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In post-Storm world of psychics and superheroes, what path will the newly empowered choose for themselves and the world?
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  2. Brigit was surprised to find herself in the company of two other empowered women, one of them a noted Stormer who had fought a much-publicized battle with a storm monster in Africa. The other, a ravishing specimen of feminine beauty, so much so that it was hard to not stare at her. A beauty who if what she says is true was a middle-aged man the day before. It was a bit hard to get her head around. But she had to agree she and this Sean, needed some clothes and they all needed a level head to sort this out. So, she took them up to the suite to meet Karen. The initial introducti
  3. "Yes, well, that is the question," Sean murmured as she glanced down at herself and tightened her robe. "What to do with this new, and very different, life I've been given. I don't think I'll be satisfied going back to just being a junior architect working in an office." The spicy rage wafting from Brigit shifted into something sweet Sean thought of as desire. Want. A hint of something similar came from Grace. Her smile deepened. Sean wasn't sure if either woman was gay, or even bisexual or pansexual, but she was aware of the effect she was having on them without really even trying. She'd
  4. Fighting her own blush and feeling the nagging pink otherness, Grace was entirely sympathetic with Brigit's shocked expression. Still Brigit had made a bit of noise, and there was a mess that needed fixing. She was good at fixing messes when the messes weren't her own emotional issues. You just dug and dug and dug until you found an approach that worked and then you stuck with it. Easy if you had the emotional stamina for it. "Yes, you're both very very pretty. Powers can do that, and you were both very lucky," the blonde Stormer began, getting herself under a more-steady emotional
  5. Adrenalin and quantum energy created a heady mix and Brigit was hyped to the max. The fear that her sister had fallen prey to some stormers because of Brigit’s own antics that had somehow led them to her family had put Brigit into a fight mode unlike any she had ever been in before. This wasn’t a ring and theses were not known threats. Her quantum senses were still showing the quantum signatures of the entire room including the two women in front of her and her honed fighters training took the measure of them both at a glance. The blond was a more readable threat her en
  6. A tingle of warning raced up Sean's spine and she spun around on a heel just as the door to her hotel room burst open, her long, glistening hair flaring behind her like a piece of pure dawn light. Minute motes of coruscating blue and purple and silver dancing in the depths of her pupils exploded in intensity and number, spiraling out to engulf her irises, then expanding to cover the entirety of her sclera until her whole eyes were incandescent with quantum energy as she instinctively sheathed herself in skintight, invisible particles of protective gravitons. A piece of the shattered
  7. Grace was moving to put herself between Sean and the new arrival even before she was sure what happening, filled with a familiar, unshakeable reservoir of calm in the face of a physical crisis and the certainty that whatever was about to be dished out she could take it. The blonde Stormer had fought bigger, and as she took in Brigit, her feet shifted, taking up a defensive stance the boxer would recognize as the unpolished product of street level brawling: full of holes but serviceable in a pinch. A night's worth of trawling the internet and the flurry of videos regarding Brigit's
  8. Brigit was fascinated by the to glowing energy sources that were the two stormers, she could gauge their relative ‘Strength’ by comparing the swirls and concentrations of the different colors of the energy. Instinctively she knew it was all one thing this energy, but she felt that the colors and concentrations meant things such as how the energy was used. Such as the one closest to the door the energy flowed throughout the body and was concentrate in muscles and sinews mostly in the legs and arms and across the back. This caused Brigit to pause then look at herself with her new sen
  9. Sean leaned forward to get a better look at the phone, casually brushing a few crumbs from her chest, as she hung her coffee in mid air to instinctively adjust the glasses she wasn't wearing. She smiled wryly at her gaff, then raised her brows in question at Grace. When the sophisticated blonde nodded, the phone was plucked from her hand by an unseen, gentle but inexorable force to float unmoving in front of the improbably curvaceous young woman who claimed to have been a man half a day ago. Sean reclaimed her coffee and took a sip. Her brows arched even higher, her eyes going from the phon
  10. Of course, the coffee tasted good. Grace wouldn't waste money on bad coffee. She let the self-proclaimed 'Sean' have the bagels, composing herself much as she could in the face of the younger-yet-older woman's sheer charisma. She'd been around pretty girls of good breeding, good money, and good manners her whole life, knew she had more than her share of good looks, but this new Sean... Fucking Hell. If 'she' had murdered and devoured the Canadian architect in search of the world's most ridiculous story, well... Grace didn't feel like putting in the work to start digging. It felt wr
  11. The wee hours of the morning… Karen Gayle, female sports promoter, former MMA star, and a fitness model sat down her young client, Brigit, who was changed into something neither of them could understand, down. She explained to Brigit why she needed to keep a low profile, why she needed someone to look out for her. That the media and the government and who knew who else would try to exploit her. She closed out by telling the newly empowered woman that if she did not want her, Karen, to look out for her interests now that she would understand and try to find someone Brigit trusted mo
  12. Sean heard her phone chirp as she combed her lengthy mane of hair after her very pleasant shower - though it seemed to need very little care - surprised to get a text so early. She slipped on the plush robe as she sauntered out of the bathroom, her phone flying to her hand with an effortless exertion of will. <This is Grace. Were you at the fight last night? Hope you're okay.> She smirked as she read the text, and typed back a reply, a bit slowly as she adjusted to having nails that extended noticeably beyond the tips of her fingers. I should probably trimmed these things
  13. At least the internet was lively that night, her guilty pleasure Stormwatch bubbling with fresh posts and activity. Something had definitely happened to Brigit in that fight, whether her own trigger event or another Stormer doing *something* to her to change her, judging by the gym footage that exploded into thread after thread. Grace hoped that it was Brigit's own trigger event and not the other, the simplest and least dangerous option of the two. She permitted her nervousness to surface in the solitude of her apartment, drumming the fingers of her free hand on her chair, the othe
  14. From the Dauntless Recollections Vol 1 (By Brigit 'Dauntless' Moran) I loved that tub. I have one just like it now, in my place. Back to that night, the tub reheated the water as I soaked for a long, long time, blissful, relaxed, at peace. When I got out of the tub I noticed, somewhat to my horror, that I had broken the marble countertop and the sink when I had my... um… moment, add that to the list of what I'm going to owe Karen. Scooping up my ruined underwear I went into the living room and found my bag and retrieved my billfold. I was tired of being cooped up, I kn
  15. Sean woke up, the gloom of the hotel room lessened by the soft green glow of the alarm clock's display that read 1:11 am, the LEDs brighter, more vivid than he thought they should be. He felt very peculiar. He noticed absently that he was on his back, staring up at the shadowed ceiling, where he habitually slept on his front or side. The headache and bone throbbing pain were completely gone. Despite only a few hours sleep, he had never felt so well rested, so full of vitality, the background aches and pains he generally woke up with due to being forty only a vague memory. He felt inordinate
  16. The way the crowd broke around them, it wasn't quite certain who was escorting who to the West Gate, Bobby shadowing Grace with a hint of mischief behind his professional mask. As they came into sight of the exit and the resulting spike of flashes and shouted questions, that professionalism failed just a smidge in the wisp of a smile that Grace's suspicious sidelong look just missed catching. Bobby's smile at his bosses' handiwork was properly trimmed away. Grace was pretty sure some kind of play at her expense had taken place. She just wasn't sure what or how much. Clever bitch. R
  17. As Karen went back past the security staff she leans close to Bobby, “Ms. Williams is going to need an escort why don't you lead her out through the west gate and keep the paparazzi off her.” Bobby grinned and headed toward Miss Williams. Karen took out her phone and started typing. //Stormer Apex leaving the Arena by West Gate// “Sorry hun,” she whispered to no one and pressed send. In the Dressing room... From across the room Manny finally spoke, “Use the scale hun.” Just as Brigit stepped up on the scale we heard a knock at the do
  18. The blonde Stormer was fully aware they had an audience and a dozen plus phones discretely being fished out to record this conversation. Best say what she needed to say to set up the potential of a more private meeting later. "Grace Williams," she answered as she accepted the handshake, "Unless I'm very wrong about what just happened, Brigit had the same change happen to her that happened to me six months ago. I didn't have anyone to help talk me through it those first few days, none of us did back then. And the change can be... a lot to deal with all at once. If she wants and need
  19. Moments ago… The two security men blocking the way to the dressing areas had witnessed the crowd parting for the extremely good-looking woman walking toward them but neither recognized her although both wouldn’t have minded getting to know her better. Still rules were rules, only officials and those with passes were allowed beyond this point. And right now, with things as chaotic as it were, they weren’t sure exactly what was going on they hadn’t seen the action in the ring and no one was telling them anything over their ear pieces. They figured some sort of accident must have hap
  20. Like a piece of flotsam tumbling through white water rapids, Sean staggered through the cacophony and chaos of the crowd. Sounds seemed louder, sharper and more resonant, colours so incredibly vibrant and saturated that everything was nearly a blur, anything or anyone pressing against his tight and itching skin made him shudder. Disoriented and feeling so light and weightless, it felt like he was having to learn how to walk all over again, and was only having imperfect success. Though he was stone cold sober, he was vaguely aware of people looking at him as though he was drunk or h
  21. One long held breath later, Grace exhaled again as the potential for more violence fizzled out with Brigit's collapse. Chaos? Yes. The peristaltic quiver of a crowd caught between rubbernecking and panic? Yes. But the violence of a new Stormer lashing out in confusion and panic in a packed private space? Blessedly, no. The worst of Grace's nightmares replayed those burning minutes of her life over and over as flesh and bone and nerve all strengthened just in time for another wave of power stressed them to breaking point again before strengthening again. All to the disjointed backgr
  22. From – The Dauntless Recollections, vol I It was the pain, the most excruciating unfathomable PAIN. It was like reliving every punch, every broken bone, every stubbed toe and skint knee I had ever had in my life…all at once. I'm a boxer, my daddy's girl, I been getting punched in the face since I was twelve years old but I’m tough. So, when I tell you the pain I felt when Rena Espa hit me in the third round was the worst pain I had ever felt you sorta know where I'm coming from. And that pain was nothing compared to what followed. She kept coming at me, alre
  23. Tara earned that tip. She wouldn't accept any cash for the ticket, so after taking his time with the caramel banana xango and the company of the striking blonde, the redhead ended up with a 100% tip and well wishes that she did well on her exam. Sean enjoyed the rest of the architectural symposium, even if the week seemed to drag itself out. When it ended and his colleagues packed up and started to head for their flights home, Sean was a little miffed. They weren't precisely friends, but he'd worked many of time for years and they didn't even seen to notice he wasn't going with them, nor th
  24. Seeing and being seen was part of the game she had been taught growing up by her parents. Particularly seeing and being seen by the right people at the right places. It was all about Reputation. The Williams were no scandal a week tabloid fodder. Or at least hadn't been before Benin and Grace had gotten herself plastered all over the internet punching out inhuman monsters. So tonight was about proving she could play the role, dressed to her best in a cream dress and jacket combo, hair up and 3" heels. As the car pulled up in the designated drop off point in front of the venue, the blonde Storm
  25. Friday night came after a long grueling week and with it came the fight. It was not a fight Brigit had to win, she just needed to last eight rounds and make the big bucks. If Karen were right it would open up other matches of the same type and she needed the money. She had also decided to take Karen's offer and train for Kickboxing. She shared her Daddy's opinion of the MMA but that's where the real money was right now, for women at least, and if she couldn't win in a stand-up boxing match, she at least had a better chance in the cage. At least that's what Brigit Moran
  26. Tara almost smirked, set down two new, smaller menus, "That's the dessert menu, if you want to look at them. I'll be right back." As she walked away Sean could swear she was adding a bit of sway to her curvy hips. When he glanced bake at his dinner companion he say a slight smile that indicated that she had seen him looking which brought a little color to his cheeks. He picked up the menu and looked through it mostly to keep busy and avoid any awkward conversation. In just a few minutes Tara returned this time as she came to the table she had a smile which looked genuine and happy,

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