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XP Awards Thread


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Because keeping track of this is annoying for everyone. ūüėȬ†Apparently the site ate most of my original post of this; here's it redone. I'll update as we go along to help people keep track of their characters' xp. Remember that to gain a month's auto-xp you need to post several times in active thread during that month, then apply the XP the first of the next month. If you don't have threads to post in, reach out to me or other players through Discord or the OOC thread and we'll get something going!

Monthly XP

2 XP  - September 2019 XP (awarded Oct. 1st) 

2 XP  - October 2019 XP (awarded Nov. 1st)

8 XP  - November 2019 through February 2020 XP (Take this XP if you had a character before the site migration.)

2 XP  - March 2020 XP (Cass, Ryan, Deezy, Temple, Renata)

2 XP - April 2020 XP (Cass, Ryan, Deezy, Temple, Renata)

2 XP - May 2020 XP (Cass, Ryan, Deezy, Temple, Renata)

2 XP - June 2020 XP (Cass, Ryan, Deezy, Temple, Renata)


2 XP - September 2020 XP (Cass, Ryan, Deezy, Temple)

2 XP - October 2020 XP (Cass, Ryan, Deezy, Temple, Grace, Sean, Brigit)

2 XP - November 2020 XP (Grace, Sean, Brigit)

2 XP - December 2020 XP (Grace, Sean, Brigit)

2 XP - January 2021 XP  (Grace, Sean, Brigit, Cass, Ryan, Deezy, Temple, Beckett)

2 XP - Febuary 2021 XP  (Grace, Sean, Brigit, Cass, Ryan, Deezy, Beckett, Temple)
14XP - March - May 2021 XP (Grace, Sean, Brigit, Ranata, Ryan, Deezy, Beckett, Temple)


Thread XP
1 XP + bonuses - Plot 1 threads

2 XP - Peers & Pressures (Renata, Ryan, Deezy, Emily, Ein, Sebastian, Karie & Donald)
2 XP - Assessing Assets (Ein & Kyria)
1 XP - Close Quarters (Ein, Karrie & Kyria)
1 XP - Tropical Stormers (Renata, Ryan, Deezy, Emily, Ein, Sebastian, Karie, Kyria & Donald)
0 XP - Mergers & Acquisitions (Closed for over a month's inactivity. No XP, but did help with world-building!)
0 XP - College Chaos (Closed for over a month's inactivity. No XP, but was some good relationship building between Donald & Renata. ūüôā¬†)

Awarded in 2020 


Thread XP will be awarded for mile stones reached in the thread as determined by the Storyteller. Aspirations and Goals will no longer award XP. Instead bonus XP will come from special projects. All Thread XP will cover varying periods of time and or numbers of Milestones reached. Any Character that appears in a thread within the times listed for the award period will receive the listed XP. I will list the characters at the time of awarding but double check me i may miss you. FYI a milestone is worth from 1-3 XP and each award may cover more than one milestone.


2 XP - We Didn't Start the Fire (Cass, Temple, Ryan, Deezy) March 2020 [Thread Complete]

2 XP - Stars in the Water (Cass, Ryan, Deezy, Temple) March, April, May, June, September/October 2020 [Thread Complete]

2 XP - DRC On the Storms Edge (Grace, Sean, Brigit) October, November, December 2020, January 2021 [Ongoing]

1 XP - Utopian Ideals  (Temple) September 2020, January 2021 [Possibly Ongoing]

1 XP - Opening Doors (Ryan) January 2021 [Ongoing]

1 XP - Fear and Loathing (Renata) March, April, May, June 2020 [Ongoing?]

Awarded January 22 2021



Ongoing Thread XP Awards


2 XP - DRC On the Storms Edge (Grace, Sean, Brigit) February  2021 [Ongoing]

2 XP - Opening Doors (Ryan) February 2021 [Ongoing]

2 XP - Fear and Loathing (Renata, Beckett, Velma) January, February  2021 [Ongoing]

2 XP - The Nature of Things (Deezy) January, February 2021 [Ongoing]

2 XP - Divine Right Team-up (Cassie, Temple) January, February 2021 [Ongoing] 


Awarded March 10 2021


Ongoing Thread XP Awards

4 XP - DRC On the Storms Edge (Grace, Sean, Brigit, Ryan, Deezy, Temple) March - May  2021 [Ongoing]

2 XP - Opening Doors (Ryan, Deezy) March - May 2021 [Ongoing]

2 XP - Fear and Loathing (Renata, Beckett, Velma) March - April  2021 [Ongoing]

0 XP - The Nature of Things (Deezy) , February 2021 [Inactive/ON Hold]

0 XP - Divine Right Team-up ( ) January, February 2021 [Rebooting]


+1 XP Bonus - Multi Threads (Ryan, Deezy)


+40 XP - Back XP  (ALL CHARACTERS) from September 2019 - February 2021
















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I am adjusting the way XP is rewarded, this will result in everyone getting a good chunk of 'Back' xp.


I am also going to be addressing how you may spend the xp you have earned.


Going forward I will be awarding 1xp per week of activity. Activity is defined as having made one meaningful character post in a thread in which your character(s) is active in. If your character is active in more than one thread she will receive 1 bonus xp as long as she posts in both threads.. Regardless of how many extra threads she is active in she will only receive one bonus xp per week.


Individual Characters may receive Bonus XP due to Roleplaying, reaching personal milestones, etc.


I will continue to award xp on a monthly basis.


Spending XP

Active Characters may spend xp on the following things at any time during a given Monthly XP Period; Skills, New Skill Specialty, New Skill Trick, New Edge, or an Attribute. You may only spend xp on each of these categories once per XP period and may only increase one dot in those categories which are leveled.


Between Stories  a character may spend all accrued xp but may only raise any given stat by one dot. for each new ability bought or dot raised the character is will be spending down time equal to one week of in story time. All requirements to raise a power or skill must be met.


Normally Powers cannot be increased/learned when in an active story thread. But there are exceptions. If a character maxes her power during play and uses an ability or power she does not already have she may if she has the xp, spend the xp to acquire the new ability or raise the governing stat by one dot toward the new ability. this may only occur once per story and should be an appropriately dramatic moment.


Raising Psi score may only be done between stories and may only be raised to 5 dots. to raise Psi score beyond 5 dots the character must have all three primary aptitude Modes at 5 dots.


Raising Quantum will be addressed in a separate post.



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Grace -  Activity 5xp Bonus 3xp

Sean -   Activity 5xp   Bonus 2Xp

Brigit -  Activity 5xp Bonus 2xp

Ranata - Activity 2xp

Ryan - Activity 5xp Bonus 3xp

Deezy, Activity 5xp Bonus 3xp 

Beckett Activity 0

Temple Activity 5xp Bonus 3xp

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You May spend any XP you wish at this point. Quantum and psi score may only be raised by +1 point though


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