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A Call for Action!


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A Call for Action!


A Call for Action is a PBPRPG game of action and adventure set in the modern world of today and the near future. Players will take on the roles of skilled competent adventures, explorers, and experts in their fields who work for or are associated with The Global Cartography Initiative (GCI)* or the Neptune Foundation*. Under the guidance of either or both of these institutions, the characters will undertake assignments of scientific or historical exploration and investigation or humanitarian relief.


But sometimes things go sideways, a disaster which seems natural is a a test of a new weapons created by an insane evil master mind or that ancient temple lost for a millennium in the deepest jungle holds an ancient secret which nations will go to war to posses. When this happens our heroes will hear A Call for Action!


Will you answer the Call?



This PbP game will be using the Trinity Continuum RPG by Onyx Path and an original setting inspired by the novels of Clive Cussler, James Rollins, Tom Clancy, Alistair McLean, and Larry Bond among many many others. Genres will include, Thriller, Techno-thriller, Action Adventure, Lost World, Suspense, Spy, Military, and SciFi.


Characters can be either Normal humans or Talents from the Trinity Core book. The setting is not as depicted in the core book and Talents are not superhuman and their abilities are not the result of any mysterious energy but rather extreme skill, luck, and inspiration. Players of non Talents will receive a small bonus at character creation but will not have the ability to become inspired after play begins.


Superiors will not be allowed as Player Characters but may show up as adversaries as may other TC types.


I am looking for 3-5 player characters although more may be accommodated if submissions are interesting, well thought out, and I can fit them into a story.


Please indicate interest in this thread and post any questions here as well.


If there is enough interest I will create the game and post character creation and house rules.


* The Global Cartography Initiative (GCI)* or the Neptune Foundation*. Both of these institutions are form the TC setting and are taken from there. Their entries in the core book are accurate but all connection to Aeon or any other TC organization do not exist in this setting and should be ignored.

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Laughing if your interested go to the game club and read the house rules and character creation for how to proceed.


with Laughing indicating interest recruitment for this is now closed

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