissions may be sent to me and I will use them as npcs as needed and unstated NPC will not award any XP.


These are npc so don't break your back working to get the numbers 100% correct.

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PROJECT #2  "Turn It Up Louder!"


In this Divine Right Extra Project we will be delving into sound tracks.


Characters in the movies all have themes and so should our characters. These should be Instrumental/Orchestral Type songs that you find on Sound tracks.


Main Theme

Battle Theme

Love Theme

Danger/Suspense Theme


Give me at least two of these for 3XP bonus points


Additional Bonus Points 

Characters also have their own personal tastes in the music they like to listen to.

Give me a playlist of at lease five songs from any Genre that your a character(s) like/listen to and earn 2 extra bonus XP


Additional songs are allowed but grant no additional XP


Instructions for how to post your playlist will follow shortly.




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Ok how to post your playlist


go to your favorite music site such as spotify or youtube, and create your playlist.

 copy the link to your play list


go to your character card under characters and click edit


scroll down to a filed which say Playlist links

 Paste the link here and save


place each link on a separate line.


once your links are up i will award you points


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New Project


I would like Active Characters to give me a slice of life post covering any non-hero stuff they have done over the two years since the storm. sort of a new addition to your back ground. fill in the downtime and the timejump.


everyone will receive the same reward at the completion of the project.


I will make myself available if you have questions or need a sound board.


Post the Project as an addendum to your existing Back ground


thank you

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