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BESM 4e: Dragon Ball Victory


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So question for everyone.

Is there any interest in a BESM 4e game?

If so what sort of game would you all like to see?

I have my own ideas, but i realize they're not something most everyone would like

Transformers themed game- living robots fighting a ancient war while trying to explore space.

DragonBall Victory- over the top battle anime themed game where all the powers go to 20 on a scale of 1-10

Mecha and Monsters Mayhem   the players are pilots of giant robots who must defend earth and her colonies from the attacks of giant kaiju-like monsters.  Conversely it might be interesting to allow the players to be people who become giant monsters to defend the world and her colonies from an alien mecha menace.

To name a few.   I can run any of these with relative ease.   

Those are just the frontrunners of things I'd like.   I'm open to other ideas, because I want to see you all involved, having fun, and posting regularly.


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Of those, DBV is the one that I'm most immediately, instinctively liking the sound of. The mecha/monsters game is a strong second place.


I'm least interested in a Transformers game, mostly because I'm not really interested in the rather extensively defined backstory and setting...which means any character I'd make will either be a fish out of water, or require me to do a lot of reading for something I'm not interested in. 🙂

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