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Spacehounds is a Science Fiction/Space Opera game using the Cyphersystem
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  2. Ayato frowned. "I won't order you to change, I just wanted to state I think it better to make the initial survey in tech we fully understand, even if it does take abit longer." "While time is not a resource we can waste, Neither is experience, and yours will be essential for what is to come you know. I don't mind you going out on point, but I do wish you'd do so in your normal suit. Once we establish things are as they seem, then we can break out the alien tech and go to work."
  3. Karen drew in a breath, replaying the many times she'd had that same argument in her head with herself before coming to a conclusion. "Sir, I disagree. Doc... Carrie needs all the info she can get if we're going to get any of the rest of you out there to help gather resources, and if the sensors on my suit are 'woah', the sensors on the new suit are 'Wooooooooah'," she stated, adding appropriate hand gestures to bridge the gulf of sheer bandwidth between the two, "We get the data. We get the upgrades. We get home, assuming there's anyone to go home to, Sir. This is a test, and we a
  4. Chapter II Reinventing the Wheel The sky above was bluish green and the clouds wispy as they rode the strange air currents at about fifteen KPH. The Polaris had set down on the new world’s northern hemisphere, they had chosen an interior area due to the magnetic resonances picking up readings indicating the needed materials in the nearby hills edging a continent bisecting mountain range. That range was to their east and to the west a short distance away ran a broad river flowing from the mountains to the distant sea. The Polaris had settled at the opening of a narr
  5. Rachel beamed at the words of compliment, and at the achievement itself. But every party needed a pooper. "The gas mix in the atmosphere should be breathable," she reported, "but we should not put that to the test. With the amount of life, there's a possibility of biological contaminants that wouldn't show up on a spectroscopic analysis. Microbes, spores...hopefully alien and incompatible with our biochemistry, but it's all a big unknown right now so...I recommend full environmental seals until we've had a chance to take and analyze samples." She stood up and added, "Sp
  6. After getting the message sent, Ayato worked diligently during the preparations for the descent, though he also made sure of two things. Everyone got at least eight hours of sleep, and he himself cooked two meals during that time for everyone, leaving it as normal for them to eat as they wished. Rest and a good meal were essential, given that they were about to attempt something that hadn't been done in a long time, humans landing on an unexplored planet. Still, as they made final preparations, he smiled. Everyone was in position, everyone was on the ball, the ship literally couldn't be r
  7. The two scientists took photos and made scans of the three planets with the instruments they had, but both acknowledged that they were truly inadequate compared to what they had seen on the great ship. After a few hours they had determined that all three could likely support them with air, food, and water. There was no signs in the spectrographs of anything in the air that would indicate any industrialization and while still too distant for exact detail the photograph plates using the big telescope showed nothing which resembled roads or cities. The two scientists concu
  8. "Alright, let's do a scan of all three planets, and make sure we can survive on them all. We'll choose the most hospitable first, to confirm a steady supply of both foodstuffs, and fresh water. I think everyone's about ready to have some solid ground underfoot for awhile. After Confirming the ability to restock essentials, we can move on to trying to locate the resources for your modifications. Doing the scans ahead of time while we're out here is best, since we won't just be guessing and wasting fuel. We'll need to find a way to refuel as well, just in case." He looked abit conce
  9. "No... " Yseult said, turning away from a monitor showcasing the approaching terrestrial body, and running her hands through her short, sable hair. "But close, it is being relative, no? Any signal we are catching, it is being more than for years out of date. Still, ascertaining this is being Alpha Centauri, we can calibrate for the distance, and determine if there is any noticeable time dilation due to relativistic shenanigans. Rachel, if you can arrange the sensors to be doing this, s'il vous plait? Regardless, with our Impeller Drive, even being inside a gravity well to take advantage of the
  10. "That's... Useful." Karen's voice bluntly conveyed her doubt, arms crossing over her chest, down to a 'Devil Dogs' tanktop and sweatpants after a cathartic session with her punching bag, the ship in as good a state as she could make it without driving herself nutty looking for problems. The selfcare was more important when they were who knows how many years separated from their own time no matter how miraculously close four point something something light years was from home. Faint ache in her knuckles helped her stay centered as she digested what Rachel said, ponder in the silenc
  11. Even as the Chief made her inquiry, sensor beams reached out from both the three suits cutting the harness on the giant ships side and Karen’s own. She could interpret most of what was scrolling from the read out, but she gleaned enough to see that no bio functions or life support systems were operating on the three across the void from her. The four armored suits made quick work and in a matter of minutes the Polaris was cut free from the larger vessel and those three giants retreated back whence they had come, while the Chief continued cutting the remnants away from the Polaris.
  12. "Rgr, C'pn," Karen immediately responded in the isolation of her borrowed suit, stationed by the airlock. The strange heavy-yet-graceful steps of the alien suit stuck with her as the air was sucked out of the chamber and the void came into view. Cha-chunk. cha-chunk. The noise of her boot magnets engaging and disengaging echoed through her armor as the glorified jungle gym linking the two ships shook and shuddered under the blows of the alien suits. Assuming it was just the suits, and not the other ship's actual crew. Hmmm. Philosophy later, demolition now. She hefted t
  13. "Karen cut us loose!" he called out to her before the three armored forms could do any damage to the ship. "He was at a loss for what was going on, and hoped that they'd find some answers on the planets they were being guided to. It was fortunate that they'd restocked the ship while they could, but all the same they were still going to have limits.
  14. The crew of the Polaris dashed back to their ship as the ringed sphere slowly rotated. Arjun had run straight to the control room before he even doffed his helmet, he activate the earth vessels recorders and sensors with deft movements of his gloved fingers over the controls. He was just in time to see the ship they were still attached to send some sort of energy beam flashing out at the planet in orbit of the primary then it began rotating again and as Arjun watched fascinated it aligned itself with one of the planets orbiting the secondary and again sent out it’s unknown beam.
  15. Ayato let out an exasperated sigh. "What the actual Hell." he was annoyed, but all the same he had a job to do. "It looks like our benefactors are kicking us out. Everyone back to the Polaris." He could imagine the groans. "Save any complaints for when the atmosphere isn't becoming increasingly toxic by the second. Let's move people!" Even as he said that, he grabbed one of his dataslates from the Polaris, and made his way to the Airlock. Arjun was already there. "Go on ahead, get the computer booted and online. I'll follow along once we get everyone else aboard. Get scans of
  16. The former Marine laughed a touch bitterly, "Looks like this is our stop then." Karen had had a feeling something like this might happen. She'd spent enough time being ferried around by Navy squids on ships she wasn't licensed to do anything on to recognize a temporary gig. The sheer amount of systems they weren't being access to meant that this ship, whoever had built it, was still following their orders, a glorified drone. Watching the atmosphere indicators in her suit go from green and promptly climb through orange into red, she shook her head and began heading in the direction
  17. The crew of the Polaris found places to watch the improbable journey of the giant spacecraft as it dove into the star system before them at a velocity greater than any they could imagine. Spiraling past planet after plant until it enters the inner solar system and suddenly all acceleration ceased indeed as impossible as it was to believe, all movement ceased as well. The vessel had come to rest relative to three terrestrial sized planets, two of them in close orbit of the smaller secondary star while the third orbited the primary. The three planets were in positions as to form a tr
  18. Ayato frowned as they had no control. "We're just along for the ride now it seems." he said even as others took up positions on the bridge. "Monitor the situation and keep me up to date on any changes. See if there's a way to insure the Polaris remains safe and secure, though I do think our benefactors have thought of that. " As he sat there watching on the screen, he let out a sigh. "Way too many mysteries right now." He hated the absolute lack of control on alot of levels, but there was nothing they could do but ride along for now. He keyed his com again to the crew. "Everyo
  19. "Jesus," Rachel blurted on seeing the operation of the drive. "That...we are going to have to do so much math to figure that out. Whatever it's using to keep the ship from just falling into the singularity isn't merging the frames of reference. That shouldn't even be possible, and...and this engine is exactly why. It's practically a perpetual motion machine." She shook her head. "And we've got no idea how to stop it, as it takes us halfway across the goddamn universe." On some level Rachel was aware she should be a lot more scared and angry than she was, but
  20. The crew of the Polaris gathered at the airlock and crossed over in single file. It didn’t take long to notice a change the lighting on the giant vessel was different there was greenish tint to what had been a normal spectrum before. They made their way as a group to the control center and started making discoveries which were unsettling. On the bridge on the great ship, which was speeding through the unknown star system, Ayato found that the ship no longer responded to his vocal commands and using the key controls also failed to illicit any response. Rachel and Yseult went to engi
  21. And things had gone so well the night before. "So, what music do you like, Carrie?" Karen offered to the medic helping her examine the alien super suit they'd taken as a prize. A Cap'n Ayato special in their bellies, the other woman had practically jumped at her suggestion of a joint examination of the piece of tech. Some pleasant chatter comparing toolkits (Ah, the Fluke 8080x really was a good piece piece of gear much as they'd practically had to murder an officer to order one in the Corps. Never had a better fusion of price and function been made...) and they had gotten to work,
  22. Ayato's eyes snapped open at the alarm, and he grabbed his comlink. "Arjun report!" he didn't have time for niceties. Keying it on, even as he pressed for the channel to the bridge on his view screen, moving to get dressed. Arjun looks stunned, even as he quickly reports what the instruments were telling him "I'don't know! we were just going along as we had been when suddenly we picked up a huge gravity spike on our sensors and the whole damn thing fell into a hole and then just like that we were in a star system. We started moving and I mean moving toward what looks like a binary
  23. The three stars orbited undisturbed as they had done for eons, the larger two class G and K respectively, form a Binary system, while the third a class M red dwarf orbits the Binary. All three play host to planets of various sizes and make ups though there are no gas giants in the system, neither large nor small. At a point in space exactly at the center of a triangle formed by the three stars a gravitational anomaly occurred. While there were no intelligent sentient lifeforms present to observe this phenomena, the gravity wave created by the disturbance would be detected by the li
  24. With the Polaris docked in a makeshift fashion to the alien, in the unknown sense, ship, the rest of the crew of the Polaris were able to come aboard and add their own expertise to the exploration of the vessel. Arjun joined Ayato in the command center, if that’s what it was, while Mr. Todd moved back and forth between the scientist in the drive section and the Armor bay, where Carrie had gone to run a physical on the Chief. After most of an eight-hour working period the captain called everyone to the dining area for a meal and to discuss their findings. Using the Kitch
  25. "It is being like the vessel, it can be showing us anything we can possibly be knowing at our current level of scientific development," Yseult agreed with Rachel in a hushed tone, her footsteps soft as she approached the globe at the heart of the structure, constrained by emerald... energy? Plasma? "But anything being beyond that, it is still locked to us." The sable-haired scientist tapped her lips with a forefinger as she got closer to the globe, scrutinizing it with her bare eyes, squinting slightly against the verdigris light, trying to see what it was composed of. "Considerin
  26. Beneath all the wonder of these wonderful toys, it worried Karen that they were being granted so many advantages. In her experience with the Corps, you were only issued what the higher-ups thoughts you needed to do a job and, more often than not, that estimate tended to be below the mark actual required to solve the problem at hand. And since she got involved in spaceflight? That went double with every pound on it's way to orbit costing money from the precious bottom line. Bigger gifts meant bigger problems, and Karen could only pray, and hope that someone was actively listening,

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