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So Far I have one character submission.

Players are



Characters submitted and excepted


Alan Knight  (Justin) - ex military turned marine engineer and undersea explorer working for the GCI - the Dirk Pitt Archetype

Alfred Diederik Cortland De Vries (Anatoly) - is a South-African lawyer, adventurer and philanthropist.


i want your submissions by the end of this week please that is the end of the day May 8th

thank you

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Ok you two will be the only players for now so since you hare both posted I will start putting together my NPCs and the first adventure. it will probably be the weekend or early next week but i'll try to get it sooner.

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  • 7 months later...

Hello Nina and Justin,


I am very sorry but I am going to be off-site for (quite) some time. I am recovering from a burnout from work, depression from my situation, and C-PTSD from the first half of my life, and it is very clear to me that I need to make drastic changes. I see no paths to a happy future that do not involve sacrifice and pain, however dramatic that sounds, if I am going to maintain my health, sanity and my partner's presence in my life.


I am floating right now, and prevented myself from being on sickleave for burnout, and I have help from psychologists. But I can notice bad changes I've gone through to deal with my own shit, and I don't like it. So I am going to be focusing on myself and my family right now, and hoping that I can save what I have left.


Apologies for being a somewhat disappointing player, I felt this game had a great opening and I would have wanted to see where it goes, but I need to get out now and hunt down my inner critic first. Maybe once I have that trophy pinned to my wall I will be able to rejoin the forums with a clearer mindset.


Hoping the new year will treat you well and bring you comfort,



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No apologies are necessary, you are a fine player. this game had a rough climb with hurricanes and just being in 2020. We have shelved games and come back to them before. the game, in the end isn't whats important, it's the people.

We understand completely Anatoly and if there is one thing all of us have learned Real Life and personal health are what is most important. This is an escape, a hobby and it needs to be fun. it is not work, and it should never come before anything else to the detriment of your life and well being.


You are our friend and we want what is best for you and will do what we can to help. And you are always welcome, even if your not playing. Chat, lurk, vent, play it doesn't matter, you are one of us now and like i have said before to others,  internet friends are real and they matter.


I hope things get better for you and that all is well in the new year for you and yours.


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